File Title
1 Cell Phone Use May Have Effect on Brain Activity, but Health Consequences Unknown
2 MIT Engineers Design New Nanoparticle That Could Lead to Vaccines for HIV, Malaria, Other Diseases
3 Using EEGs to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders in Infants: Machine-Learning System Finds Differences in Brain Connectivity
4 Roots of the Solar System: Astronomers Observe Planets in the Making
5 Even in a Crowd, Individuals Remain Unique, Rodent Vocalization Study Finds
6 Brains of Blind People Reading in Braille Show Activity in Same Area That Lights Up When Sighted Readers Read
7 Earth's Core Rotation Faster Than Rest of the Planet, but Slower Than Previously Believed
8 T. Rex More Hyena Than Lion: Tyrannosaurus Rex Was Opportunistic Feeder, Not Top Predator, Paleontologists Say
9 Plankton Key to Origin of Earth's First Breathable Atmosphere
10 Brown Tide Culprit Sequenced: Genome of the First of Algal Bloom Species
11 Blood Test May Find Markers of Bladder Cancer Risk
12 Toward Computers That Fit on a Pen Tip: New Technologies Usher in the Millimeter-Scale Computing Era
13 Protective Strategy Shields Primate Ovaries from Radiation-Therapy-Induced Damage
14 Organic Vs. Conventional Farming: No Clear Answers from Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria Counts
15 Speaking Foreign Languages May Help Protect Your Memory
16 Use of Nitrates May Increase Bone Strength
17 Cancer-Causing Virus Exploits Key Cell-Survival Proteins
18 Immune System: What Do Natural (Born) Killers Really Do?
19 Screening Mammograms Catch Second Breast Cancers Early, Study Finds
20 Long-Term Use of Osteoporosis Medication Associated With Increased Risk of Atypical Fractures
21 Drinking Alcohol in Moderation Protects Against Heart Disease, Meta-Analysis Finds
22 Huntington's Disease Advance: Overactive Protein Triggers a Chain Reaction That Causes Brain Nerve Cells to Die
23 National Anti-Drug Campaign in US Succeeds in Lowering Marijuana Use, Study Suggests
24 Stresses of Unemployed Spouse Can Hurt Job Performance of Other Spouse, Says Study
25 Gender Gap: Selection Bias Snubs Scholarly Achievements of Female Scientists, Study Suggests
26 Crying Baby Draws Blunted Response in Depressed Mom's Brain
27 Look After Your Brain
28 How Couples Recover After an Argument Stems from Their Infant Relationships
29 Children in Public Housing Play Outdoors More
30 Farther and Farther Apart: The More You Know a Place, the More Likely Your Memory Will Play Spatial Tricks
31 Cannabis Use May Worsen Sexual Dysfunction, Rat Study Suggests
32 Old Folk Remedy Revived: How Tansy May Be a Treatment for Herpes
33 Unraveling How Prion Proteins Move Along Axons in the Brain
34 What a Rat Can Tell Us About Touch
35 How Disordered Proteins Spread from Cell to Cell, Potentially Spreading Disease
36 New Report Lists 25 Most Endangered Turtle Species; Some Turtle Species Number Less Than 5 Individuals
37 Texas Leafcutter Ants Aided, but Also Limited, by Cold-Tolerant Fungus Crops, Research Shows
38 'Climategate' Undermined Belief in Global Warming Among Many TV Meteorologists, Study Shows
