File Title
1 NTT demos 802.11ac--next generation high-speed WiFi
2 RNA reactor could have served as a precursor of life
3 Categories rule: High-order brain centers pave the way for visual recognition
4 While you're up, print me a solar cell
5 Scientists discover first gonorrhea strain resistant to all available antibiotics
6 Don't (always) talk to your neighbor
7 Mitsubishi announces two new versions of its i-MiEV electric vehicle
8 Debris may be on collision course with space lab: NASA
9 Ocean's carbon dioxide uptake reduced by climate change
10 In a major breakthrough, scientists control light propagation in photonic chips
11 Nanoscientists build antenna for light
12 De novo mutations provide new genetic clues for schizophrenia
13 Potato genome sequenced
14 Atlantis docks at space station for last time
15 Scientists tie Colorado River flooding to San Andreas quakes
16 California uses wasps in battle against apple moths
17 Genetic study sheds new light on auto-immune arthritis
18 High-resolution imaging technology reveals cellular details of coronary arteries
19 Verizon snaps up one-third of US iPhone market
20 Scientists unlock genetics of joint disorder ankylosing spondylitis
21 US lawmakers vote to kill Hubble successor
22 Is living forever in the future?
23 The universe may have been born spinning, according to new findings on the symmetry of the cosmos
24 Global warming pause linked to sulfur in China
25 Scientists drag light by slowing it to speed of sound
26 Big rips and little rips
27 How hot did Earth get in the past? Scientists uncover new information
28 MIT spinout unveils new more powerful direct-diode laser
29 Double solar world record
30 College student invents cardboard vacuum cleaner
31 Researchers observe structural transformations in single nanocrystals
32 A new way to build nanostructures
33 Thinnest nanofiltration membrane to date
34 Gold nanoparticles bring scientists closer to a treatment for cancer
35 Biomolecular computer can autonomously sense multiple signs of disease
36 Just add water and treat brain cancer
37 With a simple coating, nanowires show a dramatic increase in efficiency and sensitivity
38 Graphene quantum dots could lead to low-cost solar cells and OLEDs
39 New semiconductor nanowire laser technology could kill viruses, improve DVDs
40 Laser, electric fields combined for new 'lab-on-chip' technologies
41 Researchers characterize biomechanics of ovarian cells according to phenotype at stages of cancer
42 The wonders of graphene on display
43 'Cling-film' solar cells could lead to advance in renewable energy
44 DNA cages 'can survive inside living cells'
45 Unfazed by imperfections
46 Novel optical amplifier without the noise
47 US joining the Wendelstein 7-X fusion project
48 Prototype 'optics table on a chip' places microwave photon in two colors at once
49 Lightwave electronics at sharp metal tips
50 Pixel perfect: Cornell develops a lens-free, pinhead-size camera
51 Mechanical micro-drum cooled to quantum ground state
52 Ultrafast switch for superconductors
53 Physicists demonstrate rotated light images
54 A chemical detour to quantum criticality
55 Searching for fractals may help cancer cell testing
56 Can you hear the shape of a graph?
57 Biofilters reduce carbon footprint of old landfill sites
58 EARTH: Is there really a minerals crisis?
59 Debris threat avoided at space station: NASA
60 Underwater Antarctic volcanoes discovered in the Southern Ocean
61 China's space program shoots for moon, Mars, Venus
62 Australia begins selling pollution tax
63 Astronauts get busy with space station stockpiling
64 Future of U.S. manned spaceflight looks bleak
65 New EPA rule will clean the air for 240 million Americans
66 Australia sets carbon price to fight climate change
67 Atlantis to dock with space station on final flight
68 Room service with the tap of an iPad screen
69 Security holes discovered in iPhones, iPads
70 Apple girding gadgets against hackers
71 Robotics: Safety without protective barriers
72 Apple to launch new iPhone in third quarter: WSJ
73 SKorea's LG touts Optimus 3D smartphone for gaming
74 Giant robotic worm mimics C. elegans nematode (w/ video)
75 SKR researchers develop a 32-inch Android-based multi-touch display
76 Panasonic releases a solar charger with USB, AA battery slots and LED lights
77 HP targets Apple's iPad with new tablet
