File Title
1 Magnetic memory and logic could achieve ultimate energy efficiency
2 Security experts warn of new 'almost indestructible' TDL-4 botnet threat
3 Mutations can spur dangerous identity crisis in cells
4 Researchers map the physics of Tibetan singing bowls
5 Why 'event cloaks' could be the key to the ultimate bank heist
6 US rules partially against Kodak in Apple dispute
7 Papuan weevil has screw-in legs
8 Integral challenges physics beyond Einstein
9 Disabled Japanese man begins robo-suit adventure
10 Click chemistry creates new 'stealth' DNA links
11 An Israeli algorithm sheds light on the Bible
12 Engineers work to ease Internet data flow as demand for video grows
13 Apple, Microsoft-led consortium wins Nortel patents
14 Social pressure falsifies memory: study
15 'Radar for the human eye': Inexpensive hand-held device detects cataracts at the earliest stages
16 Engineers show dynamic experimental evidence for phenomenon of spreading drops
17 Sulfurous signs of life
18 NASA engineer proposes new type of fusion thruster for space travel
19 MicroRNAs in the songbird brain respond to new songs (w/ video)
20 Takeoffs and landings cause more precipitation around major airports
21 Pigment patterns from the prehistoric past: X-ray technique reveals fossil pigmentation
22 Porsche is developing a system for a self-driving car, no pedal pressing needed
23 Home of suspected LulzSec member raided: WSJ
24 WiFi 'napping' doubles phone battery life
25 'Zombie' stars key to measuring dark energy
26 Key ingredient: Change in material boosts prospects of ultrafast single-photon detector
27 When viruses infect bacteria
28 Spitzer finds distant galaxies grazed on gas
29 The genome guardian's dimmer switch: Regulating p53 is a matter of life or death
30 New test puts the squeeze on horseshoe crabs
31 Turning agents of disease into tools for health and better living
32 Printing solar cells
33 Moving microscopic vision into another new dimension
34 Researchers create rollerball-pen ink to draw circuits
35 Layer upon layer: Method holds promise for making two- or three-tier graphene films
36 Splitsville for boron nitride nanotubes
37 Researchers image graphene electron clouds, revealing how folds can harm conductivity
38 Tiny ring laser accurately detects and counts nanoparticles
39 Raman nanoparticle-aided imaging of tumors moves closer to human trials
40 New material promises faster electronics
41 Scientists discover dielectron charging of water nano-droplet
42 Scientists pioneer nanoscale nuclear materials testing capability
43 STM of individual grains in CVD-grown graphene
44 Breakthrough reported in transconductance in ink-jet printing
45 Physicists observe 'campfire effect' in blinking nanorod semiconductors
46 Japanese material scientists develop new superelastic alloy
47 Faster 3D nanoimaging a possibility with full colour synchrotron light
48 Vertical cavity quantum switch could lead us away from electronics-based computing
49 Transporting spatially entangled photons through an optical fiber
50 New paper offers another approach to proof that dark matter exists
51 Squeezed light from single atoms
52 Researchers demonstrate electo-optic modulation of single photons from a quantum dot
53 Northwestern research team turns theory of static electricity on its head
54 Physicists seek to quantify macroscopic quantum states
55 'Dirty hack' restores Cluster mission from near loss
56 STAR TRAK: Mercury first planet to be seen through most of July
57 Setting his sights on Mars
58 High speed at the edge of space
59 Scientists hope to get glimpse of adolescent universe from revolutionary instrument-on-a-chip
60 Global warming could alter the US premium wine industry in 30 years, says study
61 Making a spectacle of star formation in Orion
62 Down-under digestive microbes could help lower methane gas from livestock
63 Heavy metal meets hard rock: Battling through the ocean crust's hardest rocks
64 Can I come? Final shuttle crew besieged for favors
65 Report: IBM supercomputer is the most energy efficient in the world
66 Showa Hanako 2: A realistic robot for novice dentists (w/ video)
67 Laundry duty getting you down? Robots to the rescue!
68 Review: HP TouchPad makes a mediocre tablet
69 Scientists develop sensitive skin for robots
70 Acer's Iconia tablet rivals iPad in price, but not much else
