File Title
1 LinkedIn to sell shares for $32 to $35 each in IPO
2 NASA satellite observes damage path of april tornadoes
3 New calculations on blackbody energy set the stage for clocks with unprecedented accuracy
4 Raging storms sweep away galactic gas
5 Clothing firms 'sexualise' pre-teen girls: study
6 New study reveals surprising clues about communication in hair stem cell populations
7 Water waves exhibit negative gravity near a periodic array of buoys
8 Hide files within files for better data security
9 Neuro-tweets: #hashtagging the brain (w/ video)
10 Why the eye is better than a camera at capturing contrast and faint detail simultaneously
11 The brain performs visual search near optimally
12 New lasing technique inspired by brightly colored birds
13 Zombie ants have fungus on the brain
14 La Nina brings flood risks and drought to the West
15 Hydrogen opens the road to graphene...and graphane
16 Graphene optical modulators could lead to ultrafast communications
17 UK scientists pave the way to tackling anxiety disorders
18 Electronic life on the edge: Scientists discover the edge states of graphene nanoribbons
19 New chemistry technology promises more effective prescription drug therapies
20 For UCLA expert on Chumash Indians, roughly hewn beads are child's play
21 In a genetic research first, researchers turn zebrafish genes off and on
22 Does the central Andean backarc have the potential for a great earthquake?
23 Jaguar and Williams F1 set for UK-made hybrid car
24 More than 20 percent of atheist scientists are spiritual
25 Gravity Probe B confirms two Einstein theories
26 A water ocean on Titan?
27 Report sees sharper sea rise from Arctic melt (Update)
28 Stealth unmanned combat vehicle makes first flight
29 New species of lizard created in lab that reproduces by cloning itself
30 CERN scientists confine antihydrogen atoms for 1000 seconds
31 Japanese company introduces irresistibly cute mind-controlled 'cat ears' (w/ video)
32 Nano-FTIR-nanoscale infrared spectroscopy with a thermal source
33 In Brief: Medical applications of diamond particles and surfaces
34 Pentagonal tiles pave the way towards organic electronics
35 Measurement of 'hot' electrons could have solar energy payoff
36 Nanoparticle boosted T-cells take on cancer
37 Highly sensitive graphene biosensors based on surface plasmon resonance
38 Australian nanovaccine to protect against country's worst cattle virus
39 Titanate cigarette filter could be safer
40 Hitting target in cancer fight now easier with new nanoparticle platform
41 Researchers create novel nanoantennas
42 Nanomaterials: Finding friends with a golden tip
43 U-M researchers working toward efficient harvesting of solar energy
44 Fundamental question on how life started solved?
45 Thermoelectrics generating electricity from waste heat is a step closer
46 Testing technicolor physics
47 New tool for proton spin
48 'Swiss cheese' design enables thin film silicon solar cells with potential for higher efficiencies
49 Minnesota researcher's findings on dark matter jibe with Italy's DAMA/LIBRA claims
50 Mystery force may be due to mirrors
51 Proposal for optical transistor uses light to control light
52 Forecast calls for nanoflowers to help return eyesight
53 Quantum simulation with light: Frustrations between photon pairs
54 Scientists achieve high temperature milestone in silicon spintronics
55 Report: Direct removal of carbon dioxide from air likely not viable
56 Clouds' effect on sunlight energy at Earth's surface depends on the wavelength of light
57 Black holes from the dawn of the universe
58 Update on Gliese 581d's habitability
59 Planet spotting
60 Consumers detect odd odors, tastes in water despite government guidelines, scientist says
61 The skinny on how shed skin reduces indoor air pollution
62 The antenna in the valley
63 'The 100-m telescope is better than ever before'
