File Title
1 Yahoo plans to keep search records for 18 months
2 AIDS prevention pill study halted; no benefit seen
3 Private Spaceship Builders Split Nearly $270 Million in NASA Funds
4 Feds pledge $2.1B loan for Calif. solar project
5 Google invests $100 million in wind energy
6 Five Tablet Computer Myths, Busted Open
7 S&P threatens to cut U.S. credit rating on deficit
8 Pentagon inquiry clears McChrystal of wrongdoing
9 AP IMPACT: Asia nuclear reactors face tsunami risk
10 LA Times wins Pulitzer for exposing big salaries
11 Obama's tax return: Income down--to $1.7 million
12 Health officials stymied in porn investigation
13 Moms killing kids not nearly as rare as we think
14 Another Unthinkable Act of a Mother Killing Herself and Her Kids
15 North Korea stages biggest magic show ever
16 Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy products
17 Buy Your iPad 2 at Toys R Us with Girls Getting Dolls
18 Adobe Platform Will Stream Videos To Apple's iPad
19 Jennifer Egan wins fiction Pulitzer Prize
20 Author of New Book Demonstrates the Importance of Veterans Continuing to Serve in Their Communities
21 Parents Want Genetic Testing for Kids: Study
22 Most Parents Would Genetically Screen Their Children
23 Do Retirees Need Financial Advisers?
24 One in five European kids dodge Facebook age limit: survey
25 NASA awards nearly $270 million to 4 companies
26 Electric cars: night-time charging better--study
27 AP Enterprise: BP is looking strong a year later
28 iPads for Kindergarteners: Experts Applaud District's Decision
29 Scientists: Gulf health nearly at pre-spill level
30 AP Interview: Branson says island may save lemurs
31 Branson to work as stewardess after losing bet
32 15-state tornado outbreak deadliest since 2008
33 Mystery illnesses plague Louisiana oil spill crews
34 NASA awards funds to develop commercial space taxis
35 Private Spaceship Builders Split Nearly $270 Million in NASA Funds
36 Ancient Herders' Walls Guided Gazelles to Mass Slaughter
37 Guards, guns secure Egypt's ancient treasures again
38 Nissan to fix software glitch in electric car
39 Daimler, Bosch in electric car joint venture
40 Texas gov.: State drivers should think electric
41 5 Reasons to Hold Off Buying an iPad 2
42 KakaoTalk for Android offers free multimedia messaging worldwide
43 Sheriff faces meth charge in state ravaged by drug
44 West wants military, aid action to end Libya crisis
45 A tax reform slam dunk
46 Super rich see federal taxes drop dramatically
47 Odd work schedules pose risk to health
48 Nigerian leader wins presidential poll amid riots
49 Scramble to rescue refugees trapped in Libya's Misrata
50 UN: 34 killed in Iraqi raid on Iranian exile camp
51 Arizona gov. vetoes presidential 'birther' bill
52 Republican legislative gains tug nation to right
53 A taxpayer receipt: Calculate exactly where your tax dollars go
54 How Libya Saps America's Power
55 Notre Dame: No one to blame in student's death
56 12 Iranian engineers kidnapped in Afghanistan
57 Ahmadinejad accuses US of creating Iran, Arab tension
58 S.F. Fairmont Hotel condo plan collapses
59 FAA gives tired controllers an extra hour to rest
60 Do Immune System Ills Help Drive Type 2 Diabetes?
61 Hospitalization May Cause Temporary Memory Problems for Seniors
62 Hooked on Addiction: From Food to Drugs to Internet Porn
63 Americans reluctant to share sex, work details on web
64 Wrestlers' Quick Weight Loss May Cause Mental Confusion
65 Boston Marathon's Oldest Runner: After Cancer and Two Wars, a Race Is Nothing
66 Ovarian cancer starts elsewhere: study
67 What leads gay, straight teens to attempt suicide?
68 Surgeon resigns leadership post over editorial
69 Obesity, diabetes: expanding India faces big problem
70 Malaysia report cards to grade students on weight
71 Study doubts anti-aging claims for DHEA
72 World's First Known Toothache Revealed in Ancient Reptile
73 Ticketmaster rolls out 'dynamic' ticket pricing
74 Poor Diet Linked to Early Signs of Heart Risks in Obese Kids
75 Low Glucose Levels May Raise Death Risk Among Older People
76 Health Tip: You Don't Have to Run to Get Runner's Knee
77 10 Best Places for Older Employees
78 Medvedev says 2.5 mn Russians are drug addicts
79 Top court hears Microsoft appeal on i4i patent
80 Syrian activists begin sit-in for Assad ouster
81 Should a School Dictate What Your Child Eats for Lunch?
82 Putin dons hockey skates in latest fitness stunt
83 Lifestyle Changes Can Slash Blood Fat Levels, Experts Say
84 An Apple a Day Keeps Cholesterol at Bay?
85 The World's 50 Best Restaurants: How a List Got Big
86 Syrian forces fire at protesters, unrest intensifies
87 Syria vows to suppress 'armed revolt' as protesters dig in
88 US 'very concerned' about Syria regime after deaths
89 Chicago School Homemade Lunch Ban Prompts Hot Lunch Questions
90 Chicago school bans homemade lunches, the latest in national food fight
91 Devices take lead in future heart disease battle
92 Egypt Islamists defiant over Christian governor
93 Obama to hold meeting on immigration reform
94 FAA suspends 2 for movie watching while on duty
95 Calif. sets nation's highest renewable power goals
96 Obama pledges federal aid, lauds tornado hero
97 Nigerian president urges unity after election riots
98 FAA suspends 2 for movie watching while on duty
99 Jonathan declared winner of Nigeria vote
100 Biden says 'great concern' over Darfur security
101 Asian markets slump after US debt warning