File Title
1 Science paper argues against conclusion that bacteria consumed Deepwater Horizon methane
2 Patients with RA receive less protection from pandemic influenza with H1N1 vaccine
3 Several abstracts on gout reveal true burden of disease and highlight promising new treatments
4 Modern EU agriculture jeopardizes biodiversity in new member states
5 Medicines from plants
6 Flexible films for photovoltaics
7 Solar inverters: Losses are cut in half
8 New study suggests link between estrogen exposure, high blood pressure
9 Folic acid given to mother rats protects offspring from colon cancer
10 Significant Role of Oceans in Onset of Ancient Global Cooling
11 World-Wide Assessment Determines Differences in Cultures
12 NYSCF-Robertson investigator at Stanford creates neurons directly from skin cells of humans
13 The use of placebo in rheumatoid arthritis clinical trials may negatively impact patients
14 Arthritis patients taking newer treatments do not have an overall increased cancer risk
15 Undertreatment of cardiovascular disease in rheumatoid arthritis patients following a heart attack
16 Study reveals that financial conflicts of interest are associated with positive study outcomes
17 Super-sticky 'ultra-bad' cholesterol revealed in people at high risk of heart disease
18 The importance of 'inner values' in finding a partner--female sparrows test the genetic make-up of their mates
19 Cystic fibrosis bacteria could help fight back against antibiotic resistance
20 Intestinal cell defense mechanism against bacteria
21 Dogs in motion
22 What fish is on your plate?
23 MDC Researchers Discover Key Molecule for Stem Cell Pluripotency
24 When it comes to warm-up, less is more
25 Better viewing through fluorescent nanotubes when peering into innards of a mouse
26 Scientists detect Earth-equivalent amount of water within the moon
27 Lunar water brings portions of Moon's origin story into question
28 Dramatically raising low metal recycling rates part of path to green economy: UNEP
29 Scientist instils new hope of detecting gravitational waves
30 Scans show it's not only sight that helps us get our bearings
31 The quantum computer is growing up
32 Superior sound for telephones, mobile and related devices
33 The hand as a joystick
34 Innovations for tomography
35 Estimating landfill gas potential
36 Researchers butter up the old 'scratch test' to make it tough
37 NASA is Making Hot, Way Cool
38 Researchers evaluate red wine compound for treating concussions in pro boxers
39 Study: Hormone level predicts end of fertility
40 Children who sleep less are more likely to be overweight
41 Nuclear radiation affects baby gender
42 High risk of Parkinson's disease for people exposed to pesticides near workplace
43 New treatment dissolves blood clots in brain tissue
44 Age, gender and social advantage affect success in quitting smoking
45 When cancer runs in the family
46 Fraunhofer MEVIS: New procedure to make brain surgery safer
47 Drug may help overwrite bad memories
48 Does Our Personality Affect Our Level of Attractiveness?
49 2020 vision of vaccines for malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS
50 Making materials to order
51 Biological Circuits for Synthetic Biology: Berkeley Lab Researchers Aim to Keep Things Simple
52 Iowa State physicists explain the long, useful lifetime of carbon-14
53 Students who struggle with math may have a neurocognitive disorder called dyscalculia
54 TGen study identifies compounds that could slow down Alzheimer's disease
55 5 new hot spots where medicine and technology will converge
56 ASU scientists develop secreting bacteria with green auto-recovery to eliminate cost barriers for renewable biofuel production
57 Rendezvous with an asteroid: ASU to build mineral survey instrument
58 Research study by UM Frost School of Music to be presented in Norway at prestigious conference
59 Stars help to track space junk
60 Fungi reduce need for fertilizer in agriculture
61 Scientists list top 10 new species
62 USDA/AIA Survey Reports 2010/2011 Winter Honey Bee Losses
63 Cover crop seeder pulls triple duty for small farms
64 Studies show no meaningful difference between high fructose corn syrup and sucrose
65 Beyond the Barn: Keeping Dairy Cows Outside is Good for the Outdoors
