File Title
1 Apple sues Samsung for allegedly copying look and feel of iPhone, iPad
2 Apple releases iTunes 10.2.2 update to fix minor bugs
3 ITC staff voices support for HTC, Nokia in Apple patent case
4 Apple again asks for dismissal of iTunes antitrust suit
5 Developers report changes to Top App ranking algorithm on Apple's App Store
6 Samsung vows legal retaliation against its $5.7B customer, Apple
7 Apple adds another iPad 2 touchscreen manufacturer to meet demand
8 Insiders believe Thunderbolt from Intel, Apple will 'greatly affect' USB 3.0
9 White iPhone video may show scrapped Expose interface for iOS multitasking
10 Total shipments of new Apple TV top 2 million, 820K sold last quarter--report
11 Apple's Samsung lawsuit reveals over 60 million iPod touch sold
12 Android fans accuse Apple of copying Samsung first
13 RIM PlayBook launch disappoints; Intel earnings soar
14 Apple awarded patent for RFID tag reader in touchscreen devices
15 Apple reportedly picks Toshiba as sole supplier of iPhone LCDs
16 Apple to launch new iPhone with faster processor, same look in Sept.--rumor
17 AT&T iPhone activations up 33%, unaffected by Verizon, but 3G tablets prove weak
18 Supply issues persist for Apple weeks after disaster in Japan
19 Researchers raise privacy concerns over location tracking in Apple's iOS 4
20 Sprinkler system flooding at Apple's Greenwich, Conn., store forces closure
21 Apple's iPad 2 stock improves again, US orders now ship in 1-2 weeks
22 Apple restricts employee time off in May as retail's 10th anniversary approaches
23 Apple profits soar 95% on sales of 18.65M iPhones, 4.69M iPads and 3.76M Macs
24 Notes of interest from Apple's Q2 2011 conference call
25 Disaster in Japan hasn't greatly affected Apple's supplies, COO says
26 US iPhone sales up 155%, suggesting sales of roughly 3 million Verizon iPhones
27 After Q2 decline, Apple's iPad shipments expected to double in Q3 fiscal 2011
28 Wall Street: Apple is "magical growth story" in tech, defies gravity
29 Verizon announces 2.2M activations of Apple's iPhone in Q1 2011
30 Apple investigating improved LED backlights with more accurate colors
31 Apple tops Nokia to become world's largest handset maker by revenue
32 iOS location tracking file likely a bug, Apple could address issue with next udpate
33 Verizon exec suggests Apple's next iPhone will be a GSM-CDMA world phone
34 Apple's cloud-based iTunes music streaming service is 'completed'--report
35 iTunes Store quietly generates record revenues of $1.4 billion
36 Mac sales up 25% in Americas, 76% in Asia
37 Government officials voice concern to Apple over location tracking
38 Greenpeace 'dirty data' report criticizes Apple's NC data center
39 Samsung fires back with patent lawsuits against Apple
40 Apple reportedly signs licenses with major music labels for iTunes streaming
41 Apple releases iBooks 1.2.2; GREE acquires OpenFeint social gaming platform
42 2011 iPad shipment forecast cut to 40M as Apple faces 'the mother of all backlogs'
43 Apple's iPhone draws more new customers to AT&T than Verizon
44 Apple to begin production of Thunderbolt MacBook Airs next month
45 Soft sales prompt Conde Nast to slow addition of magazines to Apple's iPad
46 Apple inks deal with Warner Music for iTunes cloud service--report
47 White Apple iPhone 4 spotted in retail packaging at Vodafone UK
48 Mac OS X 10.7 Lion to add Office file viewing, new text and signature annotation
49 iPhone 5 a 'major redesign' with multi-touch button, 3.7-inch screen [Updated]
