File Title
1 Enzyme cocktail could eliminate a step in biofuel process
2 Migrating sea turtles have magnetic sense for longitude
3 Scientists find gene responsible for color patterns in mice
4 UF study traces global red imported fire ant invasions to southern US
5 Gene expression to distinguish metastasizing from non-metastasizing head and neck cancers
6 New method powerfully boosts efficiency of RNA interference (RNAi) in shutting down genes
7 Viral infection not responsible for exacerbation of lung disease in most patients
8 New kind of optical fiber developed
9 Quick, easy test identifies aggressive type of lung cancer in never-smokers
10 Oncogene AEG-1 strongly predicts response to erlotinib treatment in EGFR-mutant lung cancer
11 New study shows marine 'networks' can protect fish stocks
12 Listening to music is biological
13 Happy children make happy adults
14 Researchers have found how brain cells control their movement to form the cerebral cortex
15 TCD scientists discover that self-eating cells safeguard against cancer
16 Planning and visualization lead to better food habits
17 HIV makes protein that may help virus's resurgence
18 New study finds molecular mechanisms that control Rb2/p130 gene expression in lung cancer
19 Scientists find a new way insulin-producing cells die
20 Arctic environment during an ancient bout of natural global warming
21 Candid Cameras Give a Chance to See Wildlife as a Scientist Does
22 Notre Dame research offers important clues about grasshopper population explosions
23 Overfertilizing corn undermines ethanol
24 Tweeting teenage songbirds reveal impact of social cues on learning
25 Erlotinib effective and with fewer side-effects after first-line treatment
26 All about addiction
27 Lasers ID deadly skin cancer better than doctors
28 New biological pathway identified for post-traumatic stress disorder
29 Quantum hot potato: NIST researchers entice 2 atoms to swap smallest energy units
30 Planet formation in action?
31 La Jolla Institute-led team illuminates cell pathway key to insulin resistance in Type 2 diabetes
32 Solar experts detect waves in giant magnetic holes the size of the UK
33 Collisions of protein machines cause DNA replication derailment
34 Rare gene glitch may hold clues for schizophrenia--NIH-funded study
35 Researcher lists more than 4,000 components of blood chemistry
36 Scientists say ocean currents cause microbes to filter light
37 ONR'S TechSolutions Creating Green Ideas That Light Up Ships and Submarines
38 New way to identify patients at risk of dysphagia after head and neck cancer treatment
39 Bone drug zoledronic acid may help prevent spread of early lung cancer
40 Heparin a key role player in allergy and inflammatory reactions
41 Direct electronic readout of 'artificial atoms'
42 New 'thunder-thighs' dinosaur discovered
43 Before the explosion--volcano's warning tremors explained
44 Semporna may have richest marine biodiversity in the world
45 Oldest Fossils of Large Seaweeds, Worm-like Animals Tell Story of Ancient Oxygen
46 Researchers achieve a full film frame of a family of proteins essential for cell function
47 Higher energy yield with torque vectoring gears
48 Oscillating 'plug' of magma causes tremors that forecast volcanic eruptions: UBC research
49 Bacteria living on old-growth trees may help forests grow
50 Discovery of oldest northern North American human remains provides new insights into Ice-Age culture
51 Rare, unique seeds arrive at Svalbard Vault, as crises threaten world crop collections
52 Missing chromium is clue to planet formation
53 New research suggests that obesity and diabetes are a downside of human evolution
54 Homoplasy: A Good Thread to Pull to Understand the Evolutionary Ball of Yarn
55 Drier Conditions Projected to Accelerate Dust Storms in the Southwest
56 Scientists find increase in microearthquakes after Chilean quake
57 Little historical evidence to support cutting global health aid during recessions
58 Brain imaging provides window into consciousness
59 Adverse drug events costly to health care system: Vancouver Coastal Health-UBC research
60 Guidelines and reality
61 Hashimoto's thyroiditis can affect quality of life
62 Study Examines Recurrent Wound Botulism in Injection Drug Users
