File Title
1 Instant evolution in whiteflies: Just add bacteria
2 New model of whiskers provides insight into sense of touch
3 Rethinking reprogramming: A new way to make stem cells
4 Political views are reflected in brain structure
5 Through evolution, cavefish have lost sleep
6 Physically active moms-to-be give babies a head start on heart health
7 Scripps Research scientists find E. coli enzyme must move to function
8 Editing-molecule mutation causes fatal primordial dwarfism
9 Scientists have new measure for species threat
10 Is beauty found in the whites of the eyes? 'Red eyes' associated with the sad and unattractive
11 High-profile panel to address causes, consequences of the politicization of science
12 If plants generate magnetic fields, they're not sayin'
13 UMMS researchers develop new technology to screen and analyze genetic mutations
14 Soy increases effectiveness of radiation at killing lung cancer, Wayne State study shows
15 Bamboo tool-making study shines light on East Asia's Stone Age tool scarcity
16 Ancient fossils hold clues for predicting future climate change, scientists report
17 UMD Solar Decathlon Team Unveils 'WaterShed'
18 Bioengineering with vetiver grass
19 A world first: The discovery of a common genetic cause of autism and epilepsy
20 People control thoughts better when they see their brain activity: UBC study
21 UC Riverside entomologists propose pesticide-free method to increase egg production
22 Dopamine controls formation of new brain cells
23 Scripps Research scientists find 'dual switch' regulates fat formation
24 Biologist Belovsky's paper offers new insights into predator/prey relationships
25 Outsmarting cancer cells: SLU scientists learn how they spread
26 Placing value, price on new drugs: The challenge facing new UK policy, say Hopkins bioethicists
27 MIT biologists pinpoint a genetic change that helps tumors move to other parts of the body
28 Seeing rice with X-rays may improve crop yields
29 New device promises safer way to deliver powerful drugs
30 Nano Fit-ness: Helping Enzymes Stay Active and Keep in Shape
31 Researchers present new findings on cancer and gene therapy
32 At EB2011: The role of metabolism in disease
33 What's coming next in the biochemical battle of the bulge?
34 Findings may help keep pancreatic disease off the menu
35 Fukushima-related measurements by the CTBTO
36 NASA Telescopes Join Forces to Observe Unprecedented Explosion
37 Breakthrough Study Confirms Cause of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts
38 Center to revolutionize chemical manufacture is open for business
39 Nanoparticles increase biofuel performance
40 Penn Research Advances Understanding of Lead Selenide Nanowires
41 MLD Test Moves Navy a Step Closer to Lasers for Ship Self-Defense
42 Most patients stop drugs for essential tremor after deep brain stimulation surgery
43 VitaKine platelet cell therapy from bioparadox improves cardiac function after heart attack
44 Welders may be at increased risk for brain damage
45 OHSU Primate Center's Ovarian Cancer Finding May be a "Win-Win" for At-Risk Women Who Wish to Have a Family
46 Treatment for depression a long-term solution
47 Warning labels better than a fat tax, University of Alberta study shows
48 Long-term study shows that kidney transplants are faring better than previously reported
49 Stanford/Boston VA team develop new clinical trial approach to reduce time, costs of many studies
50 Digestive experts grade treatment options for inflammatory bowel disease
51 Atherosclerotic plaques formed during a late and limited time period in life
52 Late diagnosis is major factor in hospital cancer deaths
53 Effects of a large reduction in alcohol prices on mortality in Finland
54 Research shows blood protein levels may predict risk of a cardiovascular event: Study
55 High levels of toxic compounds found on coasts of West Africa
56 Micro aircraft IMPULLS improves avionic systems and sensors
57 Replacing batteries may become a thing of the past, thanks to 'soft generators'
58 Common nanoparticles found to be highly toxic to Arctic ecosystem
59 Livermore researchers develop battery-less chemical detector
60 Under pressure: Germanium
61 Low fertilizer use drives deforestation in West Africa, imperils REDD implementation says new study
62 Researcher doggedly pursues new treatments for traumatic brain injury patients in coma
63 SLIDE SHOW: UC's 'Paperless' Research to be Highlighted at International Conference
64 Climate Change Poses Major Risks for Unprepared Cities
65 Monitoring System Warns of Slippery Slopes
66 Technique for letting brain talk to computers now tunes in speech
67 Unprepared cities vulnerable to climate change
68 Dawn Approaches Asteroid Vesta
69 Newly Discovered Asteroid Is Earth's Companion
70 Vesta: Asteroid or planet?
71 When Is An Asteroid Not An Asteroid
72 Gagarin's 108 minute voyage to immortality
73 Russian space chief to step down: deputy PM
74 Former Cosmonaut Offers First-Hand Account Of The Death Of Yury Gagarin
75 A Fallen Giant: The Soviet Space Industry
76 Russia To Get New Spaceport
77 Soyuz Launch Site Ready For First Flight
78 Soviet Space Program: Myth And Reality
79 Russia, Israel Agree On Cooperation In Outer Space
80 Russia's New Angara Rockets To Be Test Launched Before 2014
