File Title
1 Internet Explorer story was bogus
2 How to Win the Lottery: Couple Profited From Quirk in Massachusetts Cash WinFall Game
3 Florida Sea Turtle With Shattered Shell Saved by Orthodontist, Veterinarians, Biotech Firms
4 Polar Bear Scientist Suspended for Management, Not Quality of Research
5 Man Dies From Blood Clot After Marathon Gaming
6 Hulu Jumps Into Original Programming With Spurlock
7 Senate Panel Votes to Extend Surveillance Law
8 Research Aims to Improve Firefighter Tracking
9 SKorea Fines Apple Over iPhone Data Collection
10 D.B. Cooper Exclusive: Did Niece Provide Key Evidence?
11 Japan Disaster Sparks Demand for Air-Conditioned Clothes
12 Describing Heaven: Pastor, Pronounced Dead, Says He Was There
13 Sex Surrogates Seem Like Prostitutes But Are Helping Hands
14 Researchers Regrow Functional Penis in Rabbits
15 New Topical Spray Promising as Premature Ejaculation Treatment
16 Investigation Finds Alleged Phony Church DarkSide in Full Swing
17 Skydiving Quadriplegic's Death Raises Questions of Safety for Disabled Thrill Seekers
18 When Food Cravings Point to Health Problems--and When They Don't
19 Salmonella: Scientists Discover Drug-Resistant Strain of Bacteria
20 FDA Warns Brownie Maker Melatonin Is Unsafe Ingredient
21 Salmonella Mystery: Feds Mum on Tainted Turkey Samples
22 Hospitals Fail in Support of Breastfeeding, CDC Says
23 Antipsychotic Meds Not Effective for Combat PTSD
24 Alternative medicine popular for arthritis
25 Plans to build budget trip to Mars
26 Comfort eating helps stave off blues
27 African crested rat uses poison trick to foil predators
28 Ancient dog skull unearthed in Siberia
29 'Multiverse' theory suggested by microwave background
30 Columbia shuttle debris found in drought-stricken lake
31 Sellafield plant set to cut 600 posts
32 Governments, IOC and UN hit by massive cyber attack
33 Garden bird disease spreads to new parts of the UK
34 Rare Alfred Hitchcock film footage uncovered
35 Lost Alfred Hitchcock work discovered in New Zealand
36 Lost Alfred Hitchcock film found in New Zealand
37 'Priceless' Hitchcock movie unearthed in NZ
38 Lost Hitchcock film unearthed in NZ
39 Dylan Coulter: It's all about the concept
40 Keynes v Hayek: Two economic giants go head to head
41 Why customising cars is still cool
42 Australian woman freed after bomb drama
43 Malaysia's 8TV pulls 'racist' Ramadan adverts
44 New Zealand man 'decapitated' by home-made hovercraft
45 FAA shutdown could cost US $1bn (610m pounds) in ticket taxes
46 Government drops website blocking
47 British Library offers e-classics app for iPad
48 Eating disorders delay pregnancy
49 Kidney donor payments 'would save lives'
50 MRSA rates fall to record level
51 We've been had! Internet Explorer users might not be dumb after all
52 Google Voice goes international in 38 languages
53 Why you may be over-paying for smartphone data
54 Yahoo Mail is down for some users
55 Poisonous giant rat makes for hairy predator
56 Google+ reaches 25 million visitors in one month
57 Online security breach! Hackers leak social security numbers of cops in Missouri
58 Instagram Tinybooks makes us go "aww"
59 Gingrich's campaign denies Twittergate claim
60 Facebook: "Anonymity on the Internet has to go away"
61 Jogger on Texas beach finds 55 pounds of cocaine
62 Tiny town is Oregon's No. 1 hub for pot growers
63 Record-setting bust seizes 1.2 tons of cocaine
64 Australian teen freed from reported bomb
65 Air Force sgt. just back from Iraq wins lottery
66 Lithuanian mayor breaks out tank for illegal parking