66 Sardines and horse mackerel identified using forensic techniques
67 Scientists discover fossil of giant ancient sea predator
68 Study reveals most biologically rich island in Southern Ocean
69 New sustainable 'bio-derived' jet fuel industry is achievable
70 'Sweet wheat' for tastier and more healthful baking
71 Mating rivalry among furred and feathered: Variety is spice of life
72 New study provides global analysis of seagrass extinction risk
73 Endangered Gourmet Sea Snail Could be Doomed by Increasing Ocean Acidity
74 Rethinking endangered plants
75 Study details path to sustainable aviation biofuels industry in Northwest
76 Scientists discover the largest assembly of whale sharks ever recorded
77 Experts create first legal roadmap to tackle local ocean acidification hotspots
78 Factors in berry-splitting in blueberries examined
79 Mummies tell history of a 'modern' plague
80 Population genetics reveals shared ancestries
81 Expert discovers simple method of dealing with harmful radioactive iodine
82 Two Greenland Glaciers Lose Enough Ice to Fill Lake Erie
83 Aggressive Efficiency and Electrification Needed to Cut California Emissions
84 West Coast Radar Network is World's Largest
85 NASA's NPP Satellite Successfully Completes Thermal Vac Testing
86 Experts quantify melting glaciers' effect on ocean currents
87 New software tool helps evaluate natural cooling options for buildings
88 Global Warming May Affect the Capacity of Trees to Store Carbon, MBL Study Finds
89 Caltech-led team debunks theory on end of 'Snowball Earth' ice age
90 New research published in Science points to the significant role of oceans in ancient global cooling
91 Songbirds tweak their tunes in different ways to cope with clamor
92 Study finds local temperature influences belief in global warming
93 Japan Earthquake Appears to Increase Quake Risk Elsewhere in the Country
94 Reindeer see a weird and wonderful world of ultraviolet light
95 Parts of moon interior as wet as Earth's upper mantle
96 Poorer reading skills following changed computer habits of children
97 H1N1 study shows closing schools, other measures effective
98 Public universities place greater focus on internal research services than public [sic: private] ones do
99 Introduce specialized teaching for dyscalculia in schools, urge experts
100 Current Test-Based Incentive Programs Have Not Consistently Raised
101 New research shows a visit to a zoo boosts science and environment knowledge
102 Inside the infant mind
103 Why caffeine can reduce fertility in women
104 UMD-led researchers assess pivotal cultural differences among countries and why these exist
105 Inability to cry in patients with Sjogrens syndrome affect emotional and mental well-being
106 Music therapy relieves fibromyalgia symptoms and improves patients' quality of life
107 Fish oil may have positive effects on mood, alcohol craving, new study shows
108 Cognitive decline incidence higher in Southern stroke belt
109 Researchers track the secret lives of feral and free-roaming house cats
110 Stress may increase risk for Alzheimer's disease
111 Study shows brain's response to sadness can predict relapses into depression
112 Aging, obsolete cells prime the lungs for pneumonia
113 How our focus can silence the noisy world around us
114 Low Vitamin D Levels Seen as Multiple Sclerosis Risk for African Americans, UCSF Study Finds
115 Human impacts of rising oceans will extend well beyond coasts
116 Expanded VLA flexing new scientific muscle
117 Nearby supernova factory ramps up
118 Feuding helium dwarfs exposed by eclipse
119 Kepler's Astounding Haul of Multiple-Planet Systems
120 How to Learn a Star's True Age
121 ESO's VLT finds a brilliant but solitary superstar
122 Mars formed rapidly into runt of planetary litter
123 Cosmic Explosion is New Candidate for Most Distant Object in the Universe
124 Discovery of a very massive, isolated star in a nearby galaxy
125 Massive explosion helps Warwick researcher spot universe's most distant object
126 Just Four Percent of Galaxies Have Neighbors Like the Milky Way
127 Mars: Red Planet's Rapid Formation Explains Its Small Size Relative to Earth
128 The Spitzer Photo Atlas of Galactic "Train Wrecks"
129 NASA's Hubble Finds Rare 'Blue Straggler' Stars in Milky Way's Hub