File Title
1 Speech gene has say in brain connections
2 Dying stars create dusty galaxies
3 Blood vessel cells key to scarred nerves
4 Space Shuttle Launch: Final Flight Darkens Florida's Future
5 NewsBreak: Visa Again Blocks Funds for WikiLeaks
6 Security Holes Discovered in iPhones, iPads
7 UK Tabloid Closure Points to Murdoch Savvy
8 End Near for Endless Data Use on Smartphones
9 Texas Rangers Fan Dies After Fall Reaching for Ball
10 Grand Rapids Standoff: Suspect Commits Suicide After Hostage Situation
11 Gray and Gay: Closeted Psychiatrist Comes Out After 40 Years
12 Kelly McGillis Is the Latest Late-in-Life Lesbian
13 Doctors Can't Deny Lesbians Care on Religious Grounds
14 DeGeneres and Takei Vow to Marry Partners
15 Mormon 'Gay Cure' Study Used Electric Shocks Against Homosexual Feelings
16 Two Studies Find Depression Widespread in Utah
17 Film Aims to Push Gays Out of Political Closet
18 Autism's Most Common Cause: Environmental Factors, Says New Study
19 Combating Obesity in the Womb: U.K. Study Treats Pregnant Women With Diabetes Drug
20 Stem Cell Shots Into the Heart Could Stave Off Chest Pain
21 Obesity Epidemic Grows: Report
22 Unique pig-nosed turtle is over-harvested in New Guinea
23 Giant water bug photographed devouring baby turtle
24 Dorset pliosaur: 'Most fearsome predator' unveiled
25 Colossal pliosaur fossil secrets revealed by CT scanner
26 Colossal 'sea monster' unearthed
27 Surgeons carry out first synthetic windpipe transplant
28 Polar bears have maternal Irish brown bear ancestors
29 The greatest historical journeys
30 Plesiosaur bottom-feeding shown
31 Australian 'Nessie' fossils found
32 'Monster' fossil find in Arctic
33 Sea reptile is biggest on record
34 Arctic sea monster's giant bite
35 Japan Prime Minister Naoto Kan sorry for nuclear mix-up
36 Harry Potter premiere: Stars and fans bid tearful goodbye
37 Cheers and tears as Harry Potter fans say thanks for movie magic
38 Wales' first solar park powers up in Pembrokeshire
39 Political blogs: Why are they dominated by men?
40 Researchers take US temperature via Twitter
41 Formula 1 technology goes beyond the track
42 Suicide rates in Europe 'linked' to financial crisis
43 Woman is free of rice diet after 12 years of allergies
44 Adios Verizon, hello Sprint?
45 Apple App Store exceeds 15 billion downloads
46 Shuttle Atlantis fueled-up in hope of launch
47 Here's how easy it is to hack a phone
48 Shuttle's elevator crew ponders uncertain future
49 Jellyfish the newest threat to nuke plants
50 Ancient Irish roots discovered for modern polar bear
51 EPA rule to fight pollution crossing state lines
52 Scientists find molecule that makes sunburn hurt
53 Mars landing site narrowed down to two candidates
54 Solar-powered bikini charges your iPod
55 What happened to the American flags on the moon?
56 UK police search newsroom of second tabloid
57 Tucson shooting prompts gun safety proposal
58 Syrian protest draws US presence, riling regime
59 South Sudan becoming nation amid fragile peace
60 Specialized seeds can really float your boat
61 Biofuels from the sea
62 Antarctic krill help to fertilize Southern Ocean with iron
63 Embedding microchips in ornamental shrubs
64 Gene Secrets of the Reef Revealed
65 Patients at small, isolated, rural hospitals in US more likely to receive lower quality of care
66 Hot springs microbe yields record-breaking, heat-tolerant enzyme
67 Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs Knotted Together
68 Termites' digestive system could act as biofuel refinery
69 AgriLife Research study: Cool-season grasses more profitable than warm-season grasses
70 Talking 'green' can help candidates win votes, Stanford study finds
71 Eggs may help prevent heart disease and cancer
72 Being small has its advantages, if you are a leaf
73 Gray whales likely survived the Ice Ages by changing their diets
74 British Journal of Nutrition: Fat found in pistachios may not be readily absorbed by the body
75 TUM researchers develop environmentally friendly process to improve storage stability of probiotics
76 Natural iron fertilisation influences deep-sea ecosystems off the Crozet Islands
77 Climate change forces early spring
78 Microalgae could be Texas' next big cash crop
79 Increased protection urgently needed for tunas
80 Evolution and domestication of seed structure shown to use same genetic mutation
81 Chesapeake Bay Pesticides: Some Diminish, Some Persist
82 DNA decoded by FSU biologist reveals 7 new mice species
83 California groundwater management trickles up from local sources
84 Climate change may alter conditions for growth of oak trees in Euskadi
85 Air pollution linked to learning and memory problems, depression
86 Sounding rockets study how winds in space drive currents in the upper atmosphere
87 How hot did Earth get in the past? Team of scientists uncovers new information
88 Mercury vapor released from broken compact fluorescent light bulbs can exceed safe exposure levels
89 Landsat 5 captures Missouri River flooding near Omaha
90 Fewer rain storms across southern Australia
91 Future fire--still a wide open climate question
92 Global investments in green energy up nearly a third to $211 billion
93 World War II bombing raids offer new insight into the effects of aviation on climate
