File Title
1 Astronauts board Endeavour for next-to-last shuttle flight
2 Heaven is a 'fairy story': Hawking
3 India designing reusable spacecraft
4 AFIT education paves way to space
5 Herschel Lives Up to the Family Name
6 Caught in the act by Herschel
7 Next Generation Space Telescope Marks Key Milestone
8 US astronomers launch search for alien life on 86 planets
9 Detecting Wandering Worlds That Host Life
10 Opportunity Cracks The 18-Mile Mark
11 Mars Rover's 'Gagarin' Moment Applauded Exploration
12 Another Ariane 5 begins its assembly at the Spaceport
13 Arianespace to launch ABS-2 in 2013
14 Galaxy NGC 4214--A Star-Formation Laboratory
15 NASA's Fermi Spots 'Superflares' in the Crab Nebula
16 Raging storms sweep away galactic gas
17 DAICHI (ALOS) Operations Completed
18 Mayflower Test Satellite Proves Successful During Recent SpaceX Mission
19 Broadband Lidar Instrument Successfully Tested on NASA's DC-8
20 Northrop Grumman Scalable SIRU Guides MESSENGER Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury
21 Galileo Data Reveal Magma Ocean Under Jupiter Moon
22 NASA's Galileo reveals magma 'ocean' beneath surface of Jupiter's moon
23 NASA Administrator Visits Jupiter-Bound Spacecraft
24 NASA's Jupiter-Bound Spacecraft Arrives in Florida
25 A Wrinkly Old Reveal Clues To Its Past
26 J-2X Test Series Proves Part Integrity
27 MoonBots Challenges Teams to Conduct Lunar Missions with LEGO Robots
28 Earth's Nearest Neighbor Within Reach
29 Space Adventures proposes modified Soyuz TMA for Lunar tourists
30 India Eyeing Collaboration With JPL In 2016 NASA Lunar Mission
31 India Lines Up Three PSLV Launches This Year
32 UMaine Students Test Wireless Sensors on Rocket
33 Next-generation US space racers outline plans
34 Russia To Develop New Space Rocket By 2015
35 Weak Russian component downed Indian rocket Says Ex-ISRO chief
36 Russia Urges Japan To Stop Radioactive Dumping Into Pacific
37 Inexpensive New Instruments Test Building Sealants Under Real-World Conditions
38 Can Plants Generate Magnetic Fields
39 Search For Advanced Materials Aided By Discovery Of Hidden Symmetries In Nature
40 Defective Plastics Repair Themselves
41 Blackbody energy set the stage for clocks with unprecedented accuracy
42 Israel plans big boost for spy satellites
43 Northrop Grumman Unveils Newest Intel Gathering Aircraft System
44 US, Germany developing secret spy satellites: cables
45 France getting EADS spy satellites
46 US launches giant eavesdropping satellite
47 ULA And US Air Force Launch NRO Satellite
48 Western Australia To Host US Defense Space Base
49 Russia must join Europe missile defence: Kremlin
50 United States unfolding missile defense in Europe de facto says Rogozin
51 ESA's water mission keeps tabs on dry spring soils
52 Mississippi Flooding Captured by NASA Satellites
53 India's new satellite beams high quality images
54 Moscow court upholds ban against satellite image distributor
55 Pivotal Shift Underway in Satellite Observations of Earth
56 Esri and DOI Introduce Landsat Data for the World
57 NASA Goddard Managed Comet Hopper Mission Selected for Further Study
58 Frozen Comet Had A Watery Past
59 Forensic Sleuthing Ties Ring Ripples To Impacts
60 Stardust Fires Up Main Engine For Final Burn
61 ESA Remembers The Night Of The Comet
62 Spectacular Flyby Of Comet Tempel 1 Tests Lockheed Built Spacecraft
63 Stardust Set To Meet Its NExT Comet
64 Two-Timing Spacecraft Has Date With Another Comet
65 Carbon, Carbon, Everywhere But Not From the Big Bang
66 Did the Early Universe Have One Dimension
67 Far-Future Astronomers Could Still Deduce The Big Bang
68 First Stars In Universe Were Not Alone
69 Distant galaxy born in the dawn of time
70 The Big Bang
71 Planck Team Releases Extensive Compact Source Catalogue
72 Toronto Astronomers Share In Planck's Treasure Trove Of Science
73 Planck Mission Peels Back Layers Of The Universe
74 Planck space probe serves up cosmic feast
75 Fahrenheit -459: Neutron Stars And String Theory In A Lab
76 ASU Astronomer Opens New Window Into Early Universe
77 UK Scientists Celebrate Mini Big Bangs As Lead Ion Collides
78 Astronomers Find Evidence Of Cosmic Climate Change
79 NASA's WMAP Project Completes Satellite Operations
80 Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered Across The Universe
81 Universe Chaotic From Very Beginning
82 Planck Takes It All In
83 Planck All-Sky Image Depicts Galactic Mist Over The Cosmic Background
84 Planck all-sky image depicts galactic mist over the cosmic background
85 From 2-Trillion-Degree Heat, Researchers Create New Matter
86 Andrews Space Delivers Cargo Module Power Unit for Orbital's Cygnus Spacecraft
87 CryoSat Greenland camp receives royal guest
88 ESA expands its Earth-exploring service
89 Space sensor helps produce 'greener' glass
90 ESA May Use Russian Technology In Nuke-Spaceship Project
91 A New Space Policy For Europe
92 NASA's Dawn Captures First Image of Nearing Asteroid
93 Dawn--first visual contact with Vesta
94 Engineering Tests Leading The Way For NASA's Next Neemo Mission
95 The Sabatier System: Producing Water on the ISS
96 'Dwarf planet' is covered in crystal ice
97 Carbon monoxide detected around Pluto
98 Later, Uranus: New Horizons Passes Another Planetary Milestone
99 Alzheimer's Risk Gene Disrupts Brain's Wiring 50 Years Before Disease Hits
100 'Master Switch' Gene for Obesity and Diabetes Discovered
101 Evolutionary Adaptations Can Be Reversed, but Rarely
102 Toward Faster Transistors: Physicists Discover Physical Phenomenon That Could Boost Computers' Clock Speed
103 Moon's Rough 'Wrinkles' Reveal Clues to Its Past
104 Research Breakthrough on Male Infertility: Small Set of Genes in Cells' Mitochondria Are Key
105 Sense of Smell: Single Giant Interneuron in Locusts Controls Activity in 50,000 Neurons, Enabling Sparse Codes for Odours
