File Title
1 Search for Advanced Materials Aided by Discovery of Hidden Symmetries in Nature
2 Four New Genes for Alzheimer's Disease Risk Identified
3 Rare Discovery of Plant Genus
4 How Do Neurons in the Retina Encode What We 'See'?
5 Novel Technique Reveals How Glaciers Sculpted Their Valleys
6 Optical Transistor Advance: Physicists Rotate Beams of Light With Semiconductor
7 New Nanomaterial Can Detect and Neutralize Explosives
8 Novel Nanowires Boost Fuel Cell Efficiency
9 World First: Calculations With 14 Quantum Bits
10 Sugar-Grain Sized Meteorites Rocked the Climates of Early Earth and Mars, According to New Study
11 Heart Drug Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk, Holds Potential for Therapeutic Use
12 DNA of 50 Breast Cancer Patients Decoded
13 Engineered Protein Fragment Blocks the AIDS Virus from Entering Cells
14 Genetic Defect Suggests High Blood Pressure May Come from Mother
15 Probiotic Bacteria Could Help Treat Crohn's Disease
16 Gesture-Controlled Microscope Developed by Finnish Researchers
17 Fast-Recharge, Lithium-Ion Battery Could Be Perfect for Electric Cars
18 Seeing Below the Surface: Engineers Devise a New Way to Inspect Advanced Materials Used to Build Airplanes
19 'Spincasting' Holds Promise for Creation of Nanoparticle Thin Films
20 River Water and Salty Ocean Water Used to Generate Electricity
21 Spread of Invasive Ladybugs Explained
22 Scientists Unlock Mystery of How the 22nd Amino Acid Is Produced
23 Whale and Dolphin Death Toll During Deepwater Disaster May Have Been Greatly Underestimated
24 Making the Leap to Whole-Cell Simulations
25 Economic Importance of Bats in the 'Billions a Year' Range
26 'Last Resort' Antibiotics Use on the Rise, Study Suggests
27 First Broad-Scale Maps of Life on Australia's Sea-Shelf
28 Magnesium Deficiency: Not Always a Nutritional Problem
29 Microreactors: Small Scale Chemistry Could Lead to Big Improvements for Biodegradable Polymers
30 Lambs Provide Crucial Link in Understanding Obesity
31 Avoiding or Controlling Diabetes May Reduce Cancer Risk and Mortality
32 Metabolic Syndrome May Increase Risk for Liver Cancer
33 Cholesterol Regulator Plays Key Role in Development of Liver Scarring, Cirrhosis
34 Vitamin D Levels Linked With Health of Blood Vessels
35 More Organs for Transplant When ICU Docs Help Take Care of Brain Dead Donors, Study Finds
36 New Research Demonstrates Language Learners' Creativity
37 ADHD and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Comparing Profiles of Learning and Memory Impairments in Two Groups of Children
38 When Washing Becomes a Compulsion
39 Skywalker Enzyme Ensures Optimal Communication Between Neurons
40 How Brain's Memory Center Repairs Damage from Head Injury
41 The Five Hospital Factors That Affect Heart Attack Survival
42 Chasing the Pot of Gold: Gambling Subtypes and Treatment Outcomes
43 Older and Stronger: Progressive Resistance Training Can Build Muscle, Increase Strength as We Age
44 Many US Women Have Children by More Than One Man
45 Cat Allergy Vaccine Safe and Effective, Study Suggests
46 'SKIP'-Ing Splicing Forces Tumor Cells to Undergo Programmed Cell Death
47 Soy Increases Radiation's Ability to Kill Lung Cancer Cells, Study Shows
48 Manage Biological Invasions Like Natural Disasters, Biologists Say
49 Three Square Meals a Day Paired With Lean Protein Help People Feel Full During Weight Loss
50 Getting Closer to a Better Biocontrol for Garden Pests
51 Ants and Termites Boost Dryland Wheat Yields
52 When Food Is Scarce, Hungry Female Spiders Alter Mating Preferences
53 Sun and Shade Leaves Play Different Roles in Tree Canopies
54 Some Populations of Fraser River Salmon More Likely to Survive Climate Change
55 Green Toad Inhabited Iberian Peninsula One Million Years Ago
56 Long Lost Cousin of T. Rex Identified by Scientists
57 Scat Reveals an Immigrant in Isle Royale Wolves' Gene Pool
58 Fossil Is Best Look Yet at an Ancestor of Buttercups
59 Archaeologists Explore Iraqi Marshes for Origins of Urbanization
60 Stellar Nursery: The Rose-Red Glow of Star Formation
61 Mysteries of Jupiter and Saturn Rings: Forensic Sleuthing Ties Ring Ripples to Impacts
62 Astronomers Take a Look Inside Red Giant Stars
63 Mysterious 'Ribbon' of Energy and Particles That Wrap Around Solar System's Heliosphere Isolated
