File Title
1 Intel to Make Three-Dimensional Transistors
2 An App to Stop Tracking
3 Unthinking Machines
4 Facebook Could Be Planning a Visual Dashboard of Your Life
5 Khosla Biofuel IPO Draws Doubters
6 How Three-Dimensional Transistors Went from Lab to Fab
7 Street View Steps Inside
8 A Smoother Street
9 Ultrasharp 3-D Maps
10 Social Surveillance Yields Smarter Directions
11 Automatic Music Data for the People
12 A Touch Screen that Plays Sticky
13 Another Dimension to Touch Screens
14 A Touch Screen with Texture
15 Touch Screens with Pop-up Buttons
16 Touch Screens that Touch Back
17 Redesigning the Web for Touch Screens
18 Ford Demos a Car that Learns
19 Workplace Robots Need a Better
20 Canada's Oil Sands on the Verge of a Boom, Again
21 Europe's Renewables Unfazed by Recession
22 Western U.S. Grid Can Handle More Renewables
23 Offshore Wind: Expensive but Politically Popular
24 A Wind Farm in Deep Water off the U.S. Coast
25 China's Potent Wind Potential
26 Chinese Wind Power Heads Offshore
27 Where Solar Power Meets the Oil Field
28 U.S. Government Backs Concentrated Photovoltaics
29 Cheaper Solar Concentrators
30 Micro Solar Cells Handle More Intense Sunlight
31 Cheaper Solar Thermal Power
32 Nanopillar Solar Cells
33 Apple and Google Defend Their Handling of Data
34 Hold that Call, and Focus on the Road
35 A Safe Cell Phone for Drivers
36 In Tomorrow's Car, Who's Driving?
37 Two Devices Treat Alzheimer's
38 A New Approach to Treating Alzheimer's
39 Transforming the Psychiatrist's Office
40 A Gentler Way to Jump-Start the Brain
41 Road Repair via Crowdsourcing
42 Google to Debut Chromebooks Next Month
43 The Story Behind Search
44 Simpler Genome Sequencing
45 A Business Analytics Engine that Began with the Military
46 Google Wants to Control Your Home
47 The Human Body, Searchable in 3-D
48 Mapping the Brain on a Massive Scale
49 Brain Images Reveal the Secret to Higher IQ
50 Mapping How the Brain Matures
51 Six Reasons Why Chromebooks Are a Bad Idea
52 The Desktop Is Turning Mobile
53 GE and EADS to Print Parts for Airplanes
54 Sony Playstation Network begins restoration of their online network (w/video)
55 Extreme makeover: are humans reshaping Earth?
56 D-Wave researchers demonstrate progress in quantum computing
57 Why nuclear power will never supply the world's energy needs
58 New theory suggests some black holes might predate the Big Bang
59 Quantum dots with built-in charge boost solar cell efficiency by 50%
60 Cheap, abundant cathode material found for producing hydrogen fuel (w/ video)
61 Mini black holes that look like atoms could pass through Earth daily
62 Scientists surprised by solar wind data retrieved from Genesis mission
63 US astronomers launch search for alien life on 86 planets
64 Electric cars take off in Norway
65 Fundamental question on how life started solved?
66 Strong, tough and now cheap: New way to process metallic glass developed (w/ video)
67 Google looking to make driverless cars legal in Nevada
68 Report: Direct removal of carbon dioxide from air likely not viable
69 When the speed of light depends on its direction
70 Black holes from the dawn of the universe
71 Flipping hot Jupiters: Why some planets orbit the wrong way
72 Downloading case to have 23,000 defendants
73 Water waves exhibit negative gravity near a periodic array of buoys
74 Foldable display shows no crease after 100,000 folding cycles
75 Fermi telescope spots 'superflares' in the Crab Nebula (w/ video)
76 Ground-effect 'plane-train' flies inches above the ground (w/ video)
77 New type of insect repellant may be thousands of times stronger than DEET
78 Neanderthals died out earlier than originally believed
79 Study shows overrepresented populations tend to receive disproportionate share of national funds
80 Study shows evolutionary adaptations can be reversed, but rarely
81 Galaxy NGC 4214: A star formation laboratory
82 Graphene optical modulators could lead to ultrafast communications
83 Progressive Automotive X-Prize runner-up car gets 207.5 MPGe
84 Single molecule electronics and 'chemical soldering'
85 Nanotechnological innovations can improve water purification
86 Activated graphene makes superior supercapacitors for energy storage
87 Nanosilver for therapy and diagnostics
88 Exposing ZnO nanorods to visible light removes microbes
89 New evidence for natural synthesis of silver nanoparticles
90 In Brief: Nanodots to the rescue
91 Pairing quantum dots with fullerenes for nanoscale photovoltaics
92 Harnessing the energy of the sun: New technique improves artificial photosynthesis
93 New carbon nanotube sensor can detect tiny traces of explosives
94 Hydrogen opens the road to graphene...and graphane
95 Electromechanics also operates at the nanoscale
96 In Brief: Medical applications of diamond particles and surfaces
97 Nano-FTIR-nanoscale infrared spectroscopy with a thermal source
98 Perspective on: The future of fusion
99 Toward faster transistors: New physical phenomenon could lead to increases in computers' clock speed
100 Red wine offers clue to superconductive future
101 Venom tears: Snake bites can turn out to be groovy
102 Mapping deformation in buried semiconductor structures using the hard X-Ray nanoprobe
103 Applying particle physics expertise to cancer therapy
104 Argonne researchers find new isotope for climatological dating
105 Shaking down frozen helium: In a 'supersolid' state, it has liquid-like characteristics
