File Title
1 Subset of self-destructive immune cells may selectively drive diabetes
2 A new ending to an old 'tail'
3 Giant tortoises show rewilding can work
4 In time for spring, biologist illuminates how seedlings regulate growth
5 Researchers identify genes causing antimalarial drug resistance
6 Caltech: Learning to tolerate our microbial self
7 Evolution can cause a rapid reduction in genome size
8 Evolution caught in the act
9 Researchers Find Fat Turns Into Soap In Sewers, Contributes To Overflows
10 Native Lawn Performance Research
11 Salmonella utilize multiple modes of infection
12 Parasite strategy offers insight to help tackle sleeping sickness
13 Simple fungus reveals clue to immune system protection
14 Researchers create functioning synapse using carbon nanotubes
15 Are dietary supplements working against you?
16 Fossil sirenians give scientists new look at ancient climate
17 UGA compound offers new hope for treatment of painful adult shingles
18 Optical microscope without lenses produces high-resolution 3-D images on a chip
19 New approach to defeating flu shows promise
20 Scotland's first marine reserve already producing benefits
21 TGen findings contribute to understanding of diabetic kidney disease
22 Signaling pathway reveals mechanism for B cell differentiation in immune response
23 Penn Research Using Frog Embryos Leads to New Understanding of Cardiac Development
24 Seafloor recovery from fishing gear impacts in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary slow, unstable
25 Effect of cloud-scattered sunlight on earth's energy balance depends on wavelength of light
26 Limit to nanotechnology mass-production?
27 A disturbed galactic duo
28 A scratched coating heals itself
29 Neuroscientists discover new 'chemical pathway' in the brain for stress
30 Material that if scratched, you can quickly and easily fix yourself, with light not heat
31 Antimalarial trees in East Africa threatened with extinction
32 Singapore's first locally made satellite launched into space
33 Rotten meat doesn't stand a chance
34 Starting a New Metabolic Path: JBEI and Berkeley Lab Researchers Develop Technique to Help Metabolic Engineering
35 Say hello to cheaper hydrogen fuel cells
36 Bacteria interrupted: Disabling coordinated behavior and virulence gene expression
37 Columbia engineering study links ozone hole to climate change all the way to the equator
38 A Bright Spot for Solar: Berkeley Lab Study Finds that Photovoltaic Systems Boost the Sales Price of California Homes
39 MIT: Development in fog harvesting process
40 Early warning system for Alzheimer's disease
41 Data miners dig for corrosion resistance
42 Scientists engineer nanoscale vaults to encapsulate 'nanodisks' for drug delivery
43 SDSC to Venture Capitalists: Data-Intensive Supercomputing is Here
44 Kidney disease coupled with heart disease common problem in elderly
45 Prenatal exposure to certain pesticides may negatively impact cognitive development in children
46 Antidepressants may not improve all symptoms of depression, UT Southwestern researchers find
47 EPO doping helps combat cerebral malaria
48 What do you know about that fracture?
49 Standing Up for Athletes at Risk
50 Happiest places have highest suicide rates says new research
51 Meditation may help the brain 'turn down the volume' on distractions
52 Phase 3 trial finds no benefit from atrasentan added to chemo for advanced prostate cancer
53 Acupuncture relieves hot flashes from prostate cancer treatment
54 Severe obesity not seen to increase risk of depression in teens
55 Study in roundworm chromosomes may offer new clues to tumor genome development
56 IADR/AADR Journal of Dental Research releases studies on oral health inequalities in older people
57 Lightning-fast materials testing using ultrasound
58 Strong protection for weak passwords
59 Functional MRI shows how mindfulness meditation changes decision-making process
60 GOES-13 sees an extraordinarily early Atlantic low in the tropics
61 Building From the Ground Up, Researchers Construct RNA Nanoparticles to Safely Deliver Long-Lasting Therapy to Cells
62 Worm studies shed light on human cancers
63 Discovery Identifies Elaborate G-protein Network in Plants
64 Carnegie Mellon researchers build time machine to visually explore space and time
65 Newly merged black hole eagerly shreds stars
66 US House budget plans would jeopardize scientific research facilities
67 Space jets in a bottle
