File Title
1 Gastric Bacterium Helicobacter Pylori Protects Against Asthma
2 Genetic Component of Autism Spectrum Disorders May Be Moderate Compared to Environment, Twin Study Suggests
3 Tree Frogs' Self-Cleaning Feet Could Solve a Sticky Problem
4 Warming Ocean Layers Will Undermine Polar Ice Sheets, Climate Models Show
5 The Smell of Danger: Rats Instinctively Avoid Compound in Carnivore Urine
6 Tongue Makes the Difference in How Fish and Mammals Chew
7 'Odd Couple' Binary Star System Makes Dual Gamma-Ray Flares
8 New Theory On Origin of Birds: Enlarged Skeletal Muscles
9 Clocking Neptune's Spin by Tracking Atmospheric Features
10 Loudest Animal Is Recorded for the First Time
11 Cell Rigidity Linked to Activity in Proteins Associated With Cancer
12 Key Immune Substance Linked to Asthma, Study Finds
13 More Sensitive Test for Cardiac Biomarker May Better Identify Patients Who Experienced Heart Attack
14 Foods With Baked Milk May Help Build Tolerance in Children With Dairy Allergies, Study Suggests
15 New Class of Antiangiogenesis Drugs: Natural Plant Compound Blocks Blood Vessel Growth by Interfering With Cellular Adhesion
16 Why 'Event Cloaks' Could Be the Key to the Ultimate Bank Heist
17 Scientists Use 'Optogenetics' to Control Reward-Seeking Behavior
18 Transmission Lines for Nanofocusing of Infrared Light
19 'Nanocrystal Doping' Results in Semiconductor Nanocrystals With Enhanced Electrical Function
20 Moving Microscopic Vision Into Another New Dimension
21 Web Weaving Skills Provide Clues to Aging, Spider Study Reveals
22 'Goat Plague' Threat to Global Food Security and Economy Must Be Tackled, Experts Warn
