File Title
1 Understanding magnetic memory one layer at a time
2 How to choose a catalyst: Predicting which materials will perform best in fuel cells and metal air batteries
3 'Smart cars' that are actually, well, smart
4 Scientists discover new component of key growth-regulating signaling pathway
5 Carbon 'grapevine' may store hydrogen
6 Nanoparticles may help inhibit Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders
7 Sweet temptation: Brain signals amplify desire for sugary treats
8 Lower risk of SIDS linked to breastfeeding
9 Study shows genes may play a role in promiscuity
10 Nokia says Apple to pay royalties, ending patent disputes
11 Fermilab experiment fails to confirm new particle claim
12 Memory training video games can increase brain power
13 Researchers pinpoint role of key proteins in Crohn's Disease
14 New microscope unlocks the cell's mysteries at the molecular level
15 Nissan may delay electric Leaf production in US
16 First mother-daughter womb transplant planned
17 New study supports Darwin's hypothesis on competition between species
18 Under pressure, sodium and hydrogen could undergo a metamorphosis, emerging as a superconductor
19 Income disparity makes people unhappy
20 Hackers breach US Senate website (Update)
21 University of Brighton design students makes biking safer with BLAZE projection system
22 World's first Content Addressable Memory stores data without using power
23 Has new media desensitized consumers to graphic images?
24 Rumor: Unlocked iPhone 4 to come to USA
25 Dawn spacecraft captures video of asteroid approach (w/ video)
26 Researchers find new 'molecular motors' that bacteria use to transport proteins
27 Archeologists find what might be the smallest Mesozoic dinosaur
28 Researchers warn of 'fever from the forest'
29 Brain state affects memory recall
30 Brain scan identifies patterns of plaques and tangles in adults with Down syndrome
31 Nanotubes pose health risk, study shows
32 Glowing Cornell dots--a potential cancer diagnostic tool set for human trials
33 Nanoparticle therapeutics might help people suffering from hearing disorders
34 IBM creates first graphene based integrated circuit
35 A molecule that switches on and off
36 Two-dimensional graphene metamaterials, one-atom-thick optical devices envisioned
37 Citrate key in bone's nanostructure
38 Team calculates the role of buried layers in few-layer epitaxial graphene
39 'Catch and release' program could improve nanoparticle safety assessment
40 The heat is on for sodium-manganese oxide rechargeable batteries
41 New production process for NiO/Ni nanocomposite electrodes for supercapacitors
42 Researchers develop biological circuit components, new microscope technique for measuring them
43 Super-mini vehicles carry therapeutics and imaging agents into body with mega results
44 Lighten up: Polaritons with tunable photon-exciton coherence
45 The physics of animation
46 First telecommunications wavelength quantum dot laser on a silicon substrate
47 SACLA X-ray free electron laser sets new record
48 Single Green Fluorescent Protein-expressing cell is basis of living laser device
49 Einstein's theory applied to superconducting circuits
50 Ultrathin copper-oxide layers behave like quantum spin liquid
51 Periodic structures in organic light-emitters can efficiently enhance, replenish surface plasmon waves
52 Solving the mysteries of astrophysics: Ultracold neutrons
53 Physicists hit on mathematical description of superfluid dynamics
54 The pirouette effect in the chaos of turbulence
55 New imaging tech promising for diagnosing cardiovascular disease, diabetes
56 STEREO sees complete far side of the Sun
57 Meltzone 2011: CCNY expedition to track life and death of supraglacial lake
58 NASA sees Arabian Sea tropical depression 1A fading
59 Stunning imagery and movie released of a now gone Hurricane Adrian
60 How is the Arctic Ocean changing?
61 Upper stage engine ready for testing at NASA's Stennis Space Center
62 Chile volcano grounds more flights
63 Curb soot and smog to keep Earth cool, says UN
64 Creationism creeps into mainstream geology
65 Oh-My-God Particles
66 Ash clouds? You ain't seen nothing yet
67 A new, distant arm of the Milky Way galaxy
68 UN calls for eco-friendly farming to boost yields
69 Debt-hit Greece sees profit in air pollution: report
