File Title
1 Europe announces projects to connect researchers
2 US farm-science head quits
3 US stem-cell funding ban overturned
4 Antiuniverse here we come
5 China unveils its space station
6 Wayward whale not a fluke
7 A how-to for peer review
8 Space science: Along for the ride
9 When being colourful doesn't pay
10 Australia's new chief scientist reveals his plans
11 Political doubt hinders carbon sequestration projects
12 Foot-and-mouth culls could be cut
13 Climate change curbs crops
14 Nuclear power plants cleared of leukaemia link
15 Intel enters the third dimension
16 Single-Cell Marine Organisms Offer Clues to How Cells Interact With the Environment
17 Engineers Patch a Heart: Tissue-Engineering Platform Enables Heart Tissue to Repair Itself
18 New Mineral Discovered: One of Earliest Minerals Formed in Solar System
19 Malaria Mosquitoes Accurately Find Their Way to Smelly Feet
20 Mars Express Sees Deep Fractures on Mars
21 Scientists Afflict Computers With 'Schizophrenia' to Better Understand the Human Brain
22 Universal Signaling Pathway Found to Regulate Sleep
23 Succulent Plants Waited for Cool, Dry Earth to Make Their Mark
24 Why More Species Live in Amazon Rainforests: Evolution of Treefrogs Sheds Light on the Mystery
25 Insight Into HIV Immunity May Lead to Vaccine
26 Surgery Reduces Risk of Mortality Due to Prostate Cancer Even for Low-Risk Groups, Study Finds
27 Far-Reaching Effects of Estrogen Signaling Mapped in Breast Cancer Cells
28 Normal Stem Cells Made to Look and Act Like Cancer Stem Cells
29 Mirror Neuron System in Autism: Broken or Just Slowly Developing?
30 World's Smallest Atomic Clock: Tiny Laser Reduces Power Consumption 1,000-Fold
31 Removable 'Cloak' for Nanoparticles Helps Them Target Tumors
32 Supernova and Star Birth in the Meathook Galaxy
33 Economic Analysis Updated for the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
34 Revolutionary New Paper Computer Shows Flexible Future for Smartphones and Tablets
35 After a Three-Decade Hiatus, Sea-Level Rise May Return to N. America's West Coast
36 Precipitation, Predators May Be Key in Ecological Regulation of Infectious Disease
37 Expert Panel Calls for 'Transforming US Agriculture': Changes in Markets, Policies and Science Needed for More Sustainable Farming
38 What Lies Beneath the Seafloor? Results from First Microbial Subsurface Observatory Experiment
39 Genome Duplication Encourages Rapid Adaptation of Plants
40 Protein Keeps Sleep-Deprived Flies Ready to Learn
41 World's Blueberries Protected in Unique, Living Collection
42 Neurosurgeon Pushes Brain Bypass to New Heights
43 When Livestock Can Transmit Foot-and-Mouth Disease: Findings Suggest Fewer Cattle Could Be Culled in the Future
44 Parental Alcoholism Carries Risk for Offspring to Develop the Same, Population-Based Study Confirms
45 Telomerase: Research Reveals How Cancer-Driving Enzyme Works
46 Potential Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Could Kill Brain Cells, Study Suggests
47 Families Are 'Lovin' It': Parents' Work Influences How Often Family Meals Are Eaten Outside of Home
48 Parental Exposure to BPA During Pregnancy Associated With Decreased Birth Weight in Offspring
49 Protein Snapshots Reveal Clues to Breast Cancer Outcomes
50 Children of Bipolar Parents Are Overly Sensitive to Stress Hormone Cortisol, Study Finds
51 Stem Cell-Related Changes That May Contribute to Age-Related Cognitive Decline Identified
52 Can Social Deficits of Autism and Schizophrenia Be Modeled in Animals?
53 Amygdala Detects Spontaneity in Human Behavior: Study of Jazz Musicians Reveals How Brain Processes Improvisations
54 More Than 20 Percent of Atheist Scientists Are 'Spiritual,' Study Finds
55 Combination of ADHD and Poor Emotional Control Runs in Families, Study Suggests
56 When Self-Esteem Is Threatened, People Pay With Credit Cards
57 Life Satisfaction and State Intervention Go Hand in Hand
58 Prolonged Bottle Feeding Increases the Risk of Obesity, Study Suggests
59 Who Knows You Best? Not You, Say Psychologists
60 Direct Proof of How T Cells Stay in 'Standby' Mode: Study Offers Means of Activating T Cells to Fight Disease Without Antigenic Triggers
61 Antibodies Help Protect Monkeys from HIV-Like Virus, Scientists Show
62 Selaginella Genome Adds Piece to Plant Evolutionary Puzzle
63 DNA from Common Stomach Bacteria Minimizes Effects of Colitis, Study Says
64 Drug-Resistance Fears for Deadly Fungal Disease
65 It Takes a Community of Soil Microbes to Protect Plants from Disease
66 Green Roof Proves a Cost-Effective Way to Keep Water out of Sewers
67 How Shifts in Temperature Prime Immune Response
68 Vatican Science Panel Calls Attention to the Threat of Glacial Melt
69 Chemistry Curbs Spreading of Carbon Dioxide: Research Could Have Implications for Carbon Sequestration
70 Sticking Their Necks out for Evolution: Why Sloths and Manatees Have Unusually Long (or Short) Necks
71 Capt. Kidd Shipwreck Site to Be Dedicated 'Living Museum of the Sea'
72 Reptile 'Cousins' Shed New Light on End-Permian Extinction
73 Horsetail Plant Developed Successful Set of Tools for Extreme Environments--For Millions of Years
74 Battle Scars Found on an Ancient Sea Monster
75 Comet Elenin: Preview of a Coming Attraction
76 NASA Selects Investigations for Future Key Missions
77 Mars Tribute Marks Memories of Shepard's Flight
78 Spitzer Detects Shadow of 'Super-Earth' in Front of Nearby Star
79 NASA's Gravity Probe B Confirms Two Einstein Space-Time Theories
80 Advanced Instrument Analyzes Immune Cells in Far More Detail: Technology Promises More Effective Prescription Drug Therapies
81 Forecast Calls for Nanoflowers to Help Return Eyesight: Physicist Leads Effort to Design Fractal Devices to Put in Eyes
