File Title
1 Dawn of agriculture took toll on health
2 Evidence of a natural origin for banned drug that plumps up livestock
3 Using Recycled Cardboard in Food Packaging Risks Contaminating Food with Mineral Oils
4 Study Reveals Important Aspects of Signalling Across Cell Membranes in Plants
5 How does identification with an organization enhance values?
6 What makes a plant a plant?
7 AgriLife research: Multi-paddock grazing is superior to continuous grazing
8 Pesticide Impact: Comparing Lab, Field-Scale Results
9 Fortifying corn masa flour with folic acid could prevent birth defects, March of Dimes says
10 Plants teach humans a thing or two about fighting diseases
11 Old, large, living trees must be left standing to protect nesting animals: UBC study
12 The sweet growth of plant cells
13 Scientists learn how horseweed shrugs off herbicide
14 Landsat 5 satellite sees Mississippi River floodwaters lingering
15 Where have all the flowers gone?
16 Landsat 5 satellite helps emergency managers fight largest fire in Arizona history
17 Ocean's harmful low-oxygen zones growing, are sensitive to small changes in climate
18 Madagascar marine resources plundered by international seafood markets
19 Not just another brick in the (plant cell) wall
20 Arctic snow harbors deadly assassin
21 New research on community gardening reveals the roots of emotional and physical health
22 Pollination services at risk following declines of Swedish bumblebees
23 Cooling system may build eggs' natural defenses against salmonella
24 Ancient hominid males stayed home while females roamed, says CU-Boulder study
25 Tut, tut: Microbial growth in pharaoh's tomb suggests burial was a rush job
26 Science explains ancient copper artifacts
27 Did climate change cause Greenland's ancient Viking community to collapse?
28 UC Research Uncovers Late Bronze Age Fortress
29 Cutting edge training developed the human brain 80,000 years ago
30 New insights on how solar minimums affect Earth
31 Researchers predict record Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' due to Mississippi River flooding
32 Asbestos linked to genetic mutation
33 Scientists Prove Existence of 'Magnetic Ropes' that Cause Solar Storms
34 Dating an ancient episode of severe global warming
35 Founded on science, world cooperation in Antarctica a model for meeting climate, other challenges
36 LSU researchers see an indication of a new type of neutrino oscillation at the T2K experiment
37 System 92E looking more like a developing east Pacific tropical storm
38 Climate change disasters could be predicted
39 Atmospheric carbon dioxide buildup unlikely to spark abrupt climate change
40 Penn researchers link fastest sea-level rise in 2 millennia to increasing temperatures
41 Salt marsh sediments help gauge climate-change-induced sea level rise
42 'My dishwasher is trying to kill me'
43 Fastest Sea-Level Rise in Two Millennia Linked to Increasing Global Temperatures
44 Acute Hepatitis A evades immune system more effectively than chronic cousin
45 Need a nap? Find yourself a hammock
46 'Smart materials' that make proteins form crystals to boost research into new drugs
