File Title
1 First rainforests arose when plants solved plumbing problem
2 New cotton candy-like glass fibers appear to speed healing in venous stasis wound trial
3 New theory shows one-way transmission materials should be possible for sound and light waves
4 Sponge competition may damage corals
5 Satellites reveal tornado tracks in Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama
6 Sony says 25 million more accounts hacked
7 Solar power, with a side of hot running water
8 Review: BlackBerry enters tablet market with PlayBook
9 Swimming led to flying, physicists say
10 Speeding swarms of sensor robots
11 Hijacked antiviral protein subverts energy production to aid viral infection
12 EU pushes button for next Internet age
13 Hydrogen fuel tech gets boost from low-cost, efficient catalyst
14 Computer program understands the 'that's what she said' joke
15 No nuts for 'Nutcracker Man': Early human relative apparently chewed grass instead
16 The winners of mass extinction: With predators gone, prey thrives
17 How the hummingbird's tongue really works (w/ video)
18 Cosmic magnetic fields
19 Rice's origins point to China, genome researchers conclude
20 Global warming won't harm wind energy production, climate models predict
21 Researchers turn to museums to track down clues in mysterious amphibian declines
22 Single atom stores quantum information
23 Neolithic humans lived a communal life: study
24 Spacecraft Earth to perform asteroid 'flyby' this fall
25 Study suggests that successful blueprints are recycled by evolution
26 Wireless carriers are blocking tethering apps
27 Blueprint of a trend: How does a financial bubble burst?
28 Talk to the animals (w/ video)
29 Think it's easy to be macho? Psychologists show how 'precarious' manhood is
30 Pain and itch connected down deep
31 Removable 'cloak' for nanoparticles helps them target tumors
32 Solar-thermal flat-panels that generate electric power
33 New material could improve safety for first responders to chemical hazards
34 3-D nanocone solar cell technology cranks up efficiency
35 Carbon nanotube enabled vertical organic light-emitting transistor paves way for next-gen consumer electronics
36 Nanotechnologists must take lessons from nature
37 Louisiana Tech researcher presents on eco-friendly nanotechnology at national conference
38 Origami: Not just for paper anymore
39 Two graphene layers may be better than one
40 An overlooked detail may invalidate the results of some prior experiments with nanoparticles
41 Nanomagnets offer food for thought about computer memories
42 Nanoscience may hold key to surgical recovery
43 A better imaging agent for heart disease and breast cancer
44 New 'nanobead' approach could revolutionize sensor technology
45 UA engineers win patent for protein-based electronic circuits
46 Nature of bonding determines thermal conductivity
47 New map of cosmic rays in the Southern sky presented at physics meeting
48 Proposed gamma-ray laser could emit 'nuclear light'
49 3-D Terahertz cloaking
50 Nuclear photonics: Gamma rays search for concealed nuclear threats
51 Vienna physicists create quantum twin atoms
52 World's smallest atomic clock on sale
53 Paging Han Solo: Researchers find more efficient way to steer laser beams
54 Full 3-D invisibility cloak in visible light
55 Previously unaccounted mechanism proposed for cell phone radiation damage
56 New method found for controlling conductivity
57 Climate change analysis predicts increased fatalities from heat waves
58 What lies beneath the seafloor? Results from first microbial subsurface observatory experiment
59 Sustainable landscape design for your property can be easier than you may think
60 Transiting super-Earth detected around naked eye star
61 Exploring Rio Tinto Eurobotically
62 Seeking life's imprint in shifting desert sand
63 Book looks at interrelationships among nitrogen, plants and the environment
64 Apple upgrades iMacs with quad-core processors
65 Japan mulls new robot help with nuclear disaster
66 Germ Genie kills keyboard germs
67 Rugged nano computer for industrial applications
68 RIM announces new BlackBerry Bold
69 Chinese supercomputer will feature The Godson-3B: A mesh style processor
