File Title
1 How fish swim: Imaging device shows contribution of fins
2 Distinguishing yourself from others
3 Titanium oxide doped with cobalt produces magnetic properties at room temperature
4 New carbon allotrope could have a variety of applications
5 Optical microscope without lenses produces high-resolution 3-D images on a chip
6 Bionic leg undergoing clinical trials
7 Google Earth maps show populations at risk near nuclear plants
8 Concrete recycling may cut highway construction cost, landfill use
9 Ultraviolet spotlight on plump stars in tiny galaxies
10 Geoscientists improve modeling of San Andreas fault
11 Dry ice lake suggests Mars once had a 'Dust Bowl' (Update)
12 Large Hadron Collider sets world record beam intensity
13 Say hello to cheaper hydrogen fuel cells: Scientists document utility of non-precious-metal catalysts
14 New study links ozone hole to climate change all the way to the equator
15 Fossil sirenians give scientists new look at ancient climate
16 Geely McCar: Electric vehicle and scooter in one
17 Team studies Earth's recovery from prehistoric global warming
18 Nature and nurture help ant societies run smoothly
19 New theory of evolution for spiral galaxy arms
20 The family that plays together stays together?
21 DNA nanoparticles to carry drugs and gene therapy
22 Scientists observe single gene activity in living cells
23 Astronomers peer into the dark
24 AMD nearly doubles profit, but still seeking CEO
25 Largest spider fossil found in China
26 Carmakers look to an electric future in China
27 Humpback whale migration as straight as an arrow
28 Researchers create functioning synapse using carbon nanotubes
29 Astronomers find 'smoking gun' of compact galaxy formation
30 Meditation may help the brain 'turn down the volume' on distractions
31 Playing pool with atoms
32 Magnetic appeal
33 Limit to nanotechnology mass-production?
34 Researchers construct RNA nanoparticles to safely deliver long-lasting therapy to cells
35 Scientists engineer nanoscale vaults to encapsulate 'nanodisks' for drug delivery
36 Researchers advance understanding of wetting of nanopatterned surfaces
37 A breakthrough on paper that's stronger than steel
38 Researchers now one step closer to controlled engineering of nanocatalysts
39 New research moves nanomedicine one step closer to reality
40 New battery produces electricity where freshwater meets saltwater
41 Engineering professor wins award for pioneering work expected to improve electronic devices
42 Nature still sets standard for nanoscience revolution
43 Diamond center defect helps scientists measure electrical fields
44 Timid and shy or bold and welcoming, water behaves in unexpected ways on surfaces
45 Primordial beryllium could reveal insights into the Big Bang
46 Primordial weirdness: Did the early universe have 1 dimension?
47 Laser sparks revolution in internal combustion engines
48 Scientists make quantum breakthrough
49 3 Questions: Why Richard Feynman's lectures still mesmerize
50 LED efficiency puzzle solved by theorists
51 Miniature invisibility 'carpet cloak' hides more than its small size implies
52 '3-D towers' of information double data storage areal density
53 Antigravity could replace dark energy as cause of Universe's expansion
54 Probing the laws of gravity: A gravity resonance method
55 Taiwan slams brake on $20bn petrochemical project
56 Pope to call space station in papal first
57 NASA prepares satellite for a new era of Earth observation
58 Hungary's toxic mud disaster leaves deep scars
59 Britain issues first smog warning of the summer
60 Chernobyl nuke cleanup to be costly for decades
61 Lifelong pursuit of the secrets of the cosmos
62 Russians 'never, ever had sex in space': official
63 Image: Alaska's Susitna Glacier
64 Science and policy can catalyze each other, EPA head says
65 Malaysia reviews safety of rare earth plant
66 Finnish robotics firm develops trash recycling robot
67 Robot to throw out first pitch at Phillies game
68 Amazon to allow libraries to lend Kindle books
69 Glasses-free 3D notebook able to display 3D, 2D content on one screen
70 S. Korean firm unveils robot playmate for kids
71 S. Korea's LG unveils 'smart fridge'
72 Robots to gauge radiation in Japan's quake-hit plant
73 Wireless webcam is easy to use, hard to beat
74 Venerable early Jaguar system retires