67 You should never do an evil laugh in front of a baby
68 100 sake bombs dropping like dominoes at a sushi bar
69 Placenta to the rescue
70 Bear researcher frozen out
71 Court quashes stem-cell lawsuit
72 Proteins chaperone drugs into development
73 United States border fence threatens wildlife
74 Gene pool offers way to save Mexican oasis
75 Record Heat Unlikely to Cool Climate Change Debate
76 New World's Tallest Building to Continue Modern Trend
77 Giant Rat Kills Predators with Poisonous Hair
78 Software Creates Montage of You Over Time
79 Record-Breaking Drought Hits U.S.
80 NASA Launches New Open Government Blog
81 Asteroid Vesta Home to 'Snowman' Made of Craters
82 96 Hidden Star Clusters Discovered by Dust-Piercing Telescope
83 Limit to Earthquake 'Domino Effect' Found
84 China Lacks Entrepreneurs, Researcher Says
85 100-Year-Olds Just as Unhealthy as the Rest of Us
86 For Smokers, Vitamins Don't Cancel Out Harmful Habit
87 Most Vulnerable Deep-Sea Habitats Identified
88 Missouri Makes Teach-Student Facebook 'Friending' Illegal
89 Hospitals Need to Increase Support of Breastfeeding Moms: CDC
90 The Best States to Start a Business
91 Crop-Circle Artists Becoming High Tech
92 Starved Brain Cells May Cause Diets to Fail
93 End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red
94 On the Internet While In Flight? You're Probably an iPhone User
95 Snakes Masquerade as Poisonous Vipers to Avoid Attacks
96 Shovel-Headed Shark May Be Earth's Oldest
97 Breeding Crops With Deeper Roots Could 'Slash CO2 Levels'
98 African Rodent Uses 'Poison Arrow' Toxin to Deter Predators: First Known Mammal to Use Plant Poison in Defense
99 Engineers Develop One-Way Transmission System for Sound Waves
100 Some Plants Duplicate Their DNA to Overcome Adversity
101 First True View of Global Erosion
102 Scientist Converts Human Skin Cells Into Functional Brain Cells
103 Ancient Tides Quite Different from Today--Some Dramatically Higher, Some Lower
104 Dream Screens from Graphene: Indium-Free Transparent, Flexible Electrodes Developed
105 Engineers Fly World's First 'Printed' Aircraft
106 Bionic Microrobot Mimics the 'Water Strider' and Walks On Water
107 Regrowing Blood Vessels With a Potent Molecule
108 COPD Patients With Sense of Humor Feel Better, but Laughter May Be Bad for Lungs
109 'Swamp Gas' Protects Blood Vessels from Complications of Diabetes
110 Pilot Study Suggests New Approach to Treat Preeclampsia
111 Bear Bile Chemical Could Help Keep Hearts in Rhythm
112 Artificial Nanoparticles Influence Heart Rate and Rhythm, Study Finds
113 Sugar Doesn't Melt--It Decomposes, Scientists Demonstrate
114 Oxygen Molecules Found in Nearby Star-Forming Cloud
115 Cold Electrons to Aid Better Design of Drugs and Materials
116 Manipulating Light at Will: Research Could Help Replace Electronic Components With Optical Technology
117 Microbial Study Reveals Sophisticated Sensory Response
118 The Last Great Wilderness: Human Impact On the Deep Sea
119 Aerosols Affect Climate More Than Satellite Estimates Predict
120 Microbes Consumed Oil in Gulf Slick at Unexpected Rates, Study Finds
121 Greenhouse Gas Impact of Hydroelectric Reservoirs Downgraded
122 New Link Found Between Obesity and Insulin Resistance
123 Lattice of Magnetic Vortices: Researchers Find Magnetic Skyrmions in Atomically Thin Metal Film
124 New Antidepressants Can Increase Risks for Elderly, Study Suggests
125 Researchers Develop Webcam Tool to Improve Office Worker Posture
126 Researchers Propose Internet Consumer 'Nutrition Label'
