File Title
1 Patients are willing to undergo multiple tests for new cancer treatments
2 New microscope produces dazzling 3-D movies of live cells
3 Scientists probe the role of motor protein in hearing loss
4 The connection between a cell's cytoskeleton and its surface receptors
5 Avoid risking children's health during home energy retrofits, renovations, experts urge
6 New role for an old molecule: protecting the brain from epileptic seizures
7 Leicester leads on heart attack genetic link discovery
8 Rehabilitation within a day of knee replacement pays off
9 Gene responsible for severe osteoporosis disorder discovered
10 Landmark study links 13 new genes to heart disease
11 Newly identified cell population key to immune response
12 International collaborative identifies 13 new heart-disease-associated gene sites
13 Scripps Research scientists develop new test for 'pluripotent' stem cells
14 Elderly see pedestrians half as often as younger drivers, according to Ben-Gurion U. researchers
15 Flipping a switch on neuron activity
16 Protecting ecosystems, pollution remediation goals of research at UH
17 2 proteins play key roles in Burkitt's lymphoma
18 A new stem cell enters the mix: Induced conditional self-renewing progenitor cells
19 Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen Elucidates a Molecular Mechanism contributing to Neuronal Circuit Formation
20 Suggesting genes' friends, facebook-style
21 Otters on road to recovery in Andalusia
22 Unique frog helps amphibian conservation efforts
23 Genome sequencing used to assess a novel form of Clostridium botulinum
24 A study reveals the keys to the locomotion of snails
25 MEMS thermal sensor detects pre-atherosclerotic lesions
26 Optical tweezers software now available for the iPad
27 Johns Hopkins team explores PARIS; finds a key to Parkinson's
28 Human stem cells transformed into key neurons lost in Alzheimer's
29 Supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton Cycle turbines promise giant leap
30 Sink or source? A new model to measure organic carbon in surface waters
31 Creasing to cratering: Voltage breaks down plastic
32 The scars of impacts on Mars
33 Zooming in on the weapons of Salmonella
34 BNCT, a new-generation radiation treatment, is effective in advanced head and neck cancer
35 Simulating gasification
36 Tried and true recipes
37 Affordability of batteries key to harnessing wind and solar power
38 Japanese scientists use alcoholic drinks to induce superconductivity
39 New instrument keeps an 'eye' on nanoparticles
40 RA sufferers armed with kitchen safety tool
41 Accurate measurement of radioactive thoron possible at last
42 Psoriasis medication rises hope in the fight against multiple sclerosis
43 New gene regions identified that predispose people to heart attacks, Stanford scientists say
44 New report helps inform decisions about how science should be funded
45 Re-formulation of microbicidal lubricants will help protect from HIV
46 Sleepy connected Americans
47 Older parents are happier with more children
48 Universal screening programs can uncover abuse, study finds
49 Nursing, engineering professors developing device to get seniors moving
50 Aging in Place Preserves Seniors' Independence, Reduces Care Costs, MU Researchers Find
51 Perinatal safety initiative reduces adverse obstetrical outcomes
52 What is good for you is bad for infectious bacteria
53 Queen's develops new brain training app for research into ageing minds
54 Virtual Reality Can Improve Design Skills in Younger Generation
55 Researchers use human cues to improve computer user-friendliness
56 Tracking forest threats
57 Cardiac catheter that can do it all
58 Teaching Robots to Move Like Humans
59 Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction: Is It Almost Here?