81 Minister Attacks Russian Space Agency Over Failure To Build New Spacecraft
82 Proud Russia marks 50 years since Gagarin triumph
83 For NASA's Aquarius, Quest For Salt A Global Endeavor
84 SeaWiFS' Thirteen Years Of Observing Our Home Planet
85 Arctic Ice Gets A Check Up
86 Russian Space Agency Events Unchanged As Chief's Retirement Announced
87 Key dates in the history of space exploration
88 Life And Physical Sciences Research Program Helps Human Space Missions
89 Witnesses Say Future Of NASA Human Space Flight Is Uncertain
90 Spaceship 'Gagarin' docks with ISS
91 Breakthrough Study Confirms Cause Of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts
92 Cosmic burst in distant galaxy puzzles NASA
93 INTEGRAL Discovers Gamma Rays Originating From Black Hole Jets
94 Light Dawns On Dark Gamma-ray Bursts
95 Neutron Stars May Be Too Weak To Power Some Gamma-Ray Bursts
96 Fermi Detects Gamma-Rays From Exploding Nova
97 Clues To Origin Of Mysterious Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts
98 Project Morpheus To Begin Testing At NASA's Johnson Space Center
99 NASA Announces Winners Of 18th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race
100 German Instrument GREAT Begins Its Scientific Observations On Board SOFIA
101 NSF Will Transfer Prototype Radio Antenna To CfA
102 The Shape-Shifting Southern Vortex Of Venus
103 Venus probe may get 2nd chance soon
104 Possible new elementary particle described
105 Getting To Know One Of The Four Fundamental Forces Of The Universe
106 Bright Fireball Leads To Meteorite Search In Tennessee
107 Scientists Find New Type Of Mineral In Historic Meteorite
108 What's Hitting Earth
109 NASA Telescopes Join Forces To Observe Unprecedented Explosion
110 The Art Of Making Stars
111 Deep-Space Travel Could Create Heart Woes For Astronauts
112 First Consistent Geological Interpretation Of East Africa Rift System
113 Two Dying Stars Reborn As One
114 Next Mars Rover Nears Completion
115 Mars In Spain
116 Time Is Now For Human Mission To Mars
117 Getting Closer To Mars
118 A New Space Policy For Europe
119 The Benefits Of Space Exploration
120 Smiling In Space
121 Me-Too-Ism Is Alive, But Not Well
122 Jugnu Set To Go Into Space In June
123 ILS And Melco Announce Contract For Launch Of Turksat Satellites
124 Japan nuclear leak and tap water
125 Space Programs Can Improve Regional Stability And Prosperity
126 Primordial dust forms cosmic fairy floss
127 Climate beliefs change with the weather
128 Study finds political views hard-wired
129 Research cuts will create 'brain drain'
130 Researchers may have found 'new force'
131 Visionary scientists grow proto-eye
132 Illusion shakes vision science theory
133 Oldest flying insect fossil find
134 Technology helps tame 'black dog'
135 Humanised cow's milk has cloudy future
136 Busy roads linked to early births
137 Colourful surprise in cockatoo's tree
138 Kepler star trio find is mystery to astroseismologists
139 New York set to be big loser as sea levels rise
140 Tevatron accelerator yields hints of new particle
141 New warning on Arctic sea ice melt
142 By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News
143 1,800 monitor lizards seized by Thailand customs
144 Too many men 'unconcerned' about weight health risks
145 Brain waves from thoughts of sounds used to move cursor
146 Thunderstorm numbers calculated
147 Japan: Powerful aftershock leaves three dead
148 Japan quake: Nitrogen pumped into nuclear reactor
149 Climate 'technical fix' may yield warming, not cooling
150 Wales to DNA 'barcode' plants
151 Destination Titan: Touching a distant world
152 Europe at Mars: Are we nearly there yet?
153 Yuri Gagarin: Memories of first spaceman's UK tour
154 What caused Britain's Bronze Age 'recession'?
155 Europe must stand tall on space science
156 How astronaut training has changed
157 Collectors threaten world's carnivorous plants
158 Motorbiking in Southeast Asia
159 Australian rats scurry to desert en masse after rains
160 Israeli new missile defence in action
161 Why did LOL infiltrate the language?
162 Weddings rings: Have men always worn them?
163 Syrian city of Deraa hit by deadly clashes
164 Libya: NATO 'regrets' loss of life from Ajdabiya strike
165 Drinking over recommended limit 'raises cancer risk'
166 Sir Patrick Stewart leads actor protest over arts cuts
167 Does your firm need its own mobile app?
168 Virtual sales provide aid to poorer nations
169 BT escapes prosecution over web snooping
170 Russia's President Medvedev denounces cyber-attack
171 US government developing activist technology
172 Apple wins $625m Mirror Worlds patents appeal
173 Near Field Technology is trialled for payment in shops
174 Net giants challenge French data law
175 Copyright: The Google question
176 Micro-blogging in a mother tongue on Twitter
177 Classic Commodore 64 lives again
178 Pensioner in Georgia cuts Armenia off from internet
179 World Stores--searching for retail success
180 All change for Google top brass
181 Man jailed for 4.7m pounds counterfeit medicine fraud
182 Monkeys 'harbour malaria threat'
183 Alabama bacteria outbreak linked to laboratory
184 Europe 'losing' superbugs battle
185 Cardiff University-led team finds New Delhi water bug
186 Australian anti-smoking laws to be 'toughest in world'
187 Coffee addiction 'in your genes'
188 Shopping 'may improve health'