File Title
1 Atlantis blasts off on end-of-era spaceflight
2 NASA Dryden and the Space Shuttles
3 Tourists in tears after 'awesome' shuttle launch
4 Obama hails final shuttle flight, eyes Mars next
5 Space technology 'on the NHS' and easier access to space
6 Russia gains edge in space race as US shuttle bows out
7 Expert's reentry flap endures hot baptism
8 Spend your summer in the Science Museum
9 Sierra Nevada Space Systems Completes Milestones For Commercial Crew Program
10 ESA reentry vehicle on track for flight in 2013
11 One-Hundred-Year Starship Study--Part 2
12 End of shuttle flights only a 'bottleneck'
13 US lawmakers vote to kill Hubble successor
14 Final Polishing Complete on Remaining Twelve Webb Mirrors
15 The ATLAS3D project: Replacing the handle of Hubble's tuning fork
16 UA Awarded Millions to Shape Solar Telescope Mirror
17 JWST completes first round of cryogenic mirror test
18 A Green Ring Fit for a Superhero
19 Giant Swedish space balloon fizzes out: space centre
20 Successful advanced JAXA drop test performed at Esrange Space Center
21 Balloons fight crows in Lithuanian city
22 Raven Industries Manufactured Balloon Sets Records
23 Revolutionary Design For Stratospheric High Altitude Balloon Missions
24 Hydrogen Peroxide Found in Space
25 Islands of Life, Part II
26 Sulfurous Signs of Life
27 Two Possible Sites for Next Mars Rover
28 New Animation Depicts Next Mars Rover in Action
29 Final Soyuz launcher integration is underway for Arianespace Globalstar mission from Kazakhstan
30 Arianespace to launch THOR 7 satellite for Telenor
31 Dawn Team Members Check out Spacecraft
32 Does Asteroid Vesta Have a Moon
33 Richard Binzel on near-Earth asteroids
34 Study rates countries' risk from asteroid
35 Adaptive Optics Sharpen Subaru Telescope Vision Of Distant Universe
36 Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Sharpens Subaru Telescope's Eyesight and Opens a New Vision of the Distant Universe
37 Scientists Hope to Get Glimpse of Adolescent Universe from Revolutionary Instrument-on-a-Chip
38 Cluster observes jet braking and plasma heating
39 LOCiMOBILE GPS Tracking Apps Cross over 1 Million users in 116 countries
40 Making a Spectacle of Star Formation in Orion
41 Cluster observes jet braking and plasma heating
42 Cluster observations of whistler-mode waves
43 A new algorithm could help prevent midair collisions
44 Herschel Helps Solve Mystery of Cosmic Dust Origins
45 NASA Flies Greenhouse Gas Mission Over Nevada Salt Flat
46 DLR scientists support expedition with a highly accurate 3D model of mountain
47 La Nina's Exit Leaves Climate Forecasts in Limbo
48 Raytheon Wins Competitive Long Term Evolution Broadband Communications Network Contract
49 Battlefield Airborne Communications Node System Completes 2,000 Tactical Missions
50 Track24 Defence releases SCC Titan
51 US Army Builds and Tests Future Network During NIE Exercise
52 Russia launches Cosmos-series military satellite
53 Spain aims at military-civilian satellites
54 Network Integration Tests Aim to Reduce 'Fog of War'
55 Raytheon Receives US Navy Contract to Support Satellite Communication System
56 Firebird Uses Three Eyes and Fourth Sensor Payload
57 New military radio unveiled
58 Indra To Supply Satellite Communications Systems To Brazil's MoD
59 Lockheed system proves its worth
60 Intelsat General To Support Armed Forces Radio And Television Service
61 Northrop Grumman Awarded Continuing Operation of Battlefield Airborne Communications Node Contract
62 ADTI Launches High Performance Antenna Arrays Protype Program
63 Northrop Grumman Awarded Contract to Develop EHF SatComms Antenna for B-2 Bomber
64 Emirates lofts satellite to boost military
65 Lockheed Martin Demonstrates Integration of MONAX Communications System with Air Force Base Network