106 Mixing fluids efficiently in confined spaces: Let the fingers do the working
107 Second Z plutonium 'shot' safely tests materials for NNSA
108 India court orders 2-month ban on pesticide, study
109 Moon's rough 'wrinkles' reveal clues to its past
110 Satellite images display extreme Mississippi River flooding from space
111 NASA puts Earth's nearest neighbor, 'the Moon,' within reach
112 US storms have no bearing on hurricane season
113 Why space shuttle fleet is retiring, what's next
114 JPL facility has built famed spacecraft for 50 years
115 New tool to help response to threat of asteroid collision
116 BU researchers identify extensive methane leaks under streets of Boston
117 Old specimens, fresh answers: Research charts mercury rise in endangered albatrosses
118 Flooding Miss. River threatens catfish industry
119 Twitter feed lawsuit underscores power of a tweet
120 Square Enix customer data leaked after Sony problems
121 Alibaba head rejects Yahoo! protest over pay unit
122 Berlin to pay bln euro subsidy for electric cars
123 Northwest power surplus may halt wind energy
124 White House to unveil cybersecurity strategy
125 Website to serve as hub for teaching Web skills
126 Northern Ireland forms new govt 1 tweet at a time
127 Swiss solar-powered aircraft lands in Brussels
128 Massive tornado onslaught raises questions about building practices, code enforcement
129 Swiss solar aircraft makes first international flight (Update 2)
130 With bendable mouse, Microsoft adds artistic touch to stable of devices
131 Understanding what affects beauty through the pirouette of a dancer
132 Scientists design new anti-flu virus proteins using computational methods
133 CU method projected to meet DOE cost targets for solar thermal hydrogen fuel production
134 Engineer builds tissue models to study diseases
135 New organic catalyst should enhance drug research and development
136 'Liquid smoke' from rice shows potential health benefits
137 Toward a vaccine for methamphetamine abuse
138 Vitamins may hitch a protected ride on corn starch
139 Following your steak's history from pasture to plate
140 U.S. team creates diamond aerogel in lab by emulating Mother Nature
141 Nano-motor with a light switch: Light-triggered myosin allows real-time study of cells
142 Tiny talk on a barnacle's back: Scientists use new imaging technique to reveal complex microbial interactions
143 3D proteins--Getting the big picture
144 Researchers develop quick way to detect rotavirus
145 Chemistry researchers receive patent for new scientific measurement instrument
146 Greeks mobilise to protect endangered seeds
147 Canadian bears end long hibernation
148 Native groups sue over polar bear critical habitat
149 I know you, bad guy! Magpies recognize humans
150 Know your tomatoes
151 Study finds therapies using induced pluripotent stem cells could encounter immune rejection problems
152 Same fungus, different strains
153 Crowdsourcing science: Researcher uses Facebook to identify thousands of fish
154 When plants spin off new species
155 Eight new reef fish found off Indonesia's Bali
156 Salmon swim again in Czech Elbe river
157 Jellyfish 'fingerprints'
158 South African firm to market 'GEM' avocados
159 Biologists interpret the language of sperm whales
160 Cambodian scientist discovers new species of blind and legless lizard
161 Cancer scientists discover new way breast cancer cells adapt to environmental stress
162 Primary stroke centers more likely to be in states with certification programs
163 Educating heart patients, families cut one hospital's falls by 64 percent
164 Cell division abnormality contributes to inflammation in COPD
165 Pneumonia patients at risk for in-hospital cardiac arrest
166 CPAP decreases cardiovascular mortality in elderly patients
167 Gene expression changes in nasal cells may help identify lung cancer in earliest stages
168 Ebola virus case reported near Uganda's capital: officials
169 Researchers move closer to identifying new class of asthma, COPD drugs
170 CPAP improves daytime sleepiness even in patients with low levels of symptoms
171 China gives press more freedom--for food safety
172 Mayo Clinic finds surgeon caseload, practice setting affect treatment of small kidney tumors
173 US regulators approve new hepatitis C drug
174 Social Security, Medicare burning through funds
175 Rochester autism researchers present new findings at IMFAR
176 Persuasive speech: The way we, um, talk sways our listeners
177 Young British men view knife carrying as a 'legitimate response' to potential threats
178 Be specific: Perceived media bias can lead to political action
179 Canadians find mainstream news media more trustworthy than social networks: study
180 Rescuing ancient languages: Linguists labor to unravel endangered Mayan tongues
181 Livestock also suffer traffic accidents during transport
182 Risking one's neck for better grog: Mutinies reveal tipping points for collective unrest
183 Interactive teaching methods double learning in undergraduate physics class
184 U of T food engineers help set world record
185 Russian site may show late Neanderthal refuge
186 Diagnosing 'seizures' in the US economy
187 Study finds youth-mentor relationships particularly helpful for those experiencing hardship
188 Economist studies how higher gas price affect consumer behavior
189 Trust a large factor in the emotional process of family business succession
190 Unique dictionary nears completion