39 Transitioning to Organic Farming
40 Cold Winters Mean More Pollution, Swedish Study Suggests
41 New Marine Mollusk--Oldest in Its Genus--Discovered in Iberian Peninsula
42 Carbon Sink at South Pole Has Grown Recently, Historical Collections Reveal
43 Oldest Fossils of Large Seaweeds, Possible Animals Tell Story About Oxygen in an Ancient Ocean
44 First Skyscraper Was a Monument to Intimidation: How Jericho's 11,000-Year-Old 'Cosmic' Tower Came Into Being
45 Earliest Humans Not So Different from Us, Research Suggests
46 Satellite to Examine How Sun's Brightness Impacts Climate Change
47 Advanced NASA Instrument Gets Close-Up on Mars Rocks
48 Can WISE Find the Hypothetical 'Tyche' Planet at Edge of Our Solar System?
49 Continent-Wide Telescope Extends Cosmic 'Yardstick' Three Times Farther Into Universe
50 Cassini to Sample Magnetic Environment Around Saturn's Moon Titan
51 Liquid Metal Key to Simpler Creation of Electrodes for Microfluidic Devices
52 Proteins Find Their Way With Address Label and Guide
53 Drinking Water: Nanomembranes Could Filter Bacteria
54 Nanoparticles Increase Survival After Blood Loss, Study Suggests
55 Waiter, There's Metal in My Moon Water
56 World's Smallest Magnetic Field Sensor: Researchers Explore Using Organic Molecules as Electronic Components
57 Practice More Important Than Child's Age in Learning to Use Computer Mouse
58 Brain-Machine Interfaces Make Gains by Learning About Their Users, Letting Them Rest, and Allowing for Multitasking
59 Scientists Steer Car With the Power of Thought
60 Mind Over Matter: EECoG May Finally Allow Enduring Control of a Prosthetic or a Paralyzed Arm by Thought Alone
61 A semantic sommelier: Wine application highlights the power of Web 3.0
62 Simpler way of making proteins could lead to new nanomedicine agents
63 Oldest fossils of large seaweeds, worm-like animals tell story of ancient oxygen
64 New stretchable solar cells will power artificial electronic 'super skin'
65 Common parasite uncovers key cause of Crohn's
66 Japan company developing sensors for seniors
67 Researcher connects cannabis use and sexual dysfunction
68 New 4G network could cause widespread GPS dead zones
69 Proteins from male insects affect female behavior
70 Are we more--or less--moral than we think?
71 New finding in ribosome signaling may lead to improved antibiotics
72 Designing the hardware
73 Polygamy hurt 19th century Mormon wives' evolutionary fitness
74 Xoom tablet debuts Feb. 24 with $800 price
75 New Zealand earthquake damage illustrates risks posed by shallow crustal faults
76 Even in a crowd, you remain unique, life scientists report
77 Cell phone use may have effect on brain activity, but health consequences unknown
78 Rightwing candidates are better looking, study shows
79 Organic chips--not just in your kitchen anymore
80 Huntington's disease breakthrough equals hope for patients
81 Fish provide missing piece in the marine sediment jigsaw
82 Breakthrough for photons in the microwave frequency range
83 Microsoft to release a free SDK for Kinect this spring
84 Nano-sized vaccines
85 Chemical compounds in trees can fight deadly staph infections in humans
86 Nanoparticles increase survival after blood loss
87 Researchers develop new technology for cheaper, more efficient solar cells
88 Manipulating molecules for a new breed of electronics
89 Introducing youths to big ideas about a nano-sized world through video games
90 First certified reference material for nanoparticle size analysis
91 C60 could form a new kind of gel
92 Tiny 'microworms' could be implanted under the skin for continuous medical monitoring
93 Etched quantum dots shape up as single photon emitters
94 Gas rich galaxies confirm prediction of modified gravity theory
95 Researchers fabricate first large-area, full-color quantum dot display
96 The quest to discover new technology
97 A new high-resolution method for imaging below the skin using a liquid lens
98 Physicists build bigger 'bottles' of antimatter to unlock nature's secrets
99 Experimental evidence adds to the likelihood of the existence of supersolids, an exotic phase of matter
100 Ice offers possible explanation for Death Valley's mysterious 'self-moving' rocks
101 Launch of fourth LCLS instrument reveals crisp, fine molecular detail
102 The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment: On track to completion
103 Unique new probe of proton spin structure at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
104 Physicists isolate bound states in graphene-superconductor junctions
105 Ground-based lasers vie with satellites to map Earth's magnetic field
106 Scientists say it's high 'NOON' for microwave photons
107 Engineering atomic interfaces for new electronics
108 World's coral reefs could be gone by 2050: study
109 Feb. 23 NASA mission to tote $28 million CU-Boulder instrument and tiny student satellite
110 Ghostly, Ethereal Island as seen from space
111 Coral 'network' can protect Asia-Pac fish stocks
112 Weaker New Zealand quake packed a deadlier punch
113 Can WISE find the hypothetical 'Tyche'?
114 6,000-year climate record suggests longer droughts, drier climate for Pacific Northwest
