File Title
1 Internet addresses: An inevitable shortage, but an uneven one
2 Refining atmospheric climate models
3 Brain development may be influenced by bacteria in the gut
4 Stanford scientists see the solar future, and it's all about 'nanodomes' and 'plasmonics'
5 Surprising approach could help rescue fragile ecosystems, halt cascades of extinctions
6 New hydrogen storage material could be added directly to fuel tanks
7 Mobile phone software to help keep kids safe
8 Physicists challenge classical world with quantum-mechanical implementation of 'shell game'
9 Swine flu vaccine likely causes child narcolepsy: study
10 Researchers develop safer way to make induced pluripotent stem cells
11 Neuroscientists find evidence that autistic patients have trouble understanding others' intentions
12 Moderate aerobic exercise in older adults shown to modify brain hippocampus, improve memory
13 Different evolutionary paths lead plants and animals to the same crossroads
14 Boys will infect boys, swine flu study shows
15 Photos released to protect endangered Amazonians
16 New probiotic combats inflammatory bowel disease
17 Argentine ant genome sheds light on a successful pest
18 'Cornell Dots' that light up cancer cells go into clinical trials
19 Google unveils Web-free 'tweeting' in Egypt move
20 Tracking the origins of speedy space particles (w/ Video)
21 Newly discovered dinosaur likely father of Triceratops
22 Take a bow-wow: dogs fight bowel cancer
23 UMD advance lights possible new path to creating next gen computer chips
24 NASA sees large tropical cyclone Yasi headed toward Queensland, Australia
25 Pakistan floods last summer could have been predicted: research
26 What a ride! Researchers take molecules for a spin
27 How Safe Is Nano? Nanotoxicology: An interdisciplinary challenge
28 A mix of tiny gold and viral particles--and the DNA ties that bind them
29 Study suggests new treatment option for ovarian cancer
30 Touchscreens made of carbon
31 High-performance capacitor could lead to better rechargeable batteries
32 Method prints nanostructures using hard, sharp 'pen' tips floating on soft polymer springs
33 Chemists turn gold to purple--on purpose
34 Nanowires exhibit giant piezoelectricity
35 Growth-factor-containing nanoparticles accelerate healing of chronic wounds
36 Graphene and 'spintronics' combo looks promising
37 New material enables 'information sorting' at the speed of light
38 Armchair nanoribbons made into spintronic device
39 Tuning graphene film so it sheds water
40 Physicists scale up invisibility cloaks using natural crystals
41 Feeling warm makes people more likely to believe in global warming, study finds
42 Secret life of bees now a little less secret
43 Cluster encounters a natural particle accelerator
44 Scientists customize a magnet's performance by strategically replacing key atoms
45 Smart lasers could make cancer biopsies painless, help speed new drugs to market
46 Physicists challenge classical world with quantum-mechanical implementation of 'shell game'
47 CERN continues the hunt for the Higgs
48 Using complex electron systems to create green materials
49 'Air laser' may sniff bombs, pollutants from a distance (w/ Video)