50 US Army's first smartphone will be powered by Google Android, not Apple
51 Fund Manager: Apple still has no competition
52 Flickr says Apple's next victim is the point-and-shoot camera
53 Apple lawsuit against Samsung deemed no threat to supply
54 Analyst: 2nd-gen Apple TV unit sales top 2 million, 820K sold last quarter
55 Apple starts banning pay-to-install apps
56 More blood on Apple iPod's touchscreen: Sony axes PSP Go
57 FileMaker updates FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad with AirPrint support and more
58 New Mac App 'Stwutter' combines Twitter + voice
59 ACLU complains of Michigan State police scanning iPhones during routine traffic stops
60 Samsung has been copying everyone forever, not just Apple
61 Apple's iPhone tracks everywhere you go; stores the info in secret file on the device
62 RUMOR: Apple prepping YouTube competitor
63 ZDNet reviews iPad 2; explains why Apple is winning with business users
64 Is Apple a common carrier?
65 Which Macs can run Mac OS X Lion?
66 RUMOR: New Thunderbolt-capable iMacs coming soon
67 Unstoppable Apple beats Street with record $24.67 billion quarterly revenue
68 MacDailyNews presents live notes from Apple's Q211 Conference Call
69 Apple restricts employee vacations between May 20-22 as retail's 10th anniversary looms
70 Three salient facts regarding Apple's Q211 iPad unit sales
71 'untrackerd' jailbreak utility blocks iOS from storing recorded iPhone location data
