File Title
1 Algal turf scrubbers clean water with sunlight
2 Predictive model offers accurate remote mapping of plant communities
3 Tapping into plants is the key to combat climate change, says scientist
4 Safety of nanoparticles in food crops is still unclear
5 Study Finds Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy May Be Safe for Soil Animals
6 Shame and honour increase cooperation: UBC study informs future strategy for tackling global challenges
7 New report highlights diversity and value of Alaska's coastal forests
8 Thomas Edison also invented the concrete house, says NJIT researcher
9 Study maps global 'hotspots' of climate-induced food insecurity
10 Farmer networks hold key to agricultural innovation in developing countries, Stanford study finds
11 Climate projections don't accurately reflect soil carbon release
12 Managing forests requires a bird's-eye view
13 Mass extinction victim survives! Snail long thought extinct, isn't
14 New strain of MRSA discovered
15 River Mystery Solved
16 Methane gas from cows--the proof is in the poo
17 Miscanthus adapts
18 Stanford climate scientists forecast permanently hotter summers
19 Higher density means world forests are capturing more carbon
20 Mummies tell history of a 'modern' plague
21 Population genetics reveals shared ancestries
22 Iowa State physicists explain the long, useful lifetime of carbon-14
23 New synchrotron technique could see hidden building blocks of life
24 Ancient hominid males stayed home while females roamed, says CU-Boulder study
25 New map reveals giant fjords beneath East Antarctic ice sheet
26 Researchers cut machinery fuel consumption by half
27 How to supply sustainable electricity to world's billions of 'energy poor' people
28 NASA watching 2 areas in the Caribbean, 1 is a rainmaker
29 Novel geothermal technology packs a one-two punch against climate change
30 Columbia Engineering team makes major step in improving forecasts of weather extremes
31 Carbon release to atmosphere 10 times faster than in the past
32 How important are climate models for revealing the causes of environmental change?
33 Genetics of melanoma chemoresistance
34 Stem cell treatment may offer option for broken bones that don't heal
35 Early light refines the brain's circuitry for vision
36 Scientists use super microscope to pinpoint body's immunity 'switch'
37 Athletic girls more likely to have impaired bone structure if menstrual cycle stops
38 Pregnant women can prevent excess weight gain with simple steps, study finds
39 Exposure to BPA has been underestimated, new MU research says
40 Immune cells link pregnancy and tumor spread
41 PET imaging determines malignancy in potential ovarian cancer cases
42 New strategy to attack tumour-feeding blood vessels
43 Research creates nanoparticles perfectly formed to tackle cancer
44 Molecular movements could lead to new way to treat cancer
45 Survival niche for cancer cells
46 VTT: No significant difference in car fuel consumption between E10 and E5 petrol grades
47 Blood clotting and bowel cancer risk
48 Scientists uncover role for cell scaffold in tumor formation
49 Research Examines How To Apply Conductive Nanocoatings To Textiles
50 Experts recommend screening for vitamin D deficiency in at-risk populations
51 Engineering New Weapons in the Fight Against Juvenile Diabetes
52 Increased levels of fatigue and perfectionism are found in patients with functional dysphonia
53 Radiology benefit managers adversely affect referring physicians, study suggests
54 New study looks at disconnect between medical and lay expertise
55 Survey shows young adults ready to change their behavior based on sustainable values
56 Study: Children of divorce lag behind peers in math and social skills
57 Education doesn't increase odds that minorities play 'high-status' sports
58 Single moms entering midlife may lead to public health crisis
59 Study reveals how right-to-work laws impact store openings
60 New sound synchronization technology holds the key to earlier diagnosis of heart disease
61 The blame game in work-family conflict
62 Pulling a fast one
63 Leakage of Private Information from Popular Websites is Common, New Study Finds
64 Recent financial crisis rooted in politics of creditworthiness, new study contends
65 University of Nevada, Reno economist refutes conventional wisdom about minimum-wage earners
66 Pioneering stem cell bandage receives approval for clinical trial
67 Indiana U. study points to health disparities in physical fitness
68 A study analyzes the role of universities and technology institutes in firm innovation
69 What, Me Worry? Young Adults get Self-esteem Boost from Debt
70 Support for Massachusetts landmark health reform law rises in 2011
71 Microstructure-induced biomechanical responses of dragonfly wing veins
72 Tsunami sensor detects mysterious background signal in Panama
73 Bacterial roundabouts determine cell shape
74 UB played major role in study on drug that reduces breast cancer in high-risk women
75 ALPHA stores antimatter atoms for over a quarter of an hour--and still counting
76 CERN group traps antihydrogen atoms for more than 16 minutes
77 Upping the anti
78 New solar system formation models indicate that Jupiter's foray robbed Mars of mass
79 Astrophysicists use X-ray fingerprints to study eating habits of giant black holes
80 Supplement found to improve quality of life for female cancer survivors
81 Singapore researchers invent broadband graphene polarizer
82 Hard or soft: at the touch of a button New nano material switches properties as required
