File Title
1 Deciphering the elements of iconic pottery
2 New biosensor may improve food, water safety and cancer detection
3 Like products, plants wait for optimal configuration before market success
4 Amazon puts music in the 'cloud'
5 Study shows students find personal tweets from professors makes them more credible
6 Researchers create next-generation chemical mapping on the nanoscale
7 Spiders target sexy signals from 'vibrating' insects
8 Scientists take another step towards quantum computing using flawed diamonds
9 NASA: Mars rover, phone home after yearlong sleep
10 From crankcase to gas tank: New microwave method converts used motor oil into fuel
11 Lenovo launches 'LePad' tablet in China
12 Scientists produce a crystal that could help unlock the mystery of high-temperature superconductors
13 Data storage takes an electric turn
14 Chimpanzee study sheds light on natural history of HIV
15 Biologist's work sheds light on the shape of seahorses
16 RNA-exporting machine deciphered
17 Japan brings artificial intelligence to rockets
18 China rockets to second in science publications (Update)
19 Key plant traits yield more sugar for biofuels
20 New studies sully reputation of biomass as clean and green
21 Billion-plus people to lack water in 2050: study
22 The incredible shrinking circuit
23 Study illuminates the 'pain' of social rejection
24 Twinkle, twinkle, quantum dot--new particles can change colors and tag molecules
25 Replaying our days learning in our sleep (w/ video)
26 Bones conjure Yellowstone's ecological ghosts
27 Wind can keep mountains from growing
28 Deep-sea volcanoes don't just produce lava flows, they also explode
29 Scientists observe wind-powered wheel locomotion in tiger beetle larvae (w/ video)
30 Mothers' hard work pays off with big brains for their babies
31 First practical nanogenerator produces electricity with pinch of the fingers
32 A versatile high-sensitivity surface stress membrane sensor
33 Hand-held NMR instrument yields rapid analysis of human tumors
34 Biodegradable biopolymer nanoparticles hold promise for twin attack on breast cancer
35 Memory device holds key to green gadgets
36 Catching cancer with carbon nanotubes
37 Therapeutic nanoparticles targeted to radiation treated tumors
38 'Nano-bricks' may help build better packaging to keep foods fresher longer
39 Heavy metals open path to high temperature nanomagnets
40 Dutch researchers identify huge potential of nanocrystals in fuel cells
41 Small and stable ferroelectric domains
42 Novel energy-band model for semiconducting spintronics material gallium manganese arsenide
43 New fundamental limitation restricts position accuracy of quantum objects
44 Quantum explanation for how we smell gets new support
45 New laser technology prepares to revolutionize communications
46 MIT professor wins first JSA Outstanding Nuclear Physics Award
47 Physicists first to observe rare particles produced at the Large Hadron Collider
48 Electron resonances could greatly enhance the response of optical chip photodetectors
49 New lens doubles the resolution of conventional microscopes
50 Spallation Neutron Source user finds 'perfect instrument' for materials research
51 Interaction of free falling copper droplets with heated substrates
52 Physics could help financial traders
53 Satellites show effect of 2010 drought on Amazon forests
54 How plants absorb pollutants
55 Improve crop yield by removing manure solids
56 Manure runoff depends on soil texture
57 Nature paper calls for carbon labeling
58 Some ingredients in 'green' products come from petroleum rather than natural sources
59 Image: Make a wish from space
60 Radiation from Japan detected in Cleveland
61 Post-oil transport needs 1.5-trillion-euro overhaul: EU
62 Toshiba shows USB mobile LCD monitor
63 Nintendo ready to take 3-D gaming to mass market
64 Apple sets new operating systems for iPhone, Mac
65 Asus launches Android-powered tablet
66 Apple iPad 2 on sale in 25 countries
67 Big queues for iPad 2 in Australia
68 iMobot rolls, crawls and creeps
69 TEROOS: a shoulder mounted robot for the really there experience
70 Watch industry gets smartphones to keep wristwatches ticking
71 20 petaflops: New supercomputer for Oak Ridge facility to regain speed lead over the Chinese
72 A more stealthy robot may be hearing you soon
73 China, Germany move ahead on clean energy: study
74 Making liquid power
75 Voice-based cell-phone system: Improving the lives of farmers in the developing world?
76 Bloggers join hands to create Japan 'Quakebook'
77 Optimum use of wave energy using oscillating water column system
78 Nokia files new patent violation complaint against Apple
79 Amazon planning online storage: report
80 China's Sina drops Google search service
81 Australian PM's computer hacked: report
82 American Express makes digital wallets
83 EU regulators pressure states over TV laws
84 Middle East censors wield Western software: report
85 SC lawmakers take a dim view of new light bulbs
86 Sprint wants AT&T, T-Mobile deal blocked
87 Updating the Mary Poppins solution with a better bitter blocker
88 Cancer is a p53 protein aggregation disease
89 Mimicking Mother Nature yields promising materials for drug delivery, other applications
90 New insight into how 'tidying up' enzymes work
91 Taming the flame: Electrical wave 'blaster' could provide new way to extinguish fires
92 'Green' cars could be made from pineapples and bananas
93 Signal uncovered to help control when stem cells become fat cells
94 Layered metallic hydroxide crystals traps carbon dioxide gas at elevated temperatures
95 Biosensors: Hormonal attractions
96 Protein biologists find new chink in staph's armor
97 Patterns found in laboratory spark insight into nature and society
98 Global water experiment will celebrate the International Year of Chemistry 2011
99 Treadmill tests for poison frogs prove toxic species are more physically fit
100 Virus-eating virus identified in Antarctic lake
101 Calculating livestock numbers by weather and climate
102 Horse blind date could lead to loss of foal
103 Queen's University issues stark warning for the Irish hare
104 Bid to ban cloned foods in Europe collapses
105 How do plants fight disease?
106 Kids with asthma need more help with inhalers
107 New cancer drug discovered at U-M heads to clinical trials
108 Health care IT providers need to do more to solicit user feedback
109 Skills training can improve responses to disclosures of trauma
110 Babies who sleep with smoker parents exhibit high nicotine levels
111 Mothers abused during childhood at risk for having low birth weight babies
112 Seeing and experiencing violence makes aggression 'normal' for children
113 Free phone app helped doctors perform better in simulated cardiac emergency
114 Scientists find cause of fatal inflammation of the heart muscle
115 Automated colonoscopy reminder system is effective, especially in minority populations
116 New study identifies those most at risk of mental health problems following exposure to earthquake
117 Antioxidant formula prior to radiation exposure may prevent DNA injury
118 What choice do we have?
119 Moderate sleep and less stress may help with weight loss
120 Gene is linked to colon cancer when folate's low
121 An ancient, complex game examined
122 Japan earthquake, tsunami spell need for preparedness
123 Multiculturalism 'not to blame' for failed sense of community
124 Humans more diverse than we allow
125 China set to outstrip US in science research output
126 Unlocking the secrets of Heritage Smells
127 Kidney close-up: Scientists' prize-winning images rich with detail, data
128 Research explores why ancient civilization was 'livin' on the edge'
129 Explained: rad, rem, sieverts, becquerels
130 Video skilled the students so far
131 Demographics cloud optimism on black violent crime decrease
132 Math meets music