47 Nanoparticles disguised as red blood cells will deliver cancer-fighting drugs
48 Unexpected function of dyslexia gene
49 Diagnosed autism is more common in an IT-rich region
50 Abnormal brain structure linked to chronic cocaine abuse
51 Learning From Mom Boosts Low-Income Kids' School Readiness
52 Students' Device Could Improve Collection of Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Blood
53 7 new species of mammals discovered on Luzon
54 Discovery of parathyroid glow promises to reduce endocrine surgery risk
55 Signaling pathway is 'executive software' of airway stem cells
56 Bacteria develop restraint for survival in a rock-paper-scissors community
57 Discoveries in Mitochondria Open New Field of Cancer Research
58 Researchers find process of cervical ripening differs between term and preterm birth
59 New evidence of the benefits of home dialysis for kidney patients
60 Greater R&D Funding Needed to Fight Diseases Affecting World's Poor
61 Blueberries Help Lab Rats Build Strong Bones
62 US National Fire Plan, return of Ozark lizard and the Arctic Tundra's fire regime
63 UF review of resveratrol studies confirms potential health boost
64 How dense is a cell?
65 Noninvasive brain implant could someday translate thoughts into movement
66 Don't stop anonymizing data
67 Children as young as 10 vomit to lose weight, with highest rates in boys
68 Secretary of the Navy Outlines Plan to Renew Focus in STEM Education at Conference
69 Why disparities in dental care persist for African-Americans even when they have insurance coverage
70 Poor 'gut sense' of numbers contributes to persistent math difficulties
71 World Health Organization releases latest Dengue Bulletin
72 Low fertility in Europe--is there still reason to worry?
73 Shock and recall: Negative emotion may enhance memory, study finds
74 News source may steer perceived solution to childhood obesity
75 Companies that combine exports, research outperform competitors
76 Poorly co-ordinated care doubled risk of drug and medical errors in seven countries
77 UC Research Provides Prescription for Healthier Hospital Supply Chains
78 Improving access to essential medicines through public-private partnerships
79 Downward Spiral: Amid Declining Home Prices and a Stagnant Market, Study Says Stopping Foreclosure Delay Will Bring Improvement
80 Informal daycare may harm kids' cognitive development, study finds
81 Husband's employment status threatens marriage, but wife's does not, study finds
82 Flexible schedule is key to keeping working moms on the job
83 In Europe and the U.S., Consumer Views on Cloned Products Breed Different Results
84 Restoring memory, repairing damaged brains
85 Discovery of a new mechanism of gene control that is associated with cancer
86 A better way to remember
87 N/A
88 Phobos slips past Jupiter
89 US Medicaid drug lists cost more, deliver less
90 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope completes first round of cryogenic mirror test
