File Title
1 Taming the Heavens: The New Space Diplomacy
2 NASA Launching DoD Rocket and Satellite From Virginia
3 DARPA F6 Contract Awarded to Space Micro
4 Latest Trends and Developments in Outer Space Security
5 ATK Announces TacSat-3 Satellite Has Exceeded Planned Mission Life
6 Northrop Grumman to Begin Work on Defense Weather Satellite System
7 Next Gen. Missile Warning Satellite Reaches Orbit
8 Worried on China, US seeks rules in space
9 Iran to send satellites into space to prepare maps and photos
10 SBIRS Satellite about to launch
11 Red Flag Space Operations: Not Just A Flyer's Exercise
12 4th SOPS Closes The Door On Legacy
13 Stability And Security In Space
14 USAF Looking At Ways To EASE Space Acquisition
15 Russian Space Industry 'Falling Short' Of State Arms Goals
16 Wing Unveils New Mission, Vision Statements And Priorities
17 STSS Satellites Comms Crosslink Extends Real-Time 'Stereo Tracking' Of Space Objects
18 STSS Demonstration Satellites Track Short Range Missile During ALTB Test Bed Exercise
19 First LockMart-Built Milstar II Satellite Marks 10 Years In Service
20 Joint STARS Demos Multispectral Intelligence Sensor Integrated Into New KAB
21 N/A
22 USAF And LockMart Deliver First-Of-Its-Kind Missile Warning Spacecraft
23 US Supreme Court to hear warrantless GPS case
24 Study Shows Interference with GPS Poses Major Threat to U.S. Economy
25 Le Bourget contracts complete Galileo network
26 Galileo's Soyuz launchers arrive at French Guiana
27 Improving Slumber on the Space Station With Sleep-Long
28 ATV-2: re-entry over the south Pacific
29 Scientists a step closer to understanding 'natural antifreeze' molecules
30 Breathing Through the Eyes
31 Penn State expert determined to find life on Earth-like planets
32 An Alien Safari For Enquiring Minds
33 Gliese's Hints of Habitability
34 Deepest living creatures on Earth found
35 New synchrotron technique could see hidden building blocks of life
36 Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication
37 Stretching Old Material Yields New Results for Energy
38 Rare earth minerals prices skyrocket
39 Rare earth prices surge as China tightens grip
40 Using living cells as an invisibility cloak
41 New Sensor To Measure Structural Stresses Can Heal Itself When Broken
42 NIST tunes 'metasurface' with fluid in new concept for sensing and chemistry
43 At the touch of a button new nano material switches properties as required
44 Chinalco sets up rare earths processing firm
45 Moon Geyser Finding Significant, UCF Scientist Says
46 Tasting the Ocean Spray of Enceladus
47 Cassini Captures Ocean-Like Spray at Saturn Moon
48 Saltwater ocean lurks beneath Saturn moon--study
49 Cassini Captures Ice Queen Helene
50 Plasma Spectrometer Operations on Hold
51 Cassini Finds Saturn Sends Mixed Signals
52 Parallel Ariane 5 launch campaigns keep up Arianespace's 2011 mission pace
53 Arianespace to launch Astra 5B satellite
54 Arianespace receives the next Ariane 5 for launch in 2011
55 Taiwan, Singapore launch satellite
56 NASA Will Compete Space Launch System (SLS) Boosters
57 Europe to build space re-entry vehicle
58 ESA high-thrust engine takes next step
59 Rocketdyne J-2X Engine Ready for Test
60 Former Astronaut Develops Powerful Rocket
61 The 'Eyes, Ears and Hands' of the Shuttle Test Team
62 STS-135 Crew Arrives in Florida for Countdown Rehearsal
63 House Committee Acts to Halt LightSquared Proposal Until GPS Interference Issues Resolved
64 NASA and NSF Collaborate to Develop Advanced Robotics
65 Japan's 'Sense-Roid' replicates human hug
66 Genius of Einstein, Fourier key to new humanlike computer vision
67 Industry Helps Engineering Students Reanimate Robotic Mine Vehicles
68 The hand as a joystick
69 Guide vests robotic navigation aids for the visually impaired
70 Researchers demonstrate autonomous robots able to explore and map buildings
71 Robot Based on Carnegie Mellon Research Engages Novice Computer Scientists
72 Japan mulls new robot help with nuclear disaster
73 Irobot Awarded 230 Million From US Navy
74 Underwater robots join search for tsunami victims
75 S. Korean firm unveils robot playmate for kids
76 iRobot Delivers More Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles
77 Atmospheric Science Through Robotic Aircraft
78 Future Engineers Unite At Robotics Competition
79 Goodbye To Blind Spots For Machine Operators
80 How Can Robots Get Our Attention
81 Study: Robots can understand humans
82 Teaching Robots To Move Like Humans
83 New Frozen Smoke May Improve Robotic Surgery, Energy Storage
