File Title
1 Speeding Up the Healing Process
2 A Cheap, Portable Wound-Healing Device
3 Inflatable Device Stops the Bleeding
4 Synthetics Stop the Bleeding
5 Nanohealing Material Heads to Market
6 Stopping Battlefield Bleeding
7 Faster-Healing Artificial Skin
8 Spraying on Skin Cells to Heal Burns
9 How to Heal Wounds Faster
10 Watson Goes to Work in the Hospital
11 Can an Algorithm Spot the Next Google?
12 An Up-Close View of Schizophrenia
13 Reprogrammed Stem Cells Work on Parkinson's
14 Skin Cells Turned into Brain Cells
15 How Down Syndrome Stops Cancer
16 Potential Treatment for Down Syndrome
17 Predicting Drug Response from Brain Waves
18 More Do-It-Yourself Medical Tests
19 The Case for Moving U.S. Nuclear Fuel to Dry Storage
20 A Call for the Safer Handling of Nuclear Waste
21 Cleaner Nuclear Power?
22 The Big Dangers Still Faced at Fukushima
23 Questions Over the Design of Fukushima Nuclear Plant
24 Fukushima's Spreading Impact
25 Reactors for the Middle East
26 Better Control for Fusion Power
27 A New Approach to Fusion
28 The World's Biggest Laser Powers Up
29 Building the World's Most Powerful Laser
30 New Test Spots Infections in Hours, Rather than Days
31 Just How Green Is Natural Gas?
32 A Cheaper, Safer Way to Move Natural Gas
33 Natural Gas: Tapping an Unconventional Source
34 Natural Gas to Gasoline
35 Turning Gas Flares into Fuel
36 Better Gas-to-Methanol Catalyst
37 Mining "Ice That Burns"
38 Turning Natural Gas Green
39 The New Money
40 Rethinking the Syringe
41 Semipermanent Tattoos
42 Time Lens Speeds Optical Data
43 Achieving Fiber-Optic Speeds over Copper Lines
44 Dark Pulses from Quantum-Dot Laser
45 Palm-Size NMR
46 Magnetic Spin to Revolutionize Medical Scanning
47 New Compound Improves MRI Contrast Agents
48 MRI for Viruses
49 Rapid TB Detector
50 TR10: Atomic Magnetometers
51 Disappearing Act
52 The Science of a Sparkling Shave
53 A Detailed Gene Map of the Human Brain
54 A Smart-Phone Camera that Offers More than Megapixels
55 Why New Link Shortener Stands Out
56 How Solitons Explain the Puzzling Behavior of Phages
57 Online Tracking Bill of Rights Meets Wave of Gripes
58 Reprogrammable Chips Could Enable Instant Gadget Upgrades
59 High-Speed Evolution Aids Drug Development
60 Sensor Data up for Grabs
61 Dark matter no-show confronts supersymmetry
62 Women with high male hormone levels face sport ban
63 Graphene turns spin doctor
64 The peppered moth's dark genetic past revealed
65 Dinosaur predators hunted in the dark
66 Are larger earthquakes a sign of the times?
67 Natural gas greenhouse emissions study draws fire
68 Size doesn't always matter for peacocks
69 Nanofiber Spheres Carrying Cells Injected Into Wounds to Grow Tissue
70 Bone-Munching Worms from the Deep Sea Thrive on Fish Bones
71 Successful Strategy Developed to Regenerate Blood Vessels
72 Celestial Fireworks from Dying Stars
73 Hydrocarbons Deep Within Earth: New Computational Study Reveals How
74 Long-Sought Fossil Mammal With Transitional Middle Ear
75 Successful Blueprints Are Recycled by Evolution, Study Suggests
76 Neurological Basis for Embarrassment Described
77 Solar Activity Heats Up: Sunspots Finally Return
78 Africa the Birthplace of Human Language, Analysis Suggests
79 Key to Personalized Cancer Medicine Unlocked Using Tumor Metabolism
80 MRI May Help Detect Alzheimer's at Early Stage, Study Suggests
81 Vitamin D May Help Reduce Heart Risk in African-Americans
82 Combined Use of Three Markers for Kidney Disease May Help Predict Risk of Kidney Failure, Death
83 Doctors Lax in Monitoring Potentially Addicting Drugs, Study Suggests
84 Forest Byproducts, Shells May Be Key to Removing Radioactive Contaminants from Drinking Water
85 Search for Dark Matter Moves One Step Closer to Detecting Elusive Particle
86 Lights and Flat-Panel Displays: Researchers 'Brighten' the Future of Organic Light-Emitting Diode Technology
87 DNA Nanoforms: Miniature Architectural Forms--Some No Larger Than Viruses--Constructed Through DNA Origami
