File Title
1 Scientists try to determine whether life on Earth is quickly heading toward extinction
2 Twitter co-founder says it prizes independence
3 Stomach pacemaker could help obese lose weight
4 Choices to Be Made in Medical Research
5 New Zombie-Ant Fungi Found
6 Disgraced SKorea scientist tried to work for Libya
7 A Small Nuclear War Would Stall Global Warming
8 U.S. Security Depends on Energy Innovation
9 New 'Jaguar' Catfish Found in Amazon
10 Males 'Rev. Up' Genes to Offset Shortcomings
11 Federal researchers declare eastern cougar extinct
12 Humans on Verge of Causing 6th Great Mass Extinction
13 Mock Mars Explorers Say Farewell to Virtual Red Planet
14 Choices to Be Made in Medical Research
15 Dems join GOP in fight to block EPA climate rules
16 EPA says big budget cut would hurt public health
17 Rebels deploy around strategic Libyan oil port
18 Germany: Suspect admits targeting American troops
19 Are America's Best Days Behind Us?
20 Armed guards save Dutch couple from Somali pirates
21 The Civil War's 150th Anniversary Divides the South
22 Nevada family fights for survival in down times
23 Gaddafi bombs oil areas, faces crimes probe
24 Study: 50-year-old with diabetes dies 6 yrs sooner
25 WikiLeaks: How the Cola war was won in Libya
26 The Government Programs Both Democrats and Republicans Hate
27 Venezuela: Chavez discusses mediation with Gadhafi
28 Jobless claims at 2-1/2-year low, buoy jobs outlook
29 Can Russian ballet get past classics to go modern?
30 A psychology professor did what?! The story behind the Illinois university's strange sex demonstration.
31 House moves to end unpopular new business tax rule
32 Navy to release lewd video investigation findings
33 Motive unclear in killing of two US airmen at Frankfurt airport
34 Rodney King Case: Where Are They Now?
35 Fox News benches two candidates
36 Blue Shield says review supports California rate hikes
37 Anthem Blue Cross raising individual rates again
38 '1-strike' pot-test rule for job hopefuls OKd
39 Carey 'embarrassed' over Gadhafi-linked concert
40 Amylin, Lilly diabetes drug falls short of Novo's
41 CDC Links Prescription Painkillers in Pregnancy to Birth Defects
42 Often okay to skip prostate cancer treatment: study
43 Even Tiny Tots May Develop Mental Health Problems
44 Ibuprofen users show lower Parkinson's disease risk
45 Cameras Catch Tiny Krill Having Deep-Water Sex
46 Stigma Often Adds to Burden of Obesity
47 Study Finds Smoking Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
48 World first artificial bronchus graft in France
49 New Chemo Drug May Benefit Some Breast Cancer Patients
50 US study says sex down among young adults, teens
51 Impotence more common in men who pop painkillers
52 Teens With Congenital Heart Disease Need Help Moving to Adult Care
53 Ibuprofen Linked to Lower Parkinson's Disease Risk
54 A Tale of Two Freshmen
55 The Gov't's Shutdown Sham
56 Teeming With Tablets: What Are iPad's Biggest Rivals?
57 Avatar Knows If You Are Lying
58 Astronauts Relax, Take in Views After 2 Spacewalks
59 Stomach Pacemaker Could Help Obese Lose Weight
60 Twitter Co-Founder Says It Prizes Independence
61 FCC to Study Rules on Cable-Broadcast Negotiations
62 Emanuel: Fake Twitter Wasn't Always So Far Off
63 Astronauts Get to Relax After 2 Spacewalks
64 List of iPad 2 Models Announced Wednesday
65 TSA 'Not Capable' of Detecting Moscow-Like Attack, Critics Say
66 CSI Doodle: Drawings Better than Polygraphs?
67 Obama 'Leaks' Emotion Over Gates-Cop Affair
68 'Terrorist Attack' at Moscow Airport Leaves 35 Dead
69 Teen 'Black Widow' Suspected in Moscow Bombing
70 School Teacher Was Second Moscow Bomber
71 'First Lady of Al Qaeda' Arrested by Saudi Authorities
72 Frothy Diplomacy: What Beer Will Obama Choose for White House Meeting?
73 White House Beer Summit May Be on Tap Soon for President and Guests
74 Children Sickened After Eating Cannabis Cookies
75 Science Backs Statement: 'You Sound Tired'
76 Meredith Baxter, on 'Oprah,' Calls Girlfriend the 'Healthiest Relationship I Ever Had'
77 'Family Ties' Mom Meredith Baxter Joins Group of Later-in-Life Lesbians
78 Kelly McGillis Is the Latest Late-in-Life Lesbian
79 When Coming Out Makes or Breaks a Family
80 Doctors Can't Deny Lesbians Care on Religious Grounds
81 Frankfurt Airport Shooting an Act of Islamic Terror, European Officials Say
82 Schumer Demands Fix to 'Dangerous' Rental Car Loophole
83 Fifty to 70 American Adults Surveyed Reported Having Sleep Disorders
84 Are You Eating the Saltiest Foods in America?
85 One in Six Highway Deaths Tied to Distracted Driving
86 Fungus turns Amazonian ants into zombies
87 Cancer resistance mechanism found
88 How the Sun loses its spots
89 'Tractor beam' is possible with lasers, say scientists
90 'People's watchdog' touted to keep UK green
91 Green advisors target consumption in swansong report
92 A hundred days of the 'greenest-ever' government
93 GPS overlay 'ready for plane use'
94 Emergency plans 'need scientists'
95 Forensics 'safe in private hands'
96 Snare row as wildlife bill passed by MSPs
97 Hunt widens for 'killer shrimp' in Wales
98 Killer whales hunt in silent 'stealth mode'
99 Refining the sixth great extinction
100 How warm is your home?
101 UFO files reveal 'Rendlesham incident' papers missing
102 New shrimp named after University of Aberdeen scientist
103 Budget and blowout guide to Copenhagen
104 Android hit by rogue app viruses
105 iPad 2 tablet launched by Apple's Steve Jobs
106 Lord West urges e-mail snooping crackdown
107 Ibuprofen 'cuts Parkinson's disease risk'
108 Obesity rate lower in Canada than in US, study shows
109 Baby loss depression 'lasts years'
110 Eastern cougar declared officially extinct
111 U.K.'s real-life version of the "X-Files"
112 Northern lights dazzle the world
113 Technical view: How Apple's iPad 2 stacks up
114 Quest goes on for remains of Amelia Earhart
115 Space walk cut short after astronaut helmet lights come loose
116 Student sues FBI for planting GPS on his car
117 Humans causing mass extinction of Earth's species
118 Potential spider problem leads to Mazda recall
119 Fox News suspends Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum
120 Mike Huckabee: Obama grew up in Kenya
121 Degenerative disease found in NHL star's brain
122 N.J. terror suspects plead guilty
123 Airport shooter said to admit targeting U.S. GIs
124 Plastic surgery bouncing back with the economy
125 Painkiller cuts Parkinson's risk, study says: What are ibuprofen's dangers?