File Title
1 Nano-LEDs emit full visible spectrum of light
2 Packing the ions: Discovery boosts supercapacitor energy storage
3 Unpicking the grammar of genes
4 Not just another brick in the (plant cell) wall
5 Graphene may gain an 'on-off switch,' adding semiconductor to long list of material's achievements
6 Researchers find new clues about protein linked to Parkinson's disease
7 Signaling pathway is 'executive software' of airway stem cells
8 Ancient sewer excavation sheds light on the Roman diet
9 Team reports scalable fabrication of self-aligned graphene transistors, circuits
10 Breeding with Neanderthals appears to have helped early humans fight disease
11 New DNA analysis thousand times more sensitive
12 Ocean's harmful low-oxygen zones growing, are sensitive to small changes in climate
13 Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism
14 Microsoft Kinect makes moves on computers
15 Restoring memory, repairing damaged brains
16 Messenger orbital data confirm theories, reveal surprises
17 Unusual gamma-ray flash may have come from star being eaten by massive black hole
18 First ever single crystal metallic glass created under 25 gigapascals of pressure
19 Pentagon dreams of Star Trek interstellar travel
20 Exploring tessellations beyond Escher
21 World's first 3D plasmon ruler: Taking the 3-D measure of macromolecules
22 Scientists identify protein that improves DNA repair under stress
23 Canadian researchers devise method to directly measure the quantum wavefunction
24 Latest EPOXI findings on Comet Hartley 2 published
25 Does driving a Porsche make a man more desirable to women?
26 A green ring fit for a superhero
27 Countering contamination for Mars spacesuits
28 Noninvasive brain implant could someday translate thoughts into movement
29 Where have all the flowers gone?
30 How we come to know our bodies as our own
31 Research team develops method to produce large sheets of metamaterials
32 First self-powered device with wireless data transmission
33 Using living cells as an 'invisibility cloak'
34 Nanotechnology makes big inroads into construction industry
35 Carbon 'grapevine' may store hydrogen
36 Improving catalysis
37 Nanoparticles may help inhibit Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders
38 Nanotubes pose health risk, study shows
39 Glowing Cornell dots--a potential cancer diagnostic tool set for human trials
40 Nanoparticle therapeutics might help people suffering from hearing disorders
41 First X-ray lasing of SACLA
42 CNST offers insights into metallic ferromagnetism using spin polarized electron probes
43 Invisibility carpet cloak can hide objects from visible light
44 Neutrinos change flavors while crossing Japan
45 A step closer to solving one of the biggest mysteries in fundamental physics?
46 Turning the heat on organizing energy
47 ORNL neutrons, simulations reveal details of bioenergy barrier
48 How to discover a new element
49 Researchers record two-state dynamics in glassy silicon
50 Lighten up: Polaritons with tunable photon-exciton coherence
51 Making quantum cryptography truly secure
52 Understanding magnetic memory one layer at a time
53 Cont-Trak offers reliable container tracking via satellite
54 Radio waves help track Pacific currents 24/7
55 Penn State expert determined to find life on Earth-like planets
56 NASA reveals new batch of space program artifacts
57 Conflicting policies on flying under ash confuse
58 Scientists find out what fear looks like from space
59 How much do binary stars shape planetary nebulae?
60 Landsat 5 satellite sees Mississippi River floodwaters lingering
61 Review: 5 e-book readers for less than $175
62 Casio shows off bulbless 3D-capable projectors
63 McGill University, IBM develop Quebec's most powerful and energy-efficient supercomputer cluster
64 Apple starts selling unlocked iPhones in US
65 New MacBook Air to hit market this month: report
66 Comcast to sell Skype box for video calls
67 New Logitech HD webcam lets you shoot video for Mac, PC on the go
68 Transforming robotics with biologically inspired learning models
69 Japanese Ministry of Self-Defense shows off a flying sphere robot (w/ video)
70 Video recording spy glasses coming to a face near you
71 Eco-driving: Ready for prime time?
72 US Senate votes down ethanol subsidies
73 Japan's Fujitsu sees post-quake profit growth
74 Japan to fine or jail computer virus creators
75 US startup challenges Swiss Post on home turf
76 Gamers griping handheld controls
77 World Cup Twitter ban for All Blacks
78 New Harry Potter project spellbinds cyberspace
79 Toshiba's SCiB rechargeable battery selected for new electric vehicles
80 'Ultrawideband' could be future of medical monitoring
81 Renesas creates a near-field wireless communication with no battery use
82 2-D photos spring to 3-D life
83 Equipois Inc. sells lightweight robot arms to space human labor (w/ video)
84 Scientists develop algorithm to understand certain human diseases
85 Creating a material that mimics dolphin skin amongst new scheme's research collaborations
86 New evidence backs up claim of dinosaur soft tissue find
87 Do steaks make you big?
88 What makes a plant a plant?
89 Chemists developing materials to detect, repel E. coli
90 Evidence of a natural origin for banned drug that plumps up livestock
91 Spotlight on dynamic operation of enzymes
92 Baking powder for environmentally friendly hydrogen storage
93 How to choose a catalyst: Predicting which materials will perform best in fuel cells and metal air batteries
94 Scientists discover new component of key growth-regulating signaling pathway
95 Taming the molecule's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
96 Turning off cancer's growth signals
97 'Artificial leaf' moves closer to reality
98 Imaging cereals for increased crop yields
99 Madagascar marine resources plundered by international seafood markets
100 Cholesterol boosts antibiotic resistance in H. pylori
101 New gene named after famous Scottish vet
102 Size matters--in virulent fungal spores--and suggests ways to stop a killer
103 Scientists learn how horseweed shrugs off herbicide
104 Plants teach humans a thing or two about fighting diseases
105 A stem cell target for expanding waistlines?
106 Gatekeepers: Study discovers how microbes make it past tight spaces between cells
107 The sweet growth of plant cells
108 Elderly breast cancer patients less likely to get surgery
109 Medical debt occurs despite insurance, study shows
110 The way you relate to your partner can affect your long-term mental and physical health, study shows
111 New study highlights perils of snack-filled diet
112 Cancer 'freezing' technique lessens pain, cuts hospital stay
113 Cancer death rate gap widens based on education
114 Look before you leap: Teens still learning to plan ahead
115 Early experience found critical for language development
116 UK drops DNA tests for refugees and asylum seekers
117 Etanercept shows promise for treating dermatomyositis
118 International team works out secrets of one of world's most successful patient safety programs
119 Can aptitude tests really predict your performance?
120 After 55 years, surgery restores sight
121 Probing Question: Do we misunderstand French culture?
122 Home learning experiences boost low-income kids' school readiness
123 Poor 'gut sense' of numbers contributes to persistent math difficulties
124 Samuel Morton collection of skulls at center of controversy
125 Shared parenting legislation 'not in the interests of children'
126 Online local news does not replace traditional newsroom sources, study shows
127 Tough dogs not merely gang weapons
128 New study says university dropout rates tied to preparedness, not laziness
129 Poverty and deprivation common amongst 'invisible' group of children
130 Magical thinking helps dieters cope with unrealistic expectations
131 Drop in US crime reveals complex role of poverty
132 Online tools are increasing the speed at which scientists make discoveries