115 50 million 'environmental refugees' by 2020, experts say
116 Cold winters mean more pollution
117 'Harmless' microbes may be water risk
118 New free, hands-on tool supports sustainable living choices
119 Captain Scott's century-old collections suggests marine life is capturing more carbon
120 Transitioning to organic farming
121 A multi-touch coffee table display may be coming to an office near you
122 Hi, I'm iPad. May I take your order?
123 New mobile can check pulse, send ambulance
124 Washington Post profit hurt by newspaper weakness
125 Making solar panels with cleaner, greener technology
126 Many-core computer research wins 'best paper' at HiPEAC
127 S.E. Asia urged to exploit abundant clean energy
128 China's Huawei wins injunction against Motorola
129 Deep heat for the North
130 Russia firm fined in S. Korea over car copying
131 Low power, programmable cell array demonstrated by NEC
132 Court bars streaming of TV programming online
133 Porsche begins testing electric Boxster E
134 Judge allows Twitter in Conn. home invasion trial
135 Liquid metal key to simpler creation of electrodes for microfluidic devices
136 Cancer-causing virus exploits key cell-survival proteins
137 The hidden danger of oxygen
138 Warring molecules keep the colon cancer-free
139 Mimicking photosynthesis path to solar-derived hydrogen fuel
140 Food scientist develops 'rechargeable' anti-microbial surfaces to improve food-handling safety
141 Green chemistry offers route towards zero-waste production
142 Chemist focuses on education for real-world sustainability challenges
143 Oxygen levels in the air do not limit plant productivity
144 Residual dipolar couplings unveil structure of small molecules
145 Sleeping Trojan horse to aid imaging of diseased cells
146 Venom of marine snails provide new drugs
147 Swimming microbes monitor water quality
148 Structure, dynamics of a chemical signal that triggers metastatic cancer revealed
149 Modeling radiation energy deposition in a complex biological system
150 Biomarker could make diagnosing knee injury easier, less costly, othopaedists say
151 Discovery of blood proteins that are red flags for ectopic pregnancy
152 Researchers describe the pump that bacteria use to resist drugs
153 Stop and go: How the cell deals with transcriptional roadblocks
154 Researchers achieve a full film frame of a family of proteins essential for cell function
155 Malaysian experiment releases 3 orangutans in wild
156 10% more GM crops in the world in 2010: study
157 EU agrees to allow traces of GM crops in EU animal feed
158 Monkeys demonstrate self-awareness in computer game
159 Compound used to block cholesterol could also kill breast cancer, researcher finds
160 Pathway transforms normal cells into aggressive tumors
161 Shellshock: New report lists 25 most endangered turtle species
162 Researchers find local wildlife protection safeguards entire range
163 Biogeography of Protea in the Cape
164 Genomic tools can help researchers develop crops quickly
165 Texas-bound: Fungus keeps Texas leaf-cutter ants from spreading
166 Cornell releases two new potato varieties for chips
167 Research identifies wild ancestor genes for crop improvement
168 Aging, interrupted (w/ Video)
169 Hyperactive nerve cells may contribute to depression
170 All about addiction
171 New vaccine technology protects mice from hepatitis C virus
172 High vitamin-D bread could help solve widespread insufficiency problem
173 Needle-in-a-haystack search identifies potential brain disease drug
174 A new clue to the genetics of bipolar disorder: Piccolo
175 Increased contraceptive supply linked to fewer unintended pregnancies
176 Americans and Canadians get different drug information online
177 Prevalence of bunions increases with age; more common in women
178 Review highlights need for more education and guidance on CAM use in midwifery
179 New hypothesis explains why drugs increase risk of heart attacks and strokes
180 Convenient blood test not as effective for diagnosing diabetes in children
181 Drinking alcohol in moderation protects against heart disease: BMJ study
182 New type of pacemaker perfect for patients with less severe symptoms
183 Most new training programs are failing to widen diversity in medicine
184 Researcher discovers stereotypes can deter consumer purchases
185 Evidence Neanderthals used feathers for decoration
186 'Walking cactus' rewrites arthropod odyssey
187 Designing a city for safe protests
188 Job seekers: How do you rate with employers?
189 WaterWheel will bring clean water to a thirsty world
190 Research uncovers a secret society connecting through the Internet
191 T. rex more hyena than lion
192 Pollution tax rebates little help for low-income workers
193 Oldest species of a marine mollusc discovered
194 Study: For a better workday, smile like you mean it
195 Black History Month's sobering news: MLK dream alive for few, says researcher
196 Society may be willing to pay a high price to prevent child abuse and neglect, study suggests
197 Men attend childbirth classes for partner's sake
198 Financial security of Chinese American households depends on education, researcher finds
199 Shopping with the Grim Reaper in mind
200 Lesbian moms vulnerable when abused, reluctant to seek help
201 Women better than men when it comes to visuospatial abilities