File Title
1 Chinese team entangles eight photons, breaking record
2 A supernova that's super different
3 Rising temperatures threaten a food crisis
4 It doesn't add up
5 Study raises questions on what causes silicon solar cell degradation
6 Family of flower-like defects may help graphene structures respond to stress without ripping
7 People of color will be the new majority by 2042 (w/ Video)
8 From pre-gut cells to glory
9 How doctors and public health officials deal with dilemmas
10 Again, but faster! The spectacular courtship dance of a tiny bird (w/ Video)
11 Japan firm develops 'sun-chasing' solar panels
12 Hackers claim new Sony cyberattack
13 Google devoted to search and staying nimble: CEO
14 Zuckerberg: Contract for Facebook ownership 'fake'
15 China calls US culprit in global 'Internet war'
16 App for mobile phones helps diagnose concussions
17 Smoking fathers could lead to early menopausal daughters
18 Quantum physics first: Researchers observe single photons in two-slit interferometer experiment
19 Phase change memory-based 'moneta' system points to the future of computer storage
20 Largest biochemical circuit built out of small synthetic DNA molecules
21 Long live the qubit!
22 New inorganic semiconductor layers hold promise for solar energy
23 Disruption of giant molecular clouds by massive star clusters
24 A robot that can juggle five balls (w/ video)
25 Better hearing with spaced-apart ears
26 Method for creating single-crystal arrays of graphene developed
27 Hunting for transits of Super-Earth GJ 581e
28 US replaces food pyramid with 'healthy plate'
29 'Feeling' sound: The sense of hearing and touch may have evolved together
30 Hard...soft...New nanomaterial switches properties
31 Researchers develop integrated nanomechanical sensor for atomic force microscopy
32 UIC engineer tests improved 'icephobic' coatings
33 From seawater to freshwater with a nanotechnology filter
34 Safety of nanoparticles in food crops is still unclear
35 Progress in the development of rechargeable batteries through nanotechnology
36 Stamping out low cost nanodevices
37 Boron nitride is a promising path to practical graphene devices
38 Nanopillars significantly boost the power conversion efficiency of thin-film solar cells
39 NIH grant ratchets up ASU research in molecular motors
40 Better viewing through fluorescent nanotubes when peering into innards of a mouse
41 Physicists calculate how to make atomic clocks super-accurate
42 The curious case of germanium-72: An unusual isotope changes phases as temperature rises
43 A hot body could help ships reduce drag
44 New research improves quality of free electron laser
45 D-Wave sells first commercial quantum computer
46 Quantum knowledge cools computers: New understanding of entropy
47 Randomness rules in turbulent flows
48 Fermilab CDF collaboration member adds credence to Higgs discovery rumors
49 Making complex fluids look simple
50 Lasers used to form 3-D crystals made of nanoparticles (w/ video)
51 Viewing the ultra-fast at SSRL: First pump-probe experiments under way
52 Tiny particles, big impact
53 New NASA salt mapper to spice up climate forecasts
54 Carbon projects first to reach verification status for well regarded CCB standards
55 River mystery solved
56 Study maps global 'hotspots' of climate-induced food insecurity
57 Spain: Germany weighing EU aid to Spanish farmers
58 LOFAR creates deeper images of universe than ever before
59 Climate projections don't accurately reflect soil carbon release
60 Microbes that immobilize
61 This is what the margins of the Ebro looked like 6 million years ago
62 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 makes official landing in U.S.
63 Which e-reader is best for me?
64 THQ expands uDraw gaming tablet to Xbox 360, PS3
65 AMD has shipped 5 million Fusion processors
66 Asus shows off concept model of the semi-hybrid mobile device Padfone
67 TDK mass-produces see-through type high-definition organic electroluminescent display
68 Review: Xperia Play not the phone gamers hoped for
69 iPad challenge looms large at Asia IT show
70 New solid state drives launched for tablets, ultra-thin notebooks
71 Nvidia shows off Kal-El--new quad-core processing chip
72 Intel taps into new computing at Taiwan show
73 Samsung begins mass producing 30nm-class, 32-gigabyte memory modules for green IT systems
74 Samsung to stick with Google for its tablets
75 10.69 seconds: Robot Ruby breaks Rubik's record (w/ video)
76 Apple has deals with record labels for cloud music service
77 Study: Web users worry about snooping businesses
78 Pandora hopes IPO will raise $123 million
79 Microstructure-induced biomechanical responses of dragonfly wing veins
80 Facebook wants contract, emails in ownership case
81 Groupon files for IPO, seeks to raise $750 million
82 Leakage of private information from popular websites is common, new study finds
83 Disney CEO defends use of 3-D in movies
84 Fluid game development keeps Zynga one step ahead
85 Chemists shed light on sun's role mixing up molecules
86 Scientists find way to block stress-related cell death
87 Biochemist David Deamer explores how life began in new book, 'First Life'
88 Bacterial protein caught in the act of secreting sticky appendages
89 Into the (mis)fold: a diagnostic tool for proteins
90 Microcantilevers are masters of measurement
91 UF develops method to make plastic from discarded plant material
92 New substance may allow successful transplantation of 'marginal' livers
93 A honey of a natural sunblock for UV-protective clothing: Honeysuckle extract
94 Gifts from the Gila monster
95 Researchers solve decades-old molecular mystery linked to blood clotting
96 Details of new type of electric car battery released
97 A sweet defense against lethal bacteria
98 New drugs target delay of Huntington's symptoms
99 Blueberry's effects on cholesterol examined in lab animal study
100 Chemotherapy resistance: A new lead?
101 Mountain gorilla twins born in Rwanda
102 Small change makes a big difference for ion channels
103 For stressed bees, the glass is half empty
104 Evolutionary biology experiment may one day help with chronic diseases
105 Non-independent mutations present new path to evolutionary success
106 Managing forests requires a bird's-eye view
107 Worms from hell identified far below the Earth's surface
108 Copper butterfly folds wings to avoid unwanted male advances
109 Mass extinction victim survives! Snail long thought extinct, isn't
110 Researchers decode date palm genome
111 Pomegranates could become new cash crop for Florida, researcher says
112 Portable ultrasound now available for horses
113 PCPs treat hepatitis C as effectively as specialists through new delivery model
114 Stress levels for couples examined in study
115 As cancer survivorship grows, so do questions of related health issues
116 Autism blurs distinctions between brain regions
117 A new form of DNA
118 Moral responses change as people age
119 Cancer, aging, and too few data are the perfect storm
120 30 years after first AIDS cases, hope for a cure
121 New strain of MRSA discovered
122 Caring for caregivers
123 Pressure to look more muscular may lead some men to consider steroids
124 Research needed to improve developing country food chains
125 UF researchers unearth only stone mission church in St. Augustine
126 Billionaires need a giving philosophy
127 Revamped college science course improves student performance--in spite of cuts
128 New DNA research suggests second migration influx of early farmers to Europe
129 Neag math duo decodes language barriers to math reasoning
130 Recent financial crisis rooted in politics of creditworthiness, new study contends
131 Speed of advertisement disclaimer may have effect on consumers' intent to purchase product
132 Study reveals how right-to-work laws impact store openings
133 New leuciscin fish found in northern China
134 The blame game in work-family conflict
135 Study: Children of divorce lag behind peers in math and social skills
136 Single moms entering midlife may lead to public health crisis
137 Education doesn't increase odds that minorities play 'high-status' sports
138 Angels and demons
139 New Eosauropterygian found in Eastern Yunnan, China
140 Study: Ancient hominid males stayed home while females roamed
141 Thomas Edison also invented the concrete house, researcher says