91 50-year search for calcium channel ends
92 New insights on an old material will enable design of better polymer batteries, water purification
93 Mimicking nature at the nanoscale: Selective transport across a biomimetic nanopore
94 Intranasal corticosteroid treatment appears beneficial for children with obstructive sleep apnea
95 Study compares 2 types of botulinum toxin for cosmetic use
96 Iowa State hybrid lab combines technologies to make biorenewable fuels and products
97 Self-assembling Electronic Nano-components
98 New compact microspectrometer design achieves high resolution and wide bandwidth
99 Probing the secrets of the ryegrasses
100 NIU scientists discover simple, green and cost-effective way to produce high yields of highly touted graphene
101 Self-cleaning anodes could facilitate cost-effective coal-powered fuel cells
102 Astronomers Discover That Galaxies Are Either Asleep or Awake
103 Quantum leap: Magnetic properties of a single proton directly observed for the first time
104 Can humans sense the Earth's magnetism?
105 Leaky Genes Put Evolution on the Fast Track, Pitt and UW-Madison Researchers Find
106 Size matters--in virulent fungal spores--and suggests ways to stop a killer
107 How sustainable are "biofuels"? A new web-based tool can tell
108 Scientist analyzes the nucleus of comet Hartley 2
109 Large-scale early education linked to higher living standards and crime prevention 25 years later
110 Brain imaging study of preschoolers with ADHD detects brain differences linked to symptoms
111 Sucking up to the boss may move you up and keep you healthy
112 Want better math teachers? Train them better, scholar argues
113 Engaging High School Students in Soil Science Inquiry
114 Bad sleep habits are associated with lower grades from high school through college
115 Sleep can boost classroom performance of college students
116 College students sleep longer but drink more and get lower grades when classes start later
117 Screening helps African-American students connect with school-based mental health services
118 Learning to count not as easy as 1, 2, 3
119 Forecast: Tough times ahead for daily deal sites
120 Does driving a Porsche make a man more desirable to women?
121 How many US deaths are caused by poverty, low levels of education and other social factors?
122 Father's Day, Mother's Day. How about Co-Parents Day?
123 Expertise provides buffer against bias in making judgments
124 Engineering new weapons in the fight against juvenile diabetes
125 Ordered fear plays a strong role in market chaos
126 Physicists hit on mathematical description of superfluid dynamics
127 New Parallelization Technique Boosts Our Ability To Model Biological Systems
128 Researchers improve method for finding genetic mistakes that fuel cancer
129 Physician-Rating Websites Are Biased in Picking Doctors, Exaggerating Consumer Opinions, Says Paper at INFORMS Healthcare Conference
130 New research system uses social media and other tools to gather, analyze expert opinions
131 Life expectancy in most US counties falls behind world's healthiest nations
132 Rutgers contributes to findings that black holes were surprisingly common in early universe
133 Wireless 'breadcrumbs' that won't become toast when baked...or soggy when hosed
134 In general, hospitals deliver appropriate surgical care to cancer patients with Medicare
135 Analysis of studies evaluates tonsillectomy techniques
136 Buzz kills
137 Researchers find CDT biomarker ineffective for identifying unhealthy alcohol use
138 Mystery ingredient in coffee boosts protection against Alzheimer's disease
139 LA BioMed study increases understanding of link between low birth weights and obesity later in life
140 Breakthrough in the search for new treatments for MS
141 Exercise associated with longer survival after brain cancer diagnosis
142 Marriage improves odds of surviving colon cancer
143 Government should consider public health implications of all major legislation
144 A wise man's treatment for arthritis--frankincense?
145 Lyme disease tick adapts to life on the (fragmented) prairie
146 UC Riverside neuroscientists' discovery could bring relief to epilepsy sufferers
147 New insights into the 'hidden' galaxies of the universe
148 Astronomers discover earliest black holes at dawn of universe
149 What Will Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Mean for Barrier Islands?
150 NASA Satellite Gallery Shows Chilean Volcano Plume Moving Around the World
151 X-ray telescope finds new voracious black holes in early universe
152 UMD-led EPOXI science team publishes latest comet findings in Science
153 Gamma-ray flash came from star being eaten by massive black hole
154 Black hole kills star and blasts 3.8 billion light year beam at Earth
155 Spectacular Hubble view of Centaurus A
156 Messenger orbital data confirm theories, reveal surprises
157 EPOXI finds Hartley 2 is a hyperactive comet
158 Firestorm of star birth in the active galaxy Centaurus A
159 Graphene may gain an 'on-off switch,' adding semiconductor to long list of material's achievements
160 In search of a safer, more profitable and more efficient railway system
161 Improving LED lighting
162 Genius of Einstein, Fourier key to new humanlike computer vision
163 Carnegie Mellon methods keep bugs out of software for self-driving cars
164 Acrobatics for anyons: New test for elusive fundamental particle proposed
165 Angry Online Commenters Can Cause Negative Perceptions of Corporations, MU Researchers Find
166 Majority of consumers oppose wine in supermarkets, study reveals
167 The Energy Debate: Coal vs. Nuclear
168 Banning federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research would derail related work
169 Social Scientists Study Impact of Human Adult Stem Cell Research
170 Curtailing embryonic stem cell research would also hurt iPS cell research, Stanford expert finds
171 Is Coming Out Always A Good Thing?
172 GPs missing early dementia--new study
173 Let your fingers do the talking: sexting and infidelity in cyberspace
174 Research reveals that 10% of middle-aged Europeans are on antidepressants
175 Natural Alzheimer's weapon suggests better treatment
176 Urinary incontinence doubles risk of postpartum depression
177 Anti-smoking policies for adults also reduce kids' smoking
178 Do kids prefer playmates of same ethnicity?
179 Smaller companies hit hardest during emerging market crises
180 What Do We Pay Attention To?
181 Scientists reveal a first in Ice Age art
182 Planning is Key to a Healthy and Happy Retirement, MU Expert Says