File Title
1 Apple posts iOS 4.2.6 for CDMA iPhone ahead of Verizon launch
2 USA Today looks to iPad as 'real positive' for struggling newspaper industry
3 Verizon iPhone Qualcomm baseband, Netgear CEO apologizes, Apple hiring more LTE engineers
4 Apple's new App Store restrictions block Sony eBookstore, may lock out Amazon
5 Samsung Galaxy Tab has 16% return rate, Apple's iPad just 2%
6 Lawsuit accuses AT&T of overcharging iPhone, iPad customer data use
7 Apple denies claim that Sony Reader, Kindle in danger on iOS App Store
8 Intel error also affects mobile, could delay Apple's next-gen MacBook Pros
9 More than 2% of world's Web traffic comes from Apple's iOS devices
10 Google Android counts include rival Chinese variants
11 ARM posts record profits with help from Apple's iPhone, iPad successes
12 US Smartphone adoption hits 31%, Android, RIM, iOS evenly tied
13 On eve of 'The Daily' launch, rival iPad apps offer previews
14 Apple seeds third beta of Mac OS X 10.6.7 with no known issues
15 Verizon customers can preorder iPhone 4 on Thurs., Apple reminds
16 Apple seeks digital photography expert for iPad development team
17 News Corp's 'The Daily' launches on iPad with Apple's in-app subscriptions
18 First look: 'The Daily' for iPad promises in-depth, interactive news
19 AT&T to expand tethering data cap to 4GB for $45 per month
20 European publishers feel 'betrayed' by Apple's iOS app subscriptions
21 Microsoft announces H.264 support for Google's Chrome
22 Next-gen iPad with front-facing camera allegedly spotted at 'The Daily' launch
23 Apple's iPhone extends lead in mobile profits
24 Citing "unprecedented demand" for iPhone, Verizon urges employees to wait to buy
25 Review roundup: Verizon iPhone 4 is same set, different service
26 Android 3.0 Honeycomb more akin to Tablet PC than iPad
27 iOS 4.3, AT&T's Personal WiFi hotspot may be set for release Feb 13
28 iPad 2 specs said to include HD video, 3MP camera, DisplayPort
29 Existing Verizon customers can now preorder Apple's CDMA iPhone 4
30 Apple shows continued interest in touch iMac with adjustable stand
31 Ahead of iPhone launch, Verizon throttles bandwidth of top data hogs
32 Piper: Apple's $3.9B component deal more evidence of Apple television
33 Rumor: Apple plans to unveil second-gen iPad at iOS event next week
34 Early bird Verizon iPhone 4 orders already shipping
35 Investor advisory firm calls for Apple to disclose CEO succession plan
36 Apple iAds twice as effective as TV ads for Campbell's Soups
37 Apple's iPad a driving force behind new newspaper subscriptions
38 54% of Verizon's Android, Blackberry users to switch to iPhone, survey says
39 Verizon iPhone 4 preorders sell out on first day
40 Briefly: iPad App Store tweaks, Apple Store fraud, insider trading
41 AT&T working with Apple to enable iPhone Personal Hotspot tethering
42 Preorders of Apple's iPhone 4 break Verizon sales record in 2 hours
43 Apple reseeds Xcode 4 golden master, removes Mac OS X 10.7 Lion reference
44 Apple, Adobe, others join forces in software piracy lawsuit
45 Rumor: Apple to release iOS 4.3 on Feb. 14 at 10 am Pacific
46 Over 60% of Apple's first-wave iPad 2 production to be 3G models
47 Verizon iPhone 4 shipments on track for early Feb. 7 delivery
48 Apple prepared 2 million Verizon iPhone 4 for preorders, retail
49 Apple seeds developers with latest build of Mac OS X 10.6.7
50 Amazon previews rival streaming service to Netflix
51 iSuppli: Apple invested $3.9 billion to secure advanced iPhone and iPad displays
52 To Apple, market share is nice, but not at all essential
53 News Corp. and Apple launch The Daily for iPad: 99-cents per week, $39.99 per year
54 The Daily: First national daily news publication exclusively for iPad debuts; Jobs: 'It's terrific'
55 New Jersey Apple Stores work to circumvent Sunday blue laws
56 Best Buy to offer Apple's revolutionary iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless
57 Along with Apple, Microsoft fully backs H.264, unlike Google
58 27-member cybercrime ring accused of using stolen credit-card numbers in Apple store shopping spree
59 Verizon Wireless officially unveils iPhone 4 pricing plans
60 AT&T Mobility matches Verizon iPhone's tethering plan, explores mobile hotspotting support
61 Google opens Android Market Web store (plus, why iOS app developers may be in for a 2nd gold rush)
62 Apple iPad 2 prototype spotted at debut of News Corp's 'The Daily'
63 Apple iPhone pre-orders slam Verizon Wireless website; unresponsive for hours
64 Mossberg reviews Verizon iPhone 4: Better voice, but slower data
65 Gruber reviews Verizon iPhone 4: Verizon's network better for voice, slower for data than AT&T
66 U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' favorite gadget: Apple's revolutionary iPad
67 Pogue reviews Verizon iPhone 4: Doesn't drop calls; it's the holy grail
68 As Apple's iPhone launches, Verizon throttles bandwidth of top 5% of data hogs
69 Ars Technica reviews Pixelmator 1.6.2: Fast, lightweight, image editor is hard not to love
70 Baig reviews Verizon iPhone: Doesn't drop calls like AT&T; Best smartphone now on best network
71 iPhone app 'Coverage' compares Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile coverage maps