88 Solar Power Without Solar Cells: A Hidden Magnetic Effect of Light Could Make It Possible
89 Humpback Whale Songs Spread Eastward Like the Latest Pop Tune
90 Recent Census in War-Torn DR Congo Finds Gorillas Have Survived, Even Increased
91 Polluted Air Leads to Disease by Promoting Widespread Inflammation
92 Algae Could Replace 17 Percent of US Oil Imports, Study Finds
93 New Therapeutic Target for Asthma, COPD and Other Lung Disorders Identified
94 Sugarcane Cools Climate, Study Finds
95 Probiotic May Reduce Rate of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Women, Study Suggests
96 Why Ancient Mayan Communities Were 'Living on the Edge' of What Is Now a Massive Wetland
97 Crash Rates May Be Higher for Teen Drivers Who Start School Earlier in the Morning
98 Artificial Pancreas May Improve Overnight Control of Diabetes in Adults
99 Experimental Drug Inhibits Cell Signaling Pathway and Slows Ovarian Cancer Growth
100 Non-Cardiac Surgery: Safe for Patients With Heart Device, Study Finds
101 Path to Potential Therapy for NF2, a Rare Tumor Disorder
102 Blood Test Could Predict Metastasis Risk in Melanoma, Study Finds
103 Mortality Rate Is Increased in Persons With Autism Who Also Have Epilepsy, Study Finds
104 L-Lysine May Help Schizophrenia Sufferers Cope
105 Higher Chronic Cerebral Venous Insufficiency Prevalence Confirmed in MS, but Meaning of Findings Remains Unclear
106 Inability to Detect Sarcasm, Lies May Be Early Sign of Dementia, Study Shows
107 Why Does Brain Development Diverge from Normal in Autism Spectrum Disorders?
108 The Heat Is On: Zeroing in on Energy Consumption of Ice Makers
109 Compassion, Not Sanctions, Is Best Response to Workplace Anger
110 Stroke Survival Among Seniors Better in Sociable Neighborhoods
111 People Know When First Impressions Are Accurate
112 Vegetarians May Be at Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke
113 Vanilla: Preserving a World Favorite Flavor
114 Safer Treatment for Millions Suffering from Trypanosome Parasite Infection
115 Biochemist Uses Computer Models to Study Protein Involved With Cancer, Aging and Chronic Disease
116 Non-Lethal Way of Switching Off Essential Genes in Mice Perfected
117 Dietary Yeast Extracts Tested as Alternative to Antibiotics in Poultry
118 Ocean Front Is Energetic Contributor to Mixing, Data Shows
119 Miniature Sensors to Measure the Ocean
120 Invasive Mussels Causing Massive Ecological Changes in Great Lake
121 Earth's Dust and Plankton from Space: New Views from Envisat Satellite
122 GPS Data Used to Model Effects of Tidal Loads on Earth's Surface
123 Paleontologists Audition Modern Examples of Ancient Behavior
124 The Eyes Have It: Dinosaurs Hunted by Night
125 Weak Evidence for Word-Order Universals: Language Not as 'Innate' as Thought?
126 First 3-D Topographic Map of Early Maya City 'Head of Stone' Delineates Ancient Buildings
127 Loch Fossils Show Life Harnessed Sun and Sex Early on
128 Best-Ever Look at Pulsars: LOFAR Takes the Pulse of the Radio Sky
129 Toward a 'Green Grid' for Delivering Solar and Wind-Based Electricity
130 Fast-Rotating Asteroid Winks for Astronomer's Camera
131 WISE Delivers Millions of Galaxies, Stars, Asteroids
132 NASA's Next Generation Space Telescope Marks Key Milestone
133 Introducing the World's First Intubation Robot
134 Recipe for Radioactive Compounds Aids Nuclear Waste and Fuel Storage Pools Studies
135 New Elastic Material Changes Color in UV Light
136 Novel Ionic Liquid Batteries
137 A Bicycle Built for None: Riderless Bike Helps Researchers Learn How Balance Rolls Along
138 New Spin on Graphene Makes It Magnetic
139 Scientists Give Computers 'Hindsight' to Anticipate the Future: Useful in Online Auctions
140 First Comprehensive Gene Map of the Human Brain: More Than 90 Percent Similarity Among Humans
141 Toward a Computer Model of the Brain: New Technique Poised to Untangle Brain's Complexity
142 Better Lasers for Optical Communications