82 Using Solar Power to Sterilize Medical Instruments
83 Sharpened Focus: Improving the Numbers, Utility of Medical Imaging
84 Better Glasses-Free 3-D: Mew Approach to Make 3-D Illusions More Realistic
85 Computers Sing to a Better Tune
86 Quantum Simulation With Light: Frustrations Between Photon Pairs
87 EEG Headset With Flying Harness Lets Users 'Fly' by Controlling Their Thoughts
88 Robot Engages Novice Computer Scientists
89 Transistors Reinvented Using New 3-D Structure
90 Will Wrinkle-Smoother Restylane Be Approved as Lip Enhancer?
91 Bad Memories Could Be Erased, Study Suggests
92 Antidepressants Don't Stop All Symptoms of Disease
93 Want to Marry a Movie Star? You Might Need to Study Up
94 What the Heck Is This?
95 Worst Time to Have a Heart Attack: Morning
96 The Most Hated Baby Names in America
97 Defense Department to Use Comic Books as 'Art Therapy'
98 Whale of a Record: 306 Humpbacks Spotted Near Antarctica
99 Why Do Princesses Wear Tiaras?
100 Social Entrepreneurs: The Business of Giving Back
101 Brainless Jellyfish Navigates with Specialized Eyes
102 Fast Food Nation: Americans Cook Less Than Any Developed Country
103 Fastest Evolution Clocked in Tiny Fish
104 Improving Communication Among Patients, Doctors and Married Couples
105 Does Wild Tornado Season Signal Climate Change?
106 Rare Sideways Tornado Captured on Video
107 Checkup at Age 1 Could Catch Early Autism Signs
108 Few Teens Get Help for Bouts of Depression
109 Frozen Foods: Cheaper and Just as Nutritious
110 Do Joint Study Sessions Do More Harm Than Good?
111 The Future of the TV Tube: New Nanotubes Could Form Screens
112 New Robots Curl Up Like Caterpillars and Scoot
113 Mechanics of World's Largest Earthquakes Revealed
114 Surprise: Wind Above Affects Seafloor a Mile Below
115 Antarctica Threatened by Invasion of Alien Species
116 Lightning Strike Survivor Video: Real or Fake?
117 What the Heck Is This?
118 Ancient Humans Were Mostly Right-Handed, Too
119 Female Frog Calls Out During Sex to Excite Her Lover
120 Testing Technicolor Physics
121 Why Pigs Love Mud
122 Digital Detox Vacations: Check Your iPhone at the Hotel Door
123 Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship
124 Why Were the Southern Tornadoes So Deadly?
125 Alien Giant Tortoise Helps Restore Ecosystem
126 Does Circumcision Have Health Benefits?
127 Why Aren't There Tornado Safety Building Codes?
128 New Recordings of 'Extinct' Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
129 Kicking Up Cosmic Dust: Asteroid Brightening Caused By Collision
130 Gravitational Tug-of-War Distorts Spiral Galaxy Pair
131 First Stars in Universe May Have Spun Like Crazy
132 Historic Star Explosion's Trigger Discovered
133 Exotic Microbes Played Role in Early Earth's Atmosphere, Study Suggests
134 How to Avoid Raising a Bully
135 Season of Birth May Affect the Rest of Your Life
136 Osama Bin Laden's Death Sparks Cyberscams
137 Superman's Lousy Timing: Renounces U.S. Citizenship Just Before Osama Bin Laden Is Killed
138 Why Was Osama bin Laden Buried at Sea?
139 Hi-Tech Surveillance Plus Old-Fashioned Intelligence Work Found Osama Bin Laden
140 Rapid ID of bin Laden Uses Relatives' DNA Matches
141 'Nutcracker Man' Ate Like a Cow (or Pig)
142 Bin Laden's Death Spawns Conspiracy Theories
143 Middle-Age Obesity Increases Dementia Risk
144 Regular Family Meals Promote Kids' Nutrition
145 Brain Overgrowth in Tots Is Linked to Autism
146 Prenatal BPA Exposure Tied to Wheezing in Kids
147 Look Ma, No Arms! Starfish Stuck in Baby Stage
148 What Teens Want: If Given 3 Wishes...
149 Success Secrets from 'The Corner Office'
150 Florida Fishing Contest Targets Spiny Alien Invaders
151 Painful Confusion: Americans Don't Know What's in Popular Painkillers
152 Why Extroverts Are the Happiest People
153 Moon Microbe Mystery Finally Solved
154 Rotating Sunspots Triggered Massive Solar Flare
155 Even Pets Suffer Recession as Health Declines
156 Largest 3-D Map Opens Window to the Ancient Universe
157 Alien Planet Nearly Dense as Lead
158 'Superdrug' Could Fight Both HIV and Malaria
159 Koalas Have Human-like Fingerprints
160 Amazing! Chimps Play Video Games and Grasp Who's Who
161 'Monstrously Big Ant' Fossil Found in Wyoming
162 Dingoes Didn't Run Tasmanian Tigers Out of Australia
163 Weather Delay: Wet Fur Keeps Bats Grounded
164 Babies' First Foods May Impact Health Later
165 How to Boost Interest in Space: Talk About Poop
166 Nature: The Master Medicine-Maker