File Title
1 Archeologists dig for secrets in Mexico tunnel
2 Race to save Buddhist relics in former Bin Laden camp
3 Artifact Staining Leaves Chemical Questions
4 Anglo-Saxon 7th Century plough coulter found in Kent
5 In search of Genghis Khan's tomb
6 9000 years of drifting sand in Norway
7 Neanderthals: Bad luck and its part in their downfall
8 German archaeologists find 7,500-year-old houses under farmer's field in Saxony
9 Bamboo tool-making study shines light on East Asia's Stone Age tool scarcity
10 University archaeologists start Tregaron elephant dig
11 How the Civil War Changed Modern Medicine
12 'Gay Caveman' not definitely gay nor caveman, say archaeologists
13 Bones of Leper Warrior Found in Medieval Cemetery
14 iPads at Pompeii: new technology for old
15 Rare copperplate inscriptions found in Ahmednagar
16 Largest archaeological survey of Gallipoli uncovers dozens of artefacts
17 Shakespeare's last home is focus of archaeological dig
18 Scientists speak out to discredit 'gay caveman' media reports
19 Archaeologists try to unlock ANZAC battlefield secrets
20 How Civil War Photography Changed War
21 Archaeologists Uncover Evidence of a Minoan Presence Among Ancient Canaanites
22 Japan nuclear crisis 'over in nine months'
23 Cameron: Libya UN resolution makes mission 'difficult'
24 Egypt: Former PM Ahmed Nazif and ministers face trials
25 Cuba President Raul Castro seeks 10-year term limits
26 Drugs lose effectiveness in space
27 TeloVac pancreatic cancer vaccine trial launched in UK
28 Internet mistake reveals UK nuclear submarine secrets
29 Fogel murders: Israel arrests two Palestinian teenagers
30 Creation of International Centre for the Study of Machu Picchu and Inca Culture
31 Priceless Egyptian Treasures Returned
32 Jordan creates online archaeology treasure trove
33 Craft, churches and charcoal
34 Rising above the Acropolis--Constellation "Draco" signalled beginning of Athenian athletic festival new research shows
35 Was Eurasia a stone's throw for early humans?
36 3-D map of Guatemala's 'Head of stone' confirms size, location of ancient buildings