70 HTC Thunderbolt smartphone underwhelms
71 Ball catching robot, 80% accuracy in 5 milliseconds (w/ video)
72 Thousands queue for iPad 2 across Asia
73 Review: Eye-Fi card makes cameras talk to phones
74 Galaxy S2: Samsung challenges Apple with new smartphone
75 Hundreds queue as iPad 2 hits Japan
76 GoQBot: Caterpillars inspire new movements in soft robots (w/ video)
77 Getting a sneak peek at Qualcomms new processors
78 Rice U. parlays sun's saving grace into autoclave (w/ video)
79 Bing to be default search engine on BlackBerry
80 Simulation model to improve safety and efficiency of port traffic
81 Curtains that 'quench' noise
82 Bin Laden story shows changing media nature
83 Vatican invites bloggers to first-ever summit
84 Galifianakis, Funny or Die lead Webby winners
85 A world record in direct current transmission
86 European papers fear loss of readers with paywalls
87 An inside look at the Googleplex
88 Synthetic hydrogels improve testing of active substances in 3-D cell culture
89 Market lighting affects nutrients
90 New forensic laser technique for hair analysis can reveal historical data
91 Copper ions as morphogens for the formation of polymer films by click chemistry
92 Diamond X-rays used to discover tooth decay enzymes
93 Materials face ultimate test in space
94 Bacteria have evolved a unique chemical mechanism to become antibiotic-resistant
95 Protein-devouring enzyme complex uses two different mechanisms to determine which targets to destroy
96 Chemists design new polymer structures for use as 'plastic electronics'
97 Tail hair tells tale of cattle's diet--Scientists trace grassland production
98 Large or small, platinum clusters provide new insights
99 Get a whiff of this: Low-cost sensor can diagnose bacterial infections
100 2D beats 3D: Ceria in platelet form stores more oxygen than nanocrystalline form
101 Chemists shed new light on antibiotics and the survival of bacteria
102 Succulent plants waited for cool, dry Earth to make their mark
103 Researchers develop technique for measuring stressed molecules in cells
104 Grazing as a conservation tool
105 Scientists track evolution and spread of deadly fungus, one of the world's major killers
106 A boring life--the Asiatic wild ass in the Mongolian Gobi
107 Biological diversity: Exploiters and exploited
108 Up close and personal with snakes
109 Wallowing in mud is more than just temperature control
110 Student discovers new virus lurking in cave mud
111 Popular diabetes drugs' cardiovascular side effects explained
112 Turning 'bad' fat into 'good': A future treatment for obesity?
113 80% of German pubs still allow smoking: study
114 Afghanistan worst place to be a mother: report
115 Researchers see a 'picture' of threat in the brain: Work may lead to new model of neuroinflammation
116 HIV drug could prevent cervical cancer
117 Researchers demonstrate why DNA breaks down in cancer cells
118 The mirror neuron system in autism: Broken or just slowly developing?
119 Early history of genetics revised
120 'Fatting in': Immigrant groups eat high-calorie American meals to fit in
121 Most patients recover from 'chemo-brain' by 5 years after stem cell transplant
122 Screening for hepatitis B may be cost-effective for more of the population, analysis shows
123 Researchers find increasing the number of family physicians reduces hospital readmissions
124 Peripheral venous catheters pose infection risk
125 Study reveals empirical evidence on role of intermediary firms in trade
126 Carnegie Mellon uses social networking to tap collective intelligence of online study groups
127 Ranking research
128 Employees should build reputation before using work-family programs
129 Mapping Dino Footprints in 3-D
130 Inconsistent math curricula hurting US students, study finds
131 Learning: No longer a textbook case
132 Scan of mummified remains indicates female was a teen at time of death
133 College students' use of Kindle DX points to e-reader's role in academia
134 Studies: Public favors equal custody for children of divorce
135 Endogenous proteins found in a 70-million-year-old giant marine lizard
136 'Osy' debuts as an educational mobile app