72 Apple patent application details new type of stylus for iPad
73 The 2001 Four: Apple's 21st-century success story began with four investments made a decade ago
74 Piper Jaffray: Apple's $3.9B component deal could signal Apple's intention to build 50-inch TV set
75 Apple patent application for adjustable stand shows continued interest in Multi-Touch iMac
76 SEC charges six with insider trading; case focused on Apple's multi-billion-dollar secrets
77 Is Apple's billion-dollar North Carolina data center using a 'unique' design?
78 ISS backs pension fund's shareholder proposal that pushes Apple to divulge succession plan
79 RUMOR Apple to unveil iPad 2 at iOS event next week
80 Why Apple's revolutionary iPad will dominate the tablet market for years
81 Nielsen: Apple's iAd more than twice as effective as TV advertising
82 Developer warns of counterfeit titles on Mac App Store
83 U. S Department of the Interior staffers to get Apple iPads
84 Bloodbath: 54% of Verizon's Android, BlackBerry users likely to upgrade to iPhone on day one
85 ABC debuts Grey's Anatomy Sync for iPad; interact with the show as you watch it
86 Verizon iPhone pre-orders sold out; most successful 1st day sales in Verizon history--in 2 hours!
87 The New York Times to arm reporters with Apple iPhone 4 units
88 NFL teams considering replacing playbooks with Apple iPads
89 Camping begins for Verizon iPhone; are you in line already, too?
90 New Verizon iPhone ad debuts: 'It's beautiful. It's intelligent. Even genius.' (with video)
91 Apple's next multi-billion-dollar business: Connected televisions?
92 Asus chairman vows to take on Apple's iPad 2 with mysterious 'secret weapon'
93 Why Apple should be scared of Android Honeycomb or something
94 Motorola releases portion of Super Bowl ad portraying Apple users as Orwellian drones (with video)
95 RUMOR: Apple to release iOS 4.3 on February 14
96 RUMOR: Apple iPad 2 to feature carbon fiber body, RFID/NFC iPad, iPhone add-ons, 7" iPad lives
97 Analyst: 62% of Apple's initial 5-million-unit iPad 2 production run to consist of 3G models
98 U.S. FDA clears first diagnostic radiology application: Mobile MIM for iPhone and iPad
99 Georgia State Senate mulls replacing textbooks with Apple iPads in middle schools statewide
100 Massachusetts high school to give Apple iPads to every student and teacher
101 RUMOR: Verizon moved one million iPhone units before suspending pre-orders
102 New AT&T ad slams Verizon: Only AT&T's network lets your iPhone talk and surf at the same time
103 Did the ancient Egyptians know of pygmy mammoths? Well, there is that tomb painting.
104 Clovis find reveals humans hunted Gomphotheres in North America
105 Sailing into antiquity
106 Success of Poznan archaeologists in Sudan
107 Research uses space-age technology on 16th-century history
108 Archaeologists Discover Ancient Pilgrim Road Through Jerusalem's Old City
109 Israel Uncovers 2,000-year-old Channel near Temple Mount
110 Largest Stone Age building found in NW China's Shaanxi
111 New Online Archive Brings the Ancient Maya City of Chichen Itza to Scholars' Desktops
112 Syria: Archaeologists Uncovered Subterranean Chamber in Hama
113 Lincoln Pardon Altered to Change History: Big Pic
114 Interactions that changed China, a major new project begins
115 Archaeologists: 650 Babylonian cuneiform tablets document 8000 years of Syria's history
116 Mexican Archaeologists Permanently Place Stone Slab of Maya Ruler Pakal on Sarcophagus
117 Vietnam's own 'great wall' uncovered
118 Centuries-Old Cave Reveals Secrets of Ancient Humans
119 African Roman living in Stratford 1,700 years ago
120 Was the fox prehistoric man's best friend?
121 Great Pyramid May Hold Two Hidden Chambers
122 Hints of earlier human exit from Africa
123 Looters destroy mummies in Egyptian Museum
124 Neolithic axe found by 9-year-old Cub Scout
125 News from Cairo--ARCE Director Dr. Gerry Scott talks about the crisis and Egypt's Antiquities
126 Modern humans may have arrived in the Arabian Peninsula 125,000 years ago
127 A medieval mural depicting Henry VIII has been uncovered by a couple renovating their home
128 The Situation in Egyptian Antiquities Today
129 Egyptian Museums under threat
130 Damage reported at Giza Pyramids, Looters turned back at Karnak--Dr. Gerry Scott, ARCE director, provides an update from Cairo
131 A Roman Legion Lost in China?--Part 1 [cf. 146]
132 Secrets in stone
133 The enigmatic Mzora stone ring in Morocco
134 Global Warming Uncovers Corpses Frozen in Time
135 Egypt Treasures Looted, but Public Strikes Back
136 Archaeologists Hold Their Breaths on Status of Egyptian Antiquities
137 Boston Brothel Reveals Secrets
138 How the Romans made pottery in Britain
139 Salvage excavations in Israel uncover an impressive mosaic floor
140 1,500-Year-Old Church Found In Israel
141 University of Toronto anthropologists discover earliest cemetery in Middle East
142 2,000 year old dog returns to guard treasure!
143 China demands removal of mummies and artefacts from Silk Road exhibition
144 New drought record from long-lived Mexican trees may illuminate fates of past civilizations
145 Giant archaeological trove found in Google Earth
146 A Roman Legion Lost in China?--Part 2 [cf. 131]
147 Infomation from long-lived Mexican trees pinpoints four ancient megadroughts
148 Stone Age Fertility Ritual Object Found
149 Legislation forces archaeologists to rebury finds
150 Ruins of wooden Great Wall discovered in NE China
151 Running past Neandertals
152 Egypt Update: Rare Tomb May Have Been Destroyed
153 Genetic Study Uncovers New Path to Polynesia