File Title
1 Gene therapy reverses symptoms of Parkinson's disease
2 Bacterial wipes research study
3 World first--Localized delivery of an anti-cancer drug by remote-controlled microcarriers
4 Plasticity of plants helps them adapt to climate change
5 CO2 emissions from biomass combustion
6 Insight into parasite family planning could help target malaria
7 Wide variety in nutritional content found in 'senior' dog foods
8 Alternatives eyed for methyl bromide
9 Neuropsychologist proves that some blind people 'see' with their ears
10 First successful double-blind trial of gene therapy for advanced Parkinson's
11 Purdue startup hopes to change the way we test cancer drugs
12 Treatment for alcohol dependence might work best in certain populations, research suggests
13 Dine or dash? Genes help decide when to look for new food
14 Rare Andean cat no longer exclusive to the Andes
15 Fossils Record Ancient Migrations & Trilobite Orgies
16 Paleontologists audition modern examples of ancient behavior
17 Breaking the mucus barrier unveils cancer cell secrets
18 Pig model of cystic fibrosis improves understanding of disease
19 New study pinpoints why some microbial genes are more promiscuous than others
20 Personlized dendritic cell vaccine increases survival in patients with deadly brain cancer
21 UCLA researchers engineer E. coli to produce record-setting amounts of alternative fuel
22 Chemical-free pest management cuts rice waste
23 Production of mustard oils: On the origin of an enzyme
24 Psychological impact of Japan disaster will be felt 'for some time to come'
25 Berkeley Lab scientists control light scattering in graphene
26 The drama of starbirth
27 World first--Localized delivery of an anti-cancer drug by remote-controlled microcarriers
28 Researchers develop the first permanent anti-fog coating
29 New 'dissolvable tobacco' products may increase risk of mouth disease
30 Laser beam makes cells 'breathe in' water and potentially anti-cancer drugs
31 3D printing method advances electrically small antenna design
32 Does selenium prevent cancer? It may depend on which form people take
33 Most comprehensive collection of fungal cell biology movies ever published
34 Hopkins researchers use light to move molecules
35 Depolarizing the debates about pediatric mental health diagnosis and treatment
36 High-tech concrete technology has a famous past
37 New NIST testing device may help to 'seal the deal' for building owners
38 New tool debuts for measuring indoor air pollutants
39 Physicists move closer to efficient single-photon sources
40 Stephen J. Teach, MD, MPH, part of landmark study on pediatric asthma
41 Study Finds More Efficient Means Of Creating, Arranging Carbon Nanofibers
42 Study provides new tool to monitor coral reef 'vital signs'
43 Tests on century-old equipment show how far X-rays have come
44 Study: Multi-tasking on the street not a good idea for older people
45 Sirolimus therapy alleviates symptoms of lung disease LAM
46 Drug omalizumab reduces asthma symptoms, future attacks among inner city children
47 Not so eagle eyed: New study reveals why birds collide with man-made objects
48 New health insurance survey: 9 million adults joined ranks of uninsured due to job loss in 2010
49 Study: 'Meaningful improvements' using gene therapy in Parkinson's disease
50 Molecule that spurs cell's recycling center may help Alzheimer's patients
51 Whitehead scientist helps revisit 'Hallmarks of Cancer'
52 Youth with IBD are less fit than their peers: McMaster study
53 Innovative technique gives vision researchers insight into how people recognize faces
54 Risk of hospital patient mortality increases with nurse staffing shortfalls, study finds
55 US healthcare system can't keep up with number of baby boomers' bone fractures
56 In pilot study, screening detects potentially serious heart conditions in healthy children
57 New targeted drug helps smokers stub it out
58 Studies on heart disease and stroke prevention overlook ethnic groups: Study
59 Researchers discover possible biomarker and therapeutic target for melanoma
60 Director of National Intelligence should lead new initiative to improve US intelligence analysis using methods, research from behavioral, social sciences
61 Online messaging delivers follow-up care for depression
62 2 new SCAP documents help improve automating computer security management
63 'Pruned' microchips are faster, smaller, more energy-efficient
64 NASA's Aqua Satellite Spies a "3-leaf Clover" View of Ireland for St. Patrick's Day
65 Green sludge can protect groundwater from radioactive contamination
66 Extra-terrestrial research goes on
67 Female hormone could be key to male contraceptive
68 Europe rules against stem-cell patents
69 Giant shock rattles ideas about quake behaviour
70 Lasers could nudge space debris aside
71 Quake sparks nuclear crisis
72 Friendly bacteria fight the flu
73 Early Europeans unwarmed by fire
74 The Secret to a Frothy Stout
75 Depressed Moms' Parenting Style Linked to Toddler Stress
76 New Identity for Arctic Explorer Emerges 140 Years Later
77 Heroic Fukushima Workers Face Staggering Risks
78 Genome of World's Largest Shark to Be Sequenced
79 The Brain in 3-D: New Research Illuminates Cell Circuits
80 Drug May Relieve Kids' Asthma in the Fall
81 10 Surprising Facts About NASA's Mercury Probe
82 'Limitless' Brain Potential? Humans Already Use Most of Their Brains
83 Crooks Call Up New Phone Scams to Steal Your Money
84 If Snake That Bit Model Died, It Wasn't From Silicone Poisoning
85 Banana Peels May Help Filter Pollutants Out of Water
86 Magnitude-9.0 Earthquake Possible In Two U.S. Locations
87 Tech May Provide the Tonic for Wasteful Medicine
88 Wiggle Room: Female Hormone Helps Sperm Meet Egg
89 Containment Breach at Fukushima: What Are the Implications?
90 Global Quake Risks: New Map Shows Most Vulnerable Areas
91 New Headgear Reveals Rat Brain on the Go
92 Mystery Humpback Whale Breeding Ground Discovered?
93 Rocky Mountain High: Boulder, Colo., Tops Well-Being List
94 Bullies Bruise Brains, Not Just Egos
95 Odd Form of 'Love' Hormone Found in Some Monkeys
96 Large Lady Hyenas Throw Their Weight into Cub-Making
97 California Beats Rest of Country in Reducing Smoking, Lung Cancer
98 X-Ray-Blocking Underpants the Latest in Airport-Body-Scanner Fashion
99 Atom Smasher Could Be Used As Time Machine, Physicists Propose
100 Do Candy Sales Take a Hit During Lent?
101 How Is Radiation Exposure Measured?
102 How Does Nuclear Radiation Harm the Body?
103 Can Extreme Engineering Save Nuclear Plants from Disasters?
104 SXSW: Geek Parents Wrestle with How to Raise Digital Native Children
105 Nasty Microbes Lurk on Mouth Retainers