70 Google invests $280 million to spur home solar
71 New Internet domain suffixes seen as benefit
72 Turkey 'arrests 32' in raid on hacker group
73 Facebook helps itself by helping RockMelt browser
74 Five myths about diesel engines
75 HP shuffles top executives in shake-up
76 A pillow fight on auto-pilot
77 Miniaturized power modules for aircraft bodies
78 Facebook lost US users in May: website
79 US shops see videogame sales drop in May
80 Humor, satire at Webby Awards
81 Google 'applying for China mapping licence'
82 Turning off cancer's growth signals
83 'Artificial leaf' moves closer to reality
84 Chemistry never sounded this good
85 Molecular visual illusion: Aromatic ring system reminiscent of M.C. Escher's Penrose stairs
86 Microbe efficiencies could make better fuel cells
87 Membrane pockets that gain catalytic activity upon self-assembly shed light on biological enzymatic processes
88 An analyzer to measure the quantity and size of pollutants and aerosols in smoke emission
89 A new way to make lighter, stronger steel--in a flash
90 Efficiency record for flexible CdTe solar cell due to novel polyimide film
91 First wood-digesting enzyme found in bacteria could boost biofuel production
92 New driving force for chemical reactions discovered
93 Chemists devise better way to prepare workhorse molecules
94 Chemistry with sunlight: Combining electrochemistry and photovoltaics to clean up oxidation reactions
95 Taming the molecule's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
96 How to choose a catalyst: Predicting which materials will perform best in fuel cells and metal air batteries
97 Scientists discover new component of key growth-regulating signaling pathway
98 Scientists pitch in to help keep salad mixes safe to eat
99 E. coli bacteria more likely to develop resistance after exposure to low levels of antibiotics
100 Wet spring seriously delays planting and harvesting for Pa. farmers
101 Led by China, fish farms 'soaring'
102 Researchers find new 'molecular motors' that bacteria use to transport proteins
103 Chillingham cattle cowed by climate change
104 Slime mold prefers sleeping pills
105 Scientists find deadly amphibian disease in the last disease-free region of central America
106 Global research chief sees rice boom in Africa
107 Aurora A may contribute to kidney disease
108 Sniffing out a new source of stem cells
109 Plovers tracked across the Pacific
110 Fear boosts activation of young, immature brain cells
111 Researchers find potential therapeutic target for controlling obesity
112 Parkinson's patients sing in tune with creative arts therapy
113 Wired for sound: A small fish's brain illustrates how people and other vertebrates produce sounds
114 Healing times for dental implants could be cut
115 Molecular mechanism for some anti-arrhythmia drugs discovered
116 Copper folds protein into precursors of Parkinson's plaques
117 New cell type offers new hope
118 New research provides clues on why hair turns gray
119 Physician-rating websites are biased, study says
120 The surprising connection between two types of perception
121 Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets may reduce both tumor growth rates and cancer risk
122 FDA wants more sunscreen protections
123 Study of East African group suggests punishment could sustain large-scale cooperation among strangers
124 History shines through the glass
125 Cave researchers explore stream-filled cavern at entrance to Jerusalem
126 Early French had a taste for beer
127 After school matters
128 Use of social media on the rise
129 Study: Racial bias may influence child welfare decisions
130 Florida population soars in century's first decade, but rate is slowing
131 Teacher unions that have lost collective bargaining will flex political muscle with money
132 Researchers reveal how prehistoric Native Americans of Cahokia made copper artifacts (w/ video)
133 Interview: Dr. Ben Goertzel on Artificial General Intelligence, Transhumanism and Open Source (Part 2/2)
134 Ten-fold increase in Open Access publishing during the last decade
135 Has China's campaign against female feticide done more harm than good?
136 Has new media desensitized consumers to graphic images?
137 Archeologists find what might be the smallest Mesozoic dinosaur