63 Storytelling Program Improves Lives of People with Alzheimer's
64 Model for managing asthma in preschoolers leads to dramatic drop in ER visits and hospitalizations
65 Protein and microRNA block cellular transition vital to metastasis
66 Radio-guided surgery a safe and simple way to remove potentially cancerous nodules in the lung
67 Researchers use genomics to investigate TB outbreak
68 Americans and Canadians get different drug information online: UBC study
69 The world's first surfboard with integrated technology developed by Pukas and Tecnalia
70 Simpler way of making proteins could lead to new nanomedicine agents
71 Designing a City for Safe Protests
72 A semantic sommelier: Wine application highlights the power of Web 3.0
73 UV-transparent coating for image sensors
74 Can online peer support groups help those with mental illness?
75 New high-performance lithium-ion battery 'top candidate' for electric cars
76 Producing clean water in an emergency
77 Metallic molecules to nanotubes: Spread out!
78 Baker Institute policy report looks at cybersecurity
79 ONR Moves a Modular Space Communications Asset into Unmanned Aircraft for Marines
80 Reflected glory
81 Flocculent spiral NGC 2841
82 Improving microscopy by following the astronomers' guide star
83 Catching Space Weather in the Act
84 OU researchers tapping the potential of radar technologies to advance aeroecology
85 Back to the roots of the solar system
86 Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies
87 Super-sharp radio 'eye' remeasuring the universe
88 Better mapping of human settlements to support crisis management operations
89 Plankton key to origin of Earth's first breathable atmosphere
90 New study illustrates shifting biomes in Alaska
91 'Climategate' Undermined Belief in Global Warming among Many TV Meteorologists, Study Shows
92 'Weird science' uncovered inside neutron star
93 NASA'S Chandra Finds Superfluid in Neutron Star's Core
94 Dino-era sex riddle solved by new fossil find
95 Modern humans reached Arabia earlier than thought, new artifacts suggest
96 University of Toronto anthropologists discover earliest cemetery in Middle East
97 Genetic study uncovers new path to Polynesia
98 Northern hunters slowed down advance of Neolithic farmers
99 Rare insect fossil reveals 100 million years of evolutionary stasis
100 New drought record from long-lived Mexican trees may illuminate fates of past civilizations
101 Scientists find part of New Zealand's submerged 'Pink Terraces'
102 Ancient teeth raise new questions about the origins of modern man
103 MU, ASU researchers' discovery could change views of human evolution
104 University of Arizona experts determine age of book 'nobody can read'
105 3-D digital dinosaur track download: A roadmap for saving at-risk natural history resources
106 Mummies' false toes helped ancient Egyptians walk
107 Archaeologists find hidden African side to noted 1780s Md. building
108 Ancient Mesoamerican sculpture uncovered in southern Mexico
109 Earliest humans not so different from us, research suggests
110 Mio-Pliocene faunal exchanges and African biogeography: The record of fossil bovids
111 Biological anthropologists question claims for human ancestry
112 World's First Skyscraper Was a Monument to Intimidation
113 Too hot, too cold, just right: Testing the limits of where humans can live
114 Arizona State University archaeologist models past and future landscapes
115 Child's cremation site reveals domestic life in Paleoindian Alaska
116 Oldest subarctic North American human remains found
117 Bamiyan Buddhas once glowed in red, white and blue
118 Bears uncouple temperature and metabolism for hibernation, new study shows
119 Children in public housing play outdoors more
120 To Increase Physical Activity, Focus on How, not Why
121 Chemist focuses on education for real-world sustainability challenges
122 Study links hypoxia and inflammation in many diseases
123 Skin color: Handy tool for teaching evolution
124 Time to raise how many mammograms radiologists must read?
125 National Anti-drug Campaign Succeeds in Lowering Marijuana Use, Study Suggests
126 Language Patterns Are Roller-Coaster Ride During Childhood Development