File Title
1 Teeming with life, Pacific's California current likened to Africa's Serengeti Plain
2 Decade-long study of Pacific predators shows importance of biological 'hotspots'
3 Tracking groundwater pollution to its source
4 Discards ban 'will boost fisheries,' says new research
5 China needs improved administrative system for nuclear power safety
6 New delivery system for Viagra ingredient
7 'Super sand' for better purification of drinking water
8 Ben-Gurion University team presents environment movement report to Israel's Knesset
9 Pest preferences for cranberry cultivars determined
10 Plant growth rate, stem length unaffected by rice hull, peat substrate
11 Fungicides may not increase corn yields unless disease develops
12 Discovery Offers Insights Into Link Between Parkinson's and Pesticides
13 Synthetic collagen from maize has human properties
14 Discovering lost salmon at sea
15 Qld fruit fly scientists in race against time
16 Scientists uncover an unhealthy herds hypothesis
17 Lowering the Color of Crystals in Sugar Factories
18 Finding is a feather in the cap for researchers studying birds' big, powerful eyes
19 Modern fish communities live fast and die young
20 Study of phytoremediation benefits of 86 indoor plants published
21 New and old threats to soybean production
22 Landscape coefficients prove useful for urban water conservation efforts
23 Dairy manure goes urban
24 Pollinators make critical contribution to healthy diets
25 Humpback whales catch prey with bubble-nets
26 Cutting edge training developed the human brain 80,000 years ago
27 Scientists reveal a first in Ice Age art
28 New technique yields troves of information from nanoscale bone samples
29 UMD Team Finds Clues to Children's Lives and Education
30 U of M researchers find smart decisions for changing environmental times
31 Where will grizzly bears roam?
32 NRL instrument provides key space weather data
33 Economic cost of weather may total $485 billion in US
34 University of Minnesota engineering researchers discover source for generating 'green' electricity
35 Toxic Compounds in Groundwater
36 Large numbers of birth defects seen near mountaintop mining operations
37 More than 300 new species discovered in the Philippines by California Academy of Sciences
38 Newspaper archives help to understand coastal flooding along the South of England
39 Model of a migraine indicates increased neuronal excitability as a possible cause
40 New study: Even in flies, enriched learning drives need for sleep
41 Effects of stress can be inherited, and here's how
42 Leftover embryonic cells connect gastric reflux and cancer
43 Who goes there? Novel complex senses viral infection
44 Contaminated Cocaine Triggers Decaying, Dying Skin
45 Compound may provide drug therapy approach for Huntington's disease
46 New insights into origin of deadly cancer
47 Service projects increase learning, social impact for undergrads
48 Adolescents' dieting and disordered eating behaviors continue into young adulthood
49 Singapore scientists discover how to control fate of stem cells without the risk of developing cancer cells
50 Astronomers Reach for the Stars to Discover New Cancer Therapy
51 The mechanics of speciation
52 Ancient species of mayfly had short, tragic life
53 Hong Kong University Leads the Genomics Research of Scarlet Fever Pathogen
54 It's not about the money for long-term care nurses
55 Sharing wisdom, teacher to teacher
56 Building a better math teacher
57 'Language tests being misused'--new study
58 High technology, not low taxes, may drive states' economic growth
59 Report recommends ways to improve K-12 STEM education, calls on policymakers
60 Space research gives birth to new ultrasound tools for health care in orbit, on Earth
61 Outpatient treatment proves safe, effective for low-risk patients with pulmonary embolism
62 23andMe Identifies Two Novel Genetic Associations with Parkinson's Disease and Finds A Substantial Genetic Component for The Disease
63 Experts seek reforms to prevent errors from medical resident fatigue, lack of supervision
64 A galactic crash investigation
65 Competition between brain cells spurs memory circuit development
66 Caltech-led researchers measure body temperatures of dinosaurs for the first time
