File Title
1 Guidance for Truvada use as HIV preventive issued
2 Student off hook for Facebook insult of teacher
3 Stimulus funds help wire rural homes for Internet
4 Cholera cases climb to 111 in Venezuela
5 Davos Panel: Can Wind Power Win?
6 Utah mayors express concern over pipeline restart
7 Davos political leaders struggle to advance agenda
8 13% of H.S. Biology Teachers Advocate Creationism in Class
9 Sedatives used to free whale from fishing line
10 Iraq water shortages raising ethnic tensions
11 Ten dead, three missing in Jeddah floods
12 Egypt's Al Jazeera bans shows channel's key role
13 Africa's Lone Wolf: New Species Found in Ethiopia
14 Looters rip heads off 2 mummies at Egyptian Museum
15 Bill would limit firings of medical pot users
16 Pizarro: New guide makes getting involved a little easier
17 Unrest in Egypt forcing changes in US travel plans
18 Can You Really Be Allergic to Your Own Semen?
19 Flu epidemic shuts all Moscow schools
20 Health Tip: Skin Disorders Affecting the Elderly
21 Running-Related Injuries on the Rise in U.S. Kids: Study
22 Political crisis leads to disease in Ivory Coast
23 Human meds trigger calls to pet poison hotlines
24 Teens With Food Allergies May Feel Unsafe at School
25 Older Patients May Get Lower Quality Care at Trauma Centers
26 Reports say Egypt Web shutdown is coordinated, extensive
27 Without Internet, Egyptians find new ways to get online
28 How Egypt pulled out of the Internet
29 Egypt Cuts Off Most Internet and Cell Service
30 Egypt cuts off internet access
31 Evolution teaching poor in U.S. high schools
32 13 percent of biology teachers back creationism
33 Teachers Fail Evolution Education
34 High school biology teachers refuse to teach evolution
35 Net Neutrality: Will It Protect Consumers or Hurt Businesses?
36 FCC Asks Court to Dismiss MetroPCS, Verizon Net Neutrality Suits
37 FCC moves to dismiss Verizon, MetroPCS lawsuits on net neutrality
38 2010: a good year for creationists
39 US science education: could do better, says report
40 U.S. students flunk Science 101
41 Team uses whole islands to test survival of the fittest
42 Just 100 users responsible for two-thirds of illegal file sharing
43 Ben & Jerry's becomes biofuel source
44 Does modern television sci-fi need so many mysteries?
45 Seventeenth-century scientific wish-list comes true
46 Office 2010 sales power record Microsoft quarter
47 What Windows 7 Is Still Missing
48 Microsoft shares fall; tablet worries abound
49 Amazon Touts E-Book Sales; Kindles, Not so Much
50 touts more e-book sales than paperbacks
51 4Q Profit Up 8.3%, Above Views, But Shares Fall
52 Amazon's Sales Grow 36%; Sells More E-Books than Paperbacks
53 Verizon iPhone Could Sell 25 Million Units in 2011: Analyst
54 Conn., Google reach agreement over Wi-Fi data
55 Google, Conn. AG Agree That Google Sniffed Wi-Fi Data
56 Google Reaches Deal With Connecticut in Data Probe
57 Apple job posting suggests NFC capability for iPad, iPhone
58 Some say NFC mobile payments will catch on slowly, even with Apple involved
59 Google starts to censor torrent-related search queries
60 Google Censors Piracy-Related Terms from Search Tools
61 Google flips the switch on autocomplete censorship
62 Future cars to decide if driver is drunk
63 Alcohol-Detecting Cars Could Keep Drunk Drivers Off the Road
64 New systems speed up drivers' blood-alcohol tests
65 Study ties hot flashes to lower breast cancer risk
66 Recall of Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge candy products expanded to include smaller pieces
67 Nuclear Sludge Candies Recalled for High Lead Content
68 Candy maker recalls Nuclear Sludge chew bars
69 Buffett-Gates Philanthropy Roadshow Heading to India
70 Lightly Steamed Broccoli with Broccoli Sprouts Pack the Punch to Fight Cancer
71 Study Confirm Broccoli, Other Vegetables Fight Cancer
72 Broccoli, Vegetables, Effectively Fight Cancer, Researchers Discover
73 Steam Broccoli, Add Sprouts to Boost Cancer Fighting Benefits
74 Simple ways to boost broccoli's cancer-fighting powers
75 Children Being Injured More Often From Running, Study Shows
76 Running-Related Injuries on the Rise in U.S. Kids: Study
77 Running related injuries up 34 percent among youth
78 Running-Related Injuries Increase Among Children
79 Agent Orange Exposure May Allow Veterans Additional Treatment
80 More Vets Approved for Agent Orange Claims
81 Veterans Exposed To Agent Orange Get More Help
82 How Food Allergies Can Help Us Be More Eco-Friendly
83 Gluten-free and well-fed: the sneaky stuff
84 3 health insurers agree to 60-day delay on rate hikes
85 How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Health Care
86 Internist Group Endorses Health Courts
87 Medicare for all would make America better
88 Marijuana advocates debate a new legalization effort
89 Pot dispensaries sprouting statewide
90 Montel talks medical marijuana
91 Piecing together the medical marijuana puzzle--City of Maricopa
92 Calif. Cilantro Recalled Over Salmonella Fears
93 Possible salmonella contamination prompts cilantro recall
94 Myriad Test May Pinpoint Tumor Drug Success After Sanofi Medicine Failed
95 Reversing diabetes is possible
96 About 26 million Americans have diabetes, up 9 pct
97 Men Will Forgive Cheating...As Long as It's With Another Woman
98 Which gender approves more of homosexual cheating?
99 Do you have a bad case of the winter blues?
100 SAD can become serious depression if left untreated
101 Feeling SAD? How to cope when the sun goes away
102 Editorial: Push to harness state Medicaid costs
103 For Governors, Medicaid Looks Ripe for Slashing
104 Hospitals, poor patients face new costs