File Title
1 Crime dropped as Giants won, 8th-grader finds
2 Medical marijuana barely dents Mexican drug trade
3 Rare book collection on display at Stanford University
4 WWF: Russia, BP Offshore Oil Drilling in Protected National Park
5 Space weather could wreak havoc in gadget-driven world
6 PG&E: Would not have monitored pipe differently
7 Global warming could spur toxic algae, bacteria in seas
8 Cosmic census finds crowd of planets in our galaxy
9 Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead
10 White House chef whips up desserts with chemistry
11 R.I.P. Possibly Habitable Planet Gliese 581g? Not So Fast, Co-Discoverer Says
12 Japan eagerly awaits pandas arriving from China
13 Pamela Anderson asks India to retire old monkeys
14 Drill, Baby Drill: Healthy or Not, Gulf Oil Drilling Industry Open for Business
15 Solar products testing labs opening in Conn., NC
16 Oral sex linked to cancer risk
17 Gene Test for Prostate Cancer Could Prevent Overtreatment
18 How Breast Pumps Became a Political Issue
19 Tycoon drama highlights Asian succession time bombs
20 Florida's Horrific Child Murder
21 'Music of the stars' now louder
22 Drug relapse brain region found in rats
23 Libya unrest: Scores killed in Benghazi 'massacre'
24 British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings
25 Plan to bring UK clocks forward
26 Narnia producer Perry Moore dies at 39
27 US National Christmas Tree blown down by heavy winds
28 Bangladesh farmers fatten crabs on polluted land
29 NATO accused of killing dozens of Afghan civilians
30 Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood promotes moderate path
31 Vatican's space mission
32 Mobile mad men: Advertisers want to dominate your phone
33 New utility that breaks music down into its components
34 Hackers warn Westboro Church: Stop now or else
35 Lawmaker: Gov's plan has torn Wisconsin apart
36 Flu vaccine: Could faster production save lives?
37 Apple tells some stores to expect 'sealed packages' early this week
38 New high-speed connection tech due from Apple
39 Intel May Have Leaked New MacBook Pro Design
40 Navy Breaks World Record With Futuristic Laser
41 Unexpectedly, Navy's Superlaser Blasts Away a Record
42 US Navy's new record setting laser can down cruise missiles in seconds
43 On Its Way to Ultradestructive Megawatt Power, Navy's Death Ray Laser Breaks Another Record
44 Super Cars And The Changing Landscape Of Electric Luxury
45 Rolls-Royce to display an electric Phantom concept
46 Now even Rolls-Royce is going electric
47 Rolls-Royce develop electric car
48 Rumor: Apple to Build Light Peak into MacBook Refresh?
49 Apple to add new high-speed device connection, improving on USB, FireWire
50 Apple to announce new high-speed connector for Macs, report claims
51 Apple about to add Light Peak to Macs?
52 Planet probe spots hot prospects
53 Cosmic census finds crowd of planets in our galaxy
54 Half of stars 'orbited by planets'
55 Milky Way Stuffed with 50 Billion Alien Worlds
56 Shortage Of Nearly 60 "Medically Necessary" Drugs, Federal Health Officials Explain
57 Drug shortages prompt hospitals to use older treatments, pay more when they do find a supply
58 Off-the-shelf blood vessels
59 Artificial Blood Vessels To Be Tested For Heart Surgery Patients
60 Has NYC gone too far by banning smoking in parks?
61 Many Claim Smoking Bans In New York Have "Gone Too Far"
62 ASCO GU: Imaging Misses Mark in Prostate Cancer
63 Medicaid chief: Single payer may be better than 'devil-may-be' market
64 Toomey 'misspoke' about health law
65 Student health plans won't escape reform
66 GOP adds four amendments to defund reform law
67 BU's Kunz to introduce new discipline of aeroecology at AAAS symposium
68 Syracuse University scientist to speak on evolution and Islam at AAAS Annual Meeting
69 'Telecoupling' explains why it's a small (and fast) world, after all
70 Crossing borders in language science: What bilinguals tell us about mind and brain
71 EECoG may finally allow enduring control of a prosthetic or a paralyzed arm by thought alone
72 Brown scientists to discuss best practices for the oceans
73 Biodiversity in danger: Which areas should be protected?
74 OU researchers tapping the potential of radar technologies to advance aeroecology
75 UC Santa Cruz scientist uses storm-chasing weather radar to track bat populations
76 Bad news/good news
77 AAAS Symposium: New research facilitates scientific knowledge transfer
78 Plant breeding is being transformed by advances in genomics and computing
79 Turning to nature for inspiration
80 Enhancing nuclear security: Training and international collaboration
81 A new high-resolution method for imaging below the skin using a liquid lens
82 Plants that can move inspire new adaptive structures
83 Climate projections show human health impacts possible within 30 years
84 Skin color: Handy tool for teaching evolution
85 One Health: From ideas to implementation, rhetoric to reality
86 It's time to take a unified approach toward measuring sustainability
87 Trichinosis parasite gets DNA decoded
88 Stanford researchers develop new technology for cheaper, more efficient solar cells
89 Manipulating Molecules for a New Breed of Electronics
90 Water, water, everywhere...but is it safe to drink?
91 Scientists build world's first anti-laser
92 The brain as a 'task machine'
93 Flocculent spiral NGC 2841
94 Improving microscopy by following the astronomers' guide star
95 Engineering atomic interfaces for new electronics
96 Turning forests into fuel: New report outlines promise and limits of biomass energy in the Northeast
97 Physicists build bigger 'bottles' of antimatter to unlock nature's secrets
98 First certified reference material for nanoparticle size analysis
99 Doing good with operations research
100 Green chemistry offers route towards zero-waste production
101 Study links hypoxia and inflammation in many diseases
102 How disordered proteins spread from cell to cell, potentially spreading disease
103 Mimicking photosynthesis path to solar-derived hydrogen fuel
104 Super-sharp radio 'eye' remeasuring the universe
105 The world's oldest water?
106 Spent nuclear fuel is anything but waste
107 Earth's core rotating faster than rest of the planet but slower than previously believed
108 Juggling languages can build better brains
109 Stretching before a run does not prevent injury
110 Weight Loss Improves Knee Pain From Common Arthritic Condition, Study Says
111 Misguided Public Perception on What Tommy John Surgery Can Do Apparent in New Study
112 Hamstring Grafts Prove More Effective in ACL Knee Reconstruction, Study Says
113 Study Shows Young Patients May Benefit from Microfracture Knee Procedures
114 Specialized Blood Plasma Treatment Does Not Improve Rotator Cuff Healing, Study Finds
115 When fingers start tapping, the music must be striking a chord
116 Large study of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair reveals some surprises
117 Common hip disorder can cause sports hernia
118 Using amphetamines may increase risk of Parkinson's disease
119 How to leave your body
120 Look after your brain
121 Family planning programs have success in developing countries, but need to be expanded
122 Is the link between poverty and water-related disease making rich people sick?
123 How we manage water resources has a direct impact on our health, says Canada Research Chair
124 What a rat can tell us about touch
125 Research universities play a major role in national security
126 CeBIT 2011: Preparing for the unexpected
127 Efficacy of tuberculosis vaccine enhanced
128 Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies
129 Scientists bioengineer a protein to fight leukemia
130 A Better Way to Diagnose Pneumonia
131 Better mapping of human settlements to support crisis management operations