File Title
1 Education: Rethinking PhDs
2 Education: The PhD factory
3 Oil spills underreported in Gulf of Mexico
4 Puzzle persists for 'degradeable' plastics
5 Reactors, residents and risk
6 China hopes research centre can quell food-safety fears
7 Telescope will track space junk
8 Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension
9 More than mere pond scum
10 Electron ping pong in the nano-world
11 Radar shows promise for detecting concussions in athletes and soldiers
12 Britain unveils desalination plant for London reservoirs
13 Chemists fabricate 'impossible' material
14 Solar power goes viral: Modified virus improves solar-cell efficiency by one-third
15 Using supercomputers to understand the super stars of the cosmos
16 Inorganic molecules achieve self-recognition
17 Coffee does not increase the risk of hypertension: new study says
18 Nintendo announces new console but profit dives
19 Antihelium-4: Physicists nab new record for heaviest antimatter
20 Streptococci and E. coli continue to put newborns at risk for sepsis
21 AT&T starts selling 'cell tower in a suitcase'
22 NY case underscores Wi-Fi privacy dangers
23 Grotto galleries show early Somali life
24 A time for a change in the PhD system
25 Brain cell migration during normal development may offer insight on how cancer cells spread
26 Blocking crucial molecule could help treat multiple sclerosis
27 Molecular movements of neural transporters unveiled
28 RNA dynamics deconstructed: Technique offers detailed view of how RNA levels change
29 Combination therapy provides hope for cure of dangerous infections of cystic fibrosis patients
30 Antigravity could replace dark energy as cause of Universe's expansion
31 Primordial weirdness: Did the early universe have 1 dimension?
32 What makes Americans and Europeans happy?
33 SpaceX aims to put man on Mars in 10-20 years
34 New carbon allotrope could have a variety of applications
35 DNA nanoparticles to carry drugs and gene therapy
36 Playing pool with atoms
37 Rice-born detector finds heaviest antimatter
38 Scientists ask: Is the kilo losing weight?
39 Large Hadron Collider sets world record beam intensity
40 Titanium oxide doped with cobalt produces magnetic properties at room temperature
41 Dust, blowing in the wind
42 DARPA unveils new telescope to protect satellites from space debris
43 Aalien mining
44 Conservation of coastal dunes is threatened by poorly designed infrastructure
45 Early European astronomers determined Easter dates
46 Citizen scientists making incredible discoveries
47 Chilean scallop farms devastated by tsunami
48 Kelly: Giffords cleared to attend shuttle launch
49 Moving climate change regulation forward
50 Tragic romance eclipses 2nd-to-last shuttle flight
51 Primordial fear: why radiation is so scary
52 Gulf anniversary renews debate on Arctic drilling
53 Ariane rocket launches two telecoms satellites
54 Barnes & Noble adds apps to Nook e-reader
55 New Fujitsu Lifebooks: no optical drive but a projector instead
56 Review: G-Slate a powerful, but pricey iPad competitor
57 Second computer worm 'hits Iran'
58 S. Korea probes Apple about tracking feature
59 Purdue students build street-legal 2, 200 mpg solar powered car
60 Sony 'rebuilding' PlayStation Network after outage
61 Emirati telecom: BlackBerry limits next week
62 Thousands march against nuclear power in Japan
63 Your Phone, Yourself: When is tracking too much?
64 Amazon still trying to fix computer problems
65 Q-and-A: Smartphone location tracking
66 Microsoft bumps pay to keep 'top talent'
67 Diamond light illuminates process of silver decay in Catalonian altarpieces
68 Breakthrough in the search for the holy grail for data storage
69 Sir Richard's possible folly
70 Fungus study offers insights about biogeochemical cycling, bioremediation
71 Nepal's rhino numbers 'recovering' after war
72 Novel pathophysiologic mechanism responsible for autoimmunity identified
73 Protein levels could signal that a child will develop diabetes
74 Study: Some happy states have high suicide rates
75 FDA says Merck drug successfully fights hepatitis
76 Wild hogs: Researchers examine impact of feral pigs in eastern N.C.
77 US top court rejects quick health care law ruling
78 Alcoholism linked to Russian mortality crisis
79 Racial disparity remains in heart-transplant mortality rates
80 Fighting HIV in South Africa should focus on couples, study finds
81 Widespread use of medications among pregnant women reported
82 Psychologists warn that therapies based on positive emotions may not work for Asians
83 Risk of accelerated aging seen in PTSD patients with childhood trauma
84 World remembers Chernobyl, haunted by nuclear fears
85 Study finds keys to working with Latino church to fight domestic abuse
86 American basic economic security much different than 'poverty line': study
87 A study analyzes the actual role of R+D's in patents
88 Beetle bling: Researchers discover optical secrets of 'metallic' beetles
89 AT&T Starts Selling 'Cell Tower in a Suitcase'
90 Soft Drinks? Snacks? Strange State Symbols
91 Maine and Whoopie Pie? Pa. Says Stick With Lobster
92 Utah Lawmakers Propose M1911 as Official State Gun
93 State Pride, Via Soil, Milk, Popcorn, Pork
94 Largest World's Fair Featured Ice Cream Cones, Fax Machines
95 500-Year-Old Book Surfaces in Utah
96 Hundreds of Islands New to Science
97 Here's How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
98 Active Twitter Users Have Shorter Relationships
99 Amazon Says Library E-Books Coming to the Kindle
100 Cyber-Security System Mimics Human Immune Response
101 Should You Pay for Web Content?
102 Why Are Apple, Google Tracking Your Phone?
103 'Invisible Gorilla' Video Shows People's Multitasking Limits; Why Using Cellphone While Driving Dangerous
104 Multitasking Drives Workers to Distraction
105 T-Mobile Enables Voice Calls to Facebook Friends
106 Nintendo Says Successor to Wii Coming in 2012
107 Barnes & Noble Adds Apps to Nook E-Reader
108 Houston Hospital: Giffords Can Attend Launch
109 Iran Says Is Uncovers Second Cyber Attack
110 Nintendo's Annual Profit Down 66 Percent to $947M
111 Sathya Sai Baba: Hindu Guru Dead at 84
112 Digital Love: When Romance Goes High-Tech
113 Safer Sofas: New Law to Keep Chemicals off Your Couch