50 Cerium's unusual behaviour
51 Photon-plasmon coupling: Dye guides light through perforated metal foil
52 Physicists study mechanics of 'crackling'
53 Hunt for dark matter closes in at Large Hadron Collider
54 Neutrino detector starts measurement
55 Scientists show how to erase information without using energy
56 New approach to invisibility cloaking gets much closer to the science-fiction version
57 Voiding defects: New technique makes LED lighting more efficient
58 Soap films help to solve mathematical problems
59 Dynamic systems in living cells break the rules
60 NASA's NEOWISE completes scan for asteroids and comets
61 CryoSat ice data now open to all
62 The first mission to Mercury
63 Go green, give a boost to employee morale
64 Arctic home to mysterious mercury deposits
65 The brotherhood of speed
66 BigBOSS receives favorable review from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory
67 February launch scheduled for Robonaut 2
68 Fleet of INL-designed Mars hoppers could swiftly explore other worlds
69 Space shuttle Discovery fixed, back on launch pad
70 Scientists launch major ecological study on Borneo's deforested landscapes
71 Malaysian peatswamps obliterated for palm oil: study
72 Plugging a spewing oil well with cornstarch
73 Is organic farming policy-driven or consumer-led?
74 Where has all the Gulf spill oil gone?
75 Recession did not cut back pollution: US agency
76 Samsung offers full refund for Intel chip
77 Macworld shines without superstar Apple
78 Robot attends Russian school to help sick schoolboy
79 Robotic mini-quadrotors can now build towers (w/ Video)
80 The last batches of IPv4 internet addresses will be distributed Thursday
81 Google jumps into location check-in game
82 US rolls out less revealing airport scanners
83 Taking unpleasant surprises out of cosmetic surgery with 3D 'before-and-after' tool
84 New online crime map of England exposes black spots
85 Murdoch's iPad newspaper launches Wednesday
86 China gives parents control of kids' online gaming
87 Last Internet provider in Egypt goes dark
88 National Semiconductor demonstrates 28 gbps data center technology
89 MEADS radar completes rotation tests, prepares to move to test range
90 Report warns of Iran nuke disaster
91 Metamaterials approach makes better satellite antennas
92 Study applies new tools to view dynamic action of immune system molecule
93 Making cells turn cartwheels
94 Scientist discovers natural molecule indirectly prevents stable clot formation
95 Antibiotic offers potential for anti-cancer activity
96 Universal solvent no match for new self-healing sticky gel
97 Soft landing metal-based molecules create active, easy-to-separate catalyst
98 Opposites may attract, but they aren't better parents
99 Want more efficient muscles? Eat your spinach
100 Technology protects cotton from caterpillar's appetite
101 Different evolutionary paths lead plants and animals to the same crossroads
102 Combatting antibiotic resistant bacteria
103 Scientists convert skin cells to beating heart cells
104 Analysis of bread mold genomes demos 'reverse-ecology' tool
105 Plants can adapt genetically to survive harsh environments
106 Songbird's strategy for changing its tune could inform rehab efforts
107 Wealth of orchid varieties is down to busy bees and helpful fungi, says study
108 Ants' ecosystem role is 'key'
109 Island-scale study reveals climate-change effects
110 Road may disrupt migration, ruin Serengeti, study finds
111 Explosive- and drug-sniffing dog performance is affected by their handlers' beliefs
112 Futility of whipping racehorses revealed in study
113 Introduced plants 'becoming Australian'
114 Targeted particle fools brain's guardian to reach tumors
115 Many rheumatoid arthritis patients not getting recommended drugs, researcher finds
116 Maternal stroke history tied to women's heart attack risk
117 Swine flu vaccine likely causes child narcolepsy: study
118 Transplanted human placenta-derived stem cells show therapeutic potential in stroke models
119 Brain can learn to overcome sleep apnea, scientists find
120 Scientists make key step in the development of a norovirus treatment
121 Researchers test inhalable measles vaccine
122 Protracted abstinence revisited
123 Bilinguals find it easier to learn a third language
124 Compound may prevent sickle cell pain crises
125 Breast cancer cells outsmart the immune system and thrive
126 More white Americans turn to lower-cost alternative meds
127 Common treatments for children with HIV equally effective, study shows
128 Loss of protein could contribute to early breast and ovarian cancer deaths
129 Gestures provide a helping hand in problem solving
130 What's love got to do with it?
131 As armor against criticism, corp. social responsibility no substitute for product quality
132 'Negative democratic gap' serves as predictor for instability such as in Egypt: researchers
133 A new henge discovered at Stonehenge
134 Social media gaining value as component of super bowl advertising
135 Red Bull logo enough to shape consumer performance
136 Norwegian petroglyphs found beneath burial mounds
137 Music and spirituality may be legacies of motherese: expert
138 An Olympic gold medal costs a government $55 million
139 First translation of Small Number
140 Model predicts 'religiosity gene' will dominate society
141 Killing Kings
142 Law professor studies 'sexing up and dumbing down' of work force
143 Smoking habits are transmitted from mother to daughter and father to son
144 Secrets of Swift's intimate letters revealed
145 'Old' information theory makes it easier to predict flooding
146 Great Pyramid has two secret chambers: French architect