File Title
1 3-D Printing Brings Sci-Fi Concept to Life
2 NY Judge Hearing Google Book Case Grows Impatient
3 FDA Plans to Regulate Some Mobile Phone Apps
4 Russia Relishes Chances Created by End of Shuttle
5 Mexican Parents Recoup Kids Via Internet Testimony
6 NYTimes Earnings to Provide Insights on Web Fees
7 Rebooting the PC Industry: Tablets Force a Shift
8 Arbiter Says Kodak Didn't Infringe Apple Patents
9 Malaysia Information Minister Wins Rape Libel Suit
10 China's Online Population Rises to 485 Million
11 Quite A Mouthful: Giant Sea Monster Skull Might Be The Largest Ever
12 Ohio Church Holds Mock Retrial Of Casey Anthony
13 Woman Sues After Losing Custody of Infant
14 Slow Sex Practice Promises Female Orgasm in 15 Minutes
15 Female Orgasm May Be Tied to 'Rule of Thumb'
16 Victorian Women Liked Sex, Says Early Survey
17 U.S. News and World Report Ranks Nation's Best Hospitals
18 Is Sexting Mostly a Woman's Game?
19 Hearing Loss in Teens Linked to Secondhand Smoke
20 Loud Music Causing More Teens to Lose Hearing, Experts Say
21 Deaf to Danger: The Perils of Earbuds
22 Listen Up! 8 Ways to Lose Your Hearing
23 What? The Vuvuzela Is Hazardous To Your Hearing
24 Men Can't Hear: Sex-Linked Sensory Differences
25 Brooke Mueller Goes to 'Extreme' Rehab in Mexico
26 Woman to Marry Year After Being Paralyzed at Bachelorette Party
27 Bride-to-Be Rachelle Friedman Is Paralyzed After a Bachelorette Party Joke Went Wrong
28 Surgeon General: Smoking Kills, Here's How
29 Married Men Seek Care for Heart Attack Sooner
30 'Breast Milk Baby' Coming to U.S. Market
31 Newly Notable Tick-Carried Disease is on the Rise...and It's Not Lyme
32 Head injuries may boost dementia
33 Waratahs warm to climate change
34 Badger cull heads for further consultation
35 Asteroid Vesta reveals its scars
36 Giant space scope RadioAstron reaches orbit
37 EU Commission tightens rules for biofuel use
38 Sticks insects survive one million years without sex
39 Atlas rocket in line for human launches
40 India: 'Massive' uranium find in Andhra Pradesh
41 Major offshore oil and gas leaks fall over year
42 Nudge not enough to change lifestyles--peers
43 Iran to 'speed up' uranium enrichment at nuclear plants
44 Fessenheim: Splitting the atomic world
45 Gulf states look beyond oil for the future
46 A Beijing state of mind
47 Telex to help defeat web censors
48 Thousands download coverage app
49 Lulz Security hackers target Sun website
50 Baidu signs deal with music labels
51 IBM profits up 8% on sales of computers and software
52 Harper Beckham on Twitter and Facebook with mum and dad
53 Israel troops board Gaza protest boat Dignite-al Karama
54 Texas death row killer forgiven by shooting victim
55 US debt deal: Five golden rules
56 CIA-bound Petraeus leaves revamped warzone
57 Abby Wambach: We can get revenge at Olympics
58 FBI raids homes of suspected Anonymous hackers
59 Bill Gates calls for reinvention of toilet: Why?
60 Brooke Mueller heads to Mexico for "extreme" rehab: What's that?
61 Passive smoking tied to hearing loss in teens
62 Dementia tied to 7 "modifiable" risk factors: What are they?
63 Hepatitis C drug Victrelis approved in Europe, hailed as major treatment advancement
64 Ocean acidification will seriously impact mussel populations
65 Editing the genome
66 Loss of top animal predators has massive ecological effects
67 Acidifying oceans could hit California mussels, a key species
68 Cod mislabeling 4 times more prevalent in Ireland than UK, study shows
69 Breaking down cellulose without blasting lignin
70 Dry onion skin has a use
71 Researchers Examine Way to Undercut Dust Emissions
72 Link found between increased crops and deforestation in Amazon, but issue not so cut and dry
73 Summer's superfruit challenged: Latin American blueberries found to be 'extreme superfruits'
74 Wood products part of winning carbon-emissions equation, researchers say
75 Enzymes for cell wall synthesis conserved across species barriers
76 In-shell pistachios: The original 'slow food?'
77 Loss of Large Predators Caused Widespread Disruption of Ecosystems
78 NASA's Aura satellite measures pollution 'butterfly' from fires in central Africa
79 World's forests role in carbon storage immense, profound
80 Study shows small-scale fisheries' impact on marine life
81 The tallest tree in the land
82 Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia yield 18 new species of rare ferns and flowering plants
