File Title
1 University of Tennessee scientist: Flowers' rapid growth rate can be traced back 65 million years
2 Latitude and rain dictated where species lived
3 Researchers get new view of how water and sulfur dioxide mix
4 Coffee reduces breast cancer risk
5 CO2 makes life difficult for algae
6 Student, 16, invents new drug cocktail to fight cystic fibrosis, wins Canadian biotech challenge
7 Foot and mouth disease may spread through shedding skin cells
8 UGA scientists discover missing links in the biology of cloud formation over the oceans
9 New project will collect vital knowledge about tree genetic resources to support conservation
10 Reforesting rural lands in China pays big dividends, Stanford researchers say
11 Silver cycle: New evidence for natural synthesis of silver nanoparticles
12 Pitt-led Team Unearths 2,300-Year Climate Record Suggesting Severe Tropical Droughts as Northern Temperatures Rise
13 New Strategy Aims to Reduce Agricultural Ammonia
14 Antarctic icebergs help the ocean take up carbon dioxide
15 Deepwater Horizon Spill Threatens More Species Than Legally Protected
16 Coping with climate change
17 Turning plants into power houses
18 Action needed to manage climate change risks--new report
19 Cats pass disease to wildlife, even in remote areas
20 CU method projected to meet DOE cost targets for solar thermal hydrogen fuel production
21 Tornadoes raise questions about building practices, code enforcement
22 BU researchers identify extensive methane leaks under streets of Boston
23 Same fungus, different strains
24 Satellite images display extreme Mississippi River flooding from space
25 Oregon Farm to School bill would benefit health through job creation, study finds
26 Study gives clue as to how notes are played on the genetic piano
27 Sprint Fidelis leads can be safely extracted in high-volume facilities
28 Genetic clue to common birth defects found
29 Ancient gene gives planarians a heads-up in regeneration
30 Discovery of DNA silencing mechanism reveals how plants protect their genome
31 Wildlife Conservation Society recommends health measures for Argentina's caiman ranches
32 Solar cells more efficient than photosynthesis--for now
33 Yale scientists discover new method for engineering human tissue regeneration
34 AAPS national biotechnology conference to highlight breakthrough cancer treatments
35 Photosynthesis or photovoltaics: Weighing the impact
36 Alzheimer's risk gene disrupts brain's wiring 50 years before disease hits
37 Research breakthrough on male infertility
38 Study finds therapies using induced pluripotent stem cells could encounter immune rejection problems
39 A Giant Interneuron for Sparse Coding
40 Study finds unhealthy substance use a risk factor for not receiving some preventive health services
41 Study finds therapies using induced pluripotent stem cells could encounter immune rejection problems
42 Crowdsourcing science: Researcher uses Facebook to identify thousands of fish
43 Scientists design new anti-flu virus proteins using computational methods
44 I know you, bad guy!
45 Rochester autism researchers present new findings at IMFAR
46 Humanity can and must do more with less: UNEP
47 Estrogen receptors play anti-inflammatory role in the brain
48 Galaxy NGC 4214: A star formation laboratory
49 Activated graphene makes superior supercapacitors for energy storage
50 Shaking down frozen helium: In a 'supersolid' state, it has liquid-like characteristics
51 Reining in nicotine use
52 Synthetic mesh can improve outcome of prolapse surgery
53 Water for Mongolia
54 Perfect welds for car bodies
55 How to control complex networks
56 Strong, tough and now cheap: Caltech researchers develop a new way to process metallic glass
57 NREL's multi-junction solar cells teach scientists how to turn plants into powerhouses
58 Mixing fluids efficiently in confined spaces: Let the fingers do the working
59 Enhanced electrical energy storage may result from professor's research
60 MIT research: Toward faster transistors
61 MIT Study: conventional fossil fuels sometimes 'greener' than biofuels
62 Study shows evolutionary adaptations can be reversed, but rarely
63 Scientists discover animal-like urea cycle in tiny diatoms in the ocean
64 Clouds, a weapon against climate change?
65 UAF installs first ocean acidification buoy in Alaska waters
66 Movement without muscles
67 Scientists suggest independent monitoring of deep-sea hydrocarbon industry
68 Dalhousie biologists interpret the language of sperm whales