37 Carbon dating identifies South America's oldest textiles
38 Golden phallic find in Norfolk
39 Legendary Saints Were Real, Buried Alive, Study Hints
40 Africa the Birthplace of Human Language, Study Says
41 Tyrannical Roman Emperor's Home Reconstructed
42 Maya Mystery Solved by "Important" Volcanic Discovery?
43 Ancient 'debit card' discovered in Saxony-Anhalt
44 Maya Collapse and Modern Society
45 3-D map of Guatemala's "Head of Stone" confirms ancient buildings
46 Animal deaths in BP spill possibly greatly underestimated: study
47 From brain science, new questions about free will
48 Little grains bombarded early Earth relentlessly, study finds
49 World money meltdown can start in surprising places, physicists say
50 Long lost cousin of T. rex identified
51 Get them some sleep, scientists say of young delinquents
52 Ancient life liked it hot, acidic, study finds
53 Societies evolve a bit like creatures, study finds
54 Newfound asteroid is companion to Earth, scientists say
55 Report of ancient meat-fest by human ancestors disputed
56 Comet had watery past, scientists find
57 Bars may kill spiral galaxies
58 Global warming could clobber food production: UN
59 Forests detectable even in distant solar systems, scientists suggest
60 Political views reflected in brain structure, scientists find
61 Why do men use silly pickup lines?
62 Docs' own treatment choices differ from what they advise patients, study finds
63 Dogs can learn to recognize smiles, study finds
64 Tiny bugs have own personalities despite being clones, scientists say
65 Music making may help keep mind in tune in old age
66 It's not torture if it's happening to someone else? Studies probe our hidden biases
67 Ambitious search fails to find dark matter
68 So Long, Stardust: NASA's Comet Chaser Finally Retires
69 5 Wild Flying Turbines
70 Wave Power: 5 Bright Ideas to Capture the Ocean's Energy
71 Forty Years Later, Apollo Astronauts Look Back on the Lunar Rover
72 The Tech Behind the New SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket
73 Astronaut John Glenn on the Future of Space Programs
74 How Japan Reacted to the Fukushima Emergency
75 Up in the Air: How Flying Turbines Will Change Wind Power
76 Women more likely to self-medicate
77 Filtering out pesticides with E. coli
78 Sleep strategy used by night nurses throws off their circadian clocks
79 N/A
80 Recent census in war-torn DR Congo finds gorillas have survived, even increased
81 Study suggests enzyme crucial to DNA replication may provide potent anti-cancer drug target
82 Jurassic Park Had it Right: Some Dinosaurs Hunted by Night
83 Population-based study confirms parental alcoholism carries risk for offspring to develop the same
84 Drinking energy beverages mixed with alcohol may be riskier than drinking alcohol alone
85 Safety of stored blood among chief concerns for transfusion medicine community
86 Jefferson researchers unlock key to personalized cancer medicine using tumor metabolism
87 Secrets of a precision protein machine
88 Blood test could predict metastasis risk in melanoma
89 Nationwide study finds US meat and poultry is widely contaminated
90 NIH researchers complete whole-exome sequencing of skin cancer
91 FDA approves the NovoTTF-100A system for the treatment of patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) brain tumors
92 Molecular messages from the antennae
93 Human rules may determine environmental 'tipping points'
94 Wistar researchers follow a path to a potential therapy for NF2, a rare tumor disorder
95 When it comes to carbon footprints, location and lifestyle matter
96 Low-cost molecular medicine should be included in modern eye physicians' tool kit
97 Sugarcane cools climate
98 Successful strategy developed to regenerate blood vessels
99 Researchers get a first look at the mechanics of membrane proteins
100 Polarized microscopy technique shows new details of how proteins are arranged
101 La Jolla Institute identifies new therapeutic target for asthma, COPD and other lung disorders
102 A chance discovery may revolutionize hydrogen production
103 A bicycle built for none: Riderless bike helps researchers learn how balance rolls along
104 New spin on graphene
105 Tourette Syndrome: non-drug therapy to reduce tics
106 UCSF team describes neurological basis for embarrassment
107 The heat is on: NIST zeroes in on energy consumption of ice makers
108 Toward a more efficient use of solar energy
109 University of Toronto researchers 'brighten' the future of OLED technology
110 Studies of marine animals aim to help prevent rejection of transplanted organs
111 Inability to Detect Sarcasm, Lies May Be Early Sign of Dementia, UCSF Study Shows
112 Recipe for radioactive compounds aids nuclear waste and fuel storage pools studies
113 N/A
114 Hydrocarbons in the deep earth
115 Caltech researchers use GPS data to model effects of tidal loads on Earth's surface
116 Researchers link alcohol-dependence impulsivity to brain anomalies
117 A safer treatment could be realized for millions suffering from parasite infection
118 NRL Scientists Demonstrate Novel Ionic Liquid Batteries
119 The Watched Pot and Fast CMEs
120 Search for Dark Matter Narrowed by New Data From XENON100
121 Health care-associated infections are exacerbated by alcohol use disorders
122 Non-cardiac surgery: Safe for patients with heart device
123 Genital herpes more virulent in Africa than in US
124 Crash rates may be higher for teen drivers who start school earlier
125 Study examines new treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections
126 Large study finds ICS therapy reduces pneumonia mortality
127 Mortality rate is increased in persons with autism who also have epilepsy
128 Childhood eczema and hay fever leads to adult allergic asthma
129 SLU Neurosurgeon Pushes Brain Bypass to New Heights
130 N/A
131 Twitter and natural disasters
132 New patient guidelines for heart devices
133 Researchers inject nanofiber spheres carrying cells into wounds to grow tissue
135 Researchers Advance Toward Hybrid Spintronic Computer Chips
136 New DNA nanoforms take shape
137 University of Granada researchers make the first bioartificial organ in Spain
138 Researchers Create Elastic Material That Changes Color In UV Light
139 Scientists Finely Control Methane Combustion to Get Different Products
140 N/A
141 Sharpened focus: Improving the numbers, utility of medical imaging
142 University of Missouri researcher works with carbon fiber to reinforce buildings; protect from explosion
143 N/A
144 Wikipedia a reliable source for political info, study says
145 Why does a moving bicycle not fall over? TU Delft casts aside some old theories
146 Introducing the world's first intubation robot
147 Ride-sharing for road freight