83 How Dairy Farms Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
84 Olympia hypothesis: Tsunamis buried the cult site on the Peloponnese
85 Fossil forensics reveals how wasps populated rotting dinosaur eggs
86 Diesel fumes pose risk to heart as well as lungs, study shows
87 Natural gas produced from fine milling of precious metals
88 Wind-turbine placement produces tenfold power increase, Caltech researchers say
89 Loss of large predators disrupting multiple plant, animal and human ecosystems
90 Fast-Shrinking Greenland Glacier Experienced Rapid Growth During Cooler Times
91 Strong El Nino could bring increased sea levels, storm surges to U.S. East Coast
92 Rising oceans--too late to turn the tide?
93 Deep below the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
94 AMPK amplifies Huntington's disease
95 UT Southwestern research reveals that significantly more genetic mutations lead to colon cancer
96 Promising developments in vaccine research, development of a vaginal gel and PrEP lead to calls for a combination of biomedical and non biomedical approaches to HIV prevention policy
97 Rapid venom evolution in pit vipers may be defensive
98 Juvenile diarrhea virus analyzed
99 Key metabolic pathway implicated in intractable form of breast cancer
100 USC research: Cancer cells and stem cells share same origin
101 UCLA study shows bacteria use Batman-like grappling hooks to 'slingshot' on surfaces
102 Mysterious fossils provide new clues to insect evolution
103 Tortoise populations can withstand fires every 30 years
104 Plenary speakers address challenges in the delivery of sustained antiretroviral therapy in developing countries, call for social scientists to take their place at the HIV/AIDS policy-making table, and stress the need for a long-term response to AIDS
105 Some cutaneous HPV types may be involved in non-melanoma skin cancer development
106 Hebrew U. scientists identify molecular basis for DNA breakage
107 Hebrew U. scientists show for first time how early human embryo acquires its shape
108 Mothers with breastfeeding difficulties more likely to suffer postpartum depression
109 Soil samples reveal urban mercury footprints
110 Baylor Study Finds Some Desert Birds Less Affected By Wildfires and Climate Change
111 E-health records should play bigger role in patient safety initiatives, researchers advocate
112 Does food act physiologically like a 'drug of choice' for some?
113 Hummingbirds catch flying bugs with the help of fast-closing beaks
114 Avian 'Axe effect' attracts attention of females and males
115 University of Maryland researchers discover possible drug targets for common non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
116 Gene therapy delivered once to blood vessel wall protects against atherosclerosis in rabbit studies
117 New understanding of biomarkers could lead to earlier diagnosis of fatal diseases
118 UWM research offers hope for treatment of cocaine addiction
119 U. Va.'s Pfister Accomplishes Breakthrough Toward Quantum Computing
120 Making blood-sucking deadly for mosquitoes
121 NYU researchers develop compound to block signaling of cancer-causing protein
122 Researchers provide means of monitoring cellular interactions
123 What keeps the Earth cooking?
124 Heated AFM tip allows direct fabrication of ferroelectric nanostructures on plastic
125 Trastuzumab and chemotherapy improved survival in HER2-postive breast and brain cancer patients
126 Keeping it together
127 Nanotech: injections or sampling? New 'molecular syringes' under testing
128 New contrast agents detect bacterial infections with high sensitivity and specificity
129 Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots Degrade in Soil, Releasing Their Toxic Guts, Study Finds
130 Hydrogen may be key to growth of high-quality graphene
131 New graphene discovery boosts oil exploration efforts, could enable self-powered microsensors
132 Small hippocampus associated with depression in the elderly: Risk factor or shrinkage?
133 Patients who use anti-depressants are more likely to suffer relapse, researcher finds
134 Genome blueprint for horse and human vaccines
135 Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal
136 Study of soil effects from March 11 Japan earthquake could improve building design
137 WHOI scientists analyze, explain the chemical makeup of Gulf plume
138 Studies evaluate the association between physical activity and lower rates of cognitive impairment
139 Positive teens become healthier adults
140 Over half of Alzheimer's cases may be preventable, say researchers
141 Gradual bone reduction seen in some pill users
142 New mouse model for testing cancer drugs
143 A New Therapy Without Side Effects Could Improve Dramatically Chemotherapy
144 Are drinking guidelines adequate regarding the risk of cancer?
145 New threshold values for fine particulates at the workplace
146 RI Hospital researchers find common test may be unnecessary for bariatric surgery candidates
147 Painful legacy of teen sports
148 Heartburn treatment may extend survival in IPF patients
149 New report shows seniors' economic security falling
150 Kidney dopamine regulates blood pressure, life span
151 New lung cancer gene found
152 Conducting energy on a nano scale
153 Pity the Boss Man
154 Machines to compare notes online?
155 Click Chemistry With Copper--A Biocompatible Version
156 Solar Panels Keep Buildings Cool
157 IADR/AADR publish study on use of Twitter for public health surveillance of dental pain
158 Scientists model physics of a key dark-energy probe
159 Hubble's Neptune Anniversary Pictures
160 What activates a supermassive black hole?
161 Evolved Stars Locked in Fatalistic Dance
162 25 Tesla, world-record 'split magnet' makes its debut
163 Twin ARTEMIS probes to study moon in 3-D
164 Galaxy sized twist in time pulls violating particles back into line
165 New ways to measure magnetism around the sun
166 When minor planets Ceres and Vesta rock the Earth into chaos
167 IBD, LCPD health research in 'Westie' dogs may hold answers to similar human diseases
168 New study details the path to success for social investing
169 Married men seek treatment sooner for heart attacks
170 Another danger of secondhand smoke--hearing loss
171 Exposure to secondhand smoke associated with hearing loss in adolescents
172 Preschool-age kids in different countries improve academically using self-regulation game
173 8-question survey can help predict post-traumatic stress disorder
174 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...
175 Penn Researchers Find Neural Signature of 'Mental Time Travel'
176 No increase in commonest preventable cause of intellectual disability over 20 years
177 Study shows new evidence of age-related decline in the brain's master circadian clock
178 Suicide and homicide rates in mental health patients revealed
179 Report offers new framework to guide K-12 science education, calls for shift in the way science is taught in US
180 Falls may be early sign of Alzheimer's
181 Race matters when recruiting, retaining undergraduate women engineers