127 Study Explains Why Muscles Weaken With Age and Points to Possible Therapy
128 Adverse Childhood Could Raise Adult Heart Disease Risk
129 Research Into Eating Disorders and Fertility Reveals Mixed Picture
130 How Do You Stop Tasting? Protein Inside Taste Cells Turn Off Bitter Taste
131 Aging: T Cells That Survive the Longest May Better Protect Against Infections Such as the Flu
132 Persons Displaced by War at Increased Risk of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety
133 Long Periods of Estrogen Deprivation Jeopardizes Brain Receptors, Stroke Protection
134 Brain Chemical May Explain Why Heavy Smokers Feel Sad After Quitting
135 Monkey See, Monkey Do? The Role of Mirror Neurons in Human Behavior
136 Withdrawal from Heavy Cigarette Smoking Associated With Brain Imaging Changes in Regions Related to Mood Regulation
137 Why Diets Don't Work: Starved Brain Cells Eat Themselves, Study Finds
138 Even With Regular Exercise, People With Inactive Lifestyles More at Risk for Chronic Diseases
139 Satisfaction in Body Function, Body Appearance Differs in Older Men and Women
140 Parents' Conflicts Affect Adopted Infants' Sleep
141 Exposure to Magnetic Fields in Pregnancy Increases Asthma Risk, Study Suggests
142 Scientists Probe the Energy Transfer Process in Photosynthetic Proteins
143 New Freeze-Dry Method Good for Processing Fish
144 Mice Point to a Therapy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
145 New Study Identifies Emergence of Multidrug-Resistant Strain of Salmonella
146 Minority Microbes in the Colon Mapped
147 Researchers Help Find Natural Products Potential of Frankia Bacteria
148 A Hot Topic: Radioactive Decay Is Key Ingredient Behind Earth's Heat, Research Shows
149 A New Catalyst for Ethanol Made from Biomass: Potential Renewable Path to Fuel Additives, Rubber and Solvents
150 Ancient Glacial Melting Shows That Small Amount of Subsurface Warming Can Trigger Rapid Collapse of Ice Shelves
151 US Sets Drought Monitor's 'Exceptional Drought' Record in July
152 Nobel Prize Winner's Unfinished Symphony
153 New Duck-Billed Dinosaur Gives Scientists Clues to Evolution of Head Ornamentation and Provinciality
154 Evolution in the Back Yard: Census of 750,000 Banded Snails Leads to Surprising Results
155 New Discoveries On Gene Regulation in the Evolution of the Vertebrate Brain
156 Fall of the Neanderthals: Volume of Modern Humans Infiltrating Europe Cited as Critical Factor
157 Juno to Show Jupiter's Magnetic Field in High-Def
158 The Origin of Comet Material Formed at High Temperatures
159 Avoiding Nemesis: Does Impact Rate for Asteroids and Comets Vary Periodically With Time?
160 Mission to Jupiter: Gas Giant May Hold Keys to Understanding Solar System Formation, Evolution
161 NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Begins Science Orbits of Vesta
162 A Simple Slice of Energy Storage
163 RIBA-II: The Next Generation Care-Giving Robot
164 A Bit of Boron, a Pinch of Palladium: One-Stop Shop for the Suzuki Reaction
165 Solar Cells Get a Boost from Bouncing Light
166 Restoring Blood Flow After a Heart Attack: Nanostructure Promotes Growth of New Blood Vessels, Mimics Natural Protein
167 Special Software Helps Researchers Identify Individual Animals When Studying Behavior in the Wild
168 Digital Photos Can Animate a Face So It Ages and Moves Before Your Eyes
169 Computers: The Art of Magnetic Writing
170 Helping Children Learn to Understand Numbers: It's All in the Way We Speak to Them
171 Electronic Tongue Identifies Cava Wines