File Title
1 Where no lab has gone before: Single-Molecule Electrokinetic Traps
2 Quantum sensor tracked in human cells could aid drug discovery
3 'Sleep on it' is excellent, science-based advice, study finds
4 VLT finds a brilliant but solitary superstar
5 Mind over matter: You are what you think you eat
6 Unique nerve-stimulation treatment proves effective against drug-resistant epilepsy
7 Temperatures and wind conditions move traffic noise
8 Sony Ericsson's Canada site hacked: company
9 Google turning smartphones into wallets: source
10 Hips take walking in stride; ankles put best foot forward in run
11 Turtle embryos move to bask in the sun
12 Severity of cystic fibrosis may be determined by presence of newly-identified modifier genes
13 Kepler's astounding haul of multiple-planet systems
14 Population genetics reveals shared ancestries
15 The blackbox in your car
16 Universe's not-so-missing mass
17 Robot uses supersonic air jets to climb on walls and ceilings (w/ video)
18 Unusual earthquake gave Japan tsunami extra punch
19 Biochemists reveal new twist on old fuel source
20 Researchers show reduced ability of the aging brain to respond to experience
21 Simple method of dealing with harmful radioactive iodine discovered
22 Androgenetic species of clam utilizes rare gene capture
23 Bacteria use caffeine as food source
24 Google backs wind energy in California desert
25 NASA hangs up on silent Mars rover Spirit (Update)
26 New deep space vehicle to be based on Orion: NASA
27 The healing power of hydrogen peroxide
28 How to learn a star's true age
29 I-maginary Phone: iPhone as a hand phone? (w/ video)
30 Mathematically ranking ranking methods
31 Single molecule performs multiple logic operations simultaneously
32 Development of DNA trap paves way for personalized medicine
33 New nanoscale imaging may lead to new treatments for multiple sclerosis
34 Nanometer-scale layers between materials have both solid and liquid characteristics
35 Reusable templates for the production of nanowires
36 Experiments settle long-standing debate about mysterious array formations in nanofilms
37 Miracle material: Graphene
38 Seeing an atomic thickness
39 Carbon black nanoparticles can cause cell death
40 Nano-tuned solar cells
41 Sharpening the nanofocus: Researchers use nanoantenna to enhance plasmonic sensing
42 New results about the primordial universe from CERN experiments
43 World's first 1.3microns wavelength quantum dot laser capable of operating in high-temperature environments
44 Scientists demonstrate a high-efficiency ceramic laser
45 Rogue wave recreated in laboratory tank
46 New beamline at MAX II opens for research
47 New insights into DNA under the influence of strong forces
48 Physicists devise new way to analyze a bloody crime scene
49 Large Hadron Collider smashes another record
50 26 terabits per second: World record in ultra-rapid data transmission
51 Novel man-made material could facilitate wireless power
52 Researchers develop high-performance bulk thermoelectrics
53 Once thought a rival phase, antiferromagnetism coexists with superconductivity
54 New superconductive properties discovered in old sandwich material
55 Large Hadron Collider experiments present new results at Quark Matter 2011 conference
56 Most complete 3-D map of local universe unveiled
57 NASA's TRMM satellite saw heavy rainfall in supercell that spawned Joplin tornado
58 Experts quantify melting glaciers' effect on ocean currents
59 West coast radar network is world's largest
60 Spacewalking astronaut gets something in eye
61 Milky Way in mid-life crisis
62 NASA astronauts test new exercises on space walk
63 New tape: JFK fretted moon program was tough sell
64 Berlin airports to close because of volcano ash cloud
65 Central China drought worst in over 50 years: reports
66 Astronauts take 3rd spacewalk for laying cable
67 Want to make planets? Better hurry
68 First 'white space' devices about to debut
69 CACR: MacDefender shows Apple users no longer immune from cyberattacks
70 India's Infosys in US business visa probe
71 Internet rules at center of 'e-G8' forum in Paris
72 Indonesia's technology black market here to stay: analysts
73 California: Aggressive efficiency and electrification needed to cut emissions
74 Home-computer users at risk due to use of 'folk model' security
75 Long-delayed Duke Nukem videogame hits in June
76 Deal finally struck on stress tests for Europe's reactors
77 Microsoft unveils Windows Phone update 'Mango'
78 Cox to shut wireless network it started building
79 From the rustbelt: An iron-based flow battery
80 Recycling of Alzheimer's proteins could be key to new treatments
81 'Sweet wheat' for tastier and more healthful baking
82 Study finds common fire retardant harmful to aquatic life
83 Scientists uncover chemical transformations in cobalt nanoparticles
84 Chemical engineers invent portable hydrogen reactor for fuel cells
85 Led by advances in chemical synthesis, scientists find natural product shows pain-killing properties
86 Related to the famous Maya blue: Indigo compounds give Mayan art their yellow color
87 Cheaper, greener, alternative energy storage at Stevens
88 A better way to see molecular structures
89 Droplets for detecting tumoral DNA
90 Mechanism behind compound's effects on skin inflammation and cancer progression
91 Bat researchers discover new species on St. Vincent island
92 Study shows how external ecological communities can affect the coevolution of hosts and their parasites
93 Flowering plant found at record 4,505m in Swiss alps
94 Dual parasitic infections deadly to marine mammals
95 Rethinking extinction risk?
96 Sardines and horse mackerel identified using forensic techniques
97 The role of bacteria in weather events
98 Teaching algae to make fuel
99 Beyond the barn: Keeping dairy cows outside is good for the outdoors
100 New scanner takes images inside and out
101 BIOTRACER model tackles Salmonella
102 Early prenatal vitamins use may reduce autism risk
103 Immune system release valve
104 8 hours of resistance: Why do cancer cells easily give in to the temptation to divide?
105 New tool aims to improve measurement of primary care depression outcomes
106 UCSF studies examine antibiotic prescribing patterns for children
107 US study shows that tofacitinib is an efficacious treatment for active RA
108 Targeted adalimumab treatment can optimize long-term outcomes for patients with early RA
109 Children experience wrist and finger pain when using gaming devices and mobile phones over time
110 Scientists devise new way to analyze epidemics
111 Germany 'really worried' by E. coli outbreak
112 UN puts off destroying last smallpox viruses
113 MS bone loss may be caused by brain inflammation, not lack of weight-bearing activity alone
114 New research on Christian school graduates yields surprising results
115 Exposure to arts drives innovation, spurs economy, study finds
116 Canada isn't really interested in your sexual orientation
117 Female rappers tout their sexiness, keep silent about domestic skills
118 Tiny teeth are new mouse species, a rare 'living fossil'
119 Crime Victims' Institute studies adolescent sex and laws
120 Why women are still left doing most of the housework
121 Violence doesn't add to children's enjoyment of TV shows, movies: study
122 Has technology made life easier for working moms?
123 Study finds much different work histories for disability rejects, beneficiaries
124 To bluff, or not to bluff? That is the question
125 Advertising can warp your memory
126 Llama dung contributed to Inca success in the Andes
127 Poorer reading skills following changed computer habits of children