File Title
1 Paper offers new insights into predator-prey relationships
2 Maybe Ben Franklin was wrong
3 Future fuels for everyone powered by the sun
4 Genetic differences influence the structure of communities
5 It's a wrap! Nanowire opens gate to new devices
6 DARPA issues BAA for advanced robotic translator
7 Hosts may use two systems in fight against infection
8 New test for germs: Fluorescing DNAzymes detect metabolic products from bacteria
9 Control the cursor with power of thought
10 Nanopillars yield more precise molecular photography
11 Do snails need their slime trails to move ahead? It's a sticky question
12 Vision loss slowed by encapsulated cell therapy
13 Genetically modified fungus could fight malaria
14 Freeway air bad for mouse brain
15 US atom smasher may have found new force of nature (Update 4)
16 Russia marks 50 years since Gagarin triumph
17 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Indian public water supply
18 Replacing batteries may become a thing of the past, thanks to 'soft generators'
19 World's information consumption: 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes per year
20 Two dying stars reborn as one (w/ video)
21 New shrimp species found in Queensland waterhole
22 Reeti: It's a robot, but we're not quite sure what it does yet (w/ video)
23 New research suggests strong Indian crust thrust beneath the Tibetan Plateau
24 Chimpanzees' contagious yawning evidence of empathy, not just sleepiness, study shows
25 Willow Garage introduces affordable, programmable robot--TurtleBot
26 Jetpacks + dummy tests = seven minutes in heaven (w/ video)
27 Nano fit-ness: Helping enzymes stay active and keep in shape
28 Biologists pinpoint a genetic change that helps tumors move to other parts of the body
29 Common nanoparticles found to be highly toxic to Arctic ecosystem
30 Body mass index in adolescence associated with early occurrence of diabetes and heart disease
31 Researchers develop battery-less chemical detector
32 Researchers develop golden window electrodes for organic solar cells
33 Nanoparticles improve solar collection efficiency
34 Nanopolymer shows promise for helping reduce cancer side effects
35 New technology could stamp out bacteria in persistent wounds
36 First macro-scale thin-film solid-oxide fuel cell demonstrated
37 Breakthrough for MRSA treatment found
38 Engineers create vibrant colors in vertical silicon nanowires
39 Self-cooling observed in graphene electronics
40 Nanoparticles offer hope for common skin allergy
41 ALBA storage ring reaches 100 mA
42 Under pressure: Germanium
43 Physicists rotate beams of light
44 The 'molecular octopus': A little brother of 'Schroedinger's cat'
45 Atom and its quantum mirror image
46 Force of acoustical waves tapped for metamaterials
47 It's not over when it's over: Storing sounds in the inner ear
48 Vienna physicists create tap-proof waves
49 'Cell surgery' using nano-beams
50 Transmission lines for nanofocusing of infrared light
51 Image: Pretty in pink
52 Chemistry on Mars reveals cooling rate
53 Einstein@Home detects unusual stellar pair
54 Swift and Hubble telescopes join forces to observe unprecedented explosion
55 Next Mars rover nears completion
56 For NASA's Aquarius, quest for salt a global endeavor
57 Two asteroids passed close to Earth Wednesday
58 Monitoring system warns of slippery slopes
59 Regimes won't halt climate change
60 Climate change poses major risks for unprepared cities
61 Number of days of rain in Iberian Peninsula has increased since 1903
62 Sand drift explained
63 UK astrophysicist wins $1.6 million religion prize
64 Spaceship 'Gagarin' docks with ISS
65 IBM sets performance records with new eX5 servers
66 Intel Xeon E7 processor formula for mission-critical computing
67 Da Vinci surgical robot makes a tiny paper airplane
68 Intel's new X79 chipset details leaked
69 New site maps state's severe traffic collisions
70 Lab focuses on new technology to prevent icing on planes, helicopters
71 New sensor glove may help stroke patients recover mobility
72 Targeted phishing scams could rise after Epsilon data breach
73 Computer vision tools to aid medical research
74 Google in German solar investment
75 Elpida develops 4-Gigabit DDR2 mobile RAM operating at 1.2V and 1066Mbps
76 ONR's autonomous underwater hull inspection vehicle nearing procurement
77 60 percent higher ride quality through electromagnetic car suspension
78 Sophisticated cyber thieves behind Epsilon attack
79 Under fire, US eyes Internet to reach Chinese
80 UQ solar array reaches milestone
81 Structure formed by strep protein can trigger toxic shock
82 Chemical engineers design molecular probe to study disease
83 Creating better protective clothing for firefighters
84 Mussel adhesive inspires tough coating for living cells
85 New device promises safer way to deliver powerful drugs
86 Simple chemical cocktail shows first promise for limb re-growth in mammals
87 Research identifies on-off switch for key 'factor' in heart disease and cancer
88 New process turns waste chicken feathers into biodegradable plastic
89 Capturing the art
90 Exploring the possibilities for zeolites
91 Neutron science explains mystery of how Arctic fish's antifreeze proteins work
92 Thermophiles lurking in your basement
93 Fish farm waste can drift to distant shores
94 Scientists have new measure for species threat
95 Two new studies link hunting to lead in scavenger birds
96 Latin American effort to rejuvenate crop collections rooted in the origins of agriculture
97 Huge rooftop greenhouse is Montreal's local farm
98 The self-made eye: Formation of optic cup from ES cells
99 Biodiversity improves water quality in streams through a division of labor
100 A world without antibiotics?
101 Findings may help keep pancreatic disease off the menu
102 Physically active moms-to-be give babies a head start on heart health
103 Video games effective treatment for stroke patients: study
104 Unreliable 'outcomes' measures hamper efforts to assure better, safer care
105 Researcher doggedly pursues new treatments for traumatic brain injury patients in coma
106 Super bug researcher calls for global action
107 Deep-space travel could create heart woes for astronauts
108 Most patients stop drugs for essential tremor after deep brain stimulation surgery
109 Is beauty found in the whites of the eyes? 'Red eyes' associated with the sad and unattractive
110 Frailty not a factor in adverse drug reactions among seniors, study finds
111 Male victims of 'intimate terrorism' can experience damaging psychological effects
112 'Paperless' research to be highlighted at international conference
113 New heights for Australian beer lovers
114 Study: More support for BNP in segregated areas
115 SpaceMath@NASA breaks the three million download mark
116 E-learning a powerful tool for teaching the arts
117 Did Obama's election kill the antiwar movement?
118 The mummy study returns: Scanning of more ancient Egyptians confirms heart disease, finds princess to be oldest case
119 Reliance on medical journals, deadlines can predict journalists' attitudes toward press releases
120 The kids are all right: Mother's work status not associated with children's achievement or behavior, study finds
121 Flexible schedules, results-oriented workplaces reduce work-family conflict and turnover
122 Thinking like economists
123 New study aims to assess how we perceive risks
124 Boluochia closely related to longipteryx, study shows
125 Japan will rise above this disaster, anthropologist says
126 New poll suggests leaders need to listen more closely to Americans