78 A Lego robot that can make you Micky Mouse shaped pancakes (w/ video)
79 Report: IBM supercomputer is the most energy efficient in the world
80 ICT and automotive: New app reduces motorway pile-ups by 40 percent
81 Expert help from a distance
82 The perfect connection between guitar and computer
83 Belgium's highways shine into space--but for how long?
84 1C adds Russian intrigue to action videogames
85 Amazon's former Calif. affiliates brace for lost revenue
86 Smartphones help world's winemakers foil fraudsters
87 Japan says plant clean-up will take decades
88 Google exec chairman to testify before Congress
89 LinkedIn passes Myspace in US traffic: comScore
90 NYC judge asked to throw out border search lawsuit
91 Research shows 'BPA-free' bottles live up to manufacturers' claims
92 Entry prohibited for AIDS viruses: Peptide triazole inhibitors disrupt cell-free HIV-1
93 Fused indolines made by asymmetrical carbon-carbon coupling
94 Promising fire retardant results when clay nanofiller has space
95 Green chemistry: Getting nickel back
96 Rhodium-iron catalyst helps increase yield of hydrogen gas in steam reforming of ethanol
97 Researchers closer to understanding cell-division gatekeeper enzyme
98 Researchers apply NMR/MRI to microfluidic chromatography
99 Unique gel capsule structure enables co-delivery of different types of drugs
100 Nano detector for deadly anthrax
101 Extremely rapid water: Scientists decipher a protein-bound water chain
102 University of Reading offers alternative to animals in drug tests
103 'Ubiquitous element strategy' for overcoming potential deficiencies of rare elements
104 New technology makes textiles permanently germ-free; targets health care-associated infections
105 First ever photo of fish using tools
106 A murder in the magpie's nest: Brutal, non-parental infanticide in the black-billed magpie
107 Is ocean garbage killing whales?
108 Predatory fish have large guts to help them through famine
109 Plant branching hormone discovered
110 On Darwin and gender
111 Clyde fish stock at 80-year high--but most are too small to be landed
112 Marla Spivak: A scientist with a real bee in her bonnet
113 Scientists identify how cells respond to mechanical force
114 Chicks dig certain types of music
115 Ancestry of polar bears traced to Ireland
116 Sexual reproduction works thanks to ever-evolving host, parasite relationships: study
117 Researcher argues that sex reduces genetic variation
118 Quick test can predict immune responses to flu shots
119 Parkinson's disease patients may benefit from virtual-reality-based therapies
120 Researchers announce discovery in fight against sepsis
121 Natural pain relief from poisonous shrub
122 Study finds new points of attack on breast cancers not fueled by estrogen
123 Epigenetic pathway and new drug show promise in reversing a hard-to-treat childhood cancer
124 Could targeting the skin help prevent the spread of HIV?
125 New study highlights what works in osteoporosis treatment
126 SUMO defeats protein aggregates that typify Parkinson's disease
127 The truth about cats and dogs: Pets are good for mental health of 'everyday people'
128 Psychology study finds key early skills for later math learning
129 Giant hogweed can cause burns and blindness
130 Drinking until you forget leads to injuries for college kids
131 Do-it-yourself brain repair following stroke
132 No difference in brand name and generic drugs regarding thyroid dysfunction
133 Is a little negativity the best marketing policy?
134 Just like teens, parents get personal on Facebook
135 'Resilience' of US metros measured by online index developed by UB researchers
136 New US exhibit probes dinosaur mysteries
137 Study reveals how decision-makers complicate choice
138 Vikings in English grave had filed teeth
139 Holes in fossil bones reveal dinosaur activity
140 Study suggests financial aid enhances college success among the most unlikely graduates
141 3Qs: Immorality driven by corrupting influences
142 Study identifies protective factors that help women recover from childhood violence
143 Organizational climate drives commercialization of scientific and engineering discoveries
144 Special needs students and teachers are victims of 'muddled' approach to schooling--study
145 London bombing memories explored
146 The rise and rise of the flying reptiles