23 Auto-Pilots Need a Birds-Eye View: Pigeons Can Inform Navigation Technology Design
24 Takeoffs and Landings Cause More Precipitation Near Airports, Researchers Find
25 Scientists Study Earthquake Triggers in Pacific Ocean
26 Patients With Eating Disorders Have an Elevated Rate of Death
27 Study Sheds Light On Tunicate Evolution
28 Overlooked Peptide Reveals Clues to Causes of Alzheimer's Disease
29 Specialized Seeds Can Really Float Your Boat
30 Massage Eases Low Back Pain in Randomized Controlled Trial
31 Smokers Using Varenicline to Quit the Habit at Greater Risk of Heart Attack, Study Suggests
32 New Research Addresses the Major Cause of Pregnancy Loss in IVF
33 Could Ovarian Stimulation Cause an Increase in Oocyte Chromosome Abnormalities?
34 Possible New Target for Sarcoma Treatment and Prevention
35 New Biomarker Predicts Breast Cancer Relapse
36 Length of Parental Military Deployment Associated With Children's Mental Health Diagnoses, Study Finds
37 Ingredients of Happiness Around the World
38 Women Get Up Sooner Than Men After a Fall in Soccer, Study Finds
39 Potential of Simple Injection On Patients With Head Injury
40 Money and Mimicry: Examining the Psychological Effect of Money and How It Affects Our Behavior and Emotions
41 Design and Print Your Own 3-D Chocolate Objects
42 Red Wine: Exercise in a Bottle?
43 Changes in Specific Dietary Factors May Have Big Impact On Long-Term Weight Gain
44 In Pilot Study, Screening Detects Potentially Serious Heart Conditions in Healthy Children
45 Good Communication in Early Years Key to Success at School, UK Study Shows
46 'Megapixel' DNA Replication Technology Promises Faster, More Precise Diagnostics
47 Pre-Pregnancy Diet Affects the Health of Future Offspring, Mouse Study Suggests
48 Protein Structure of Key Molecule in DNA Transcription System Deciphered
49 Zinc and the Zebrafish: Fluorescent Fish Could Hold Key to Understanding Diabetes and Other Diseases
50 Sport Performance Follows a Physiological Law; Study Suggests Peak at 20-30 Years of Age, Then Irreversible Decline
51 Biofuels from the Sea: Seaweed May Prove a Viable Future Biofuel, Especially If Harvested in Summer
52 Hawaii Is Not an Evolutionary Dead End for Marine Life, Snail Study Finds
53 NASA's Aura Satellite Measures Pollution from New Mexico, Arizona Fires
54 La Nina's Exit Leaves Climate Forecasts in Limbo
55 Plastic Found in Nine Percent of 'Garbage Patch' Fishes: Tens of Thousands of Tons of Debris Annually Ingested
56 Researchers Map the Physics of Tibetan Singing Bowls
57 At the Feet of the Pharaohs: Capturing the Majesty of Luxor in 3-D
58 Social Networking--400 Years Ago
59 X-Rays Reveal Patterns in the Plumage of the First Birds
60 New Fossils Demonstrate That Powerful Eyes Evolved in a Twinkling
61 Making a Spectacle of Star Formation in Orion
62 Quantum 'Graininess' of Space at Smaller Scales? Gamma-Ray Observatory Challenges Physics Beyond Einstein
63 NASA's Spitzer Finds Distant Galaxies Grazed On Gas
64 Scientists Hope to Get Glimpse of Adolescent Universe from Revolutionary Instrument-On-A-Chip
65 'Dirty Hack' Restores Cluster Mission from Near Loss
66 Droplets for Detecting Tumoral DNA
67 Toward a More Efficient Use of Solar Energy
68 Nuclear Waste Requires Cradle-To-Grave Strategy, Study Finds
69 Flapping Micro Air Vehicles Inspired by Swifts
70 Breaking Kasha's Rule: Scientists Find Unique Luminescence in Tetrapod Nanocrystals
71 First Cookiecutter Shark Attack On a Live Human
72 Important Step in Next Generation of Computing: Vital Insight Into Spintronics
73 New Light Shed On the Private Lives of Electrons: Lasers Allow Scientists to Observe How Electrons Become Entangled
74 WiFi 'Napping' Doubles Phone Battery Life
75 Neuroscientists' Discovery Could Bring Relief to Epilepsy Sufferers; Computational Model of Epileptic Seizures at Molecular Level
76 Who wants to live forever? Scientist sees aging cured
77 Plastic solar cells in 5-10 years, new step forward
78 Salt-loving microbe provides new enzymes for the production of next-gen biofuels
79 Climate change could turn oxygen-free seas from a blessing to a curse for zooplankton
80 Down-under digestive microbes could help lower methane gas from livestock
81 Time to let science drive Great Lakes policy on Asian carp, experts say
82 Scripps Study Finds Plastic in Nine Percent of 'Garbage Patch' Fishes
83 Assessing Agroforestry's Advantages
84 The loudest animal is recorded for the first time
85 Climate change could turn oxygen-free seas from blessing to curse for zooplankton
86 New study suggests severe deficits in UK honeybee numbers
87 Global plant database set to promote biodiversity research and Earth-system sciences
88 New study documents first cookiecutter shark attack on a live human
89 E. coli Can Survive in Streambed Sediments for Months
