File Title
1 Russia to submit Arctic claim to U.N. next year
2 Documents detail Exxon's Yellowstone response
3 Hunger in Somalia: Militants want aid groups back
4 Nepal bans Tibetan rallies on Dalai Lama birthday
5 Thousands gather in Spain for running of the bulls
6 Wide Faces Predict Unethical Behavior
7 Most Americans now support gay marriage, but can't legalize it
8 Ed Dept calls out colleges that hiked tuition by 50 percent
9 AP Enterprise: The man who hunted Osama bin Laden
10 Who wants to live forever? Scientist sees aging cured
11 Motorcyclist crashes in helmet law protest, dies
12 Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry
13 Five myths about the American flag
14 Slow winter turns to busy summer at national parks
15 Angels Flight railway in Los Angeles reopens
16 Bay Area DUI busts jump by 24 percent for July 4 weekend
17 California has record year for rooftop solar
18 $750,000 awarded to man for loss of Einstein papers in Lick fire
19 California lawmakers pass bill to teach gay history
20 Pakistan panel says bin Laden family won't be repatriated
21 Taliban again refute claims of peace talks with West
22 Russian lawyer likely beaten to death: Kremlin council
23 China's Baidu, Microsoft to cooperate in search
24 The apps that eat your wireless data
25 PayPal UK Twitter Account Hacked
26 'Mega-wombat' unearthed in Australia
27 Anger mounts in China over oil spill
28 Concern mounts over deadly Australian horse virus
29 Japan groups alarmed by radioactive soil
30 China coal surge held back warming: study
31 Colon cancer deaths down except in Mississippi
32 Seeds blamed for Europe E. coli still on sale
33 Fraternal twins with autism: Is risk in the womb?
34 Ovulating? Urine test more precise than calendar: study
35 Gum disease delays pregnancy, fertility conference hears
36 Boston pub boss happy as clam with chowder title
37 News of the World Accused of Hacking Phone of Murdered Girl, Milly Dowling
38 Shark Attack: Cookiecutter Shark Makes First Documented Attack on Human in Hawaii
39 Escaping Your Online Mistakes: Should There Be a Law?
40 Seagull With Camera: The Viral Video That Kept Everyone Guessing
41 Correction: Fox News Twitter Hacked
42 Global Warming: China's Air Pollution Makes Climate Better, and Worse at Same Time
43 Do Iridescent Flowers Have More Pollinating Power?
44 Jamaica Bans Sale of Citrus Plants to Control Pest
45 Verizon Wireless Nixing Unlimited Data for Newbies
46 Iceland's Hekla Volcano Shows Signs of Activity
47 Post-Traumatic Stress Cure: Writer Stages Her Own Rape
48 Eating Less Salt May Not Lower Risk of Heart Disease
49 Public Irate Over Casey Anthony Verdict; Social Media Sites Explode With Opinions
50 Brown Fat May Help People Lose Weight, Lower Blood Pressure
51 Penis Size Linked to Finger Length
52 Californian Jeffrey Gottfurcht Is First Person With Rheumatoid Arthritis to Conquer Everest
53 Golf Ball to the Head Leads to Life-Saving Cancer Diagnosis
54 Gruesome Knitting Impalement Uncovers Lethal Threat
55 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest: Joey Chestnut Wins With 62 Hot Dogs
56 Mother-in-Law Carolyn Bourne's Nasty Email Goes Viral; Brits Boycott Her
57 14-Year-Old Girl May Need Cornea Transplant After Wearing $20 Colored Contact Lenses
58 The English Town Made of Wool
59 From Fear to Survival: Knowledge Is Key
60 Ashley Judd's Story of Abuse Echoes Family's Sad Narrative
61 Ugly Americans: Watch Your Chopsticks and Your Feet!
62 Foreign Etiquette for Americans
63 Etiquette Tips From Advice Guru Liz Pryor: Don't Forget to RSVP
64 Dry July to continue for southern Australia
65 Study reveals bananas heavily inbred
66 Asian pollution slowed global warming: study
67 Late talkers do fine as they grow up
68 Kangaroo mothers need to eat more
69 Pseudo-eyes help ants find home faster
70 Reducing salt doesn't lower risk: study
71 GM crops: EU parliament backs national bans
72 Male black widow spiders sniff out cannibal females
73 Japan to hold stress tests at all nuclear plants
74 New solution can help 'permanently get rid of germs'
75 Shark fishing banned in the Bahamas
76 UK faces more harsh winters in solar activity dip
77 E. coli: EU bans Egyptian seeds after fenugreek link
78 Global warming lull down to China's coal growth
79 Shuttle launch: The thrill of the ascent
80 Can religious teachings prove evolution to be true?
81 Farmers look to pig poo to boost revenues
82 The excitement of 'new space'
83 Science embraces its radical side
84 'Giant wombat' skeleton found in Australia's Queensland
85 Naked mole rat's genome 'blueprint' revealed
86 Pyeongchang will host the 2018 Winter Olympics
87 Ratings agencies criticised by European Commission
88 US 'hate groups' bolstered by Obama's election
89 Ten facts you may not know about Afghanistan
90 Printer produces personalised 3D chocolate
91 Israel 'angry' at UN report on Lebanon deaths
92 Mexican caught trying to escape jail in wife's suitcase
93 Hamas arrests male hairdresser for Gaza woman's haircut
94 George Stubbs and Thomas Gainsborough auction records
95 EU to let states rule on GM crops
96 China's super-rich: Zhu Gongshan
97 Eagle owl shot in Gloucestershire making good recovery
98 Facebook adds Skype video chat feature
99 Barack Obama faces first Twitter 'town hall' questions
100 N/A
101 Fingerprint technology to help feed India's poorest
102 Apple to decide on Google+ app
103 Non-invasive embryo gene screen
104 NHS chiefs warn of rising hospital waiting times
105 Clue to pain of sunburn discovered by UK researchers
106 EU targets meat origins with new food labelling
107 The Dukan diet: Four slimmers give their verdict
108 Gene dilemma to prevent next generation cancer
109 Big Tobacco takes on Australia over bland branding