67 Birds 'flap run' instead if flying over obstacles to save energy
68 Discovery by Syracuse University physicist alters conventional understanding of sight
69 When matter melts
70 The flames of Betelgeuse
71 Cassini samples the icy spray of Enceladus' water plumes
72 Scientists a step closer to understanding 'natural antifreeze' molecules
73 Drug side effect linked with increased health risks for over 65s
74 Chemist solves riddle of killer diseases
75 Obese dieters' brain chemistry works against their weight-loss efforts
76 'Orca ears' inspire Stanford researchers to develop ultrasensitive undersea microphone
77 BUSM Study Identifies New Potential Approaches to Treat Myelofibrosis
78 Model helps pinpoint cyanobacterial genes that capture the sun's energy
79 Solar wind samples give insight into birth of solar system
80 Optical circuit enables new approach to quantum technologies
81 'Quantum magic' without any 'spooky action at a distance'
82 Mantis shrimp eye could improve high-definition CDs, DVDs
83 A thermometer for dinosaurs
84 Report Presents Best Policy Options to Reduce Petroleum Use and GHG Emissions in the U.S. Transportation Sector
85 Researchers discover migration patterns of marine predators
86 Deep history of coconuts decoded
87 Northern Eurasian snowpack could be an important predictor of winter weather in U.S., team from UGA reports
88 Optimal topdressing applications for athletic fields determined
89 Slowing the Spread of Drug-Resistant Diseases Is Goal of New Research Area
90 Artificial light quality affects herbivore preference for seedlings
91 Early-season strawberry tested in high elevation conditions
92 Putting a new spin on computing
93 Computational software provides rapid identification of disease-causing gene variations
94 In motor learning, it's actions, not intentions, that count
95 Mechanism for stress-induced epigenetic inheritance uncovered in new study
96 Study: Long-term inhaled corticosteroid use increases fracture risk in lung disease patients
97 Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndrome Marked by Abnormal Vessel Growth
98 Slow Growth of Childhood Brain Tumors Explained
99 Exposure to parental stress increases pollution-related lung damage in children
100 Rotavirus vaccine greatly reduced gastroenteritis hospitalizations in children
101 Menthol cigarettes marketed in 'predatory' pattern, Stanford study shows
102 Drug shows improved kidney function for patients with type 2 diabetes, UT Southwestern researchers report
103 Common drugs linked to cognitive impairment and possibly to increased risk of death
104 New genetic risk factors of lupus found in study of African-American women
105 Heart Valve Replacement without Opening the Chest Gives New Option for Patients with Untreatable, Non-Operative Condition
106 200,000 patients treated for cardiac arrest annually in US hospitals, Penn study shows
107 Invest in children's health, urges former US Surgeon General
108 Safer and more effective diabetes control with basal insulin analogs
109 Caribou in Alberta's oil sands stressed by human activity, not wolves
110 The impact of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist head injuries
111 Pitt study: Gay, lesbian, bisexual youth bullied, abused more often than peers
112 Drug use tied to fatal car crashes
113 Policies that promote healthy eating, activity and sleep are needed to curb obesity in infants, toddlers and preschoolers
114 Oxytocin promises hope in Prader-Willi syndrome
115 Ghrelin likely involved in why we choose 'comfort foods' when stressed
116 Youth cybercrime linked to friends' influence
117 Community health worker interventions improve rates of US mammography screening
118 Positive coaching
119 Pandora's cluster
120 Strongest evidence yet indicates icy Saturn moon hiding saltwater ocean
121 Pandora's Cluster--Clash of the Titans
122 Gold nanoparticles help earlier diagnosis of liver cancer
123 Researchers clarify properties of 'confined' water within single-walled carbon nanotube pores
124 Exeter study brings brain-like computing a step closer to reality
125 Smartphone App Helps You Find Friends in a Crowd
126 New application for iPhone may support monitoring and research on Parkinson's disease
127 Precise assembly of engines