75 Bridgestone is demonstrating its AeroBee e-reader
76 Wii 2 goes HD?
77 Review: BlackBerry PlayBook strong, well-priced
78 Lenovo to release a 23-inch tablet PC this year?
79 iPads take a place next to crayons in kindergarten
80 Apple's iPad to remain top tablet in 2015: Gartner
81 Logitech intros iPad 2 case with built-in keyboard
82 Botnets move P2P as centrally controlled zombie networks come under fire
83 The rise of the Internet electorate
84 SDSC to venture capitalists: Data-intensive supercomputing is here
85 Batteries for the future
86 University academic lifts lid on iPhone tracking
87 With friends like these...
88 Roomba-maker iRobot clears path for robotics
89 Just because it's green doesn't make it mean
90 'Smart' power grid needed for electric vehicles
91 Samsung files lawsuits against Apple
92 Social media open up Singapore political debate
93 Your cell phone may be used against you in a court of law
94 Diamond light illuminates process of silver decay in Catalonian altarpieces
95 Early warning system for Alzheimer's disease
96 Researchers find fat turns into soap in sewers, contributes to overflows
97 Breakthrough in the search for the holy grail for data storage
98 A scratched coating heals itself quickly and easily, with light not heat (w/ video)
99 Researchers combine active proteins with material derived from fruit fly
100 Toward new medications for chronic brain diseases
101 On the way to hydrogen storage?
102 Biophysicist targeting IL-6 to halt breast, prostate cancer
103 NJIT professor develops biologically-inspired catalysis active, yet inert materials
104 Discovery of relationship between proteins may impact development of cancer therapies
105 For testing skin cream, synthetic skin may be as good as the real thing
106 Researchers discover general recipe for making antimicrobial agents that kill bacteria
107 Innovative screening method identifies possible new treatment for fatal childhood disease
108 The ultimate camo: Team to mimic camouflage skill of marine animals in high-tech materials
109 Seafloor recovery from fishing gear impacts in Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary slow, unstable
110 Earth Day? In Texas, it's for the birds
111 Australian birds with cocky attitude
112 Scotland's first marine reserve already producing benefits
113 Chimpanzee birth similar to humans: study
114 Learning to tolerate our microbial self
115 In time for spring, biologist illuminates how seedlings regulate growth
116 Evolution can cause a rapid reduction in genome size
117 Giant tortoises show rewilding can work
118 Worm studies shed light on human cancers
119 Vaccine effort targets 41 million in Americas
120 Pfizer says patient died in oral RA drug study
121 Disease claims young victims in Ivory Coast crisis
122 Over range of ADHD behavior, genes major force on reading achievement, environment on math
123 Americans turn to generic medications in 2010: report
124 Frog embryo research leads to new understanding of cardiac development
125 Study revisits first clinical trial to treat multiple sclerosis decades later
126 Study suggests way to bring stroke treatment in from the cold
127 New radioisotope will improve cancer therapy
128 Liver-cell transplants show promise in reversing genetic disease affecting liver, lungs
129 Researchers say helmet laws effective
130 Signaling pathway reveals mechanism for B cell differentiation in immune response
131 Research brings new hope of renal recovery for cancer patients
132 NY MoMath museum aims to add to math appreciation
133 Psychology professor links cultural identities, educational success
134 Religion continues to impact voter decision, study finds
135 Happiest places have highest suicide rates says new research
136 Christianity in Lord of the Rings: Would Easter fly on Middle Earth?
137 Human weaknesses to blame for financial crisis, experts say
138 Study finds news logo can affect viewer biases
139 VCU professor's research leads to an uncensored 'Dorian Gray'
140 Australopithecus Sediba could be direct ancestor of Homo
141 Evolution of human 'super-brain' tied to development of bipedalism, tool-making
142 The secret lives of boys
143 Weird Australian hammer-tooth marsupial fossil found
144 Citizens United case unlikely to end corporate speech debate