File Title
1 Reaction round-up: Lucy's feet made for walking
2 Lead shot banned with most nuisance birds
3 Video: Final bit of cell division revealed
4 How much information is there?
5 Video: Fleas jumping technique revealed
6 Lasers target lymph node cancers in mice
7 Study: Melting Arctic sea ice puts polar bear populations at risk
8 Counting may be cultural, not innate
9 Family choices challenge careers for women scientists
10 Gibbons species have dialects when they sing
11 Arctic warmth: Sea ice at record low levels in January
12 New mosquito highly susceptible to malaria parasites, harder to kill
13 Water flea genome makes leap from lab
14 Kepler exoplanets excite astronomers
15 Biomedical team reports bio-engineered blood vessels
16 Study: spaceflight may weaken cancer cells
17 Physics team: We're getting closer to an invisibility cloak
18 Migration mystery of over-fished Japanese eels partially solved
19 Experts: Gorilla walks like a man not surprising
20 Could You Become a Dictator?
21 Delving Into the Mind of a Dictator
22 Parasite's Virus Packs a Disease-Causing Punch
23 Distract Yourself: Interruptions Can Boost Performance
24 Pot Use May Mellow Out Men's Sexual Function
25 Love Drug? Oxytocin's Tender Effects Questioned
26 The Man Who Invented the World Wide Web
27 Facebook Photo-Viewing Gets Slick
28 Hoax in the Holy Land: Jerusalem UFO a Proven Fake
29 Academy honors behind-the-scenes technology
30 18 items missing from Egyptian Museum after unrest
31 House Appropriators Propose Cutting NASA FY2011 Budget by $579 Million
32 Cairo's Cats Forgotten As Its Humans Rebel
33 Egypt's military rulers dissolve parliament
34 Emirates' exiles in spotlight after Mubarak fall
35 Yemeni police crack down on anti-government crowds
36 Short on men, retirement home hires dance partners
37 Readers, bloggers sound off on Huff Post sale
38 First Look at Prostate Cancer Genome Yields Insights
39 LA County probes Playboy Mansion illness reports
40 Is There a Gender Gap Online?
41 Digital Love: When Romance Goes High-Tech
42 Does Online Dating Work?
43 Academy Honors Behind-the-Scenes Technology
44 Vt. Mulls Ban on Aliases Online for Sex Offenders
45 Boston Planetarium Reopens After $9M Renovation
46 Grown Men Swap Bodies With Virtual Girl
47 Does the Internet Make You Smart or Dumb?
48 Man Sends Viral 'Love Letter' to Long-Distance Girlfriend
49 Going on a First Date? Here Are the Questions to Ask
50 Online Dating Stigmas Dissolving
51 Women Are More Attracted to Men Wearing Red
52 For Prom, Teens Let YouTube Do the Asking
53 Cost Keeps Stroke Meds Out of Reach for Some
54 Resolve to Run
55 Genetic Tests Can Unearth Family Secrets, Such as Incest
56 Researchers Say Not Everyone Needs Statins to Prevent Heart Disease
57 The Agony of Long-Distance Runners: Coronary Plaque
58 New Drug Dramatically Increases HDL, or 'Good,' Cholesterol, Says Study
59 Exercise May Keep Your Cells Biologically Young
60 Exercise Addicts Can Blame Their Brains
61 Wide Variations Found in Red Yeast Rice Supplements
62 Switching Statins Often Leads to Wrong Doses
63 Should Men Be Taking Men's Supplements?
64 AT&T sweetens the iPhone pot with extra minutes
65 Pre-Order Madness Resulted in Few Lines for Verizon iPhone Launch
66 Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone 4 Components Cost $171.35: IHS iSuppli
