File Title
1 Celiac disease and Crohn's disease share part of their genetic background
2 New findings show how bacteria undergo genome evolution
3 Gene 'relocation' key to most evolutionary change in bacteria
4 How now, inside the cow: Nearly 30,000 novel enzymes for biofuel production improvements
5 Modern humans reached Arabia earlier than thought, new artifacts suggest
6 How spring-loaded filaree seeds self launch
7 Staying 1 strep ahead
8 High school biology teachers reluctant to endorse evolution in class
9 Study reveals how fusion protein triggers cancer
10 Researchers uncover link to increased atherosclerosis risk in lupus patients
11 Organic food in pregnancy
12 Scientists link protein to the insulation of the nervous system's wiring
13 Vitamin D deficiency alters lung growth and decreases lung function
14 Learn more quickly by transcranial magnetic brain stimulation
15 Exposure to worm infection in the womb may protect against eczema, study suggests
16 Fast growth, low defense--plants facing a dilemma
17 Cancer drug aids the regeneration of spinal cord injuries
18 Smoking habits are transmitted from mother to daughter and father to son
19 DNA caught rock 'n rollin'
20 Cold cases gone hot: Montreal researchers solve decades-old medical mysteries using genetics
21 Genetic clues to compulsive, self-injurious behavior in rare childhood disorder
22 'Air laser' may sniff bombs, pollutants from a distance
23 New research traces evolutionary path of multidrug-resistant strep bacteria
24 Antibiotic Offers Potential for Anti-Cancer Activity
25 A new appreciation of the ecology-evolution dynamic
26 Brain 'GPS' illuminated in migratory monarch butterflies
27 Molecular mechanism links stress with predisposition for depression
28 Little-known growth factor enhances memory, prevents forgetting in rats
29 Scripps Research study shows map of brain connectivity changes during development
30 Making a point
31 MDC researchers and clinicians identify mediator of blood pressure regulation in the liver
32 Growth-factor-containing nanoparticles accelerate healing of chronic wounds
33 New Transistor for Plastic Electronics Exhibits the Best of Both Worlds
34 Touchscreens Made of Carbon
35 Universal solvent no match for new self-healing sticky gel
36 First Large-Scale, Physics-Based Space Weather Model Transitions Into Operation
37 A Mix of Tiny Gold and Viral Particles--and the DNA Ties that Bind Them
38 Team looks to the cow rumen for better biofuels enzymes
39 Protein related to aging holds breast cancer clues
40 Catch-up growth signals revealed
41 ONR's TechSolutions Providing SEALs with New Glasses That Change Lens Color on the Fly
42 A Dash of Disorder Yields a Very Efficient Photocatalyst
43 City Tech Research Team Casts Light on Asteroid Deflection
44 Disparities in physician demographics linked to patient disparities
45 Marriage is good for physical and mental health
46 Hormone therapy begun at menopause may pose risk for breast cancer
47 Retired NFL players misuse painkillers more than general population
48 Voice-saver: Light therapy for early-stage laryngeal cancer
49 Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay on the Road to Recovery, Case Western Reserve Research Shows
50 Novel surgery removes rare tumor, rebuilds trachea
51 Researchers discover age of onset of puberty predicts adult osteoporosis risk
52 Researchers discover root cause of blood vessel damage in diabetes
53 Pre-surgical stress management boosts immune function, lowers mood disturbance in prostate cancer patients
54 Study: African American men say doctor visits are often a bad experience
55 Powerful 3-D X-rays for kids in braces should be the exception, not the rule
56 Course correction needed for Alzheimer's therapies, experts warn
57 RIC study suggests researchers are entering a new era of advances in brain research
58 Hardware, Software Advances Help Protect Operating Systems From Attack
59 New anti-HIV gene therapy makes T-cells resistant to HIV infection
60 Waterhemp rears its ugly head...again
61 Agave fuels global excitement as a bioenergy crop
62 ONR, Marine Corps Save Dollars and Lives with Alternative Energy at Forward Operating Bases
63 Chemists turn gold to purple--on purpose
64 On the hunt for universal intelligence
65 Information Theory gives better handle on predicting floods
