File Title
1 Scotland's first marine reserve already producing benefits
2 Lollipops with side effects
3 Port Valdez invertebrates stabilized 26 years after quake
4 Catastrophic amphibian declines have multiple causes, no simple solution
5 ISU research leads to understanding of how crops deal with stress--yield's biggest enemy
6 Canada faces obesity epidemic, legislative changes are vital
7 Developing biocontrols to contain a voracious pest
8 Prey-tell: Why Right Whales Linger in the Gulf of Maine
9 'Explosive' evolution in pupfish
10 Record number of whales, krill found in Antarctic bays
11 Identifying beaked whale foraging habitat in the tongue of the ocean, Bahamas
12 Scientists can track origin of shark fins using 'zip codes' in their DNA
13 Tropical blueberries are extreme super fruits
14 Travel hazards: 2 studies start to map pollutant threats to turtles
15 Scorpion venom--bad for bugs, good for pesticides
16 Rare Pennsylvania fungus is named for Philadelphia botanist
17 Jump in communication skills led to species explosion in electric fishes
18 Through unique eyes, box jellyfish look out to the world above the water
19 Fluctuations before the fall: Predicting and preventing environmental collapse
20 New method for measuring biomass reveals fish stocks are more stable than widely believed
21 Fish livers contain beneficial fatty acids
22 Era of canopy crane ending; certain research and education activities remain
23 Missouri elk are being reintroduced in the wrong part of the state, MU anthropologist says
24 Digging in Dirt, Arbor Day Planting, May Help Build Citizenship: UMD Study
25 Fossil sirenians give scientists new look at ancient climate
26 Novel ash analysis validates volcano no-fly zones
27 Chernobyl's radioactivity reduced the populations of birds of orange plumage
28 New "nanobead" approach could revolutionize sensor technology
29 CU-Boulder leading study of wind turbine wakes
30 Siberian hot springs reveal ancient ecology
31 Agulhas leakage fueled by global warming could stabilize Atlantic overturning circulation
32 NASA Mission Seeks to Uncover a Rainfall Mystery
33 Threading the Climate Needle: The Agulhas Current System
34 Water currents of South Africa could stabilize climate in Europe
35 Performance goals needed now for offshore wind turbine industry in US
36 Goddard Building Instrument To Study Reconnection
37 Chemical found in crude oil linked to congenital heart disease
38 Mystery solved: How sickle hemoglobin protects against malaria
39 Our own status affects the way our brains respond to others
40 Mutations in single gene may have shaped human cerebral cortex
41 Shielding body protects brain from 'shell shocking' blast injuries
42 New immigrants less likely to have premature babies in the first 5 years in Canada: Study
43 NIH study finds Avastin and Lucentis are equally effective in treating age-related macular degeneration
44 Inverting a standard experiment sometimes produces different results
45 Frequently hospitalized patients may benefit from new medical specialty focused on their needs
46 Gene therapy shows promise against age-related macular degeneration
47 The New York Stem Cell Foundation Applauds Lifting of Ban on Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
48 Researchers discover mechanism that could convert certain cells into insulin-making cells
49 US Appeals Court Opens Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research
50 Maternal obesity puts infants at risk
51 Formula-fed preemies at higher risk for dangerous GI condition than babies who get donor milk
52 Movement + academics = success
53 Chemical in plastic linked to wheezing in childhood
54 Screening very preterm infants for autism at 18 months often inaccurate
55 System in brain--target of class of diabetes drugs--linked to weight gain
56 Several baffling puzzles in protein molecular structure solved with new method
57 Grandma was right: Infants do wake up taller
58 Finding molecular targets of an HIV drug used in cancer therapy
59 Monkeys, too, can recollect what they've seen
60 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have evolved a unique chemical mechanism, new discovery reveals
61 Video captures cellular 'workhorses' in action
62 BU researchers probe link between theta rhythm and ability of animals to track location
63 Clinical trial recommends new antibiotic for treating typhoid in low income countries
64 Astronomers unveil portrait of 'super-exotic super-Earth:' Densest known rocky planet
65 Melatonin might help in controlling weight gain and preventing heart diseases associated with obesity
66 NASA's Swift and Hubble probe asteroid collision debris