72 Google filtering out positive Apple news on its finance site?
73 Verizon activated 2.2 million Apple iPhones in first quarter; 3.6 million iPhones for AT&T
74 Greenpeace names Apple 'least green' tech company
75 Expert: iPhone tracking story is nothing new and Apple is not collecting the data
76 New AT&T phone contracts dive in 1Q
77 Apple overtakes Nokia as world's largest vendor of mobile handsets by revenue
78 Verizon CFO: Apple's iPhone 5 will be world phone
79 U.S. Senator Al Franken demands answers from Apple's Steve Jobs over iPhone tracking
80 Analysts flock to hike Apple Inc. price targets, estimates
81 InfoWorld reviews RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: A useless, unfathomable train wreck
82 So, how'd the Apple analysts do? The best and worst of Q2 2011
83 Ottawa Hospital orders 1,800 Apple iPads to go with 500 already in use
84 Apple's iOS--on iPad only!--passes Linux in U.S. operating system use
85 Apple's iOS location tracking file caused by a bit of unfinished code?
86 RUMOR: Apple testing iPhone '4S' with A5 chip
87 House Democrat questions legality of Apple's iPhone, iPad location tracking
88 No apologies, just increased Apple estimates from flummoxed Wall Street analysts
89 Apple's cloud music service ready-to-deploy, say multiple sources
90 RUMOR: Next Mac Pro to be smaller, narrower, rackmountable
91 RUMOR: Apple signing label deals for cloud-based music locker service
92 Samsung countersues Apple over iPhone, iPad; lawsuits filed in South Korea, Japan and Germany
93 Apple's massive $66 billion war chest; what's it for?
94 Android phones regularly transmit location data to Google 'at least several times an hour'
95 Thousands of mint condition iPad trade-ins spur resales
96 Mac vs. PC: The stereotypes may be true
97 Weaker-than-expected sales prompt Conde Nast to slow iPad magazine launches
98 Anatomy of failure: Mobile flops from RIM, Microsoft, and Nokia can't compete with Apple's iPhone, iPad
99 How mighty Apple blocks its competition
100 Thousands of Bay Area students celebrate 50th anniversary of first human journey into space
101 'Urban agriculture' takes root with law
102 PG&E says it can't satisfy order for documentation
103 Gov. Jerry Brown warns of California education crisis
104 Epic snows keep skiers happy, Sierra residents yearning for spring
105 Sony's Ohga, credited with developing CD, dies
106 Ivory Coast warlord agrees to disarm his forces
107 Obama sees no magic bullet to push down gas prices
108 Study uncovers genes that aid malarial resistance
109 Big Test Looms for British Space Plane Concept
110 Syria death toll hits 120 over 2 days, group says
111 Aust. PM: Tsunami zone is scene of great sorrow
112 In Hawaii, accessing some Obama birth info is easy
113 'Birther' claims force GOP leaders to take a stand
114 Birtherism: Where it all began
115 Is Michele Bachmann opposition kiss of death for birthers?
116 Sender of offensive Obama email calls it satire
117 Pakistan army: We have broken terrorists' backbone
118 Amazon failure takes down sites across Internet
119 Poll: Youth without degrees at end of job line
120 In Turkey, surveyors map a WWI battlefield
121 4 iPhone App Easter Eggs
122 At 18 Months, Windows 7 Still Living in WinXP's Shadow
123 FDA details timeframe of MS drug Tysabri's risks
124 Syrian lawmaker quits in protest at killings
125 World condemnation of Syria crackdown mounts
126 Analysis: Syria's Assad torn between repression and reform
127 Syria: Is Assad's Clan Turning Against Him?
128 A massacre of Syrian protesters the US can't ignore
129 Obama backs renewable energy amid oil hikes
130 Obama pumps plan to develop renewable energy
131 DOD: First Predator strike carried out in Libya
132 GM likely to retake No. 1 sales spot from Toyota
133 Amazon's Cloud Problem, and Why It Matters
134 Top 10 Twitter Trends This Week [CHART]
135 Apple Updates iBooks for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
136 By the numbers: The present and future of the mobile app industry
137 Microsoft Sold 350 Million Windows 7 Licenses
138 Google fined $5 million in Linux patent case
139 Police use Apple iOS tracking data for investigations
140 Obama tells Syria that violence must end now
141 Republicans seek to reassure elderly on Medicare
142 Russia and Greece talk to Libya about a ceasefire
143 Libyans complain arms embargo hits trade, fishing
144 Google Loses Patent Infringement Suit, Ordered to Pay $5 Million
145 Letters trace Civil War for writer's forebears
146 New leader overhauls US broadcasts into Cuba
147 Iran leader's warning appears to rebuke president
148 CDC predicts smoking bans in every state by 2020
149 26 states have comprehensive smoking bans: CDC
150 More Proof DVDs Are a Dying Medium
151 Google unit to buy more wind power from NextEra
152 A Business-Centric Approach to Searching the Web
153 New government rule tackles fees, bumping, delays
154 Will the U.S. Be Last in Line in Building a New Cuba?
155 The Fidel Castro Era Draws to a Close in Cuba
156 Carter Visit Puts Problems on the Table
157 US says it wants Cubans to have more freedoms
158 Cuba denies fault in loss of Haiti-bound aid barge
159 Khamenei reinstates Iran's intelligence minister: reports
160 Iran kills four 'terrorists': report
161 Mideast Diplomacy: Is Egypt Really Warming Toward Iran?
162 Directors slam $30 early release home video offer
163 Five myths about Planned Parenthood
164 New North-South dialogue key ahead of talks: US
165 Five myths about gas prices
166 5 myths about nuclear energy
167 Five myths about the future of journalism
168 U.S. says not working to undermine Syrian government
169 Japan seeks stronger military ties with US: report
170 No Sex in Space, Yet, Official Says
171 Scientists Abuzz Over Controversial Rumor that God Particle Has Been Detected
172 Gulf disaster renews debate over Arctic oil spill
173 One Male Extender Found to Actually Work
174 CIA Cover-up Alleged in JFK's 'Secret UFO Inquiry'
175 7 Everyday Toxic Things You Shouldn't Toss in the Trash
176 Careful search for mementos slows Japan rebuilding
177 Complaints end goldfish racing at Wash. state bar
178 Does Recycling Plastic Cost More Than Making It?
179 Mercury Thermometers Are Going Extinct. What Will Replace Them?
180 What Would it Take to Get You to Switch to an iPhone?
181 Obama's Facebook appearance covers range of issues
182 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hits Teens, Too
183 Chronic fatigue rare but serious in teens
184 Dogs' DNA May Aid Research on Hereditary Parkinson's
185 Newer 'Pill' Linked to Higher Risk of Blood Clots
186 80,000 on benefits in UK due to addiction, obesity
187 Kentucky Struggles with Variable, Unclear Smoking Bans
188 Smoking Could Raise Odds for Advanced Kidney Cancer
189 ACE Inhibitors Seem to Raise Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
190 Maine sore spot in nation's prescription drug scourge
191 Why Seniors Should Embrace Higher Oil Prices
192 HIV Kids Growing Up Well, Study Finds
193 New Research Links Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) to Cardiovascular Disease
194 Nail Guns Often Sold Without Safety Advice: Study
195 Most Catholic women in U.S. use birth control
196 Gypsies take refuge in ancient Rome church
197 Libyan foreign minister crosses Tunisian border: TAP