File Title
1 Pollinators make critical contribution to healthy diets
2 Unique lab seeks drought-tolerant traits in cotton, other plants
3 Prodigal plankton species makes first known migration from Pacific to Atlantic via Pole
4 Emissions from energy use in the water sector are poorly understood
5 Engineering blue-hued flowers
6 Twin-head cucumber system reduces start-up costs
7 New non-destructive method to estimate leaf area index in vegetables
8 BPA-exposed male deer mice are demasculinized and undesirable to females, new MU study finds
9 Fighting back from extinction, New Zealand right whale is returning home
10 City dwellers produce as much CO2 as countryside people do
11 Economic Cost of Weather May Total $485 Billion in U.S.
12 Disease-resistant oysters call for shift in Bay restoration strategies
13 Ancient symbiosis between animals and bacteria discovered
14 Tongue makes the difference in how fish and mammals chew
15 Conservation dollars and sense
16 Female mate choice enhances offspring fitness in an annual herb
17 Ladybirds--wolves in sheep's clothing
18 Biocides that attack only insects
19 N/A
20 New measurement important complement to GI
21 Tropical Birds Return to Harvested Rainforest Areas in Brazil
22 Analyzing Agroforestry Management
23 Insight into plant behavior could aid quest for efficient biofuels
24 Can soda tax curb obesity?
25 Baylor Study Shows Climate Change Makes Some Chemicals More Toxic to Aquatic Life
26 Gene flow may help plants adapt to climate change
27 New technique yields troves of information from nanoscale bone samples
28 Undergraduate research fires salvo in simmering scientific controversy
29 Ocean currents speed melting of Antarctic ice
30 CWRU Law Professor Eyes Prize-based Incentives to Generate Climate Innovation
31 Greener disaster alerts
32 Fossilized pollen reveals climate history of northern Antarctica
33 Landsat Satellite Images Reveal Extent of Historic North Dakota Flooding
34 Study Finds Peat Wildfire Smoke Linked to Heart Failure Risk
35 Tiny ring laser accurately detects and counts nanoparticles
36 To walk or not to walk? That is the question
37 European research effort improves understanding of impacts of aerosols on climate
38 Farm animal disease to increase with climate change
39 Culture influences people's response to climate change
40 New study finds rise in global malaria R&D funds leads to largest ever pipeline of new products
41 Domed dinosaur king of the head butt
42 Innovative partnership advances novel drug candidate to combat sleeping sickness
43 The good, the bad and the ugly: the many roles of c-JUN in cancer
44 Rockin' tortoises: A 150-year-old new species
45 How bumblebees tackle the traveling salesman problem
46 Serum-free cultures help transplanted MSCs improve efficacy
47 Jackson Pollock, artist and physicist?
48 A happy life is a long one for orangutans
49 Beyond Darwin: Evolving new functions
50 Mount Sinai researchers develop new gene therapy for heart failure
51 The promise of stem cell-based gene therapy
52 UCSF-led team decodes evolution of skin and ovarian cancer cells
53 Betting on good luck and 4-leaf clovers
54 Public prefers limited informed consent process for biobanks
55 New rapid test tells difference between bacterial and viral infections
56 Genetic "Conductor" Involved With New Brain Cell Production in Adults
57 Georgia residents: Investment in global health research is vital to state's economy
58 U of M researchers contribute to global plant database that will expand research on ecosystems and climate change
59 'Language tests being misused'--new study
60 High technology, not low taxes, may drive states' economic growth
61 Report recommends ways to improve K-12 STEM education, calls on policymakers
62 Space research gives birth to new ultrasound tools for health care in orbit, on Earth
63 Experts seek reforms to prevent errors from medical resident fatigue, lack of supervision
64 Young people with type 1 diabetes at risk for heart disease
65 Botswana population survey shows surprising drop in species numbers
66 U of T researchers crack full-spectrum solar challenge
67 Recommendations proposed for increasing arboreta membership, sustaining programs
68 Surprising drop in physicians' willingness to accept patients with insurance
69 LiquidText software supports active reading through fingertip manipulation of text
70 New Report Offers Roadmap for Success in K-12 STEM Education
71 Wars steadily increase for over a century, fed by more borders and cheaper conflict
72 Fertility rates affected by global economic crisis
73 Marketing expert finds attachment to cellphones more about entertainment, less about communication
74 Neuroscientists Find Famous Optical Illusion Surprisingly Potent
75 Rutgers Study Finds One-Third of State's Immigrant Children, Nearly Three-Quarters of Adult Newcomers Lack Health Insurance