83 Weizmann Institute Observatory Captures Images of a New Supernova
84 Insulin action in the brain can lead to obesity
85 Finding answers century-old questions about platinum's catalytic properties
86 Work by UH evolutionary biologist may one day help with chronic diseases
87 Exploring the deep biosphere
88 Building a better dam map
89 This is what the margins of the Ebro looked like 6 million years ago
90 Eating dirt can be good for the belly, researchers find
91 Helping the aged during natural disasters
92 Going with the flow: Caltech researchers find compaction bands in sandstone are permeable
93 Super-sticky 'ultra-bad' cholesterol revealed in people at high risk of heart disease
94 New research shows a visit to a zoo boosts science and environment knowledge
95 Wikipedia improves students' work
96 History shows that all-boy classrooms might actually benefit girls
97 FRAVE: Flexible virtual reality system
98 More than one-third of California teens do not participate in school physical education
99 Reducing revolving door hospital re-admissions
100 Revamped college science course improves student performance--in spite of cuts
101 People who have had head injuries report more violent behavior
102 Randomness rules in turbulent flows
103 A hot body could help ships reduce drag
104 Greater cancer detection is possible with 4-D PET image reconstruction
105 Hybrid PET and MRI imaging on the horizon
106 Irregular breathing can affect accuracy of 4-D PET/CT
107 Novel imaging agent targets breast tumor development
108 New molecular imaging agent targets cornerstone of cancerous tumors
109 Molecular imaging shows chronic marijuana smoking affects brain chemistry
110 Molecular imaging for Alzheimer's disease may be available in hospitals within 1 year
111 Molecular imaging finds link between obesity and low estrogen levels
112 Cancer-seeking 'smart bombs' target kidney cancer cells
113 High-impact radiopeptide therapy halts neuroendocrine cancer
114 Desserts with a low glycemic index may benefit weight-loss efforts for obese children
115 Many of those living with HIV face a new life-threatening challenge: cancer
116 Surgically shrinking the stomach when conservative weight-loss treatments fail
117 Yearly zoledronic acid at lower-than-standard doses increases bone density
118 The best way to conquer migraine is to increase government research funding, headache specialists say
119 The key factors in climate change and the risks to public policies
120 Higher return to prison for women without drug abuse programs
121 Support for local community programs key to climate change response in Arctic
122 Professor says ethicists working in hospitals need to have standards
123 Egg cartons not accurate in reporting animal welfare claims
124 New findings by UCR scientists hold big promise for fight against mosquito-borne diseases
125 Physicians call for new approach to address national 'epidemic of mass incarceration'
126 Quantum knowledge cools computers
127 Researchers map, measure brain's neural connections
128 College Students Respond Better to Positive Anti-Binge Drinking Messages
129 Medicare should employ new data sources, methods to ensure accuracy of geographic adjustments to payments
130 Patients with bowel disease eager to test 'fecal' therapy
131 Will Neuroscience Challenge the Legal Concept of Criminal Responsibility?
132 Reforms Needed for Compassionate Release of Prison Inmates
133 Study examines impact of Massachusetts health law on emergency department visits
134 ACSM: Weight loss success in a 3-D virtual world
135 Helping Latinos quit smoking: Miriam Hospital studies offers new insight
136 Letters from home may help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder in happily married soldiers
137 Not all hospitals treat elderly the same
138 Moral Responses Change as People Age
139 Could a birth control pill for men be on the horizon?
140 Following colorectal cancer surgery, longer delay before chemotherapy associated with worse survival
141 ACSM: Yoga helped older stroke victims improve balance, endurance
142 BPA lowers male fertility
143 Elderly may be more likely to die if they have subclinical hyperthyroidism
144 Hormone test predicts ovarian function after chemotherapy for breast cancer
145 Not just skin and bones: Wrinkles could predict women's bone fracture risk
146 Groundbreaking male infertility test could 'bring hope to millions'
147 Kinder, Gentler Video Games May Actually be Good for Players
148 CWRU Researcher studies ways to help teens overcome fears and stigmas of mental illness
149 The faithless side of suicide bombing
150 Attention and Awareness Aren't The Same
151 The Real Space Saver: NC State Students Look To Support Manned Mission To Mars
152 'Dead' galaxies aren't so dead after all, U-M researchers find
153 2 NASA satellites see Typhoon Songda weaken and move past Japan
154 A postcard from extragalactic space?
155 Microscopic worms could help open up travel into deep space
156 U of T scientist leads international team in quantum physics first
157 Industry Helps Engineering Students Reanimate Robotic Mine Vehicles
158 A promising new approach to autoimmune diseases
159 Caltech researchers build largest biochemical circuit out of small synthetic DNA molecules
160 New therapies hold promise as autism treatments
161 Phase Change Memory-Based 'Moneta' System Points to the Future of Computer Storage
162 Research reveals effectiveness of seizure treatments for children with autism
163 New strategy to combat cystitis
164 Paper and computer workarounds challenge but may improve health IT