90 Environs prompt advantageous gene mutations as plants grow; changes passed to progeny
91 WHOI Study Sheds Light on Tunicate Evolution
92 Sweetpotato foundation seed tested in commercial operations
93 New strawberry a delight for gardeners
94 NASA's Aura Satellite measures pollution from New Mexico, Arizona fires
95 Scientists discover that Hawai'i is not an evolutionary dead end for marine life
96 A Microbiological "Template" for Mitigating Methane Emissions
97 Climate change threatens endangered freshwater turtle
98 Specialized seeds can really float your boat
99 Biofuels from the sea
100 Antarctic krill help to fertilize Southern Ocean with iron
101 Embedding microchips in ornamental shrubs
102 Gene Secrets of the Reef Revealed
103 Science: Nature Uses Screws and Nuts
104 Uncovering a kingdom
105 Big Hole Filled in Cloud Research
106 More rain, less snow leads to faster Arctic ice melt
107 Warming ocean layers will undermine polar ice sheets
108 Researchers push the boundary with high carbon emission scenarios
109 More than 1 in 10 chance of colder UK winters
110 Air pollution linked to learning and memory problems, depression
111 Most of world's 'missing species' live in known hotspots
112 Crucial role for molecule in muscle development
113 Swedish researchers develop new method to avoid twins while maintaining high live birth rates
114 A flash of insight: Chemist uses lasers to see proteins at work
115 Hot springs microbe yields record-breaking, heat-tolerant enzyme
116 'Vanishing twin' explains increased risk of birth defects
117 Researchers can predict accurately the outcome of pregnancies threatening to miscarry
118 Early embryos can correct genetic abnormalities during development
119 Gum disease can increase the time it takes to become pregnant
120 Simple test gives accurate prediction of ovulation to help women become pregnant
121 A chaperone system guides tail-anchored membrane proteins to their destined membrane
122 New methods allow for insights into molecular mechanisms of regeneration
123 Singapore expertise pioneers quick and scarless surgery
124 Scientists sequence DNA of cancer-resistant rodent
125 Those aching joints could be in your genes
126 Not all tests are created equal: Identifying C. diff in hospital labs
127 Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs Knotted Together
128 Behavioral treatment for migranes a cost-effective alternative to meds, study finds
129 New UGA technology makes textiles permanently germ-free; targets healthcare-associated infections
130 Kinetochores prefer the "silent" DNA sections of the chromosome
131 Magnetic memory and logic could achieve ultimate energy efficiency
132 Frog feet could solve a sticky problem
133 Zinc and the zebrafish
134 Researchers decipher protein structure of key molecule in DNA transcription system
135 UBC 'megapixel' DNA replication technology promises faster, more precise diagnostics
136 Exposure to anti-depressants in pregnancy may increase autism risk
137 Prenatal exposure to certain antidepressants may modestly increase risk of autism spectrum disorders
138 Mutant flies shed light on inherited intellectual disability
139 Scripps Research scientists solve mystery of nerve disease genes
140 'Cling-film' solar cells could lead to advance in renewable energy
141 The forces of attraction
142 Putting sunshine in the tank
143 The wonders of graphene on display
144 Higher daily dose of aspirin could play key role in preventing heart attacks for those with diabetes
145 Australian volcano eruptions overdue, new study confirms
146 Safer skies
147 Research in fish provides new clues about deadly form of liver cancer
148 Surprising culprits behind cell death from fat and sugar overload
149 High EGFR expression a predictor for improved survival with cetuximab plus chemotherapy
150 Lung tumors in never-smokers show greater genomic instability than those in smokers
151 NIH findings in mice have potential to curb obesity and Type 2 diabetes
152 Researchers flip the switch between development and aging in C. elegans
153 Couples report gender differences in relationship, sexual satisfaction over time
154 Diabetes drug side effects traced to fat action
155 Metabolic shift may offer early cancer clue
156 Radiation rates for breast cancer may be underestimated, U-M study finds
157 N/A
158 High folate intake may reduce risk of colorectal cancer
159 Climate change increases the risk of ozone damage to plants
160 The future of chip manufacturing
161 Nuclear waste requires cradle-to-grave strategy
162 Flapping micro air vehicles inspired by swifts
163 New technique advances bioprinting of cells
164 Auto-pilots need a birds-eye view
165 Breaking Kasha's Rule:
166 Important step in the next generation of computing
167 Face science meets robot science
168 Laser, electric fields combined for new 'lab-on-chip' technologies