71 Cooperative robots that learn = less work for human handlers (w/ video)
72 NSF leads interagency collaboration to develop advanced robotics
73 12 percent of US adults own e-readers: survey
74 Guns, grenades and iPads for Singapore soldiers
75 Imerj and Frog show off a hybrid smartphone and tablet PC
76 Robotics award for i-Snake team (w/ video)
77 Introducing the Amenbo, a five independent finger mouse (w/ video)
78 Review: 3-D silly, but EVO 3D smart overall
79 Samsung's Droid Charge disappoints
80 Group recommends stricter noise levels for Michigan wind farms
81 New spinout will develop next generation of semiconductors
82 Blackboard to be taken private in $1.64B deal
83 A citizen's dosimeter, and it fits in your wallet
84 Nuclear waste requires cradle-to-grave strategy
85 Japan's Ricoh to buy Pentax digital camera brand
86 Reports say FTC investigating Twitter
87 Amazon cuts off California affiliates
88 Embracing superficial imperfections
89 Researchers devise biomaterial that could be used in the detection of toxins and pollutants
90 Stopping malignancy in its tracks
91 Salt-loving microbe provides new enzymes for the production of next-gen biofuels
92 New surface nonlinear spectroscopy capability: Picosecond-femtosecond broadband sum frequency generation system
93 New rapid test tells difference between bacterial and viral infections
94 Pinpointing the origin of corpses, fingering fake cheese and more--with 'isoscapes'
95 Inkjet printing could change the face of solar energy industry
96 Metal particle generates new hope for H2 energy
97 Tapping titanium's colorful potential
98 High-energy density magnesium batteries for smart electrical grids
99 Chemist develops biosensor that changes color when bacteria are present in water samples
100 The genius of a disorderly enzyme
101 Adoptions and offspring swapping stun kangaroo researchers
102 Environs prompt advantageous gene mutations as plants grow; changes passed to progeny
103 New technique advances bioprinting of cells
104 E. coli can survive in streambed sediments for months
105 Seabird campaign highlights value of species identification
106 Global plant database set to promote biodiversity research and Earth-system sciences
107 New study suggests severe deficits in UK honeybee numbers
108 Climate change could turn oxygen-free seas from a blessing to a curse for zooplankton
109 Spider's double beating heart revealed by MRI
110 'Goat plague' threat to global food security and economy must be tackled, experts warn
111 New study documents first cookiecutter shark attack on a live human
112 Sea urchins see with their whole body
113 American snacking habits to blame for obesity: study
114 Gene mutation contributes to leukemia by enhancing function of blood stem cells
115 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome challenges patients, medical professionals
116 Treating depression one step at a time
117 Obese Mexican-Americans lack diet, exercise advice from doctors
118 Study shows varying support needs of cancer patients
119 Pediatric urologist develops procedure to eliminate scarring in kidney surgeries
120 Toy teaches autistic children positive play
121 The Medical Minute: Fireworks--beautiful but only for professionals
122 Probing Question: Why the USDA changed its nutritional guidelines
123 Health insurance doesn't always protect people from medical debt
124 Learning collaborative approach can enhance integration of behavioral, general medical services
125 Copper reduces infection risk by more than 40 percent
126 Evolution of sport performances follows a physiological law
127 Human infants capable of advanced reasoning
128 Is the American dream dying?
129 Recent weather, disasters show importance of emergency readiness
130 It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it
131 Bridging the gap between scientists and the public through communication
132 Lightning strikes far more men than women, statistics show
133 What's in a name? Plenty, if you're a lesbian or gay parent
134 Using fear to guide smart investments
135 Fire brings communities together--'You're from the government, we trust you'
136 How too many options can impair the ability to make skillful choices
137 A different kind of mentor
138 Who killed Sly Vox?
139 Wine consumption declining in France
140 Small Asian dinosaur actually a juvenile tyrannosaur, not separate species, researchers say