File Title
1 New Magnets Could Solve Our Rare-Earth Problems
2 Smart Phone Zombie Apocalypse
3 Giving Hackers a Printed Invitation
4 Treating Genetic Disorders Before Birth
5 Gestures that Your TV Will Understand
6 Scientists Use Light to Make Worms 'Dance'
7 Apps Could Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Wallet
8 Automakers Show Interest in an Unusual Engine Design
9 Going Further on the Same Tank
10 Hybrids Powered by Air
11 Ultra-Efficient Gas Engine Passes Test
12 70 mpg, without a Hybrid
13 The Two-Stroke Engine, Reconsidered
14 High-Efficiency Generators for Hybrid Vehicles
15 Electricity-Generating Shock Absorbers
16 More-Efficient Thermoelectrics
17 Better Thermal Photovoltaics
18 Cheap, Efficient Thermoelectrics
19 Heat-Harvesting Nanomaterials
20 An Alternative to your Alternator
21 Solar for Dark Climates
22 An Even Smaller Pocket Projector
23 Want to Track People? There's an App for That
24 The Tech Company that Earns Greenpeace's Highest Rating
25 The Fantastical Promise of Reversible Computing
26 White House Plans a Social Web Startup
27 How Much Will Your Facebook Friends Be Worth in Court?
28 A Time-Lapse Movie Shot Inside the Brain
29 The Search for a Safer Helmet
30 Biz Break: Verizon iPhone launch: We've got it covered, CFO says
31 Germany suspends payments to global health fund
32 1 dead after heavy rains cause havoc in Sao Paulo
33 Regulators: Ice triggered gas fires in Ohio town
34 Giant crayfish found in Tennessee is new species
35 Giant gas find in Iraqi Kurdistan: energy firm
36 Green activists accuse Shell over Nigeria spills
37 Malaysia releases lab mosquitoes to fight dengue
38 France launches 10-billion euro tender for wind turbines
39 AP Interview: Gingrich calls for replacing EPA
40 Wet snow blankets Northeast as storm gains momentum
41 Activists track down Japan whaling ship
42 T. rex still king, says dino study
43 Germany Denies Egypt's Request for the Return of 3,300-Year Old Bust of Queen Nefertiti
44 EU 'to clear French takeover of British energy giant'
45 Health spending isn't helping state's inmates
46 Salinger secrets remain secret
47 Europe's flu rate rises, disease spreads eastwards
48 Sesame and nut allergies may often strike together
49 New U.S. analysis backs annual breast screening
50 Elderly With Dementia, Delirium Confused by ER Visits: Study
51 Hong Kong 10-year-olds pass UK high school exams
52 More Screenings May Explain Higher Chlamydia Rates Among Minorities
53 Blocking "rogue gene" may stop cancer spread
54 FDA sees possible cancer risk with breast implants
55 About 26 million Americans have diabetes, up 9 pct
56 Is Your Next Credit Card Your Cell Phone?
57 Afraid of Snakes? Scientists Explain Why
58 Who Owns the Sun? Spanish Woman Lays Claim
59 News Site Counts on Readers to Pay for Experience
60 Miss. Senate Panel Passes Texting Ban Bill
61 Violent Rabbit Cartoon Skewers China's Injustice
62 Malaysia Releases Lab Mosquitoes to Fight Dengue
63 Holocaust Historical Data Goes Digital
64 LG Electronics Posts $229 Million Quarterly Loss
65 Red Cross Makes Urgent Plea for Blood Donors
66 Flu Fiction: 15 Common Misperceptions About Seasonal Flu
67 Obama Open to 'Fixing' Parts of Health Care Reform Bill
68 Gabrielle Giffords' Nurse: 'She Smiles, She Knows' That She's Lucky
69 Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' Condition Upgraded From Serious to Good