76 Patients treated with sunitinib and sorafenib respond to flu vaccine
77 World Record: The Highest Magnetic Fields Are Created in Dresden
78 Will new drugs block hepatitis C virus in its tracks?
79 Vitamin D supplements found to be safe for healthy pregnant women
80 Neutron star bites off more than it can chew
81 Gene variant increases fatty liver risk and fibrosis progression
82 Tapping titanium's colourful potential
83 Splitsville for Boron Nitride Nanotubes
84 Inkjet printing could change the face of solar energy industry
85 Silver pen has the write stuff for flexible electronics
86 Improved Stepladder Design May Decrease Injuries
87 Multimedia Stories Show How Engineers Shape the Future
88 Studying solar wind
89 Dyslexia linked to difficulties in perceiving rhythmic patterns in music
90 Moving microscopic vision into another new dimension
91 Recycling: A new source of indispensible 'rare earth' materials mined mainly in China
92 'Sensing skin' could monitor the health of concrete infrastructure continually and inexpensively
93 Tripping the fluid dynamic: The physics of Jackson Pollock
94 Navy, Marine Corps Tests Autonomous Zero-Power Bathythermograph Sensors
95 Researchers image graphene electron clouds, revealing how folds can harm conductivity
96 The Smell of Danger
97 Hawaiian hotspot variability attributed to small-scale convection
98 Building a better math teacher
99 Study of phytoremediation benefits of 86 indoor plants published
100 Landscape coefficients prove useful for urban water conservation efforts
101 Service projects increase learning, social impact for undergrads
102 Dairy manure goes urban
103 The Genius of a Disorderly Enzyme
104 China needs improved administrative system for nuclear power safety
105 New delivery system for Viagra ingredient
106 'Super sand' for better purification of drinking water
107 Sharing wisdom, teacher to teacher
108 Computational software provides rapid identification of disease-causing gene variations
109 Demonstrating the importance of dynamical systems theory
110 Model Finds Optimal Fiber Optic Network Connections 10,000 Times More Quickly
111 Getting an Accurate Read on Parkinson's
112 Study on football: Women get up faster
113 First joint ESC/EAS guidelines for the management of dyslipidaemias
114 Scientists identify order of mutations that lead to cancer
115 Sequence of ovarian genome identifies predominant gene mutations, points to possible treatment
116 Case Western Reserve researchers identify HIV-inhibiting mechanism
117 The Cancer Genome Atlas completes detailed ovarian cancer analysis
118 Scientists use 'optogenetics' to control reward-seeking behavior
119 Workplace mental health disability leave recurs sooner than physical health leave, CAMH study shows
120 New salmonella-based 'clean vaccines' aid the fight against infectious disease
121 Natural gases a therapy for heart disease?
122 Clinical study of epilepsy drug may have been purely promotional
123 Active self-defense strategy best deterrent against cyber-attacks
124 It's Not Just a Woman's Issue: UC Sociologist Part of an International Team That's Exploring the Stigma Surrounding Abortion
125 University of Nevada, Reno study shows majority of Americans approve of therapeutic cloning and growing stem cells for curing serious diseases
126 Scientists shed light on the private lives of electrons
127 Researchers look for ingredients of happiness around the world
128 IOM report calls for cultural transformation of attitudes toward pain and its prevention and management
129 Lack of empathy following traumatic brain injury linked to reduced responsiveness to anger
130 Alcohol blamed for high suicide rates in Northern Ireland
131 Fidgeting your way to fitness
132 Osteoarthritis incidence significantly higher among US military personnel
133 A War Inside: Saving Veterans from Suicide
134 Diabetes drug may prevent or delay development of polycystic ovary syndrome
135 Fermilab experiment weighs in on neutrino mystery
136 Astronomers Reach for the Stars to Discover New Cancer Therapy
137 NASA sees Tropical Storm Haima poised for Vietnam landfall
138 NASA sees Tropical Storm Meari headed for North Korea landfall
139 NASA sees Tropical Depression Meari about to cross North Vietnam
140 First ARTEMIS Spacecraft Successfully Enters Lunar Orbit
141 Most distant quasar found
142 Astronomers discover universe's most distant quasar
143 Student team invents device to cut dialysis risk
144 Scientists discover new molecular pathway involved in wound-healing and temperature sensation
145 New smartphone app automatically tags photos
146 Scientists develop sensitive skin for robots