64 Astrophysicist: White Dwarfs Could Be Fertile Ground for Other Earths
65 Getting the Point: Real-Time Monitoring of Atomic-Microscope Probes Adjusts for Wear
66 A Measurement First: 'Noise Thermometry' System Measures Boltzmann Constant
67 Getting to Know the Strong Force: One of the Four Fundamental Forces of the Universe
68 Advance Toward Making Biodegradable Plastics from Waste Chicken Feathers
69 Engineer Studies How to Reduce Impact of Power Tools Vibrations
70 Next-Generation Computers: Advance in Microchannel Manufacturing Opens New Industry Applications
71 Professor Uses Math Analytics to Project 2011 Major League Baseball Winners
72 Scientists Reach Beyond the Clouds With a Mobile Phone App to Explore the Outer Atmosphere
73 First Non-Trivial Atom Circuit: Progress Toward an Atom SQUID
74 Blood Simple Circuitry for Cyborgs
75 Florida looks to lure foreign aerospace business
76 UK must push on with nuclear plans: scientists
77 More U.S. states use familial DNA as forensic tool
78 China leads challenge to "scientific superpowers"
79 More customers exposed as big data breach grows
80 Japan to release radioactive water into sea
81 Mangroves excel at storing carbon
82 Five new Alzheimer's risk genes found
83 Japanese scientists boost clock accuracy
84 Banks, Credit-Card Issuers Warn of Email Breach
85 UFOs Over Chicago? Strange Lights in Sky Caught on Video
86 Caught on Tape: UFO Sighting Spooks Lafayette, Colorado
87 UFO Reports: Any Truth to Britain's Real X-Files?
88 FAA Unable to Identify Object Flying Over NYC
89 FAA Unable to Identify Object Flying Over NYC
90 UFOs on the Ballot: Denver to Vote on Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission
91 UFO in China's Skies Prompts Investigation
92 'Gawd Bless America': UFOs? Psychics? Documentary Debunks the Paranormal
93 Did Winston Churchill Order a UFO Cover-Up?
94 Fresh Report of UFO Over China Marks 8th Time Since June
95 So Much for Privacy? New Sites Share Every Step You Take Online
96 Beams of Electricity Zap Fires
97 Zapping the Brain Improves Math Skills
98 Zap, They're Dead! New Water Filter Electrocutes Bacteria
99 Can Too Little Sleep Leave You Laughing?
100 Too Real Means Too Creepy in New Disney Animation
101 After Delay, NASA Preparing Mars Rover for Launch
102 Activists Call for Renewable Energy at UN Meeting
103 Twitter Tax Deal Creates Classic San Francisco Row
104 Softbank CEO to Donate $120M to Tsunami Victims
105 Google Profile in China Shrinking
106 US-Russian Space Crew to Take First Ride on Soyuz
107 Judge Tosses Extortion Lawsuit Against Yelp
108 Apple's iPad One Year Later
109 Apple's iPad Joins the 6th Grade: A Novelty or the Next Big Idea?
110 The Daily: Rupert Murdoch Unveils First iPad-Only Newspaper
111 How Much Would You Pay for Internet News?
112 Is Free News on The Internet Over?
113 Logical Liars, Paradoxical Politicians
114 Who's Counting: Testing and Hiring Disparities Need Not Imply Bias
115 Study vs. Study: The Decline Effect and Why Scientific 'Truth' So Often Turns Out Wrong
116 Redefinition: Humpty Dumpty and the News
117 Who's Counting: Non-Transitivity in Baseball, Medicine, Gambling and Politics
118 Who's Counting: Crooked Coins, Fair Probabilities and Strange Sequences
119 Medical Statistics Don't Always Mean What They Seem to Mean
120 Insider Trading: Supermarket Lines, the Stock Market and Chance
121 True Tabloid Headlines--Or Are They?
122 Alarmist Numbers: Female Happiness, Containing Fires and Health Care Satisfaction
123 Nudging: How to Get People to Do the Right Thing
124 New Blasphemy Law in Ireland
125 Behavior Therapy Trumps Medications for Autism, Study Says
126 Scientists Recreate Autism With One Gene
127 Academics Profit By Making the Case for Opioid Painkillers
128 When Is Cosmetic Surgery the Answer to Bullying?
129 'Fat Talk' Seeks to Reassure but May Hinder Self-Esteem
130 Fix It with Massage
131 How Climate Change May Make Killer Diseases Worse
132 Jillian Michaels: "I Don't Want People to Eat Poison"
133 Eating Disorders Strike Younger and Younger
134 Advertisers Embrace a Plus-Size Reality
135 Headache Relief: Best-Ever Home Remedies
136 Home Remedies for Snoring
137 Five Missteps in Fighting Sleepiness
138 Does Body Spray Make You Irresistible to Women?