69 Salinity in Outer Banks wells traced to fossil seawater
70 Moon's Rough 'Wrinkles' Reveal Clues To Its Past
71 Link found between spending on libraries and student learning
72 Ensuring research integrity
73 Social learning
74 Most nurses don't use recommended intramuscular injection site despite potential risks
75 Model developed to improve combination vaccine accessibility worldwide
76 Personality affects how likely we are to take our medication
77 Does Cupid play politics? That 'something special' might be your mate's political ideology
78 Teens who feel responsible to their parents are more engaged in school
79 CWRU researchers call for changing how research is done
80 US, Chinese children differ in commitment to parents over time
81 Sharing musical instruments means sharing germs
82 Interactive teaching methods double learning in undergraduate physics class: UBC research
83 Scientists have new measure for species threat
84 US House budget plans would jeopardize scientific research facilities
85 Study: Algae could replace 17 percent of US oil imports
86 Toward a more efficient use of solar energy
87 Ben-Gurion University students develop thought-controlled, hands-free computer for the disabled
88 Scientists discover how to predict learning using brain analysis
89 LED efficiency puzzle solved by UC Santa Barbara theorists
90 30th annual survey shows Houstonians upbeat about city's future
91 Columbia engineering study links ozone hole to climate change all the way to the equator
92 Effect of cloud-scattered sunlight on earth's energy balance depends on wavelength of light
93 Study: Antibiotics, not surgery, may better treat appendicitis if appendix hasn't burst
94 Several baffling puzzles in protein molecular structure solved with new method
95 Blueprint of a trend: How does a financial bubble burst?
96 World's smallest atomic clock on sale
97 Ranking research
98 Climate Change Analysis Predicts Increased Fatalities from Heat Waves
99 Evolutionary lessons for wind farm efficiency
100 Computers sing to a better tune
101 Variety is the spice of life for animal movement
102 Hide files within files for better data security
103 Razing Seattle's viaduct doesn't guarantee nightmare commutes, model says
104 ONR Propels Cutting-edge Technologies at Naval Helicopter Assocation Symposium
105 Stem cells from bone marrow save the day
106 Bacterium found to kill malaria in mosquitoes
107 Findings could lead to a blood test for lung cancer
108 Novel device with rock 'n' roll roots may protect listeners from potential dangers of personal listening devices and hearing aids
109 Chiropractic manipulation results in little or no risk of chest injury
110 School intervention may improve kids' heart health long term
111 Elevated protein levels in cardiac muscles could predict mortality following angioplasty
112 Doctors' decisions on initial hospital admissions may affect readmission rates
113 Study finds pigs susceptible to virulent ebolavirus can transmit the virus to other animals
114 First North American study to look at ED use by adults with intellectual disabilities
115 As time goes by, it gets tougher to 'just remember this'
116 Two Defective Proteins Conspire to Impair the Nerve Cell's 'Powerhouse' in Alzheimer Disease
117 Educating heart patients, families cut one hospital's falls by 64 percent
118 Primary stroke centers more likely to be in states with certification programs
119 Mayo Clinic finds surgeon caseload, practice setting affect treatment of small kidney tumors
120 Paper announces discovery of 1 of earliest minerals formed in solar system
121 Raging storms sweep away galactic gas
122 Fundamental question on how life started solved
123 Herschel Space Observatory Discovers the Clearing Out of Star-Forming Gas in Mergers of Gas-Rich Galaxies
124 Doppler effect found even at molecular level--169 years after its discovery
125 Flipping hot Jupiters
126 Carbon, Carbon, Everywhere; But Not From the Big Bang
127 Why some planets orbit the wrong way; extrasolar insights into our solar system
128 NASA's Galileo reveals magma 'ocean' beneath surface of Jupiter's moon
129 Dwarf planet Haumea shines with crystalline ice
130 Africa's sea turtles need passports for protection
131 Increase in Internet access parallels growth in prescription drug abuse
132 Eucalyptus tree genome deciphered
133 Study: Most At-Risk Patients Don't Adhere To Statin Treatment, Despite Real Benefits
134 Sensors that can stretch
135 Controlling robotic arms is child's play
136 Lasers take the lead