84 'Telepresence' robot makes waves at tech fair
85 All-singing, all-dancing robot wows tech fair
86 'Walking' marathon set for robots in Japan
87 OHB AG acquires Space Systems Division from Swedish Space Corporation
88 Space research gives birth to new ultrasound tools for health care
89 Boeing Announces Workforce Reductions in Space Exploration Division
90 Paul Dembling, Co-Author of Space Act, Dies at 91
91 Astronomers Reach For The Stars To Discover New Cancer Therapy
92 NASA, NSBRI Select 12 Proposals To Support Crew Health On Missions
93 Zapping deadly bacteria using space technology
94 Antibody production gets confused during long-term spaceflight
95 Drugs in space may need special handling
96 Spacebound Bacteria Inspire Earthbound Remedies
97 NASA Light Technology Helps Cancer Patients
98 The Astrobiology Of Cancer
99 Long-Distance Ultrasound Exams Controlled By Joystick
100 Putting The Squeeze On Fat Cells
101 Space Travel Is Bad On The Bones
102 Let Me Hear Your Heart Beat
103 Dentists Get Help From Space
104 ESA Emergency Telemedicine System Soars To Commercial Success
105 Astronauts' brains 'tricked' for training
106 TopCoder Community Refines Medical Kits For Future NASA Space Missions
107 Report Describes The Physics Of The Bends
108 New Study Investigates Infection Of Human Cells In Space
109 NASA Studies Nanomechanics Of Inner Ear For Motion Sickness
110 AWI And DLR To Conduct Joint Health Research In The Antarctic
111 Study: Bacteria may limit space travel
112 Wanted: Guinea pigs with the Right Stuff
113 'Space headaches' come out of the blue
114 French physicists claim breakthrough in ultra-fast data access
115 World's largest laser built in California
116 Turkey Buys 36 LEGUAN Bridge Laying Armoured Vehicles
117 PDR Validates Maturity Of Future Combat Systems Common Controller
118 Why The F-22 Is Vital Part One
119 Britain grounding Nimrods for modifications after Afghan crash
120 LM Unveils Exoskeleton Technology
121 FCS Program NLOS Cannon Fires Excalibur Simulation Rounds
122 Raytheon Nets US Army Award For Infrared Technology Kits
123 Upgraded COBRA DANE Radar Transferred To USAF
124 BAE To Equip US Army Stryker, Abrams Vehicles With Thermal Cameras
125 Elbit Systems Introduces Cpnet
126 Robots Remove UXO From Training Ranges
127 Costly US weapons face budget cuts under Obama
128 UAE orders at arms fair top 4 bln dlrs, defying gloom
129 UAE boosts arms show with big orders
130 Sierra Nevada Space Systems Completes Milestones For Commercial Crew Program
131 ESA reentry vehicle on track for flight in 2013
132 One-Hundred-Year Starship Study--Part 2
133 Juno Blanket Check
134 Jupiter's Youthful Travels Redefined Solar System
135 Juno Solar Panels Complete Testing
136 Galileo Data Reveal Magma Ocean Under Jupiter Moon
137 NASA's Galileo reveals magma 'ocean' beneath surface of Jupiter's moon
138 Solar wind samples give insight into birth of solar system
139 Getting Ready for the Next Big Solar Storm
140 NASA Mission Suggests Sun and Planets Constructed Differently
141 Opportunity Getting Closer to Endeavour Crater
142 19-Mile Mark See Opportunity For A Solar Panel Clean Up
143 Opportunity Breaks Backward Driving Record
144 You Can Hunt for Icy Worlds
145 SOFIA Successfully Observes Challenging Pluto Occultation
146 'Dwarf planet' is covered in crystal ice
147 Carbon monoxide detected around Pluto
148 Later, Uranus: New Horizons Passes Another Planetary Milestone
149 Can WISE Find The Hypothetical Tyche In Distant Oort Cloud
150 Theory: Solar system has another planet
151 Launch Plus Five Years: A Ways Traveled, A Ways To Go
152 MT Aerospace to supply 81 propellant tanks for Iridium NEXT Satellite Program
153 DeLorme Unveils Plans for Personal Communicator with Global Satellite Coverage
154 Pentagon Contracts Iridium to Upgrade Satellite Communications Gateway
155 Thales to build 81 satellites for Iridium
156 Ariane 5 payload integration underway; First Soyuz launchers arrive
157 NASA Mars Rover Arrives in Florida After Cross-Country Flight
158 Radar for Mars Gets Flight Tests at NASA Dryden
159 How to Keep Lonely Exoplanets Snug--Just Add Dark Matter!
160 New data still have scientists in dark over dark matter
161 Monash student finds Universe's missing mass
162 NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer Helps Confirm Nature of Dark Energy
163 Searching for dark matter and antimatter
164 Search For Dark Matter Moves One Step Closer To Detecting Elusive Particle
165 Fermilab experiment weighs in on neutrino mystery
166 UA Awarded Millions to Shape Solar Telescope Mirror