64 Vietnam says Laos suspends Mekong dam project
65 UN: Renewable energy key in climate change fight
66 Tiger video triggers WWF forest protection call
67 A competition full of hacks: Annual 2.007 finale pits robots against MIT history
68 Fusion of work and play shapes Lenovo laptops
69 Long queues for iPad 2 in China
70 The $25 educational PC
71 For computer chip builders, only one way to go: Up
72 Robot engages novice computer scientists (w/ video)
73 Practice can make search-and-rescue robot operators more accurate
74 Intel redesigns transistors for faster computers
75 Seagate breaks areal density barrier: Unveils hard drive featuring 1 terabyte per platte
76 Review: Iconia is dual-screen laptop, but why?
77 Nintendo cuts Wii price, offers cheaper game set
78 Apple updates iPhone to address privacy worries
79 Two robots to do our dirty work (w/ video)
80 Progressive Automotive X-Prize runner-up car gets 207.5 MPGe
81 YouTube founders buy social-media analytics firm
82 Sun-driven and Australia-bound
83 EU nuclear safety sweep accused of soft-pedalling
84 Japan's Toshiba returns to black
85 Softbank reports robust earnings on smartphones
86 Facebook sharing sending readers to big news sites
87 A simple, mildly invasive solution for conserving historic buildings
88 Twitter user claims to name UK stars who gag press
89 Cyber-school students: Pentagon snubs our service
90 Courts nationwide hold hearings with video
91 US ranks 17 as clean tech producer, China is No. 2
92 A new detection system can reveal bioterrorist attacks on our water supply network
93 Scientists show how shifts in temperature prime immune response
94 Chemistry curbs spreading of carbon dioxide
95 Sugar synthesis hits the sweet spot
96 Unveiling the behavior of hydrogen molecules
97 Advanced instrument used to read cells' minds
98 Tests show new biosensor can guide environmental clean-ups
99 New evidence that caffeine is a healthful antioxidant in coffee
100 Cola detectives test natural flavoring claims for pricey soft drinks
101 Researchers show heparan sulfate adjusts functions of growth factor proteins
102 Organic chemistry: Amino acids made easy
103 Simulating amyloid formation
104 New route to map brain fat
105 Natural protection against radiation
106 Malaria mosquitoes accurately find their way to smelly feet
107 Beetlemania: The joy of dung
108 The ethics of biofuels
109 Basic research enhances potential for cultivation in extreme climates
110 Celebrity New York hawk amazes with baby
111 2 whales found stranded in Fla. Keys are released
112 Darwin's travels may have led to illness, death
113 Bumblebee nest boxes don't work
114 Taming nature, then man
115 Birth control prescribed for Hong Kong monkeys
116 Single-cell marine organisms offer clues to how cells interact with the environment
117 Research reveals how cancer-driving enzyme works
118 Obesity creates wimpy rats
119 Scientists reveal nerve cells' navigation system
120 Oncolytic viruses effectively target and kill pancreatic cancer stem cells
121 Stem cell technology used in unique surgery
122 FDA could analyze public health consequences of its decisions better
123 Study finds teens often willing to accept free or low-cost rapid HIV testing
124 Full face transplant patient makes 1st appearance
125 For older heart-transplant patients, hospitals doing the most operations yield better outcomes
126 Open-access colonoscopy is safe: study
127 Statisticians review landmark HIV vaccine trial
128 Unmet dental needs in Los Angeles children shown in study
129 Inner-city health centers could do more to boost breastfeeding
130 Smokers undergo the same changes in gene expression as patients with COPD
131 How do creative ads shake up the way we think?
132 Faking it: Can ads create false memories about products?
133 Constrained consumers: When do people consider what they have to give up in order to buy something?
134 Go for broke: Consumers who set conservative goals feel less satisfied
135 Dinner with the in-laws: Why does knowing how long a bad experience will last make it worse?
136 Virtual possessions have powerful hold on teenagers, researchers say
137 Exceptional fossils reveal the earliest evidence of social behavior in mammals
138 How did debt and credit become the 'American way'?
139 How do we choose what we put in our shopping basket?
140 The influence of neighbors: Where we live and who we know can affect voting patterns
141 Report details separation of immigrant parents, children
142 Refunds don't always help lower-income taxpayers
143 Social learning: Can Facebook and related tools improve educational outcomes?
144 A second language for every high school student
145 NASA's Spaceward Bound takes teachers trekking across the Mojave desert