File Title
1 Ancient bipedal hominid dubbed 'Nutcracker Man' preferred grass to nuts, new study finds
2 Climbers leave rare plants' genetic variation on the rocks
3 Grazing as a conservation tool
4 First rainforests arose when plants solved plumbing problem
5 Succulent plants waited for cool, dry Earth to make their mark
6 Market Lighting Affects Nutrients
7 Formidable fungal force counters biofuel plant pathogens
8 Marine snails get a metabolism boost
9 Pistachios pummel pretzels as a weight-wise snack
10 US must strengthen efforts to restrict chemicals that threaten health, say researchers
11 Cola detectives test natural flavoring claims for pricey soft drinks
12 New evidence that caffeine is a healthful antioxidant in coffee
13 Newly discovered plant fossil reveals more than age
14 New study reveals when livestock can transmit foot-and-mouth disease
15 Expert panel calls for 'transforming US agriculture'
16 US farmers dodge the impacts of global warming--at least for now
17 Researchers propose 'whole-system redesign' of US agriculture
18 Tests show new biosensor can guide environmental clean ups
19 New biosensor modelled on the immune system can detect, track and guide the clean-up of oil spills
20 Scientists sequence genomes of 2 major threats to American food and fuel
21 Seed mixtures and insurance pest management: Future norm in the Corn Belt?
22 Study Shows Corn Gene Provides Resistance to Multiple Diseases
23 Selaginella genome adds piece to plant evolutionary puzzle
24 It Takes a Community of Soil Microbes to Protect Plants From Disease
25 Study Probes Sources of Mississippi River Phosphorus
26 Spikemoss Genome Offers New Paths for Biofuels Research--Bridges Plant Development Gap
27 Travel hazards: 2 studies start to map pollutant threats to turtles
28 Water currents of South Africa could stabilize climate in Europe
29 Performance goals needed now for offshore wind turbine industry in US
30 Era of canopy crane ending; certain research and education activities remain
31 Digging in Dirt, Arbor Day Planting, May Help Build Citizenship: UMD Study
32 Goddard Building Instrument To Study Reconnection
33 Chemical found in crude oil linked to congenital heart disease
34 Global warming won't harm wind energy production, climate models predict
35 What lies beneath the seafloor?
36 Climate Change Analysis Predicts Increased Fatalities from Heat Waves
37 Evolutionary lessons for wind farm efficiency
38 Effects of climate change in the Arctic more extensive than expected
39 Air pollution near Michigan schools linked to poorer student health, academic performance
40 Vatican Science Panel Calls Attention to the Threat of Glacial Melt
41 Tree rings tell a 1,100-year history of El Nino
42 Chemistry curbs spreading of carbon dioxide
43 Racial disparities still exist in colorectal cancer screening despite increased Medicare coverage
44 Study suggests prolonged bottle feeding increases the risk of obesity
45 Stem cell-related changes that may contribute to age-related cognitive decline identified
46 University of Toronto chemistry technology promises more effective prescription drug therapies
47 Mutation provides new insight into the molecular mechanisms of aging
48 Epigenetic study reveals new insights into breast cancer
49 Gene expression predicts chemotherapy sensitivity of triple-negative breast cancer
50 Breast cancer multi-gene tests compared
51 Protein snapshots reveal clues to breast cancer outcomes
52 Anti-inflammatory drug may fight breast cancer
53 Female-to-male transsexual people have more autistic traits
54 Drug-resistance fears for deadly fungal disease
55 Worm discovery could help 1 billion people worldwide
56 Antibodies Help Protect Monkeys from HIV-Like Virus, NIH Scientists Show
57 Forecast calls for nanoflowers to help return eyesight
58 UT Southwestern research reveals how cancer-driving enzyme works
59 Families are 'lovin' it'
60 Insight into HIV immunity may lead to vaccine
61 From a bucket of seawater, new understanding of the ocean
62 Leading experts call for urgent action to avoid stroke crisis across Asia-Pacific region
63 Revolution in wound care? Inexpensive, easy-to-use cotton candy-like glass fibers appear to speed healing in initial venous stasis wound trial
64 Teen consumer patterns in China and Canada
65 CMU's Classroom Salon Uses Social Networking To Tap Collective Intelligence of Online Study Groups
66 Undergraduate institutions should play larger research role
67 The private market for tuberculosis drugs
68 For small business owners, consultation means fewer missteps
69 MU Researchers Say Schools Need Collaboration, Not Packaged Solutions, for Best Mental Health Programs
70 USGS Economic Analysis Updated for the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA)
71 Measurement of 'hot' electrons could have solar energy payoff
72 Strong evidence supports prognostic value of circulating tumor cells in breast cancer
73 Families need information on feeding tubes for elderly dementia patients
74 More than 20 percent of atheist scientists are spiritual
75 Robot Based on Carnegie Mellon Research Engages Novice Computer Scientists
76 When self-esteem is threatened, people pay with credit cards
77 Rice U. study: Daily deal promotions beneficial for certain kinds of startups
78 New method found for controlling conductivity
79 Researchers show heparan sulfate adjusts functions of growth factor proteins
80 Buenos 'notch-es': Universal signaling pathway found to regulate sleep
81 Is nuclear power fair for future generations?
82 NRL Scientists Achieve High Temperature Milestone in Silicon Spintronics
83 Can one model the social deficits of autism and schizophrenia in animals?
84 Quantum simulation with light: Frustrations between photon pairs
85 Pentagonal tiles pave the way towards organic electronics
86 World's smallest atomic clock on sale
87 Scientists track evolution and spread of deadly fungus, one of the world's major killers
88 Battle scars found on an ancient sea monster
89 Effects of climate change in the Arctic more extensive than expected
90 Chesapeake Bay Program's Two-Year Milestones Improve Upon Past Strategies, But Accounting of Progress Remains a Challenge
91 Sticking their necks out for evolution: Why sloths and manatees have unusually long (or short) necks
92 Reptile 'cousins' shed new light on end-Permian extinction
93 California's draft Bay Delta conservation plan incomplete; needs better integration to be more scientifically credible
94 Discovery could change the way doctors treat patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases
95 Movement + academics = success
96 2 tests better than 1 to diagnose diabetes in overweight children
97 Inconsistent math curricula hurting US students, study finds
98 College students' use of Kindle DX points to e-reader's role in academia
99 Blueprint of a trend: How does a financial bubble burst?
100 Rice U. parlays sun's saving grace into autoclave
101 It's a jungle out there
102 Ultrasound combined with pre-operative MRI is cost effective in evaluating rotator cuff tears
103 New tool to assess asthma-related anxiety
104 What decides neural stem cell fate?
105 UT Southwestern researcher maps far-reaching effects of estrogen signaling in breast cancer cells
106 New technology helps to find gene responsible for Kufs disease
107 'Bad' Cholesterol Not As Bad As People Think, Shows Texas A&M Study
108 New tool to assess asthma-related anxiety
109 Practice Can Make Search-and-Rescue Robot Operators More Accurate
110 Short Antibiotic Courses Safer for Breathing-Tube Infections in Children
111 US must strengthen efforts to restrict chemicals that threaten health, say researchers
112 Attention, please--how innovations and Nobel Prize winners make it
113 Research to target untested rape kits
114 Scientists Afflict Computers with Schizophrenia to Better Understand the Human Brain
115 New online mechanism for electric vehicle charging
116 Computers sing to a better tune