File Title
1 Study: Melting Arctic sea ice puts polar bear populations at risk
2 Counting may be cultural, not innate
3 Family choices challenge careers for women scientists
4 Gibbons species have dialects when they sing
5 New mosquito highly susceptible to malaria parasites, harder to kill
6 Water flea genome makes leap from lab
7 Kepler exoplanets excite astronomers
8 Biomedical team reports bio-engineered blood vessels
9 Study: spaceflight may weaken cancer cells
10 Physics team: We're getting closer to an invisibility cloak
11 Migration mystery of over-fished Japanese eels partially solved
12 Experts: Gorilla walks like a man not surprising
13 Argentine ant genome: Revealing peek at a pervasive pest
14 Dinosaur 'heart' looks like a bust
15 CA delta chinook salmon run bigger, but still low
16 PG&E leaders: No other sections of pipe like San Bruno found so far in Northern California
17 State Department begins Tweeting in Arabic
18 Some breast cancer patients can skip node surgery
19 EPA releases draft plan for fracking study
20 NASA Primes New Satellite to Study Earth's Climate
21 Indonesian palm oil giant vows to save forests
22 'Radical' clean energy shift could save 4 tln euros: WWF
23 Sanofi says Genzyme takeover talks progressing
24 Clouds On the Sun Explode with Earth-Like Qualities
25 Buffalo bans hydraulic fracturing
26 UK's Prince Charles blasts climate-change skeptics
27 'Do Not Disturb,' Monkey Gesture Says
28 High-Speed Rail: Obama Pledges $53 Billion for Upgrades
29 Somali pirates capture supertanker, $150M of oil
30 AP IMPACT: At CIA, grave mistakes, then promotions
31 House rejects extensions of Patriot Act provisions
32 ID theft down 28 percent in U.S. in 2010: survey
33 Global warming fix heats up hearing with EPA chief
34 Iran prosecutor warns against opposition rally
35 Lawmakers oppose federal bailout for states
36 US corn reserves hit lowest level in 15 years
37 Pakistani ministers resign in Cabinet redesign
38 Petraeus predicts intensified fighting in 2011
39 2 Koreas end defense talks without progress
40 Strikes erupt as Egypt protesters defy VP warnings
41 SC police laud workers for saving child in toilet
42 Bernanke encouraged by sharp drop in unemployment
43 Arab leaders pin hopes on subsidies to allay anger
44 No Facebook friends for Obama girls
45 PROMISES, PROMISES: 'Widows' tax' lingers
46 Southern Sudan gov't minister killed in dispute
47 Can Orrin Hatch Tame the Tea Party?
48 US tries to end conflicting messages on Egypt
49 Cambodia troops bunkered at cliff-top Khmer temple
50 Shark Attacks Hit 10-Year High
51 Car-Size Asteroid to Pass Close by Earth Wednesday
52 Teen obesity could shrink Australian lifespans
53 Can money motivate weight loss? Perhaps at first
54 Deaf dog in U.S. gets sign language training
55 Fear of infection drove AIDS decline in Zimbabwe
56 South Asia faces rising incidence of heart disease, diabetes
57 Steam showers: Save water, ease stress
58 Bombs kill 7 in ethnically tense Iraqi city
59 For Watson Technology, What Happens After 'Jeopardy!'?
60 Going to the Movies? Watch Out Who You Take Along
61 Gabriel Aubry: Another Bad Apple for Halle Berry?
62 Oscar Snubs: Still No Love for Christopher Nolan?
63 New Apple iPad
64 Fixodent: Can Excessive Use of Popular Denture Cream Cause Nerve Damage?
65 Halle Berry Cites 'One-Drop' Rule in Battle Over Whether Her Daughter Is Black or White
66 Tool Drops at Pad, NASA Checks for Shuttle Damage
67 Space Serenade: Astronaut Has 4 Flutes in Orbit
68 Toyota Trying to Move Beyond Safety Concerns
69 House Rejects Extensions of Patriot Act Provisions
70 Google Manager Complicates Role in Egypt Protests
71 New iPhone, iPad App Helps You Confess--for $1.99
72 Online Debate Follows Detroit RoboCop Statue Idea
73 ABC News Investigates For-Profit Education Again: Recruiters Caught Offering Bad Advice
74 Pain Clinics: Do Some Prescribe Legal Drugs Illegally?
75 'GMA' Gets Answers: Newborn Baby With Pre-Existing Condition?