94 Unexpected cell repairs the injured spinal cord
95 To combat deadly brain cancer, target the stem cells
96 With climate changes, polar bear and brown bear lineages intertwine
97 Sex works thanks to ever-evolving host, parasite relationships
98 'Pure' human blood stem-cell discovery opens door to expanding cells for more clinical use
99 Control of gene expression: Mediator MED26 shifts an idling polymerase into high gear
100 Stem cells know where they want to go: McMaster researchers
101 Cellular origin of deadly brain cancer is identified
102 Craniosynostosis, delayed tooth eruption and supernumerary teeth--1 gene in background
103 A drugstore within
104 The turn of the corkscrew
105 Sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women are genetic
106 Drug 'shield' helps target antibiotic resistant bacteria
107 Discovery of natural antibody brings a universal flu vaccine a step closer
108 'Unnatural' chemical allows Salk researchers to watch protein action in brain cells
109 Wayne State University researcher argues that sex reduces genetic variation
110 Why Patients with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Suffer Extreme Pain--MDC Researchers Discover Causes
111 Indoor air pollution linked to cardiovascular risk
112 Holes in fossil bones reveal dinosaur activity
113 How memory is read out in the fly brain
114 Scientists discover how best to excite brain cells
115 New study: Cheap, common drug could dramatically reduce malaria transmission in Africa
116 Unique gel capsule structure enables co-delivery of different types of drugs
117 With a simple coating, nanowires show a dramatic increase in efficiency and sensitivity
118 Eye of Gaia: billion-pixel camera to map Milky Way
119 Berkeley Lab Researchers Apply NMR/MRI to Microfluidic Chromatography
120 Nano detector for deadly anthrax
121 GEN point of view article questions reported costs of drug R&D
122 Herschel finds source of cosmic dust in a stellar explosion
123 TGen presents lung cancer studies at Amsterdam conference
124 Smart grids: New study highlights key challenges and trends in the EU
125 CVS Caremark, Harvard and Brigham and Women's Research Shows Generic Medications are Changing the Economics of Treating Chronically Ill Patients
126 NIST prototype 'optics table on a chip' places microwave photon in 2 colors at once
127 Graphene: What can go wrong? new studies point to wrinkles, process contaminants
128 Promising fire retardant results when clay nanofiller has space
129 Gold nanoparticles bring scientists closer to a treatment for cancer
130 Device captures ambient electromagnetic energy to drive small electronic devices
131 Robotics: Safety without Protective Barriers
132 Australian volcano eruptions overdue, new study confirms
133 Energy express focus issue: Optics in LEDs for lighting
134 Ruminant headgear: A mystery awaiting unraveling
135 Vertebrate jaw design locked early
136 Scripps researchers discover new force driving Earth's tectonic plates
137 The rise and rise of the flying reptiles
138 Discovering the bigger picture in chromosomes
139 A Look Back as Berkeley Lab Scientists Raced to Estimate Oil Flow from the Deepwater Horizon Macondo Well
140 Amrubicin improved response rate and progression-free survival vs. topotecan in Phase III trial
141 New research points to a possible gender link in knee injuries
142 Graft size and patient age may be predictor of need for future ACL revisions
143 Report finds large state disparities in progress against colorectal cancer
144 Medicaid increases use of health care, decreases financial strain, improves health
145 Differing lifestyles: A study of ethnicity and health
146 MU Study Identifies Protective Factors that Help Women Recover from Childhood Violence
147 'Pinkwashing' is a form of social injustice asserts article in Environmental Justice
148 Study: Hypoallergenic dogs not less allergic than other dogs
149 Study shows lace-up ankle braces keep athletes on the court
150 Brain tumor discovery could lead to new treatment
151 Male smokers less likely to need joint replacement surgery of hip or knee
152 DNDi expands activities to neglected patient needs in the field of helminth infections
153 Gene study offers clues on memory puzzle
154 Study demonstrates how memory can be preserved--and forgetting prevented
155 Study offers new clues about hereditary spastic paraplegia
156 NIST mechanical micro-drum cooled to quantum ground state
157 Chips hold the key to understanding the human brain
158 Pixel perfect: Cornell develops a lens-free, pinhead-size camera
159 London bombing memories explored
160 Steps needed to reduce likelihood that pilot commuting practices could pose safety risk, but too little data now to support regulation
161 You are what you tweet: Tracking public health trends with Twitter
162 Middle-school students educate community on proper computer posture
163 Scientists devise way to sort brain cells for potential transplants
164 A mobile guide for buses and trains
165 NASA's Hubble makes one millionth science observation
166 Final space shuttle to carry 5 CU-Boulder-built payloads
167 Hydrogen peroxide found in space
168 Final countdown: Atlantis to carry next-generation vaccine candidate on last space voyage
169 Big step forward for SKA