67 Investigational agent shows promise in reducing spread of prostate cancer
68 Student's Prediction Points the Way to Hot, Dense Super-Earth
69 New software to support interest in extreme science
70 Errors put infants, children at risk for overdose of painkillers
71 Metal-free click polymerization of propiolates and azides
72 BPA exposure may be associated with wheezing in children
73 Solar-thermal flat-panels that generate electric power
74 Measuring the distant universe in 3-D
75 Mayo Clinic finds new genetic cause of neurodegeneration
76 New material could improve safety for first responders to chemical hazards
77 Rice University geologist leads team effort to solve mystery of the Colorado Plateau
78 Evolution in the back yard--census of 750,000 banded snails leads to surprising results
79 Out of Africa--how the fruit fly made its way in the world
80 For peacocks, the eyespots don't lie
81 Increased computer use by adolescents cause for concern
82 Mercury converted to its most toxic form in ocean waters
83 Scientists detect early warning signal for ecosystem collapse
84 Eddies found to be deep, powerful modes of ocean transport
85 Monkey recall memory mirrors that of humans
86 Louisiana Tech researcher presents on eco-friendly nanotechnology at national conference
87 Baker Institute researchers conclude Mexico could become oil importer by 2020 without new investment
88 Singapore's first locally made satellite launched into space
89 Researchers combine active proteins with material derived from fruit fly
90 New data shows half of all children with autism wander and bolt from safe places
91 Prenatal exposure to certain pesticides may negatively impact cognitive development in children
92 Prenatal exposure to common insecticide linked to decreases in cognitive functioning at age 7
93 Carnegie Mellon researchers build time machine to visually explore space and time
94 Over range of ADHD behavior, genes major force on reading achievement, environment on math
95 Risk of Accelerated Aging Seen in PTSD Patients with Childhood Trauma
96 Rice-born detector finds heaviest antimatter
97 In cap and trade fight, environmentalists had spending edge over opponents, new report finds
98 Business law expert: Legal education must respond to market forces
99 Rice bioengineering students' invention may help diagnose painful eye condition
100 Phage-hunting students publish in PLoS ONE
101 NRL Scientists Focus on Light Ions for Fast Ignition of Fusion Fuels
102 Unique AED pads give hearts a second chance
103 Discovery could change the way doctors treat patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases
104 Spanish scientific journals must raise professional standards in order to compete
105 What can movie stars tell us about marriage? That education matters, study finds
106 Dual-energy CT may be useful in evaluating the severity of gout, study suggests
107 EDs should be aware of sexually transmitted infection risk in patients
108 Race a factor in whether young women are tested for sexually transmitted infections
109 Renal cancer drug temsirolimus shows promise against mesothelioma
110 Adverse changes in sleep duration are associated with lower cognitive scores in middle-aged adults
111 Study is the first to link sleep duration to infant growth spurts
112 Child malnutrition caused by more than lack of food
113 Children held captive in smoky vehicles
114 Hard to arouse, hard to calm down
115 Little fingers, big trouble
116 Obesity in pregnancy hinders women's ability to fight infection
117 How to raise a child who doesn't bully
118 Living with a smoker may raise blood pressure in boys
119 Little fingers, big trouble: Yale study sheds light on child self-unbuckling
120 Dirty mouths lead to broken hearts
121 Zoom-up star photos poke holes in century-old astronomical theory
122 Solar power goes viral
123 NASA'S Chandra Finds New Evidence on Origin of Supernovas
124 Andromeda's coat of many colours
125 Brain regions can take short naps during wakefulness, leading to errors
126 A less painful colonoscopy
127 1918 influenza pandemic (Spanish flu): Large differences in mortality between urban and isolated rural areas
128 Good eggs: NIST nanomagnets offer food for thought about computer memories
129 2 graphene layers may be better than 1
130 NIST prototypes framework for evaluating sustainability standards
131 Severity of hepatitis C and HIV co-infection in mothers contribute to HCV transmission to child
132 Origami: Not just for paper anymore
133 Extreme testing for rotor blades
134 Crash sensor boosts safety in warehouses
135 Nanotechnologists take lessons from nature
136 TRMM Satellite sees massive thunderstorms in severe weather system