76 Forming social networks a no-brainer
77 Study links gene variant to depression
78 Baby brains rewire themselves
79 UK is 'lazy man of Europe' when it comes to organics
80 Prince Charles: Climate sceptics gamble with the future
81 Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior bids farewell in Hong Kong
82 Palm oil deal aims to save forests and carbon
83 Prostate cancer 'gene test' hope
84 Brazil: Indigenous tribes protest against Amazon dam
85 Pioneering surgery for moon bear by Edinburgh vet
86 Ravens stressed by 'gang life'
87 Rare gorilla twins born in wild
88 Robots to get their own internet
89 Palm oil deal points to corporate greening
90 Sir William Ramsay: The noble chemist
91 Sulphur mining in an active volcano
92 The Liberty rocket and the 'genetics' of human spaceflight
93 Secrets of Antarctica's fossilised forests
94 Sri Lankan adventures to lure tourists
95 New rocket could lift astronauts
96 Studying how snakes got legless
97 Sleepwalking 'linked to chromosome fault'
98 Shark attacks rose in 2010 to highest in decade
99 Living in: London
100 Nokia at crisis point, warns new boss Stephen Elop
101 ACS:Law told file-sharing case must continue by court
102 Newspaper publishers warn Apple over iTunes sales
103 'Twitter messages not private' rules PCC
104 Zuckerberg gets restraining order over Facebook 'pest'
105 Europe's virus victims revealed
106 Catholic church gives blessing to iPhone app
107 Nokia's burning platform
108 Divided Attention Disorder? Log off and read a book
109 Internet role in Egypt's protests
110 The other kind of phone hacking
111 The future of friends: Who can topple Facebook?
112 AOL's Huffington hopes
113 Facebook is moving and hiring
114 Cancer deaths across Europe 'tipped to fall in 2011'
115 Botox 'little help' for migraines
116 Swine flu narcolepsy 'link' probed by WHO
117 UK woman dies after 'buttocks injection' at US hotel
118 Barack Obama quit smoking a year ago--Michelle Obama
119 Study highlights medical split on breast cancer surgery
120 Hepatitis C: 'Every day was painful'
121 US fight over abortion heats up again
122 New House Energy Chair: Global Warming Not Man-Made
123 Holy Land Hoax: Jerusalem UFO Not Kosher
124 Redesigned Antenna for Verizon iPhone 4
125 Beware Ordering Flowers Online
126 Big Monkeys Learning "Do Not Disturb" Gestures?
127 Nokia CEO: "Our Platform is Burning"
128 Get Ready for iPad 2?
129 Sign of the Times: Smart Phones Now Outsell PCs
130 Can Huffington Reinvent AOL as She Did Herself?
131 Shark Attacks Spike to 10-Year High
132 Heart-Healthy Foods that Taste Good!
133 Planned Parenthood Video Fuels Abortion Debate
134 Standard Early Breast Cancer Surgery Needless?
135 Republicans Grill Bernanke over Inflation Threat
136 Egypt Protesters Fear Revenge if Mubarak Stays
137 DMAE Products: Instant Wrinkle Relief or Hype?
138 Lung Cancer: Why are European Women Dying?
139 UK Woman Dies in Philly after Buttocks Injection
140 Confession App Aids Catholics Clueless about Contrition
141 DUI Suspect Pulls Over, Mistaking Sign for Cops
142 Mideast Allies: 'U.S. Go Easy on Egypt'