106 New Calculations on Blackbody Energy Set the Stage for Clocks With Unprecedented Accuracy
107 Artificial Grammar Reveals Inborn Language Sense, Study Shows
108 Weak Evidence for Word-Order Universals: Language Not as 'Innate' as Thought?
109 Intelligent Computational Model Of The Descriptive Grammar Of The Spanish Language
110 Language Structure Is Partly Determined by Social Structure
111 Preschoolers' Language Development Is Partly Tied To Their Classmates' Language Skills
112 N/A
113 Bilinguals Find It Easier to Learn a Third Language
114 Bilinguals Are Unable To 'Turn Off' A Language Completely, Study Shows
115 On Prehistoric Supercontinent of Pangaea, Latitude and Rain Dictated Where Species Lived
116 Most at-Risk Patients Don't Adhere to Statin Treatment, Despite Real Benefits
117 Therapies Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Could Encounter Immune Rejection Problems
118 Protein Responsible for the Detection of Extreme Heat and Pain Discovered
119 Vulnerability to Nicotine Addiction Appears to Have a Genetic Basis, Study Suggests
120 Digestive Problems Early in Life May Increase Risk for Depression, Study Suggests
121 Strong, Tough and Now Cheap: New Way to Process Metallic Glass Developed
122 Mixing Fluids Efficiently in Confined Spaces: Let the Fingers Do the Working
123 Diagnosing 'Seizures' in the US Economy
124 Super Energy Storage: Activated Graphene Makes Superior Supercapacitors for Energy Storage
125 New Method for Engineering Human Tissue Regeneration
126 Pigs Susceptible to Virulent Ebolavirus Can Transmit the Virus to Other Animals
127 How a Flatworm Regenerates Missing Tissues: Pluripotent Adult Stem Cells Power Planarian Regeneration
128 Ancient Gene Gives Planarians a Heads-Up in Regeneration
129 Reforesting Rural Lands in China Pays Big Dividends, Researchers Say
130 Action Needed to Manage Climate Change Risks: U.S. Response Should Be Durable, but Flexible, Experts Urge
131 New Understanding of Brain Chemistry Could Prevent Brain Damage After Injury
132 The Atom and Its Quantum Mirror Image: Physicists Experimentally Produces Quantum-Superpositions, Simply Using a Mirror
133 New Clues to Understanding Insulin Sensitivity
134 Scientists Looking to Burst the Superconductivity Bubble
135 Practice, Not Loss of Sight, Improves Sense of Touch in the Blind
136 Gene Expression Changes in Nasal Cells May Help Identify Lung Cancer in Earliest Stages
137 Study Reveals Origins of a Cancer Affecting the Blood and Bone Marrow
138 New Class of Compounds Discovered With Great Potential for Research and Drug Development
139 Synthetic Mesh Can Improve Outcome of Prolapse Surgery
140 Palliative Care Patients Benefit from Unique Music Therapy Project
141 For Hearing Parts of Brain, Deafness Reorganizes Sensory Inputs, Not Behavioral Function
142 Hormone Precursor Inhibits Brain Inflammation: Molecule Moderates Condition Linked to Neurodegenerative Diseases
143 Increase in Internet Access Parallels Growth in Prescription Drug Abuse
144 Two Defective Proteins Conspire to Impair Nerve Cell's 'Powerhouse' in Alzheimer's Disease
145 Disruption of Nerve Cell Supply Chain May Contribute to Parkinson's
146 Getting Along With Co-Workers May Prolong Life: But Support from the Boss Has No Effect on Mortality
147 Potential for Solution to Baldness? Surprising Clues About Communication in Hair Stem Cell Populations
148 Electronic Cigarettes Hold Promise as Aid to Quitting, Study Finds
149 Teens Use Peers as Gauge in Search for Autonomy, and Consistently Assume Others Have More Freedoms Than They Do
150 Dwarf Planet Haumea Shines With Crystalline Ice
151 Galaxy NGC 4214: A Star Formation Laboratory
152 NASA's Galileo Reveals Magma 'Ocean' Beneath Surface of Jupiter's Moon
153 New Properties of Supercooled Confined Water Discovered
154 Lasers Take the Lead in Auto Manufacturing
155 Sound Safety: Novel Device With Rock 'N' Roll Roots May Protect Listeners from Potential Dangers of Personal Listening Devices and Hearing Aids
156 Assessing the Risks of Wireless and Mobile Phone Radiation More Accurately
157 Nuclear Desalination: Fresh Water from Waste Heat of Power Plants
158 Controling Robotic Arms Is Child's Play
159 Crowdsourcing Science: Researcher Uses Facebook to Identify Thousands of Fish
160 Dusting for Fingerprints--It Ain't CSI
161 New Algorithm Offers Ability to Influence Systems Such as Living Cells or Social Networks
162 Scientists Design New Anti-Flu Virus Proteins Using Computational Methods