66 U of M computer science researchers provide insight into the future of how we understand social networking
67 Surf's up: New research provides precise way to monitor ocean wave behavior, shore impacts
68 DNA Caught Rock 'N Rollin': On Rare Occasions DNA Dances Itself Into a Different Shape
69 Infants Ascribe Social Dominance to Larger Individuals
70 Cow Rumen Enzymes for Better Biofuels
71 Cancer Drug Aids Regeneration of Spinal Cord After Injuries
72 Dinosaurs Survived Mass Extinction by 700,000 Years, Fossil Find Suggests
73 A Mix of Tiny Gold and Viral Particles, and the DNA Ties That Bind Them
74 How Bacteria Keep Ahead of Vaccines and Antibiotics
75 Warming North Atlantic Water Tied to Heating Arctic
76 Brain 'GPS' Illuminated in Migratory Monarch Butterflies
77 Mass Extinction Linked to Ancient Climate Change, New Details Reveal
78 Premature Infants' Lungs May Improve With Better Nutrition
79 More Frequent Drought Likely in Eastern Africa
80 Voice-Saver: Light Therapy for Early-Stage Laryngeal Cancer
81 Draft 'Genetic Road Map' of Biofuels Crop
82 Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Stay on the Road to Recovery
83 Novel Surgery Removes Rare Tumor, Rebuilds Trachea
84 New Therapies and Gene Target Advance the Treatment and Understanding of Hard-to-Treat Leukemias
85 Cold Cases Gone Hot: Researchers Solve Decades-Old Medical Mysteries Using Genetics
86 How Fusion Protein Triggers Cancer
87 Yearly Mammograms from Age 40 Save 71 Percent More Lives, Study Shows
88 Smoking Widespread Among Youth With Diabetes, Raising Heart Disease Risk
89 The Oscar Curse? Oscar Win for Best Actress Increases the Risk of Divorce, Study Suggests
90 Perception of Time Spent With Fathers Can Lead to Bullying
91 On the Hunt for Universal Intelligence
92 Scientists Link Protein to the Insulation of the Nervous System's Wiring
93 Age of Onset of Puberty Predicts Adult Osteoporosis Risk: Later Puberty Results in Lower Bone Mass
94 High School Biology Teachers in U.S. Reluctant to Endorse Evolution in Class, Study Finds
95 Marriage Is Good for Physical and Mental Health, Study Finds
96 Mother's Happier When Babies Are Six Months Old Than When Three Years Old, Norwegian Study Suggests
97 Early Antibiotic Use Can Lead to Increased Risk of Childhood Asthma, Study Suggests
98 Exposure to Worm Infection in the Womb May Protect Against Eczema, Study Suggests
99 Understanding the Human Neurosystem by Researching Locust Brains
100 Production of Plant Pollen Is Regulated by Several Signalling Pathways
101 Origins of the Pandemic: Lessons of H1N1
102 NSAID Receptor Responsible for Olive Oil's 'Cough' and More
103 Air Above Dead Sea Contains Very High Levels of Oxidized Mercury
104 Rivers Cut Deep Notches in the Alps' Broad Glacial Valleys
105 Insects That Deter Predators Produce Fewer Offspring
106 Weighing the Costs of Disaster
107 Fluorescent Color of Coral Larvae Predicts Whether They'll Settle or Swim; Finding Could Help Scientists Monitor How Corals Adapt to Global Warming
108 Climatic Fluctuations in Last 2,500 Years Linked to Social Upheavals
109 Modern Humans Reached Arabia Earlier Than Thought, New Artifacts Suggest
110 Ancient Body Clock Discovered That Helps Keep All Living Things on Time
111 No Leftovers for Tyrannosaurus Rex: New Evidence That T. Rex Was Hunter, Not Scavenger
112 Genetic Archaeology Finds Parts of Human Genome More Closely Related to Orangutans Than Chimps
113 Global Eruption Rocks the Sun: Scientists Re-Evaluate Ideas About Solar Storms
114 NASA Comet Hunter Spots Its Valentine
115 NASA's New Robotic Lander Prototype Skates Through Integration and Testing
116 An Astronomer's Field of Dreams: New Radio Telescope Array to Harness Power of More Than 13,000 Antennas
117 Jupiter Scar Likely from Titanic-Sized Asteroid
118 Touchscreens Made of Carbon
119 New Transistor for Plastic Electronics Exhibits the Best of Both Worlds
120 New Training Instrument Allows Surgeon to Feel Grasp Force in Keyhole Surgery
121 Nanowires Exhibit Giant Piezoelectricity
122 First Large-Scale, Physics-Based Space Weather Model Transitions Into Operation
123 Unlocking the Secrets of DNA
124 Social Networking Provides Insights Into Leadership, Trust and Mobility
125 New Computer Tool for Elderly and Disabled
126 Physics for Financial Markets
127 Graphene and 'Spintronics' Combo Looks Promising