60 California islands give up evidence of early seafaring
61 Our ancestors lived on shaky ground
62 Shrinking tundra, advancing forests: how the Arctic will look by century's end
63 Rising CO2 is causing plants to release less water to the atmosphere, researchers say
64 Grazing of Cattle Pastures Can Improve Soil Quality
65 Mapping human vulnerability to climate change
66 Humans give prey the edge in food web
67 Mapping food deserts
68 Soot packs a punch on Tibetan Plateau's climate
69 David and Goliath viruses shed light on the origin of jumping genes: UBC study
70 New System Can Warn of Tsunamis Within Minutes
71 Observing Arctic ice-edge plankton blooms from space
72 Icy behavior
73 Gas Rich Galaxies Confirm Modified Gravity Prediction
74 'Weird science' uncovered inside neutron star
75 NASA'S Chandra Finds Superfluid in Neutron Star's Core
76 Planet formation in action?
77 Missing chromium is clue to planet formation
78 Solar experts detect waves in giant magnetic holes the size of the UK
79 University of Miami scientists track great hammerhead shark migration
80 Dry lake reveals evidence of Southwestern 'megadroughts'
81 Abundant ammonia aids life's origins
82 The dusty disc of NGC 247
83 Clouds amplify ecological light pollution
84 Montana State University team solves mystery of missing sunspots, helps predict space weather
85 Solar mystery solved
86 Oxygen isotope analysis tells of the wandering life of a dust grain 4.5 billion years ago
87 Public's Budget Priorities Differ Dramatically from House and Obama
88 New observations of the giant planet orbiting [beta] Pictoris
89 Oldest objects in solar system indicate a turbulent beginning
90 'Star Trek' moment for Earth-bound shuttle Discovery
91 Discovery Undocks from Space Station One Final Time
92 How to recycle your iPad after you buy an iPad 2
93 Apple iPad 2: 10 Big Questions
94 Why Apple's iPad 2 will be another hit
95 Steve Jobs unveils Apple's iPad 2 [et al.]
96 The iPad's biggest competitor hasn't been invented yet
97 Rivals struggle to beat iPad in price
98 Apple's iPad 2 Comes As Tablet Rivals Make Charge
99 Laptops play catch up to the iPad, Xoom
100 So Far Rivals Can't Beat iPad's Price
101 Android Honeycomb: Powerful and promising, but not perfect
102 Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom
103 Google activates 'kill switch' to remove Android malware
104 Google removes rogue Android apps
105 Adobe Ships Tablet Publication Tools with Digital Publishing Suite
106 Adobe Ships Tablet Publishing Suite
107 Adobe releases tablet publishing tool
108 New Study Finds AT&T iPhone 4 Dominates on Downloads
109 AT&T iPhone beats Verizon on data speed test
110 Metrico: AT&T's iPhone 4 beats Verizon on download speed
111 Developers plan for iPad 2 graphics boost
112 Apple iPad 2 Adds New Features With the iOS 4.3 Firmware
113 Strange life signs found on meteorites: NASA scientist
114 Scientists skeptical of meteorite alien life claim
115 Scientists Dubious Over Claim of Alien Life Evidence in Meteorite
116 Microsoft: Internet Explorer 6 Needs to Die
117 Microsoft: Internet Explorer 6 Needs to Die
118 Get rid of IE6, urges Microsoft
119 How Facebook Is Killing Your Authenticity
120 Please do not feed the trolls...well, maybe just a little
121 Facebook commenting system is good and bad news
122 Report: iPhone 5 Will Feature Metal Back, New Antenna
123 Apple May Return to Aluminum Back for iPhone 5
124 The Creepiest, Most Realistic Robot Ever
125 Geminoid-DK human-realistic robot both creepy and incredible [Video]
126 Need more sleep? Turn off the TV and gadgets earlier
127 Not getting enough sleep? Turn off the technology
128 Sleep Study Shows Computers, Phones, Televisions Prevent a Good Night's Sleep
129 FDA Recall: Is There Salmonella in Your Skippy?
130 Japan Stops Some Vaccinations After Deaths
131 Scientists Discover 13 New Genes Linked To Heart Disease
132 Found at last, the rogue genes behind heart disease
133 Transplant patients a target of Arizona budget cuts
134 Hazelnuts, mixed nuts may be tainted by E. coli