67 Briefly: AT&T loyalty minutes, shareholder proposal, Verizon iPhone traffic
68 Factbox: Repercussions of the Nokia-Microsoft pact
69 Even With Microsoft, Nokia Faces Many Challenges In The US
70 The Facebook Freedom Fighter
71 Egyptian president steps down amidst groundbreaking digital revolution
72 In Egyptian uprising, crowds learn quickly
73 Social networks credited with role in toppling Egypt's Mubarak
74 Revolution in the age of Internet
75 Muslim Brotherhood waits in the wings
76 Google exec in Egypt tweets on revolution
77 Google Let JC Penney Spam Search Results For Months
78 The Dirty Little Secrets of Search
79 Microsoft IE9 RC Arrives With Improved Privacy, Security Features
80 The Top 7 New Features in Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (IE9 RC)
81 Microsoft's IE Chief Talks Browsing Privacy
82 Study: Humanity can store 295 exabytes of data
83 Global Data Storage Capacity Totals 295 Exabytes: USC Study
84 Total Information Storage of Human Civilization: 295 Exabytes
85 The Mac App Store: It's an Honor Thing
86 The 50 best mobile apps
87 Mac App Store Could Be a Boon for Apple Solution Providers
88 Mac App Store highlights "apps for the creative home"
89 Mac App Store to Replace Boxed Software at Apple Store.
90 Licensing Group Prepares Patent Attack On Google's Video Format
91 Patent attack launched on Google's open video codec
92 Stealthy Stuxnet worm was a ghost in the machine
93 Malware Aimed at Iran Hit Five Sites, Report Says
94 Stuxnet struck five targets in Iran, say researchers
95 Enterprise Mobility: Apple iPad 2 Wish List: 10 Essential Features
96 Apple's iPad "running far ahead" in enterprise adoption
97 Tablet shipments will rise 238% this year
98 10 Reasons To Buy A Tablet (And 5 Reasons Not To)
99 Q&A: Can the Verizon CDMA iPhone Be "Unlocked" to Work on Sprint?
100 Verizon iPhone gets five hardware tweaks
101 Wal-Mart Now Offering Verizon iPhone At Participating Locations
102 Verizon iPhone 4 doesn't represent a huge advance over AT&T's
103 Ancient Foot Bone Proves Prehuman Lucy Walked Tall
104 Lucy Walked Tall, a Foot Bone Suggests
105 Foot bone shows humans walked upright 3.2 million years ago
106 Lucy Was No Swinger, Walked Like Us, Fossil Suggests
107 Apple Is Said to Work on Cheaper, Smaller iPhones
108 Apple to Launch Low-Cost iPhone
109 Report: Apple to introduce cheaper iPhone
110 Smaller iPhone reportedly designed by Apple
111 Microsoft Bing Grabs Search Share from Google: ComScore
112 Bing up, Google down in latest search rankings
113 Comscore: Microsoft's Bing Gains Share
114 Gay rights groups attack iPhone confession app for Roman Catholics
115 Best-selling Catholic 'Confession' iPhone app pushes guilt on gays [video]
116 Health care sign-ups lag
117 Federal Health Plan Lacking Enrollment, Officials Say
118 Enrollment in high-risk insurance pools lagging behind predictions
119 Answering critics, Sebelius vows to ensure long-term care program is financially viable
120 Helmet Use Encouraged for Downhill Skiers, Snowboarders
121 Skiing, Snowboarding Helmets May Offer 35 Percent Injury Decrease
122 Montana House votes to repeal medical marijuana law
123 In Montana, A Bid to End Medical Use Of Marijuana
124 Talk Back: Let Colorado teen with rare disease have marijuana lozenge?
125 Bill revising medical-pot regulations in Colorado advances
126 3D Mammogram System Offers 7 Percent Increase In Tumor Diagnosis
127 FDA approves 3-D mammogram technology
128 Whooping Cough Vaccine Now Mandatory For Many California Students
129 N/A
130 Whooping cough vaccine mandatory for San Mateo County kids in grades 7-12
131 Taco Bell To Give 10 Million Free Tacos
132 With Fast Food, It's Tough to Sort the Beef From the Chaff
133 LSU professor sheds light on Taco Bell meat controversy
134 Federal Judge confirms Walmart can fire legal marijuana users
135 Wal-Mart employee fired for medical pot loses case
136 Still unhealthy, still legal
137 Cigarette habit could burn chances at a job as workplaces turn to tobacco-free hiring
138 Health law puts focus on seniors
139 North Alabama health care fraud penalties top $48 million, U.S. says
140 Study Suggests Diet Soda Increases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
141 Drinking Diet Soda Is Unsafe, Linked To Heart Attack, Stroke
142 Diet soda increase risk of stroke and heart attack
143 Martinez City Council mulls medical marijuana ordinance
144 California medical pot advocates call for statewide regulation
145 Glendale works on medical-marijuana ordinance