68 Physicists discover new way to visualize warped space and time
69 First galaxies were born much earlier than expected
70 Report provides NASA with direction for next 10 years of space research
71 Celestial fireworks from dying stars
72 Herschel links star formation to sonic booms
73 LOFAR takes the pulse of the radio sky
74 New Data from XENON100 Narrows the Possible Range for Dark Matter
75 Search for dark matters moves one step closer to detecting elusive particle
76 The Watched Pot and Fast CMEs
77 Zoom-up star photos poke holes in century-old astronomical theory
78 Clouds, Clouds, Burning Bright
79 WHRC debuts detailed maps of forest canopy height and carbon stock for the conterminous US
80 Beams of electrons link Saturn with its moon Enceladus
81 A galactic rose highlights Hubble's 21st anniversary
82 Primordial weirdness: Did the early universe have 1 dimension?
83 Parents' 'um's' and 'uh's' Help Toddlers Learn New Words, Cognitive Scientists Find
84 UCSF team describes neurological basis for embarrassment
85 Women more likely to self-medicate
86 Training future doctors to enlist patients as partners in care
87 Crash rates may be higher for teen drivers who start school earlier
88 How Beliefs Shape Effort and Learning
89 Researchers inject nanofiber spheres carrying cells into wounds to grow tissue
90 A user's guide to the encyclopedia of DNA elements
91 How children learn to say 'no'
92 Learning in the classroom how to watch TV
93 NJIT professor develops a biologically inspired catalyst, an active yet inert material
94 How American consumers view debt: a case study
95 Limitations of question about race can create inaccurate picture of health-care disparities
96 Researchers combine active proteins with material derived from fruit fly
97 New data shows half of all children with autism wander and bolt from safe places
98 Presenting cancer treatment options in small doses yields smarter choices
99 Prenatal exposure to common insecticide linked to decreases in cognitive functioning at age 7
100 Over range of ADHD behavior, genes major force on reading achievement, environment on math
101 UNH Carsey Institute: Americans believe climate change is occurring, but disagree on why
102 VIMS study shows propeller turbulence may affect marine food webs
103 New research suggests right-handedness prevailed 500,000 years ago
104 Landmark study reveals breed-specific causes of death in dogs
105 Hundreds of barrier islands newly identified in global survey
106 LED efficiency puzzle solved by UC Santa Barbara theorists
107 Melting ice on Arctic islands a major player in sea level rise
108 New battery produces electricity where freshwater meets saltwater
109 Using the energy in oil shale without releasing carbon dioxide in a greenhouse world
110 Laser sparks revolution in internal combustion engines
111 Evolution of human 'super-brain' tied to development of bipedalism, tool-making
112 Ring around the hurricanes: Satellites can predict storm intensity
113 Purdue-led team studies Earth's recovery from prehistoric global warming
114 Mercyhurst's Adovasio continues research of basketry from Peru's Huaca Prieta
115 Paleo-Indians settled North America earlier than thought, study suggests
116 Artifacts in Texas predate Clovis culture by 2,500 years, new study shows
117 Texas A&M-led study shows earliest American residents came at least 15,500 years ago
118 Baylor, Texas A&M researchers find earliest people to inhabit the Americas
119 Research explores why ancient civilization was 'livin' on the edge'
120 UC pioneers research on environmental practices of ancient Maya
121 West Runton Elephant helps unlock the past
122 Archaeologists explore Iraqi marshes for origins of urbanization
123 Archaeologists investigate Iraqi marshes for origins of Mesopotamian cities
124 First broad-scale maps of life on the sea-shelf
125 Facial structure of men and women has become more similar over time
126 Did dinosaurs have lice? Researchers say it's possible
127 'Paperless' research to be highlighted at international conference
128 Sand drift explained
129 Scientists make bamboo tools to test theory explaining East Asia's Stone Age tool scarcity
130 Scientists discover a new species of dinosaur, bridging a gap in the dinosaur family tree
131 Birds inherited sense of smell from dinosaurs...and improved it
132 Carbon dating identifies South America's oldest textiles
133 3-D map of Guatemala's "Head of Stone" confirms ancient buildings