66 Preparations Underway As US Army Gears Up For Large-Scale Network Evaluations
67 STSS Demonstration Satellites Demo New Remote Cueing Capabilities During Aegis Test
68 Israel to join U.S. Mideast missile shield
69 Raytheon gets $1.7 billion Patriot deal
70 Sudanese deployments tracked from space
71 Stem Cells for Space Shuttle Atlantis
72 The Eye of Gaia a billion-pixel camera to map Milky Way
73 How Typical is the Milky Way
74 Just Four Percent of Galaxies Have Neighbors Like the Milky Way
75 Hunting For Milky Way's Heaviest Stars
76 Stars Gather In Downtown Milky Way
77 China launches experimental satellite
78 LightSquared Secures 265 Million Dollars In Additional Financing
79 Hubble Makes One Millionth Science Observation
80 Firestorm of Star Birth in the Active Galaxy Centaurus A
81 Hubble Views the Star That Changed the Universe
82 Hubble Views the Star That Changed the Universe
83 Cassini Spacecraft Captures Images and Sounds of Big Saturn Storm
84 Moon Geyser Finding Significant, UCF Scientist Says
85 NASA needs new 'breakthrough,' says Obama
86 NASA Beyond The Space Shuttle
87 Compressed-Air System Could Aid Wind Power
88 Building Bigger, Better Wind Turbines
89 GE Grabs Gearless Wind Turbines
90 Wind Turbines Shed Their Gears
91 A More Durable Wind Turbine
92 Stealth-Mode Wind Turbines
93 Testing Cheap Wind Power
94 Startup's Battery Could Provide Cheaper Grid Storage
95 Praying for an Energy Miracle
96 A Car Battery at Half the Price
97 Biofuels Take Off
98 Jet Fuel from Plants
99 Better Bugs to Make Plastics
100 New Ways to Make Renewable Diesel Fuel
101 Cleaner Jet Fuel from Coal
102 From Waste Biomass to Jet Fuel
103 How Aviation Can Come Clean
104 Can Google Get Web Users Talking?
105 How a Broken Medical System Killed Google Health
106 Drug Reverses 'Accelerated Aging' in Human Cells
107 Rewinding the Clock for Aging Cells
108 Stealth DNA May Control Aging
109 First Drug Shown to Extend Life Span in Mammals
110 N/A
111 How to Keep Muscles Young: Eat Less Food
112 Can Aging Be Solved?
113 A Wristwatch that Monitors Blood Pressure
114 Making Speedy Memory Chips Reliable
115 A Tablet that Wants to Take Over the Desktop
116 How Divorce Lawyers Use Social Networks
117 Spray-on Solar Goes Double-decker
118 A Smarter, Stealthier Botnet
119 A Less Wasteful Way to Deal with Wastewater
120 Research to Watch: Building Microbial Fuel Factories
121 Microbes for Off-the-Grid Electricity
122 Better Fuel Cells Using Bacteria
123 Investment Floats a New Form of Wave Power
124 Wave Energy Scales Up Off Scotland
125 Energy from Waves
126 Ocean Power Fights Current Thinking
127 Turbines Could Tap the Mississippi's Power
128 Tidal Turbines Help Light Up Manhattan
129 Harvesting Power from the Ocean
130 First Tidal Power Generator
131 Facebook Lets Its 750 Million Users Video Chat, but Not in Groups
132 Solar Cells that See Red
133 Making Genomics Routine in Cancer Care
134 Exploiting China's Coal While It's Still Underground
135 China: Beijing Sees Future in Liquefied Coal
136 First Fully Synthetic Organ Transplant Saves Cancer Patient
137 Chinese Competitor for Android Doubles Down on Web Apps
138 Developing Smart Street Lights That Switch On As Cars Pass By
139 Tracking Attention, Social Activity, and Our Environment
140 Will New Top Level Domains End the Rent-Seeking of Domain Name Speculators?
141 New Coal Regs Make Economic Sense
142 Extra Sleep Boosts Basketball Players' Prowess
143 Black Hole Mass Must Be Quantized, Say Physicists
144 What are NASA's Post-Shuttle Plans?
145 What We've Learned in 10 Days of Google+
146 Chinese Solar Companies Thrive on Manufacturing Innovations
147 A Futures Market for Computer Security
148 Israel to Get Electric Car Battery Swap Stations
149 Building Bigger, Better Wind Turbines
150 Virtual Grocery Shopping
151 Was the Space Shuttle a Mistake?