70 Do We Expect Too Much From Fast Food?
71 Tough conditions favour giants
72 Awards for medical research pioneers
73 Conservationist and marine photographer recognised
74 'Life chemicals' may have formed around far-flung star
75 Seahorses' body shape explained
76 Survey to probe Arctic ice melt
77 Bats in Borneo roost in carnivorous pitcher plants
78 Chasing the dream of human spaceflight
79 Stop, rewind: the scientists slowing the ageing process
80 Curbing the kilogram's weight-loss programme
81 Is India star-crossed in Asian space race?
82 Facebook blames bug for Zuckerberg 'hacking'
83 Twitter and web video site face clampdown in Egypt
84 O2 plans UK-wide wi-fi network
85 Uganda's food aid experiment
86 Verizon: Unlimited $30 Data Plan for iPhone
87 Runaway Star Found Hurtling Through Space
88 Why There's No Such Thing as 'Social Media Revolution'
89 New Evidence Clinches T. Rex's Killer Rep
90 Malaysia Fights Dengue with Mutant Mosquitoes
91 Holocaust Historical Data Goes Digital
92 Polar Bear in 9 Day Continuous Swim
93 Gets Nod as Intel's Director of Creative Innovation
94 Twitter Silent on Alleged Egypt Block
95 Monitor Lizard Wanders Calif. Neighborhood
96 Second-Day Egypt Protests Squashed by Police
97 Egypt Protester's Tiananmen Square-Like Defiance
98 Colombia Mine Blast Kills 5, Traps 16
99 Probe keeps keen eye on Sun
100 Tunisian minister outlines hopes for the future
101 Brazil ignites telescope race
102 Sunbathing tadpoles make easy prey
103 Central America: Panama's big ambition
104 Marine science: China's unsinkable scientist
105 Tunisian scientists rejoice at freedom
106 Oust species to save ecosystems
107 China spurs quest for human variome
108 Alzheimer's-disease probe nears approval
109 How words get the message across
110 Russian money revives Plastic Logic
111 The Many Mysteries of Anesthesia
112 Humans Now Look to Well-Known Worm for Virus Advice
113 Final Word? T. Rex Indeed a Ferocious Killer
114 American Students Struggle with Science
115 Total Artificial Heart Transplanted in West Coast First
116 Slithering Robots Learn to Stand on Their Own Four Feet
117 Secret of the Sea Horse: How Creature Got its Curve
118 Epilepsy May Have Caused Chopin's Hallucinations
119 Exorcism and Reality Get the Hollywood Treatment
120 UK Report: Time to 'Move On' from Climategate
121 First Known One-Fingered Dinosaur Found in Mongolia
122 When It Comes to Sex, A Yeast Goes All Ways
123 The Destructive Culture of Pretty Pink Princesses
124 Exorcism and Reality Get the Hollywood Treatment
125 UK Report: Time to 'Move On' from Climategate
126 Sharks Do Their Hunting Without Sense of Color
127 Tiny Floating Animals 'Grab Lunch' from Land
128 Blood Test May Predict Cognitive Decline
129 Company Ceases Manufacture of Death Penalty Drug
130 'Wizard of Odds' Uses Math To Beat the Casinos
131 List Names Southeast's 10 Most Threatened Places
132 Records Melt Away on Greenland Ice Sheet
133 After Brain Injury: Giffords' Recovery Likely Lifelong
134 Meet 'Mrs. T': Ancient Flying Reptile Found with Egg
135 Young Adults and Monogamy: 'It's Complicated'
136 To Safeguard Their Nests, Birds May Redecorate
137 Zicam Prompts Homeopathy's Day in Court
138 College Students Learn Little
139 Student tracking finds limited learning in college
140 Why First Impressions Are Difficult to Change: Study
141 China's Most Environment-Minded Live in Big Cities
142 Sabertooth Cats May Have Feasted on Early Humans
143 To Overcome Obesity, Trust Your Gut (Bacteria)
144 In Deadly Frog and Bat Plagues, Eerie Similarities
145 Disease May Help Shape Animals' Migration Habits